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Sam woke up Saturday morning to the noise of…a blender? It sure sounded like one. Why would she be hearing a blender? Then, instantly, she was fully awake. She had spent the night at Carly's. Carly had kept, in not-so-subtle ways, teasing her about Freddie, who Sam still wouldn't talk to. Once Freddie had left, they had watched a couple of movies and rehearsed their iCarly script. Carly had had the brilliant idea of a smoothie segment and had promised to wake Sam up in the morning in time to help make some.

It looked as if Carly had forgot about waking her up, so Sam dashed downstairs, eager to sneak some samples. She froze when she got to the kitchen. Yeah, there was Carly, but there also was…

"Freddie? What are you doing here?"

"Oh good, so you're talking to me now? What did I do to change your mind?" He asked nonchalantly, but you could tell it was killing him not knowing what caused Sam's silence.

Sam stood there with her mouth open. Not only was she surprised to see Freddie when he shouldn't have been over, but she had ruined her silent streak. Well, she had to start talking to him sometime, now was a good as a time as any.

"I-I wasn't n-not talking to you." Sam stuttered, having trouble coming up with a reason. Freddie rolled his eyes.

Carly saved Sam from responding to Freddie's eye roll. "Sorry I forgot to wake you up, Sam. I got distracted with all these smoothies." Carly pointed to the counter by the sink where at least seven glasses, all filled with different colors, stood. "Instead of coming up with a special "iCarly smoothie" flavor, we experimented with all sorts of flavors."

"What flavors do we have so far?" Sam asked, grateful for the subject change.

"Well, have raspberries and strawberries in one, a blueberry one, an apple cinnamon one which tastes too sweet, a mango one, a mango and strawberry one, a strawberry one- we had a lot of mangos and strawberries. Um, what else?" Carly asked Freddie.

"This." Freddie pointed to what was currently in the blender.

"It's gray!" Sam scrunched up her face at the contents of the blender.

"It's banana and blueberries with yogurt. I don't know why it's gray…" Freddie poured most of the smoothie into a cup identical to the ones by the sink. Once that cup was filled, there was quite a lot left over.

"I guess you made too much this time, Freddie. If it's good then we can have more after we sample it." Carly smiled and stared at her in an unsettling way, Sam wondered why that was.

"I'm not sampling that. One, I don't eat food that's made by Freddie. And two, I don't eat food that's gray." Sam stated in an insulting voice.

"We're all sampling it." Freddie retorted, looking gleeful. Things were relatively back to normal, with all of the Seddie arguing.

Carly opened a cabinet above her head and took out two tall glasses that looked like the ones milkshakes are usually served in.

"There's only two left. All of our other glasses are in the dishwasher, on the sink right there, or on Spencer's glass sculpture." Carly told Sam and Freddie.

"What's he using the glasses for?" Freddie asked.

"A pair of glasses, you know like eyeglasses, made out of glasses, the cup kind of glasses." Carly answered.

"Interesting. He'll probably break it somehow…" Sam mused while avoiding Freddie's stare- his gaze wouldn't leave her.

Carly poured what was left of the gray smoothie into the two tall milkshake glasses and proceeded to take three straws out of the nearest drawer. Carly put the blue-striped straw in one glass. She put the green-striped one and the yellow-striped one in the same glass. Sam realized what Carly was about to do and gave her a glare.

Just like Sam thought she would, Carly took the glass with the single blue-striped straw and pushed the other glass towards her and Freddie.

Sam was just about to object to this in a very insulting manner, possibly pouring their entire glass on Freddie's head, when Carly spoke once more, addressing the looks on Sam and Freddie's faces.

"Oh come on guys, grow up will ya? I gave you separate straws so there's no "cooties"." Carly smirked.

Freddie had fixed his confused look into one of defiance. "I'm not sipping a smoothie with that thing." Sam only rolled her eyes at Freddie. He seemed to really be enjoying their "fight". Was it possible that he had missed her? Could she really be wrong about his diary? Did he…return her feelings?

Before she could think about Freddie's feelings for any longer, her stomach growled. It reprioritized what was on her mind. She grabbed the yellow-striped straw, put it in her mouth and tried some of the gray smoothie.

It wasn't so bad, in fact…it was rather good…surprisingly delightful. But she wasn't gonna tell Freddie that. And yet, at the same time she wanted to tell him that it was good, compliment him for a change.

"So how is it? I'm guessing it's good since you're still slurping it down." Freddie advanced toward her. She nearly choked when he grabbed the green-striped straw. One part of her wanted to share the smoothie with him. The rest of her couldn't handle that- it was too soon.

She grabbed his straw out of his hand before it reached his mouth and shoved it in her mouth along with the other straw.

"Sam!" He shouted. For emphasis that she wasn't ready for anymore special moments with Freddie, Sam drank most of the smoothie and then lifted and pointed the straws in Freddie's face. She blew into the straws and smoothie flew out into Freddie's face. "Ahhh!" Freddie grimaced. His mouth had been closed, luckily for him.

Sam smiled in a mocking manner. She ignored the temptation to use her finger to wipe a splatter of smoothie from his face and then taste more of the smoothie by licking her finger.

While Freddie was wiping his face off with some paper towels, Sam turned to give Carly yet another glare. Hopefully, she would get the message, which was "I'll manage to make Freddie the victim of your setups and not me- so knock it off!"

"Which smoothie should we introduce as our iCarly flavor?" Freddie asked Carly while sending a glare in Sam's direction. This morning was full of glares, but not too much anger, surprisingly.

"I like the mango-strawberry one." Carly took a sip of the gray smoothie with her straw and made a face. "Eh, I don't really like this one…"

"I liked the mango-strawberry one too." Freddie piped up.

"But of course you would agree with Carly. Why don't you form your own opinions for a change?" Sam questioned sarcastically.

"Well I might have liked the gray one if you would have let me try it!" Freddie scowled at her.

Carly laughed, "You're just mad because you didn't get to share the smoothie with her, aren't you, Freddie?"

Sam and Freddie didn't laugh- they looked like they wanted to kill Carly.

"What makes you think I want to share a smoothie with Sam of all people?" Freddie glowered.

"I know I'm not the only one here who knows you two both love arguing with each other. It shows off your chemistry." Carly smirked as Sam and Freddie denied her statement.

"I hate the dork just as much as I hate our fights!"

"How can you think I like her? She's a bullying, ham-devouring, freak!"

"And uh, w-what chemistry?"

"There's n-no chemistry at all!"

"Which flavor should we choose for iCarly?" Carly ignored the stuttered comments. She absentmindedly turned around to look at the glasses stacked on the counter by the sink.

"Carly, did you hit your head or something?" Freddie asked, bewildered.

"Yeah, what's with the sudden subject changes and the matchmaker attitude?" Sam added to Freddie's question.

Carly ignored Sam and Freddie's questions and grabbed her favorite smoothie, the mango-strawberry one. She flashed them a smile and dashed upstairs, leaving Sam and Freddie in an uncomfortable silence.

"There's something wrong with her head…" Freddie seemed shaken.

"So? There's always been something wrong with yours." Sam smiled.

"I set myself up there, didn't I?" Freddie rolled his eyes without glaring, accepting the insult. Sam's chuckle faded into another silence.


"Yeah, Sam?"

"Never mind."

"Come on, tell me."

"I said never mind. That means forget it."

"Fine…but Sam?"


"Whatever I did that made you mad at that over? Are we cool?" Sam didn't reply at first. She was silent which made Freddie slightly nervous.

"Do you hate me?" Sam mumbled, looking at her shoes.

"No of course not! Why would you think that? Do you hate me?"

"No…It's just that-" Sam was interrupted by Carly running down the stairs.

"Are you two coming or what? Grab the smoothies, lovebirds." Freddie made a face at Carly and grabbed two glasses in each hand. When Carly was out of earshot, Freddie turned his attention back to Sam.

"Just that what?"

"Nothing, we need to go upstairs."

"What are you trying to avoid talking about?" Freddie said rather heatedly.

Sam sighed, "We'll talk about it later."

"Sure we will. Just like you won't get another detention ever again. Just like you'll show respect towards Gibby, Ms. Briggs, and my mom. Just like you'll-"

"I get it! For reasons I'm not gonna tell you; I thought you hated me. Now that I know you don't, uh, well I don't know. I guess we're back to normal. Happy?"

"More so than a couple seconds ago."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It just means I'll force you to talk about the details later." Freddie appeared to be happier after he said this.

"SAM! FREDDIE! GET YOUR LOVEBIRD BUTTS UP HERE!" Sam picked up the remaining glasses with the exception of Freddie's gray one.

"Can you believe Carly? How does she think we're lovebirds? It's crazy, isn't it?" Sam laughed a fake laugh.

"You bet. I mean, what is she talking about? Chemistry, psh." Freddie joked, though inside he was really unsure about how Sam felt towards him at the moment. And he definitely noticed their chemistry.

"I know, right? We're too different- okay why are we discussing how compatible we are if we don't like each other?"

"Wow, Sam! You knew the word 'compatible'! Maybe there's hope you'll pass this year." He smirked. Sam gave Freddie a light kick (her hands were too busy holding the glasses full of smoothie and she didn't want to unbalance herself and drop the glasses). He staggered, but didn't fall. They continued climbing up the stairs. She was pleased to note he didn't answer her question- there was hope, however small, that he wanted them to be compatible.

She felt slightly embarrassed, as she always did, when she and Freddie had serious talks. It always felt weird to reveal so much of herself to him, because saying sorry means handing power to those you're asking forgiveness from. He had the power to reject her apology…

But this time it hadn't really been an apology. This time, Freddie wanted "things" to go back to normal- whatever that meant. Did that mean he wanted to go back to hating each other? He had told her he didn't hate her. She didn't hate him.

Sam knew that things could never go back to the way things were before she read his iJournal diary thing. But now she was thinking that Mrs. Totters could be right…she had always been right before. No matter how painful it would be, open communication would be the key. Oh, how dorky- a rhyme, she sounded like Freddie's mom.

Sam didn't know how long it would take her to be able to tell Freddie the whole story. Obviously she was missing a significant part of the story too- Freddie's. Sam had no problem with the possibility of telling Freddie that she read (however warped) a version of his diary. The trouble would be explaining how it had affected her so deeply.

And she knew she wasn't ready to confess her feelings to Freddie. They had just got over their fight. True, she had initiated it…and it was more of a silent treatment than a fight…

It was a pride thing. Carly was trying to bring her and Freddie together so she would not let Carly see any improvements from her efforts. It was as simple as that.

"Okay, are those all of the smoothies? I think we're missing your favorite one, Sam." Carly teased her, talking about the gray one.

"I'll get it in a second, first I have to put these down." Sam whined. Carly was being jank-ishly annoying with all of her teasing and smirking and knowing glances. Sam put the glasses that were in her hands on their small table that they were going to use. Freddie put his there as well.

Sam turned around to head downstairs. Right before she opened the door she turned around and snuck a glance behind her. Freddie was staring at her. As soon as their eyes connected, he looked away. Sam left, not knowing what to make of that.

Once downstairs, Sam was tempted to finish the glass of gray smoothie but she didn't. She did, however, finish the small amount that was left in the blender.

She headed up the stairs and stopped when she heard Freddie and Carly having a heated conversation.

"You can't!" Freddie was yelling at her.

"Why not? What do you have against him?" Carly was hollering back.

"He's…he's just…I can't stand him!"

"Freddie, just because I like him doesn't give you a reason to hate him."

"Wha-…it…It's not about you!" Freddie sounded as if he had trouble saying that.

"Then what is this about? You better tell me before he arrives."

"Jake is a jerk."

"This isn't helping, Freddie! Just tell me, what is so bad about Jake being on iCarly again?"

Freddie lowered his voice. Sam could barely hear. She pressed her ear against the door. "I don't think Jake likes you. He's playing with Sam's emotions to get her jealous. I don't want to see either of you get hurt…"

"How could you say that?" Carly shouted, "Jake likes me! You're just jealous because you hate the fact Sam is jealous that I am with Jake! You like Sam!" Carly exploded, glaring at Freddie as she made her accusation.

"Boo." Sam jumped into the air, hitting her elbow on the door handle that stopped Freddie's response. He may have whispered an additional something to Carly, but Sam was unable to see or hear his reaction. "Naughty, naughty, you were eavesdropping, weren't you?" Jake smirked at Sam, unaware he had interfered with a crucial moment. Sam rolled her eyes, annoyed, and opened the door to the iCarly studio.

"Jake! Hey, how are you?" Carly beamed up at Jake through her eyelashes and then ran over to hug him, creating a nauseous effect for Sam and Freddie.

"Doin' great, now that I've seen you again." Jake gushed. Sam rolled her eyes. Jake looked at Freddie and acknowledged him with a small shake of the head, "Freddie."

"Jake," Freddie did the same but then added in an undertone, "the jerk."

"What? I didn't catch that last part?" Jake smiled at Freddie in a way that was clear to Sam that he had heard and that he was merely being polite for Carly's sake.

"Nothing." Freddie rolled his eyes. Sam placed the gray smoothie on the small table. She smiled to herself; Freddie was cute when he was peeved. And when did he start being so confrontational?

"So Carly, why is Jake here?" Sam asked as if she didn't know. "There were no guest appearances scheduled for this iCarly segment."

"I know…but after we do the bit with the yams, I was hoping he could help us with the smoothie testing."

"I was going-"

Sam interrupted Freddie with a glare, "Shut up, Freddork." She turned to Carly again, "But Freddie was going to help us."

"That's what I was going to say, Sam!" Freddie muttered, pouting.

"Since when did what you say matter?" Sam jeered at him, secretly enjoying the annoyed look that crossed his face.

"Sam, Freddie, please don't start fighting again." Carly pleaded. "Sam, I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to tell you sooner. Freddie, Jake is going to be assisting us, not you, okay?"

Jake was smiling; he knew he had won this round. "Let's get started. We don't want iCarly to film late."

Freddie grudgingly went over to his camera. Sam joined Jake and Carly in front of the camera. It was going to be a long segment…

A/N: I'm not even going to try to insert a line break here; they always disappear for me. If someone could please tell me how to properly insert a line break here that WILL show up on Fanfiction, then I will give a shout out to them in the next chapter. Please…

Anyway, time passes, this is near the end of the iCarly segment…

"I agree with Sam, Carly has the best smoothie mustache." Jake laughed.

"Aww, you." Carly smiled at Jake.

"Anyway," Sam resisted throwing a dirty look at Carly, "Please vote for which smoothie you think should be our iCarly smoothie flavor, since we couldn't decide. Feel free to comment on who you think has the best smoothie mustache as well."

"See you next time!" Carly waved to the camera.

"On iCarly!" Jake added.

"…And we're clear." Freddie let everyone know. Jake, Carly, and Sam wiped off their smoothie mustaches. Sam instantly stopped smiling as soon as the camera was off. Jake had stolen about half of her lines. Carly hadn't cared. Yet when he smiled, Sam still got a nervous pang inside her. She told herself she was being stupid and that Freddie had hit it right on the mark when he had dubbed Jake "Jake the Jerk".

It would all be so much easier if Jake hadn't scared her earlier. She needed to know what Freddie's reaction was to Carly's accusation.

"Hey, why don't we all go downstairs and celebrate with some pudding?" Carly suggested. Everyone nodded. Sam didn't know what they were celebrating.

A successful iCarly segment? It wasn't successful by her standards.

That Carly and Jake were a happy couple? She wouldn't eat any pudding, no matter how hungry she was, that declared Carly and Jake were perfect for each other.

That there was pudding downstairs in the fridge? There. That was the best reason Sam could come up with. She knew it wasn't true, but she didn't care. She pretended to herself that it was.

Carly served Jake pudding first, and then served herself. Then they walked into the other room and sat on the couch together, leaving Sam and Freddie alone in the kitchen.

Carly's eyes were on Jake the whole time. Her two best friends didn't exist. Sam felt resentful of Jake. He took Carly's attention away. Simultaneously, Sam felt resentful of Carly because she took Jake's attention away. Something must be wrong with her…these feelings were conflicting.

The conflicting feelings seemed to matter much less when Freddie handed her a small bowl of pudding. He had served her before himself. Sam smiled at him before she could stop herself.


Freddie turned and scooped some of the pudding from the large bowl into a small bowl for himself.

Sam took a seat at a barstool at the counter by the Shay's computer rather than sit on the couch and become a third wheel. Freddie chose the barstool right next to her.

Sam watched Carly and Jake as she ate. They were in their own little world. It was sickening.

"Doesn't that make you sick?" Sam indicated toward Jake spoon-feeding Carly pudding on the couch. He was laughing, she was giggling. They were sitting a little too close. Freddie didn't respond. Instead he simply shrugged. "Well, I mean, it should, shouldn't it…Carly is your dream girl." Sam teased Freddie in a way that didn't show how sad she was to say that.

"Was." Sam wasn't sure she had heard Freddie correctly.

"Woah, dork…are you telling me that you're over Carly?"

Freddie hesitated, "…yeah…"

Carly, the girl you proclaimed your undying love for, the girl you followed around with puppy eyes, that Carly right there?" Sam pointed to Carly, who was now sitting on Jake's lap and spoon-feeding him.

Freddie sighed. "Yes, Sam. I've got over my crush a long while back. But I kept up a façade because, well, at first it was weird to not like her like that, but then it was because I had no idea how to act around Carly otherwise…I was scared of what everyone would think…"

"Aww, the dork-" Sam started to taunt Freddie, but stopped once she realized what Freddie had just confessed to her. "Actually, Freddie…Sometimes I'm scared of what everyone would think too."

"What they would think if what?"

"If…" Sam began to speak from her heart, but decided against it. It was easier to hide behind the wall she had built up rather than tear it down, brick by brick. The wall was diminutive now; she clung to her instinctual defensive response. "If…something."

"That was specific." Freddie addressed Sam sarcastically.

"I can't really tell you. I can't tell you now at least. It's not you…it's me, 'cause I'm not sure I'm ready to tell anyone yet. But you'll be the first one I tell."

"You're okay though, right?" Instead of being glad that Freddie was concerned for her wellbeing, Sam cringed inside.

"I guess."

"I mean, you're not being harmed or something…" He avoided her gaze awkwardly. Technically, she was being emotionally harmed, but she knew what he meant. He wasn't the first person to suspect she was being abused in some way, which was untrue.

"Nope." She kept her answer short and simple, not wanting to discuss it further. She looked over at Jake and Carly. Carly wasn't on Jake's lap anymore, but she was wiping off a small streak of pudding off of his cheek right above the corner of his mouth. It was so sickening; Sam could never imagine doing that with Freddie. Instead, they'd be doing something fun, something worthwhile…but what was she doing imagining her and Freddie together in the first place?

Freddie sighed, "When we do talk, it's going to be a long conversation."

"You didn't need to tell me that." Sam looked over at Jake and Carly again. She wasn't sure if she was jealous of Carly because she had Jake as a boyfriend, Jake because he took Carly away from her and Freddie, or that they both had a relationship and she didn't. She didn't know what the reason was, but she was tired of the painful, jealous feeling. "Wanna have some fun with them?" Sam grinned at Freddie, suddenly her old prank-loving self again.

"Normally I'd say don't postpone your problems by running away or being overly violent," Freddie paused. Sam wondered for a second if Freddie was just saying that or if he thought that was how Sam in particular reacted to problems. "…But in this case, I'd love to see you try your worst."

Sam felt a pang when Freddie said the word love. That passed quickly, and her uncomfortable expression turned into a grin.

"Benson, are you suggesting I start some trouble?" She took his laugh as a confirmation.

She looked down at her plastic spoon. An idea formed. She scooped a huge load of pudding on her spoon and took aim.

The glob of pudding flew across the room until it landed, with a plop, on Jake's forehead. Jake's expression was priceless. Freddie joined her in laughing.

"Freddie, take the pudding away from her!" Carly instructed, upset.

Maybe it was to show Sam he was over Carly, or maybe because a wild streak had struck, or maybe even because he wanted to follow Sam, in a way, support her or show her he was there for her. For some reason, Freddie followed suit and flung a glob of pudding across the room as well.

Freddie didn't have an aim as accurate as Sam, but he managed to hit Carly's shoulder.

Freddie's actions initiated a full out pudding flinging war. Carly and Jake, who had a couple bites of pudding left, were no match for Freddie and Sam, who had the rest of the batch. A glowering Carly ended up escorting a pudding-covered Jake out of her apartment to go somewhere else to clean up.

Carly had only a couple splatters on her shirt, but Jake had been assaulted with pudding. It seemed as if he had been the better target, an unspoken mutual choice between Sam and Freddie.

Sam knew Jake would have never flung pudding with her. She was feeling the end of an adrenaline rush. At that moment it became clear for her. She loved Freddie. He was there for her, above all.

She was over Jake. She couldn't hang onto him anymore…she wasn't sure she wanted to either. Freddie was the better catch.

Sam found herself in a land of "If only…". If only she wasn't so scared to let Freddie know she loved him, if only Freddie would tell her first, if only she could forget what she read in that stupid diary, if only if Freddie would take her in his arms right now and kiss her…make her forget those hurtful words… (A/N: The iKiss episode didn't happen)

It seemed as if Carly stopped caring about setting her up with Freddie as soon as Jake came into the picture. This suited Sam well, as when Carly stopped concerning herself with playing matchmaker, Sam dispensed her pride about not following Carly's plan. Carly wasn't trying to set up her and Freddie; therefore it was now okay to go after Freddie. Sam's pride was funny like that.

"Should we try to clean off the couch?" Freddie asked Sam.

"We should, but I won't." Freddie laughed, Sam had not meant it as a joke, but she liked making Freddie laugh. They ended up staying in their barstools, commenting on the whole "pudding war".

"That was so much fun."

"You have great aim."

"I know- did you see Jake's face when I hit him the first time?" Sam over-looked Freddie's compliment.

"Yeah, it was hilarious! Remember when I splattered some all over his shirt?" Freddie seemed proud.

"I think Carly freaked out more than he did when you did that."

"Yeah, her poor Jakey-wakey with a soiled shirt."

"Oh, it was an epic…uh what's the word; you used it before…it begins with a B…boohahaha?"

"Do you mean brouhaha?"

Sam giggled. "Yeah, that's it…it's a funny word."

"So is hullabaloo, turophile, and discombobulate." Freddie laughed.

"What does turophile mean?"

Freddie failed to keep a straight face while he explained, "Someone who really fancies cheese."

They spent the next few minutes discussing random things, still avoiding serious conversation.

"Hey, you never got to try your grey smoothie…" Sam cautiously brought up the whole smoothie issue.

"Yeah, Jake gagged on the last of it."

"I don't know why…because it wasn't that gross…" There was a short, uncomfortable silence.

"Sam Puckett, are you trying to give me a compliment?" Freddie laughed; he was teasing but he was curious.

"I liked it, alright!" Sam shouted, embarrassed.

There was color in both of their cheeks as Freddie suggested that he should make up some more in the near future.

Their flirtatious moment was cut short by Sam's cell phone ringing; she had a text message from Carly.


Hurry & go 2 the front lobby Spencer will pick u up this is an EMERGENCY!!!

- Carly

"What was that…is something wrong?" Sam didn't answer right away so Freddie took her phone out of her hands. He read it and then they stared at each other, at a loss for words.

"What if," Sam whispered, afraid, "What if Carly is hurt? I tossed pudding at her so when she left, she was mad at me…what if she never forgives me…"

"Sam, I don't think Carly's in trouble- she was able to text you after all." Freddie was the voice of reason.

"So that means…Jake? Jake is the one in trouble?" Sam started feeling an emotion she rarely felt: guilt. What if this was all her fault?

"Sam, don't worry. Everything will be all right. Carly said to go to the lobby; I'll come with you, Spencer can pick us both up. Come on."

Sam Puckett never cried. But sometimes she had teary eyes, which was the case now. She felt like a horrible person. All Jake ever did was like her…and then like Carly…Sam felt that because she was a little upset earlier that he had chosen Carly, she had somehow inflicted some sort of trauma upon Jake.

She didn't realize until she and Freddie were down in the lobby that Freddie was holding her hand. In any other circumstances, her heart would be fluttering and she would be blushing. Right now, it was a comfort.

They saw a taxi pull up with Spencer inside, waving at them to join him. Freddie gave her hand a gentle squeeze as they climbed in.

Everything had made a turnaround so quickly. When she woke up today, she wasn't even on speaking terms with the dork and now she was holding his hand. The thought began to finally register with her. She was holding Freddie's hand.

There were so many confusing waves of emotions hitting her right now. After this, she and Freddie were going to have a long talk. She would have to tell him about reading his stupid diary, her jealousy plan with Jake and how it backfired, and, most importantly, how she felt about him.

She had no doubt he felt some sort of caring feeling toward her; he was holding her hand, comforting her.

She took pleasure in the fact that Freddie no longer cared for Carly. But did he care for her?

The mango-strawberry smoothie would probably win as the official iCarly smoothie flavor. Both Jake and Carly endorsed it. Sam realized it was probably better that way. The gray smoothie was hers and Freddie's…even though Freddie hadn't tasted it yet. It symbolized their relationship. Their relationship was in a gray area right now.

Sam smiled; she usually didn't think that deep.

The smile was wiped of her face instantaneously when Spencer told the taxi driver, "To the nearest hospital please, the one about ten miles from Groovy Smoothie." The driver nodded. They pulled away from the curb.

Freddie squeezed Sam's hand once more. And then they sped off in the direction of the hospital…

A/N: Oh! A cliff hanger! So what happened? Who is hurt in the hospital? What is going to happen to Sam and Freddie's relationship once they have their talk? What will initiate this talk? I like coming up with some of the questions for you…lol.

I know Carly was supposed to tell Sam what she read in Freddie's iJournal, but I decided to make that come later on. Yes, I also know Freddie said he'd been over Carly for a long while when it's only been a couple days…he lied…that's explained when he visits Mrs. Totters again.

In the next chapter, the following will (most likely unless I push it into a later chapter) happen:

- Carly will tell Sam what she read in Freddie's iJournal

- Carly will tell Sam and Freddie what happened after she and Jake left

- Freddie will notice his iJournal has been tampered with

- Freddie will notice something…rather interesting…also on his pendrive

- Sam and Freddie will start their talk (notice I didn't say they'd finish it…)

- It will be mostly in Freddie's POV

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