Sakura sat silently outside of the Hokage's office, her hands folded primly in her lap, her back straight and expression stony. She felt very much like just sprawling out in the seat but it really wouldn't be very fantastic if someone were to go walking past and see her in such a state.

Her green eyes stared at the door, allowing just a small hint of curiosity to shine through.

She'd been summoned while on shift at the hospital.

The female wasn't worried that the Hokage was going to get upset with her or question her about what happened when she collapsed. That had been a few months ago and no one had spoken of it at all since then, the Hokage supposedly had not one ounce of knowledge of the occurrence and for that Sakura was grateful.

The days hadn't seemed to get much better though, not even now that Sasuke was out of her life, nearly completely.

Nearly completely meaning that there hadn't been one single sighting of him at all from anyone, not even since before she'd told him to just get lost. And no one brought him up in conversation at all, not even Naruto, who now opted to instead, when in the quiet with her, slowly drift off into his own thoughts. When this happened he would get this angry, pained look on his lightly coloured face, but no words would escape him and soon enough he'd return to being cheerful and hungry.

It was sad how things had come to this, how it seemed he'd just given up... But it was better this way, at least Naruto wasn't stressing over it as much as he had used to.

And now life, for most, was quite peaceful in Konoha.

Her attention was deviated from her thoughts from the sound of the Tsunade's office door knob turning. She straightened in her seat and watched patiently until Shizune was revealed to be behind the door and motioned for her to come in, a small smile on her lips.

Sakura stood and patted herself off, smiling at Shizune and walked into the office, just a little bit nervous.

"Sakura." The Hokage greeted, sitting behind her desk, looking rather exhausted, books and papers scattered on her desk but not one sign of a sake bottle.

"Lady Tsunade." The young woman responded, her head tilting to the side just slightly in a Sasuke-esque form of acknowledgment. She nearly shivered when she realized it herself but held her body still, she didn't want Tsunade becoming concerned. She also didn't want to have to lie anymore.

The Hokage watched her old student for a moment or two before looking away, "Sakura, i'd like to send you as an ambassador to a small village in the Tea Country."

The pinkettes brows shot up and she blinked, the composure she'd previously had disappearing to be replaced with confusion. "But Lady Tsunade, don't you have someone else that would be better suited for the job? Maybe Shikamaru? He's used to being around Temari when she's here being an ambassador." Sakura suggested, feeling a little put-off by this.

"Shikamaru's busy, Sakura. Besides, i've already sent word to the village in the Tea Country." Tsunade replied shortly, looking annoyed that Sakura would back talk.


"Are you trying to get out of going on this mission Sakura?" The Hokage snapped, standing up and slamming her hands down on the top of her desk, cheeks red and eyes angry. The papers and books and other things on the desk had been disturbed by the womans sudden movement, some of which going clattering to the floor or jumping on the table before landing resolutely in their previous spot or a spot nearby.

The young woman shook her head stiffly. "Of course not Lady Tsunade, I just... Uh... WHen will I be leaving?"

"Shizune will debrief you on what's going to happen, now leave, i've got work to do." She grumped and took a fleeting glance over to her cabinet where there was, without a doubt, booze stashed.

Sakura nodded, catching Tsunade looking at the cabinet before turning and getting out of there as quick as possible.

Seemed like the Hokage was in one of her 'moods'.

She was met by Shizune just outside the office and once the door had been closed Shizune explained that Sakura would be traveling to the Tea Country and once at the village she was supposed to visit she'd stay there for a week before returning.

There seemed to be something a little bit off about all of this though, this wasn't a normal occurrence.

And what about the hospital?

Who would be taking over her shift there?

Never mind, why did she have to worry about such things? It wasn't like they wouldn't be able to replace her for a couple of weeks while she was on her mission. Obviously 'somebody' would be around to pick up on her shifts and everything would be fine, like normal.

Maybe she was just over-thinking everything.


"Eh?" The girl in question blinked, looking at Shizune who was now staring at her with sympathetic eyes. The woman must've thought that Sakura was still upset and most likely traumatized from what had happened the months prior with the... Baby.

Sakura smiled, "Sorry Shizune, I was just distracted by something."

The woman nodded, "That's alright, now don't forget what I told you and be safe, alright?"

The younger female gave her own nod of understanding and then bowed before walking off down the hall.

This was a D-Rank mission, how couldn't it be safe?

This is a... What should I call this? A gift to you guys? A teaser... I don't know. Anyways, i'm giving this to you now because... I feel like... Playing with you? Haha.