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He touched her gently, fingers dancing over the chilled, porcelain skin of his new woman, his virgin slave. Onyx eyes stared down at her face, the moon lighting it up showing that it was full of contrast, beauty, and peacefulness. The young man swallowed, barely a man, still only an adolescent in the ways of the mind, understanding yet not understanding all at the same time.

He was proud that he was the only thing on the girls mind, he plagued it, tortured it mercilessly... Yet still seemed to also gave her some form of morbid comfort.

The girl stirred momentarily but relaxed, she knew who was touching her, it had happened at least once a week for the past month. He'd be there, sitting next to her on her bed, touching her skin and watching her with his sceptical eyes.

"Tell me why you bother coming here when you and I both know you aren't going to stay?" The pink haired female asked, voice filled with a declining sleep.

Sasuke was silent; leaning over her a bit, head tilting upwards and to the side, his face was completely emotionless as always. "You're bonds with that idiot make you weak, Sakura." He said in a monotone voice, not answering the females question. Sakura looked away from him, tears stinging at her eyes, she forced herself not to let them spill over. "You still have that childish love for me. You're foolish." Sasuke said, wanting nothing more than to make her feel worse about herself.

Sakura sat up, jade coloured eyes filling up with rage for the man-more like an ignorant child-that sat next to her. Sasuke snorted indignantly but that was his only response to her furious look. She gave a feral growl and brought her arm back, moving to give him a chakra-filled punch to the face, but was stopped short as Sasuke grabbed tightly onto her wrist. "Let me go and leave. I don't want you here, Sasuke." She whispered softly, averting her eyes as her arm went limp in his hold.

"Why are you lying to yourself, you know that you want me here, to be with you, to be one of team seven again," He paused to let his accusations sink in, "but you know why I left, and you know I don't need you or Kakashi or the idiot anymore." He released her arm after giving it one last tight squeeze, his eyes shining with the same emotionless facade that always seemed to linger there.

She shook her head at him and crossed her arms over her chest. "Think what you may about what I want but you know nothing about me Sasuke, nothing at all!" Sakura snapped at him as her anger was re-ignited. "Naruto loved you, you bastard!" She cried out as her rage hit its max, causing Sasuke's eyes to narrow sharply.

He pushed her down so her back was to the bed, his eyes gluing her to the spot, the corners of his mouth tilting downward in a minor frown. "You're calling your dear Sasuke a bastard? That's very surprising of you, Sakura." Sasuke commented and moved over her body slowly, hands still keeping her pinned beneath him.

"W-what are you d-doing Sasuke?" She stuttered apprehensively, her earliar confidence temporarily subdued.

Sasuke smirked but it didn't reach his eyes, "Showing you that you're mine."

"Y-you don't own me!"

"Oh, but I do. And I can tell that you know it, don't try to be deceiving little Haruno Sakura, I know you far to well, outside… and inside." Sasuke said before tugging the blanket from her body and throwing it carelessly onto the floor near the bed.

Sakura gasped softly, eyes filling with rage once again.

She rose her hands, gripping onto Sasuke's shoulders, trying to force him off of her.

Sasuke ignored her attempts and switched his gaze to the sharingan, staring deeply into Sakura's eyes; he could tell that the females heart was beating hard in her chest. "I own you, little cherry blossom." He whispered and leaned down a bit, his cold, pale lips dragging softly over the alabaster skin of her neck.

She shook her head furiously."Get off of me, you can't do this!" She cried out and struggled beneath him. Sakura went to force some chakra into her hands again but was stilled as Sasuke decided to let his eyes meet hers once again.

Her heart raced but her body remained stiff as a board.

"I'll kill you if you do that again, cherry blossom ." He smirked.

He was calling her 'cherry blossom' in order to tease her. And it appeared that his teasing worked from the way her cheeks darkened, be it for embarrassment, pleasure, or anger, he didn't know for certain.

Sakura was motionless, watching him quietly, her eyes still burning with fiery rage.

She knew of course that he was a traitor, that he betrayed her, his friends, and his country, but she couldn't help but continue to love him with all of her heart.

Maybe that was why this hurt her so badly.

The Uchiha unbuttoned Sakura's sleeping shirt and took it off of her slowly, tossing it to the ground where it mingled with the discarded blanket.

He took this time to examine her body, it was riddled with nicks and scars, he didn't mind.

"… Don't look at me like that." Sakura whispered pleadingly, expression shy and suffering.

Sasuke looked at her face before removing his robe, throwing it to the ground to join Sakura's other abandoned possessions.

"I don't understand, this is wrong, you shouldn't be here, Sasuke." She tried to speak to him, begging him to understand.

He ignored her excuses and removed her bra, he was glad to see that her breasts had grown since the last time he'd seen her.

Well, of course they'd grown, she wasn't fifteen anymore, she was a healthy eighteen year-old woman.

Sasuke used his free hand to touch one of him, he cupped it, thumb brushing over her nipple slowly, feeling it harden. "How incredibly cliche, a body betraying the mind that it belongs too." He commented dryly as he lowered his head, his tongue peaking out to touch the hard, pink, flesh. It was an immediate reaction to take her nipple between his teeth and give it a tug when he heard her let out an angry moan of pleasure and guilt.

Sasuke propped himself up with one arm while his other arm held her wrists, keeping them safely above her head and pinned against the mattress. He could feel the girls chest rising and falling quickly, he had a feeling it was from her excitement, but who really knew for sure?

Or cared for that matter.

Her eyes closed tightly and angry tears poured down her cheeks.

How she wished that his ministrations didn't make her feel this way, all she wanted was for her body to be able to reject him, for all these hormones to stop raging. She gasped when Sasuke's mouth moved away from her wet peak, the cold air striking it, she arched her back, whimpering softly.

Her eyes met his eyes and they stared at each other.

She suddenly noticed Sasuke's lack of emotion and felt annoyance, the bastard didn't even seem to care that she was laying half-naked beneath him.

He finished with her chest and began to trail wet kissing slowly down her stomach, teasing her with gentleness. During this act he pulled off the pair of very small, tight shorts that the girl had been wearing to bed and tossed them off to the side casually.

Sasuke took his mouth from her body and took a gander at the tight, red boy-cut panties she'd opted to wear.

He didn't hesitate to hook a finger on the edge of them and pull the clothing down her legs and then off of her body altogether.

The black haired mans sharingan eyes stared at her face, watching her expression intensely.

Sakura shivered, watching as his eyes left her face and ran over her naked body.

She realized suddenly that he would be the first man she'd ever slept with... And probably the only one, if that was what Sasuke so desired.

She felt the urge to stop this from happening but knew she couldn't, she wouldn't let herself.

Quite suddenly something wet touched her inner thigh and she let out a screech of shock, looking down with horrified eyes to find Sasuke's tongue running dangerously close to her heat. Her hand twisted in his hold so she could grab onto the sheets tightly, giving her some anchorage.

Sasuke gave an 'hn' and then spread her legs with his free hand before letting his tongue trail across Sakura's wet folds. He earned a shaky and raspy moan from the female but only smirked arrogantly. His tongue started to steadily lick at her wet pussy, the muscle moving quickly along her nether lips.

Sakura bucked against his face a few times, her body acting on it's very own accord, enjoying the attention it was receiving.

She cried out when his tongue moved inside of her, stroking along her walls, causing them to twitch and squeeze at the wet, offending body part inside of her. Sasuke's tongue came out and he took a nip at her clit, giving a hum when he was greeted with another buck. "You like that, don't you?" His voice flowed, his reply was a choked out sob of a moan.

And with that he removed his pants with minor difficulty, tossing them aside with all of their other articles of clothing.

"Stop it you fucking bastard!" She finally yelled, not able to contain herself any longer. The Uchiha looked at her face with a bored expression, he straddled her hips and licked away her tears. "I said for you to stop! Can't you understand that?" Sakura snapped out in question, more tears dripping down her soft face, she was answered with another one of his plain looks.

He directed his hard member to her entrance and tilted his head to the side, staring at Sakura's face. "I'll be gentle…," Sasuke muttered out and let go of her wrists smoothly, "you know what'll happen if you hit me." He braced his hands on either side of Sakura's head and then slowly began to descend into her. Sakura was quiet, her hands moving to his waist and holding it tightly, she was scared. "Relax already, Sakura. I take care of my possessions."

Sakura's eyes narrowed darkly and she shook her head at him in disgust, she went to say something but a loud gasp of pain tore itself from her throat. His cock was stabbing against the bundle of nerves inside of her that was obstructing him from his 'prize'. "You...Y-you think... I can relax when you're doing... things like this... to me... against my will?" She whispered harshly, panting from fear and pain, her face tear stained, eyes red-rimmed.

Sasuke snorted and pushed himself all of the way into her, he was rewarded by a shriek of pain.

His eyes were on Sakura's lips, watching as her teeth bite down on her lower lip, her body trying to adjust to these new feelings."It will get better." He promised with a non-commital grunt.

Sakura glared at him the best she could and removed her teeth from her lip, breathing heavily.

A while more of waiting and then Sasuke began to move slowly in and out of her, feeling her walls massage his hard member.

The man swallowed harshly, his throat dry, this happened to be his first experience with intercourse as well and he didn't really know how to get the right rhythm started.

Something tightened in Sakura's belly and she whimpered, it nearly felt good. Unable to help herself she ground her hips upwards into Sasukes, causing the man to stop his movements altogether.

He stared at her in slight surprise, eyes a little wide and jaw loosening. "Move faster…" Sakura demanded, trembling, it was to late to stop him now, and she wanted him, no matter how wrong it all was.

He did as he was told and moved faster and harder into Sakura, making her body jerk up and her hips meet his every time. He hit her spot and she screamed his name and he grunted out in pleasure and then started hitting her spot repeatedly, not wanting to stop after getting such a response. Sasuke felt Sakura's nails dig into his skin and he moaned lowly into her ear, biting at her neck slowly.

She could feel the pleasure building harshly in her stomach and knew she'd come soon, but the bite she received from Sasuke told her she wouldn't be allowed to come until he was ready for her to. Sakura gasped when she felt him slow down and tried to get him to move faster but her attempts appeared to be useless.

"I h-hate y-y-you." She sobbed shakily, her head craned back, this was all to much for her to handle.

"I know you do." He replied in a gasp and thrust much more roughly into her but his pace was slow, he would come soon to. After nearly seven minutes of very slow and torturous thrusting he rammed himself into her and Sakura arched her back, screaming out his name as she came, releasing all of her pain and her pleasure.

He pulled out and came on her stomach before he fell down on the bed next to her glistening body. His chest rose and fell swiftly, he watched Sakura's sweaty body in the moonlight and kissed her forehead. "… I'll be back next weekend…" Sasuke assured her and Sakura nodded her head slowly. "Your mine… If anyone else tries to touch you I'll kill them." The man said.

Sakura rolled her eyes at how easily he was able to say such a thing. "Whatever Sasuke... It's not like I'll have time to cheat on you when I'm working at the hospital and having to see you every weekend." She snapped at him, watching as he redressed himself.

He walked to the window, his back facing her and his eyes on the ground. "I know you love me." Sasuke said before he left the room. Sakura sat up and grabbed her blankets from the ground, her eyes narrowed as she held back offending tears, she knew she loved him more then anyone else in the world, but she wouldn't tell him that until he realized just how life altering his changes had been on everyone in Konoha.

The girl slide off the bed nearly fell to the ground, her legs shaking, she swallowed hard and gained control of her body, standing as tall as she could. "You have to love me too, Sasuke." She choked out, tears overflowing and washing down her face, she covered her mouth with one hand and swallowed hard. Sakura stood panting for a moment more and than slowly walked to her bathroom so she could shower and wash his touch from her.

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