Chapter 1: Entry #31

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Entry #31

I can't believe I've been writing in this journal for a month now. It doesn't seem that long. Anyways, today, EVIL Ms. Briggs assigned us this "foreign places" assignment. I wanted someplace cool, like Italy, China, Canada, France, Britain, you know- a powerful place or someplace with good food. We had to choose our place out of a hat. I ended up getting Kazakhstan! Even though you won't read this, no offense to anyone who is from Kazakhstan. (Kazakhstanian?) It's just that bringing in the food item will be hard. I want something I like. If only I had Italy! Lasagna or pizza! I guess this sounds sorta (ignore grammar, it's a journal-and you shouldn't be reading it anyways) stereotypical of me, sorry, but Italy does have GREAT pasta!

Anyways, I could have always done something decent with Kazakhstan. The worst part of the project is that I got paired up with Sam! She's not going to do any work. And, all we're gonna do is fight.

I really wish we would stop fighting. As previously expressed, in entry #14 (funny how I can remember the exact #) I think Sam has an alibi for all the teasing. I'm still not sure what I feel about her. If I were to stop right now and look back at other entries, such as # 5 and # 19, I would see that I sometimes hate her. But, I don't really hate her. I just get mad sometimes. If I consider the motive for her teasing, then I think I may just like her back as well.

Or, she could just as well hate my guts and I think she's in love. You can never tell with girls. It's odd how you can confuse love and hate. I'll get back to you tomorrow on the whole Kazakhstan project. Fun, fun, fun. (Dripping with sarcasm.) I wonder how Sam would react if she found this…I wonder if she really has feelings for me. I hope she does. It would be nice if she were nice to me for a change. And for the sake of being nice, not a bet.

Okay, that's all for today,

- Freddie

Freddie closed out of Microsoft Word, in a document labeled iJournal. Then he closed down his laptop. His mom would probably call him to join her at the table for dinner soon. It would probably be something disgustingly healthy- like brussel sprouts.

Freddie couldn't decide which was worse, his mom's meatloaf that-makes-you want-to-throw-up phase or her healthy green food that-makes-you-want-to-throw-up phase.

As if on cue, Mrs. Benson called for her son to join her for a "healthy family dinner". After the "dinner", if you could really call it that, Freddie went back to his bedroom and turned on his laptop, starting to find Kazakhstan facts.

Some things were cool. It was the 9th largest country, and had over 100 different nationalities. He stopped researching food when he encountered a sheep head dish. Around 8:30, Freddie's mom came to his room and told him to start getting ready for bed.

Freddie knew not to argue with his mom, though it was early. It was "better for him" this way. A growing boy like him needed sleep. Once he was all ready for bed, and his mom had left, Freddie did more research in his bed. He needed to get a head start to make up for all the work Sam wouldn't do.

Time passes; it's morning, right before Freddie leaves for school

"Freddie, before you leave, you have to give me your goodbye kiss!"

"Yes, mom." Freddie gave his mom an icky goodbye kiss and then ran to leave the apartment.

"Wait right there, young man! Why are you trying to leave so quickly? What are you hiding? Or am I forgetting something?"

"Fine, I was trying to bring my laptop to school."

"Freddie! You know better! It could get damaged!"

"I'll be careful."

"Okay, possibly just this once, if you have a good reason. Good reasons do not involve playing games to interfere with the educational instruction of your teachers. Do you still want to bring it to school?"

"Yes, mom, I'm bringing it to school. Don't worry, it'll be fine. I won't lose it, please let me! I won't play games on it; we're using school laptops in class for a project. I wanted to use mine instead since I already typed up some facts on it. Please!"

"Fine, just keep it with you at all times."

"Yes!" Freddie headed out the door with his backpack and his laptop in its carrying case. Finally, he would be able to bring his laptop to school! Okay, well, he had done it before, but he always had to sneak it past his mother. Now it could officially belong there! It was great that he could bring it. Nothing bad could happen, right?

"Hold on there, Freddie! I knew I forgot something! Here's your moisturizer!"

"MOM! I do not need a moisturizer cream!"

"I don't think you need to bring your laptop to school."

"Fine. I need the moisturizer."

"Good. Here it is. Now you take care of your laptop."

"I will. I've got to leave, mom! I'm gonna miss the bus."

"Goodbye Freddie! Have fun and learn!"

Freddie ran down the stairs to the lobby. Carly and Sam were already down there, waiting for him. (A/N: Sam doesn't live in the apartment, but that stop is the closest one to her house or apartment, whatever one you want, so she walks there to wait for the bus.)

"Over-mothering moments?" Sam asked with a smirk when Freddie joined them later than usual. Freddie didn't answer. He just threw the small tube of moisturizing cream into the trashcan.

"The bus is here!" Freddie followed Carly out the lobby door. That was a mistake. Never ever walk in front of Sam. Or really even behind her. Be first when she is last and be last when she is first in line. Right as he was walking down the bus aisle to his seat, Sam tripped him. He quickly got up, ignored Sam's laugh, and sat down in his seat.

Carly and Sam were sitting together in the seat opposite him. He opened his laptop case and made sure it wasn't effected by his fall. It was fine. Freddie opened his document on Kazakhstan research and added more information to it.

"Hey, you sneaked that past your mom again! High five!"

"One, I am not going to high five you; you would hurt me somehow." Sam smiled at his remark. "And two, I didn't sneak it, she actually allowed me to bring my laptop today. I convinced her so we could use it for our project."

"So I get to use it?" Sam asked, excited.

"No, everything you touch, dies." Freddie joked.

"Oh, it that case…" Sam reached over the aisle and touched Freddie's shoulder.

"Not funny."

He was going to keep the laptop by his side. And while working with their partners, Sam would not be allowed to touch it at all! Now nothing could possibly go wrong!

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With all my purple fuzzleness,