Harry Potter-House?

Plot: A young and abused Harry is moved by Social Services to his mother's cousin in America. How will Hogwarts respond to a Harry that has been raised by everybody's favourite doctor?

Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital, New Jersey.

"House!" a voice shouted

"Dr Cuddy, what a pleasant surprise. Are you here for...?"

"My Office, Now!" the voice responded before walking off

"Ah, that Cuddy. We'll have to finish this diagnosis in a little while. In the mean time go get an MRI and a CT scan" said House leaving his 3-man team behind in his office

Limping through the double doors with his cane into Cuddy's Office, House found Cuddy talking with a woman in a grey suit and a little boy. Looking closely, House found the boy to be roughly 6 years old, short, messy black hair and green eyes. He seemed to be rather withdrawn with the way he kept his head down and didn't look at people when he spoke. After a quick analysis, he figured the boy must either of been abused or just a rather quiet individual.

"Dr House, a pleasure to meet you my name is Ms Matthews, Child Welfare" After a quick handshake she continued "Are you familiar with an Ms Lily Evans?"

"Evans...as in my second cousin? I thought she was dead" Upon speaking this the boy seemed to shake a little which House deduced to mean that he was related to said person.

"Blunt as ever House"

"That's correct and Mr Potter here is her son" she said indicating the young man

"Well that's a lovely little tale. Now can you tell me why you and her son are here? You see I am a rather busy man"

"House you have one case!" Cuddy interrupted

"Are you saying that one person's life is not worth my time? That's just mean"

"Anyway" Ms Matthews said, inserting herself back into the conversation "We recently removed Mr Potter from his guardians who were deemed to be um...unfit"

"Unfit? Is that welfare talk for 'abusive bastards'? "


"That is the reason we are here" Ms Mathew once again reinserted herself to the conversation "You see the reason he was placed with his old guardians was because they were his closest relatives. We have 

done some research and found you are the only relative beside the Dursley's, who were his old guardians"

"Again, why are you both here?" House asked

"Well you see we have 2 options" Ms Matthews said slowly "The first is that you take custody of Mr Potter here. The second is that we will have to send him to an orphanage"

House looked at the young boy. Looking into his eyes, House could almost sense the slight chance of hope that the boy held. But he was not up to raising a child was he? His life was complicated, there was no way he was father material. Looking back up at Ms Matthews he said:

"Sorry but I can't do it"

For a moment Ms Matthews looked upset but the look was quickly replaced with a professional one.

"Okay then we will send the boy to an orphanage. Thank you for your time, doctor"

House was not paying attention to what she was saying though; he was still watching the boy. When he said that last sentence, the boys look changed in a flash from slightly hopeful to despair. As if all hope had been crushed and there was nothing left. House didn't know where it came from but did he just feel remorse?"


The woman and boy had just reached the door when he had called out. They both turned back to look at him.

"What is it Doctor House?" the woman asked

"I'll take him"

A/N. And there it is. For some reason I was cooking dinner the other night and this idea just struck me. I currently have no idea where this story is going to go but I hope it will be a good ride. Reviews make me happy so please feel free to leave me one. I don't like flames but constructive criticism is very helpful.