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Okay, I love the Lost Season, but I thought there should have been another conversation between Leonardo and Karai towards the end of the season that talked about some unresolved feelings and Karai's connection to the Shredder. So this is it. It takes place between "Past and Present" and "Enter the Dragons".

I also would like to dedicate this story to all those TMNT 2k3 fans who want Karai and Leo together, although it looks like it is never going to happen (sob!).

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"Nooo!!" Karai woke up with a start. For a second, she forgot where she was. Yet after looking around, it all came back to her; the resurrection of the Tengu Shredder, the destruction of her headquarters, all of it. The mighty Karai was now stuck in April O'Neil's apartment. She hated April's apartment. It was cold and small. Worse, there were no foot ninjas to wait on her. Karai was grateful that at least Chaplin dropped off her comfortable black tank and leotards for her to wear. Karai sighed and looked out the window. The sun was setting in what looked like ancient Japan. It had been two weeks since the Tengu Shredder destroyed her dignity and redid the city to his liking. It has also been a few days since Karai and the turtles failed to use the keystones against the Shredder. Karai scowled at the thought of their failure. The turtles' great plant to get the stones was nothing but a waste of time. The Tengu Shredder still lived.

Karai punched her pillow in anger. Angry at the turtles. If they hadn't stolen the pedant, none of this would have happened.

All of the sudden she heard the downstairs door open. Karai's heart leaped. Although April had promised that this place was safe, Karai knew better. She reached for her weapons only to remember that she didn't have them.

"You know you aren't going to find your weapons."

Although the light in the room was dim, Karai could see Leonardo's shadow at the door, with a covered plate in his hands. Karai let out an angry sigh. Just what she needed: her swollen enemy to come mock her.

"And where is Miss O'Neil?" Karai asked.

"I gave her and Casey the night off."

"And there was no one else but you to come guard me?"

"Karai, there was no one else who wanted to be here with you."

Karai wanted to reply, but held her tongue. What ever was on that plate smelled good, and she was hungry. As if Leonardo could read her mind, he set down the plate on the night table. Karai removed the table cloth and groan.

"Not a fan of pizza, I take."

"Not in the least," spat Karai. Yet, she forced herself to take a bite. Surprisingly, it was rather decent.

Instead of Leonardo leaving Karai to eat alone like April did, he just stood by her bed, watching her.

Karai tried to focus on her dinner instead of the green turtle by her bedside. How dare he stay! Could she not at least eat in peace? After all, it was the turtles who were responsible for her father's exile. If Leonardo had just let him go, everything would have been alright. But instead, her beloved father was gone, the Tengu Shredder was back, and she was practically a prisoner.

Bitterly Karai continued to eat in silence, glaring at Leonardo. In turn, Leonardo crossed his arms with a serious look on his face.

Not able to stand the staring contest any longer, Karai pushed her plate away and said: "Have you any other great ideas to defeat the Shredder?"

"Not yet."

Karai sighed and looked out the window. The truth was Karai doubted that anyone could defeat the Tengu Shredder, much less herself and four green turtles.

Karai turned back to Leonardo. "We can not defeat him, can we?" As soon as the words escaped her mouth, Karai bit her tough, surprised that she had even said that. Why was admitting defeat?

Surprised that Karai asked such a question, Leonardo looked out the window to think of an easy way to answer. He wasn't sure if they could defeat the Shredder. He only knew that somehow Karai was a part of it. Leonardo turned back to Karai.

"There is a way, Karai. Or rather one person who could help end this."

Karai raised her eye brows. "Who?"


Karai was shocked. What game was Leonardo playing?

"Me?" She sputtered. "How?"

"Master Splinter and the Ancient One believe that because you share the Shredder's mantle, you share a psychic link between yourself and the Shredder. This link could be the Shredder's undoing. It was what my dream was trying to tell me all along."

"And how am I to harvest this power?"

"By learning how to mediate, completely. Master Splinter and the Ancient One will help you."

Karai turned away. Now she knew why the honorable Leonardo had come. It wasn't out of the goodness of his heart, but rather to make sure Karai did her job.

"So that is why you came. You can to make sure I did my job."

"Is that what you think, Karai?" Leonardo asked, his voice rising. He got off the bed, knocking the plate to the floor. It crashed into pieces with a bang.

Karai's eyes grew wide. It wasn't normally that easy to get such a reaction out of Leonardo. Yet she wasn't going to try to control her anger.

"You have no idea what honor is," Karai said with a sneer.

Leonardo glared at Karai. His eyes were full of fury.

"I have no idea what honor is?" He exclaimed.

"A year ago you tried to destroy my family! Two years ago you tried to help your evil father escape at our disposal. Do you have any idea how much your betrayal hurt me? I thought ….I thought….." Leonardo stopped and sighed.

Karai narrowed her eyes. What was he trying to say?

Leonardo turned around and started to walk towards the door.

"Wait!" Karai stood up and grabbed Leonardo's arm. Leonardo tried to fight her off. A loud clap of thunder caused the building to shake, and the lights to go out. Startled, Karai begin to loss her balance and fell backwards, bringing Leonardo with her.

They landed back on the bed. Karai looked up to see Leonardo staring down at her. His arms wrapped around her back. Karia's arms rested on Leonardo's triceps. For a minute, neither of them said a word. They just stared at each other, as though they were under a spell.

Karai felt Leonardo's ripped muscles. His skin wasn't as slimly as she had predicted, but rather smooth.

Here is your chance a voice whispered to her. He is distracted. Grab his katanas and stab him. Carefully, without moving her eyes from Leonardo's face, Karai reached over towards Leonardo's back. Instead of reaching his weapons, Karai missed and touched a part of Leonardo's shell. Leonardo gasped in pain. Startled Karai looked and realized the gasp in Leonardo's shell. Kari had never paid any attention to it before. She didn't have to ask what happened to it. Karai remembered the fateful event that caused the break in his shell and the break in their friendship.

Karai closed her eyes tightly to get rid of the sympathy that she felt towards the turtle. What was she doing? Here was her chance. Leonardo was off guard. She could attack him, now and possibly win. Yet her heart was aching, aching to feel his lips on hers; to experience love, if just for one night. As much as Karai tried to deny it, she couldn't erase the deep memories of having some possible affection towards the green mutant some time ago. Could that be why she still sensed his presents when he was around her? Karai lowered her hand to cover her closed eyes. She became emotionally drained; drained from being loyal to her father, to Bushido and to her heart. Karai felt a tear drop down her check.


Karai opened her eyes to see Leonardo looking down at her. His eyes were filled with concern for her.

"Should I….go?"

Without thinking, Karai whispered: "Stay." Leonardo raised his eyebrows.

"Are you sure?"

Karai only nodded. She moved her hands to Leonardo's chest. Karai could feel his heart racing as his grip around her back started to lessen. Could he be just as nervous as she?

"Karai…" Leonardo whispered, his voice almost trembling. Karai could sense that he wanted to move away from her.

"Wait," Karai murmured. Quickly, she reached up an untied Leonardo's blue eye mask. It quickly fell to the ground. Karai's green eyes stared into Leonardo's brown eyes. Oh, Karai thought. So that is what color his eyes are. Outside the finally sun set, leaving the two foes alone in the dark.