Chapter 6 – The Birth of Harry House

3 Months Later

It was December 12th and Christmas spirit had begun to spread throughout the hospital. The caretakers had been placing decorations along every hall and in every room for the past 3 weeks solid and now there was not a single ceiling that had not been covered in tinsel or paper. Of course with anything good there was also a bad side and that was the dreaded P word. Paperwork. Piles and piles of it was currently occupying the main reception in the Clinic. Currently on duty this morning were Dr's House and Wilson. Whilst Wilson was trying to sort through said paperwork, House was sat there trying to avoid the patients as usual.

"House, you realize that your weeks behind on your charting?" Wilson asked

"Writing down what we already know, to be read by no-one" House simply responded

"6th level of hell. Seriously though, you are 3 weeks behind"

"I don't believe that I am" House stated

"What are you talking about?"

"Harry!" House called

Wilson just stood there watching, but sure enough after a few seconds Harry's head popped out from behind a stack of files.

"Yes, Uncle House?"

"How many files have you sorted now?"

"errr...just finished number 47"

"Very good, now carry on" House said before turning back to Wilson, who was just staring with a rather bewildered expression on his face.

"You...have Harry doing your charting for you?" Wilson asked

"Why do it myself when I can pay someone to do it for me?"

"But..." Wilson's response was cut off by Dr Cuddy's appearance and House trying to flick paper down her top.

"What are you 8?" She asked

"Can an 8 year old do this?" House asked before pulling an obscure face

Peeking out from behind his files, Harry decided to pipe in his opinion.

"I don't know Uncle House, I'm sure that I could just about manage it" Harry pulled the face before continuing "See, I was right"

"Hmm. So apparently you're right. Well I guess there's a first for everything"

This small dialog had rendered both Cuddy and Wilson momentarily speechless. Was this the dawning of a new House? No, it couldn't be. One is more than enough they were both thinking.

"You have a patient in exam room 1" Cuddy eventually managed to say

"Well the thing is I get off at 12, and it's only a few minutes off"

"She's been waiting since 11. Go and see her, NOW!"

Grudgingly, House stood up and limped his way over to the exam room leaving Harry behind with Cuddy and Wilson. Harry had been warned that the pair were known to have their inquisitive moments and that they were bound to try and interrogate him at some point.

"So Harry, how is living with House going?" Cuddy asked beating Wilson to the punch

'There it is' Harry thought 'Uncle House was right'

"Well he's provided food, water and all that stuff if that's what you mean"

"No I meant has he been treating you correctly?"

"Depends. What do you mean by 'correctly'?" Harry replied

'Look at her face' Harry thought 'These lessons Uncle House gave me seem to be working'

"You're evading the question" Cuddy responded, who was starting to get rather annoyed.

"And you're drawing attention to your breasts with that top"

Now that had the desired effect. Wilson was having an internal conflict about whether to laugh or be angry, whilst Cuddy looked as if she was going to kill House. Luckily for Harry, her attention was drawn to a screaming nun who had just run out of exam room 1.

"HELP! HELP!" she was screaming, drawing the attention of several nurses in the vicinity. Moments later House's head poked out the door shouting that the patient was having a cardiac arrest.

"Well that's interesting" Harry lamely commented.

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