Mutation- A permanent structural alteration in DNA

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Mutation- A permanent structural alteration in DNA. In most cases, DNA changes either have no effect or cause harm, but occasionally a mutation can improve an organism's chance of surviving and passing the beneficial change on to its descendants.


Hatred is the coward's revenge for being intimidated. - George Bernard Shaw.


If you feel so empty

So used up, so let down

If you feel so angry

So ripped off so stepped on

You're not the only one

Refusing to back down

You're not the only one

So get up Three Days Grace "Riot"


It was dark and rainy but Harry paid no attention to it. He just sat there swinging on the old broken down swing, humming softly a lullaby he heard a mother singing earlier.

The boy was depressed no doubt about it, how wouldn't be if their father figure just died, but what could he do about it. It's not like his friends could write him, it to dangerous they said, we're really sorry they said. He was getting fed up with it. He saved their bloody arses to many times to count why wasn't he getting help! Why did they think they could just lock him away, and bring him back out when they needed him? He wasn't a bloody tool.

The thought stopped Harry this wasn't the first time it occurred to him he might be a tool, maybe that's all he was, maybe that's all he ever was. Harry looked up to the sky the cold rain cooling fevered skin he didn't know why, but he was always so hot like he was burning up at times. But he brushed it off; he had enough to worry about at the moment.

Harry sighed and stood he needed to get back to the Dursleys, Dung's guard was almost over and he didn't want to be found away. So slowly he trekked back to the hell hole Dumbledore called his home.

Back at number four Harry carefully snuck into the smallest bedroom and changed clothes. His snowy owl was asleep and a letter on his bed. Harry picked it up stifling a yawn he had gotten up to early but almost shouted with joy his brother had written. Draco had replied to his letter.

Now most would find this surprising, Draco Malfoy replying to a letter Harry Potter had written him, and Harry calling him brother, but this wasn't so surprising really the two had been friends since the second task fourth year. Harry remembered it clearly.

He was wondering around trying to figure out how to breathe under water and not fall asleep while he was at it. He had not had a good night sleep since the tournament began. He had somehow managed to wander into Hogsmade and ran straight into Draco Malfoy.

"Watch were your going Potter!" He sneered. Harry barely acknowledged the blond and mumbled an apology, then continued to stumble around the small village. Draco wondering what the heck as up followed his archenemy to make sure he didn't die. He wanted someone to fight with after all.

He watched as the dark headed boy bumped into several Gryffindors and he noticed how none of them noticed their Golden Boy was dead on his feet. Not even the teachers stopped him to see if he was all right. Getting even more curious he continued his stalking of the Gryffindor

Finally he had enough when Weasley practically bulldozed the boy. So he rushed up to Potter and steered him into an alleyway.

"Potter what's going on? Why are you acting like a zombie?" The blond questioned. Harry to tired to see whom he was speaking to began, "I had to research some stuff, lots a stuff." He yawned.

Draco took in the other boys appearance he looked a mess, his always messy hair was even worse and he had black smudges on his face that looked like ink, Draco also noticed the bags under his eyes.

"Potter when was the last time you slept?"

Harry shrugged, "Dunno, I slept a little bit Wednesday and about an hour Saturday."

Draco's eyes widened it was Monday the boy hadn't had a full nights sleep in a while.

With a sigh Draco flung Harry's arm around his shoulder and put his arm around his waist, "Come on Potter."

As the two walked back up to the castle (They were careful not to be seen) Harry asked a question. "Why are you helping me?" Draco didn't answer right away, " I heard somewhere if you don't sleep then you go crazy," he turned to look at Harry, "and you Potter can not afford to get an more insane."

Harry grinned remembering that, and the tentative truce that followed that soon bloomed into friendship and brotherhood.

Harry shook his head to rid himself of the memories and opened the letter.


Are you doing okay? I know you and Black were close. Don't do anything stupid or I'll kill you. Father's in Azkaban good job I salute you. You saved me from getting the mark, but he won't stay there for long and I'm worried what do you think I should do? Maybe if I plead my case to Dumbledore he'll help me out. What do you think? Also did you hear, people are getting strange powers, actually it seems a lot of people have already had these powers but Fudge made them keep it a secret! The only bad thing is that if you get them you'll lose your magic! That sucks you basically become a squib. Father would kill me! Mother too. Of course then I wouldn't have to join He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Pretty I have seen him and he doesn't have a nose! Who doesn't have a nose! Anyway write me back and don't I repeat Don't do anything stupid, please?

Your brother,

The atrum unus

Harry smiled at his brothers words but the also scared him, he knew what Dumbledore would do he would make Draco another spy and Harry refused to let that happen. Also the people with strange powers intrigued the dark headed boy, but if he had them he wouldn't have his magic and he didn't think he could live with out his magic.

He needed to reply now because he didn't know if he would be able to later.

Atrum Unus

Hello, dear brother. I'm glad I got Lucius way from you he deserves to be in Azkaban! As for my loss I'm fine I guess I'm not fine I just, I forget it. As for the dark mark I will not let you get it I swear! But whatever you do don't go to Dumbledore! He will make you spy! I couldn't stand you acting like Snape! Please brother I beg you don't go to him we'll figure it out. As for the strange people with powers it sound cool, but I don't want them I would never give up my magic. I just remembered something, Murphy's Law I will probably end up one of those people. And…

Harry dropped the quill his whole body was heating up he could feel it was so hot, too hot! He ran to the bathroom and turned on the cold tap in the bathtub and jumped in. It was still so hot; he screamed, "For the love of God make it stop!"

Outside Remus was on guard duty when he heard a scream; the werewolf ran into the house passing the confused muggles and followed the sound of screaming. He found Harry in the bathtub steaming he wasn't screaming any more.

Cautiously Remus approached, "Harry?" The boy twitched. Remus knelt down by the teen, "Harry are you alright?" He put a hand on the teens shoulder, but yanked it back as if he was burned. Harry was warm to the touch very warm.

Harry groaned, "Remus? What happened?" He rubbed his head with his hand.

Remus gave Harry a look, " I was hoping you could tell me that."

Harry gave the older man a confused look then Remus noticed a panicked looked entered his eyes.

"Remus may I borrow your wand?" His voice was shaking.

Remus's brow furrowed in confusion, "Why?"

"Please!" His voice broke he was almost crying. Noticing this Remus handed the teen his wand.

"Lumos." Harry said. Nothing happened. "Lumos." He tried again still nothing happened. Harry stared at the wand he dropped to the floor, "No, no, no, no, no, no, no." He kept chanting.

Remus watched his godson fail at the lumos spell and knew immediately what had happened. He was a mutant. He knew this resulted him the loss of ones magic and he could imagine how Harry was feeling.

With a sigh he sat down next to the boy he loved like he was his own cub and held him while he cried.


At Malfoy Manor Draco was waiting his brother's reply; he wanted to know whether he should talk to Dumbledore, when Headwig flew in and dropped a letter that looked a bit soggy on his lap and flew over t his dresser and fell asleep.

Curious to what was up he opened the letter.

Atrum Unus

Hello, dear brother. I'm glad I got Lucius way from you he deserves to be in Azkaban! As for my loss I'm fine I guess I'm not fine I just, I forget it. As for the dark mark I will not let you get it I swear! But whatever you do don't go to Dumbledore! He will make you spy! I couldn't stand you acting like Snape! Please brother I beg you don't go to him we'll figure it out. As for the strange people with powers it sound cool, but I don't want them I would never give up my magic. I just remembered something, Murphy's Law I will probably end up one of those people. And…

The stop worried him and the fact the second part of the letter was written in shakier handwriting gave him a feeling of dread.

I'm a freak. I no longer have magic please come over here, I need you please don't leave me alone.


Draco stared at the paper Harry had lost his magic? He had to get over there now! He thanked every higher power he knew that his mother was in France trying to protect the Malfoy fortune. He pulled out the emergency portkey he and Harry had made. They were tuned to each other so they wouldn't have to disclose locations if they needed to get to each other. With a jerk behind his navel the Malfoy heir was gone.


Remus had managed to get Harry to Grimwald Place after he stopped crying (He also got to hex the fat muggle for hitting Harry!) and Harry sent a letter. When they were out side Remus stopped the dark headed teen.

"Harry, you know what's going on right? You know why you can't do magic now right?" He wanted the boy to know what he was going to have to face.

Harry nodded and whispered, "I do, but what happens now?"

Remus gave the teen a sad look, "I'm not sure but Harry, remember I will always stand beside you." He hugged the boy and felt the comforting warmth he now radiated.

When the duo entered the house both shuddered as memories surrounded them. "Molly? Are you there?" Remus called into the house softly so he doesn't wake anything up.

The red headed mother of seven popped her head out of the kitchen and gasped when she the two. "Remus, you brought Harry is everything okay?"

Remus winced a bit, "I think you should call everyone we need to have an emergency meeting."

Molly nodded and went off to call everyone and Harry plopped down on the couch, "Remy, I'm worried." Harry whispered. Remus hugged his cub, " I know I am too."

When Molly had everyone at headquarters, and I mean everyone even Snape was there, Remus began his tale.

"And I found him like that."

Dumbledore gave Harry a look, "Harry my boy would you mind doing a lumos spell for me?"

Harry cringed he knew what was going to happen but took a deep breath and picked up his wand that was in the stuff he grabbed from private drive and was about to say the spell when someone appeared in the middle of the living room.

Harry watched as his brother portkeyed into the living room only to have around a dozen wands pointed at him. Harry jumped up and yelled, "Leave him alone I invited him this is my house."

All eyes turned on Harry "Who are you?"

The blond intruder spoke clearly, "The dark one. And who are you?"

Harry grinned, "The protector dark one welcome to my home."

Albus Dumbledore was a kind man, but this was getting on his nerves he had been woken up at 2:30 in the morning and now Harry was being difficult so he decided to put an end to it.

"Harry would you kindly do the spell I would like to see what's wrong." Dumbledore said kindly but sternly.

Harry closed up again and gave has brother a look but tried to perform the spell but it had the same results as last time.

Dumbledore eyes hardened he feared this would happen. He knew it wouldn't be long till the mutant gene hit the wizarding world. The old man sighed, "Harry I am afraid you will not be coming back to Hogwarts this year you are now nothing more then a squib."

The order members gasped, the savior of the wizarding world a squib how did it happen.

"How is that possible?" Tonks asked. "He is a mutant." The headmaster said. Almost everyone in the room hissed.

People that loved him now glared and spoke with hatred lacing their voices, "Freak."



It went on until Draco ushered the unresponsive teen into the kitchen followed by Remus.

Draco shook his brother, "Harry." The boy just shook.

"Harry?" Remus tried.

Harry lifted his head and Draco gasped his eyes looked like fire. "I hate them." He said. He looked at Draco then Remus, "What did I do?" Both shook their heads, "Nothing Harry." Draco told his brother.

Harry took a deep breath and then threw out his arms and a small ball of fire hit a chair. "I hate them!"

Remus jumped back but Draco moved forward and embraced the shaking teen.

"It's okay Harry it's okay. You don't need them they need you remember?" The blond soothed.

"Actually that isn't true the prophecy is false, Harry if I were you I would leave my boy people are not very tolerant of mutants." Albus Dumbledore said from the doorway.

Both Harry and Remus turned to face the old man when he said the prophecy was fake.

"You mean Sirius died for nothing!" Harry shouted. Dumbledore nodded and looked fifty years older, "I never meant for that to happen."

Remus saw red, it was all his fault, he was going to kill the old man. Mooney was going to kill him for killing of the lat of his original pack and for hurting his cub the old man was going to die.

Draco saw that both men wanted blood but he couldn't let them kill the old man they would go to Azkaban, so he used the leg-locker curse.

Harry rounded on him the best he could. "What are you doing?" He growled.

Draco glared at him, "keeping you both out of Azkaban!"

Harry glared then a thought came to him an evil thought, "Dumbledore." Harry's ex-headmaster looked at him. "You know this is my house right? That Sirius left it to me? Well guess what, As the Potter and Black Lord I hereby banish any not loyal to me and me alone from my properties and possessions and I also freeze any money you my be receiving form me."

Dumbledore gasped at the ancient magic the teen had just invoked but Harry just smiled, "You have ten minutes to leave, get out of my house."


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