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Ginny Weasley Potter

1) When she was little, she told her father she was going to marry Harry Potter. Her dad told her, gently, that that really wasn't likely (to be fair, he did point out that if she ever did actually meet Harry, he was sure to fall in love with her), but she told him that she didn't care if she had to brew a love potion, she would marry him. In her third year she seriously considered it. She even got the book.

It was the happiest day of her life when she realised she didn't need it.

2) The worst year at Hogwarts was her first year. Because it was hard enough to leave her family behind (despite her assurances that she would be having too much fun to miss them), to be on her own, for the first time. But to go through all that, and then to be possessed by the most feared, the most evil Dark Wizard of all? To have poured out her thoughts and her feelings into that diary, to delight in having a friend, someone who seemed to have understood what she was going through, only to realise that everything he had told her was a lie, that he was mocking her, and her foolishness? She never got over that- never. Because it truly was one of the worst things that happened to her (coming second only to the death of Fred- because she had gotten rid of Tom, she had gotten over it, she had lived through it. But Fred would never live again. He was her brother, and she would never see him again. And that hurt worse then what the diary had done).

After that year, her worse year had been her fourth. Not only because of Umbridge, and all the terrible things that she had gone through, but because that was the year her dad had been attacked by the snake. She could remember sitting there, terrified that her dad wouldn't make it. That was the first time she fully realised what they were all going through, what Voldemort was doing. That was the first time she realised that at the end of it all, they might not be one big happy family, but just a mixture of broken pieces.

3) Even though she would never admit it to anyone (not only the fact that she had favourites, but that it was him), but Ron was her favourite brother, even though he was so infuriating and the one she fought with the most. He's her favourite because of all those times he barged in on her and Harry, acting like it was a mistake. Because she knows that even though Harry is his best friend, if he ever hurt her Ron would hex him into oblivion, before any of the others.

4) The day before Fred's funeral, she went into his (old) room and just broke down. She sat in the middle of the floor and just sobbed, hard, her body shaking uncontrollably as she hugged herself. She was surprised no one came, but then again crying was common in her house those days. Then, opening a drawer in her desperate search for something to blow her nose with, she found a treat, and then something clicked in her brain. She didn't eat the canary cream, though, afraid by some cruel trick of fate she would be stuck as a giant bird for Fred's funeral.

5) Then she pictured that scene, and almost did.

6) Instead, she wore bright yellow robes to the funeral the next day. Almost everyone gave her a look, whether stunned, dirty, or pity-filled. Everyone except George, who looked at her and burst out laughing (and it had been so long since she had heard anyone laugh, let alone George), before promptly changing his robes to a very blinding shade of pink. Then Angelina turned hers bright green, and then Percy, orange. Soon everyone was wearing bright vibrant robes, and Bill even bewitched his to flash different colours.

7) But the best part was when George hugged her so tightly, her bones almost broke, and then whispered 'thank you' in her ear.

8) She didn't want to name her children after dead people. The way she thought about it, it would be hard enough living up to the name Potter, but name them after Great War heroes? But one look in Harry's eyes told her that he needed this. Besides, she reasoned with herself, it's not the name that made the person- it's the person who made the name.

9) She had always doted on Teddy. Because really, he had been the first child born in the family, even if, technically, he wasn't family by blood. But in every other essence, Teddy Lupin was a Weasley, a Potter. He was a part of their family. And she loved him, so much so she was terrified that when she had her own children, one of two things would happen- one, that she would be so taken by her own children, and Teddy would be pushed to the side, or two, that she would constantly compare her children to Teddy, and she was terrified that they wouldn't live up to him.

Neither thing happened, though. Her kids came first, of course, always, and she loved them more than anything. But Teddy wasn't pushed to the side, not at all. He always had a place in her heart. And eventually she realised that Teddy didn't need a parent, didn't need someone trying to take the place of his own mother and father, in which no one could ever succeed. What he needed was some stability. And so Ginny provided. Eventually she began to think of him less and less as a lost little boy who needed support, and more as a friend, proven when he came to her first and confessed his feelings for Victoire, and she told him that it was okay, because she wasn't his cousin, and that just because she was two years his junior, it really shouldn't mean anything.

10) She couldn't help but be upset when she found out Albus was in Slytherin, of course she would be. She had been brought up her whole life taught that Slytherin was a terrible house, a terrible place to be, that it only produced Dark Wizards. Even when Harry told her that he was proud of him and his choice (she was a little confused at that part) she couldn't help but resent the Hat for putting him there. She had always pictured a happy Gryffindor family, and the fact that that wasn't going to happen deflated her a bit. But then Rose got sorted into Ravenclaw, and Lily into Hufflepuff, and she had to accept that that wasn't going to happen. Eventually, she got over it, and was happy, at least, to see that there wasn't as much house division as had been before. And it wasn't as if anything had changed. Albus came home his regular self, not with books loaded with dark arts and an evil glint in his eye (as she had been afraid he might of). Really, the only thing he did bring home wasn't a thing at all, but a person- Scorpius Malfoy. And she didn't feel too bad about that after Rose did that same thing (in much different circumstances, mind you). But even after her acceptance, she still can't help but be proud that James was a Gryffindor, at least.

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