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Takes place right after "Turtles Forever." The six heroes arrive back to their dimension after defeating the Utrom Shredder............

Following Master Splinter, the four turtles fell out of the portal into the middle of the city. April and Casey ran towards them, throwing their arms around the green mutants and the elderly rat.

"Boy, are we glad to see you!" Casey said, picking Raphael up from the ground.

"Uhg! Let go Casey, will ya?" Raphael groaned. "April, will you tell this husband of yours to cool it? We're not made of steel , ya know!"

Yet April didn't have to; soon as Karia came through the portal, Casey practically dropped Raphael. Both April and Casey stared at Karia in anticipation, ready to strike at any moment.

Splinter put his arms on Casey's and April's shoulders. "It is all right," Splinter explained. "It is because of Mistress Karia that we all still exist."

"How on earth did that happen?" April asked, relaxing her poise.

"Okay, can some one please explain what the shell is going on?" Casey added. "First there were eight turtles instead of four, then there was a big golf ball weapon thingy, then…"

Donatello put his hand on his friend's shoulder to shut him up. "It's a long story, pal."

"I'll say!" Mikey added. He patted his growling stomach. "In fact, this story shouldn't be shared over an empty stomach! How about we get some pizza and have it in the lair?"

Again Raphael groaned. "Great. Now you're sounding like them again!"

"Uh, Mikey? Our lair has been destroyed." Donatello reminded him.

Mikey's face fell at the reminder that another place they called home was once again in shambles. "Oh, yeah."

"Well how about we go back to our place?" Casey suggested. Everyone voiced in agreement. Well everyone that is, expect Karia.

Karia found herself looking west, the direction of the Foot Headquarters. How she longed to see her daughter! When Chaplin had finally located her father, Karia had decided to go see him alone. At the time, Karia was ready to fight along side her father until the end….as long as her daughter remained safe at home with Chaplin and some of the foot soldiers

"Karia?" April's voice interrupted Karia from her thoughts.


"Karia, you are more than welcomed to come join us."

Karia smiled. She felt grateful for the invitation, but she had been away from her child long enough. "Thank you, but I am needed some where else." She looked at Leonardo, the father of her pride and joy. Karia gave him a small smile, and realize that she couldn't go see Kagome without him.

"Leonardo, please come with me. There is much I need to tell you."

Leonardo paused for a minute. He was bruised and exhausted. Going to April's and Casey's to rest was probably the wise choice. Yet he didn't want deny Karia her request. After all, she did save their lives. Besides, Leonardo couldn't help but ignore the feeling that he wanted to spend some more time with Karia, now that she was back on their side.

Leonardo motioned for his family and friends to go ahead. "I'll catch up with you later."

However, Leonardo's bothers, especially Raphael, were hesitated to leave. Despite the fact that Karia had saved all their lives today, Leonardo knew it would still take his brothers a long time for them to totally trust Karia again. Leonardo himself was still unsure how much faith he had in Karia.

"Let us go, my sons," Splinter urged. He sensed how hesitated the three were to leave their brother with their former enemy. However, Splinter also sensed that it was vital for Karia and Leonardo to talk.

"Come." Finally the three other turtles turned around and followed their master and father, leaving Leonardo and Karia alone.

"Thank you for saving our lives," Leo said quietly as they walked to Karai's headquarters. "Betraying your own father.....I can't imagine how hard that must have been." Karia only nodded, hoping Leonardo would change the subject.

" Karia, if you don't mind me asking....... what made you change your mind?"

Karia bit her lip, debating how to answer. Ever since she first lost her father, she vowed to revenged him. Yet when she saw that her father was finally going to destroy the turtles, she just couldn't let it happen. Having a daughter made her realize how much the world needed them; how much she herself needed them.

"Destroying you isn't honor," Karia answered finally as her headquarters came into view.

Leonardo nodded, though he felt there was something more that Karia had wanted to say….

Once inside the building, Leonardo noticed that not much had changed since he was last there ..…yet something felt different.

"Karia, who else is here?"

"Some of the guards, and Chaplin of course."

As if on cue, Chaplin emerged.
"Mistress! I didn't' hear you come in…." He stopped when he saw Leonardo besides her.

"Mistress, what is HE doing here?" Chaplin's hand went to the gun on his belt.

Karia raised her hand, motioning him to stop. "Leonardo is here on my request," she explained quietly. Obviously, Chaplin had many questions to ask. While he did deserve some answers, Karia wanted and needed to tell Leonardo the truth first.

"You may leave us."

"But Mistress…."

"That's an order, Chaplin!"

Chaplin flinched at his Mistress's tone. Immediately, Karia regretted losing her temper. Her nervous was getting the best of her.

"Chaplin, please rest," Karia told her servant softly. " I shall explain it all later." Chaplin was still hesitated. Yet he took one more look at Leonardo and then left the room. Chaplin didn't know what was going on…but he was determine to find out.

Finally alone, Karia took Leonardo's hand. "Come."

Chaplin watched from the shadows as Karia led Leonardo to the nursery. He made a hard fist and gritted his teeth. Everything was going so well. He had found Karai's father and the two of them were going to take down the turtles. Now she was holding Leonardo's hand?? WHAT HAPPENED??

Chaplin let a low growl escape his lips. He didn't know why Leonardo was here, nor did he cared. Karia was his and he wasn't going to lose her…one way or the other.

Karia led Leonardo to a small room. Once Karia turned the light on, Leonardo saw a crib, a mobile, and other baby's accessories. "It is a nursery," Leonardo though in surprise.

Leonardo walked over to the crib. A cubby 9-month old looked back at him with big brown eyes . The baby's dark hair swayed back and forth as she giggled as the strange creature staring down at her. Leonardo could see much of Karia in the baby's face. Strangely, he didn't see any of Chaplin's traits in the baby's appearance.

"So…you and Chaplin have a daughter," Leonardo said dully, trying to keep the unexpected jealousy out of his voice "Congratulations Karia. I'm happy for your both.

Karia shook her head. "Appearances are deceiving, Leonardo. Observe." She picked up a basin of water from the table. Gently, Karia sprinkled water on her child . The baby only giggled. Then, before Leonardo's very eyes, the infant started to change.

"No…" he whispered, "It…it can't be!" But there she was, green as the rest of Leonardo's brothers.

Karia gently put her hand on Leonard's shoulders. "Her name is Kagome, meaning 'sunset,'" Karia whispered softly. "She is yours, Leonardo."

Leonardo could only stare at the child, his hands holding tightly onto the bars of the crib. He had conceived a child….with a human? How was that possible? How could one act, one night lead to this? More importantly, what dishonor had Leonardo brought upon himself, on his family, and on Karia? What danger had he brought to this child? What would his family and friends think? What would his sensei think? Leonardo was suppose to be the responsible one; the one who always thought through his actions. It was for those reasons that Splinter had made Leonardo the leader. How could Leonardo do this to him??

Leonardo had always almost felt in control; now he felt helpless. Leonardo's hands started to feel clammy on the crib. His knees started to buckled. Leonardo lowered his head and covered his eyes. Tears flew down Leonardo's face like a river. He heart filled with shame and his mind filled with utter failure.

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