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Letters/News headlines


-182 days until time to meet up--

The next four days flew by, and John made the most of them. He had actually seen the sights that his birth country had to offer. He had practiced his story enough that it became natural. He finished his business in England with only one thing left. A visit to his parent's grave.

As he entered the well kept cemetery in Godric's Hollow, he felt cold. He had never been to his parent's grave site before, and he was unnerved doing so now. He was 16 and just meeting his family.

John found the headstones around the middle of the cemetery and just stared at them for a long while, before he found his voice.

"Hi, mum, dad." He swallowed hard. "I'm leaving today and I decided I should come see you before. I'm not a wizard anymore you know." He closed his eyes trying to start again. "Dumbledore lied to me, he's the reason Sirius died. Tell him," He chocked, "Tell him, I'm so sorry for that by the way, getting him killed and all." He smiled bitterly at the end, but the smile soon faded. "I…"

He had to stop his throat was become constricted and tears threatened to fall. "I'm going to America an old house I got from Sirius. Remus and Draco are going to, but I need to be alone for a while so we're meeting up later." He squatted down beside his father's grave. "I will most likely need guidance so do you think you can watch over me some?" He whispered the last few words praying for guidance, "Please I need help." Kissing his finger tips and placing them on the cold headstone he stood again. "See you someday, guys."

He left the cemetery quickly trying not to look back.

He spent his last night in England getting plastered. The teen had managed to find a way to get some muggle alcohol. He spent the night to drunk to remember his own name and awoke the next morning with a hangover the size of Norway.

--181 days until time to meet up--

John groaned, "This sucks, "He whispered in fear of his pounding head. A barking laugh startled him form the couch he was laying on.

"Where am I?" The fire creator moaned.

"My home lad and ye better be glad ye are." A voice easily recognized as Alistair 'Mad-Eye' Moody said form above him.

Harry groaned a greeting, "Mad-Eye."

The man laughed again. "Get up lad ye have a portkey to catch this morn' do ye not?" He gave the teen a light kick.

John grumbled but slowly managed to stand. "Blasted old man, can't let me sleep in peace."

Mad-Eye chuckled harshly, his 'mad-eye' whirling around in his head. "Aye but ye would be grumblin' even more if ye miss ye portkey."

John nodded reluctantly, trying to ignore the painful throbbing in his head. "Do you have anything for a hang-over?"

The man laughed, "I do lad, but the question is; are ye brave enough to take it?" The man held out the vile.

John paused, was he brave enough to take it? Could he trust the old man? He did give him a letter giving him advice, but was it enough?

After a moment the teen reached out and swiped the bottle from the man.

Moody laughed as the teen gulped the drink. "Good to know ye can still trust lad."

John snorted, "Trust me. If this killed me I would relish it."

Mad-Eye eyed the teen and shrugged. "If ye say so," He grinned suddenly, and hit the green eyed teen with a stinging hex, "Move it lad ye gat a portkey to catch."


Moody and John split up at the bank. Moody went to do something with his money and John to meet up with the goblins.

The teen slowly made his way into the office he couldn't believe it, he was leaving, but then he thought of the world he was leaving, the backstabbing people, the turn on a dime attitude, he almost snorted it was a good thing.

John took a deep breath and entered the office knowing this would be the last he saw of Wizarding London for a long time.

John greeted the goblins with a terse nod, as he sat down stiffly. "When can I leave?" He questioned gruffly. Bragnor glared at the impatient teen and they ignored him. "Mr. Alleryce, you need to sign these papers." The goblin placed papers in front of him.

John flipped through them, "What's this?" The miscellaneous papers seemed to grow every second, but that could have been because the goblins kept pilings more papers on the top.

Hookclaw pulled one of the top and showed it to the teen, "This one is to get you a social secruty number." He plucked another from the pile, "This one is to show you have completed primary school, or elementry school in America and are your 6th year or 11th grade."

Bragnor shuffled a few papers then pick one out, "This one is a death certificate for your father, Brian James Alleryce." He fipped through a few more papers, "This one is your birth certificate, your mother's death certificate, Jean Malinda Alleryce nee Jackson."

John stared at the goblins in shock; they were good very good in fact.

The goblins continued, "These are your dental records, medical records, criminal record."

"Wait what?" John asked quickly, "Criminal record?" That wasn't part of the plan.

Hookclaw gave the teen a you-are-a-complete- idiot look, "You are essentially popping out of no where, so we deiced that you have been in a juvenile detention center, for arson." The goblin's smile grew, "actually that's where the portkey is taking you. You will spend two weeks there, to get the feel of the place so to speak. You will also be receiving fake memories of your life. Hope you know Occlumency other wise this will be confusing."

Bragnor ignored the baffled look on the teen and held out a hand the two goblins began their magic.

John felt the memories forcing themselves on him. He saw a man in a suit yelling at him, his father the memories provided. John had upset him when he broke the TV, by playing football in the house. John was 6.

Another flash of the man this time he has hitting John who seem to be about 7.

John and his father eating at a diner, they were both laughing and happy. John was nine.

John was home alone his father was out at the bar. He was so cold Brian forgot to pay the heating bill. The boy started a fire and discovered his mutation. He was 11

He had just been arrested for setting the neighbors shed on fire. They deserved it; they had gotten him in trouble with his dad. He was put in the police cruiser. He had just turned 14.

John had just been sentenced to 2 years of jail time and two years probation, he wasn't being charged as an adult because they said he was unstable. It was just a week after he turned 14.

They had just moved him to the facility. The other's watched him as he marched in with his head held high; he wasn't going to show weakness here, never again. He was still 14

One of the officers just came to inform him of his father's death it seems Brian tried to drive drunk. He destroyed four lives that night by killing himself and a father of three with a young wife. It was John 15th birthday.

John was put in isolation for fighting. He didn't remember what the guy said but John took offence. He was 15

An officer grabbed John too roughly and it startled him, he burned the officer and was placed in isolation. He was 16.

--179 days until time to meet up--

A flash of white light blinded the teen and the next thing he knew he was waking up in his cell in the Lake County, Indiana Juvenile Justice Complex. (this is based off the show Juvies on MTV. So if anything is wrong don't complain. I have never been to juvie)

John groaned and rolled over on the uncomfortable bed. 'Stupid goblins, I can see why people hate them.' He sat up, and raked a hand through his hair angrily, it had grown again. The teen tried to sort through his memories, he needed to sort Harry from John and keep them separate.

The teen buried his head in his pillow; this was going to be a pain. It took two hours to sort John's memories and Harry's memories. Even then he felt that John would leak over to Harry and vise versa.

The teen lay back on the bed and tried to think, he still needed to do something about his eyes, they were still green. John cursed under his breath why did he always end up in situations like this?

There was no way that Bobby managed to get himself in jail, hell he didn't even do it. The goblins did. John snorted, that right he could tell the judge that it wasn't him but the goblins that rant he bank.

I think he would get a kick out of that.

Foot steps broke through John musing, he sat up and stretched as one of the officers opened the door, "You up John?" He asked even though he knew the teen was up.

John smirked, "If I said no could I go back to sleep?" The teen shot back, like always.

Office Styles shook his head, "You know you can't." They did this every time he was in isolation.

John shrugged and stood only in his boxers. Officer Styles raised an eyebrow, "Did you loose your clothes?"

The teen smirked and pulled on his pants and the shirt he had laying on the bottom of the bed. "Dressed," He yawned again, "Better?"

The officer sighed and pulled the teen along the long hall and into the cafeteria room. John waved to the officer and took off to go get in line, once he had his breakfast he went to sit with his only friend in the place, Doug Ramsey.

"Hey Doug," He greeted yawning, his new memories supplyed everything he needed to know about his friend. He was in here for stealing computer softwere. The two boys hit it off rather well, when Doug was brought in about a year ago.

"Sup Pyro?" Doug asked shovling food into his mouth. Pyro grunted, "Nothing," He made a face at his friend's eating habits. "That's sick Cypher. Close your mouth when you eat would ya'? No one wants to see that."

A few other guys at the table agreed no one wanted to see what the kid was eating. "Your worse then a dog man." John complained. "At least they run off and eat in a corner."

Cypher sneered at the brown haired fire manipulator. "You need help you know that? I'm your friend and you treat me like this, I'd hate to see how you treat your family."

John glared, "There a big difference between you and my family. Their dead your not. Be glad I will at least go to your funeral, Cy."

The blond gave him a apologitic glance, that John accepted with a nod. The eat the rest of the time in silence.

--John's cell—

The fire manipulator sat on his bed in his stone and metal cell. He was sprawled out on his bed trying to drown himself in his own slavia. He had gotten into a verbal disagreement with one of the officers on duty.

It was visting time and he knew no one would come to visit him and for some reason that bothered him. John didn't know why but it did. He guessed that this was some of Harry slipping over.

John sat up suddenly when he heard someone out side his door. An officer opened the door, "Come on Alleryce, you have a visitor. He's a busy man so we don't want to keep him waiting."

John followed behind the officer with a confused look on his face this was new. John trailed behind the man into the visiting room and found two men, one of them was bald and the other dark headed with dark sunglasses.

The bald man smiled benignly, "Hello John, would you please come sit with us?"

The 16 year old narrowed his eyes but sat down opposite of the men. John started to stand when he saw the officer leaving and not stopping at the door like they were supposed to. "What's going on? Why's he leaving?" This was not normal.

The older bald man spoke softly, "Calm yourself we just wish to speak with you undisturbed. I am Professor Charles Xavier, I run a school for gifted students and I wish to offer you a place there."

John's eyes widened a school for the gifted? That was a ruse that Hogwarts used what where these people hiding he knew that his grades were terrible. "What's you school really for? My grades suck and I am in no way gifted what are you playing at old man?." He spat these people gave him weird feelings.

The man with glasses seemed to get angry, "Don't speak to the Professor like that."

"Suck up." John stated simply and turned back to the professor, "Well?"

Xavier chuckled, "You are correct, we are something more. I run a boarding school for mutants, like myself and Scott here," He motioned to the man, "and like you John."

The brown haired teen looked around the room, uncomfortable, "Why are you here?" The name Xavier seemed familiar but he couldn't remember if it was a good thing or not.

"We would like to offer you a place in our school we can help you, develop your powers. We can help you control it." He gave the teen a strained smiled, "We noticed that you have had some problems controlling it."

John tensed and looked at the table, "I can control it fine." He ground out.

Scott snorted, and glared at the teen again. "Right and why are you in here?"

"Arson, four-eyes, you know staring fires in places that your not suppose to, and so you know I meant to start the fire." He snarled, looking at the in the glasses and noticed faintly that the goblins turned his eyes brown.

The professor sighed, "Scott, be polite." He scolded gently. "Mr. Alleryce, we would like you to think about our offer. We will send someone two days before your release to get your answer." John watched as the two men left him alone and waited for the officer to come back.

--That night—

John was sitting in his cell, thinking about the offer he received today.

Should he take it? He would have eventually gone there anyway he had finally remembered where he heard the name; it was where he was going meet up with Bobby and Jacob.

The now brown eyed teen pondered, he would decline the offer for a while. He wanted to see a little more of the city. Grow a little more.

So that night John slept soundly knowing that his plans for his future.