Run! It's Them again. Yes. THEM.

"Yeah mom. It's okay. I'm here at home, and Niou's over. He's entertaining himself with the new laptop in the living room. Yeah, I see dinner on the counter… Bye. See you."

"My mom's gonna be home late. She's got work…"


"But I told her it's alright. You're staying the night, right?"


"And yeah, we have dinner. Are you hungry?"


"You're not listening, are you??"

"Ey, This thing's running outta battery. Did you charge it?"

"Yes, I did this morning, don't tell me you finished it up. By the way, do you want anything to drink? I'll pour out some orange j-"



"What was that?"

"I dunno."

"Darn. A blackout."

"Hey look! You never told me your hair glowed in the dark."

"It does? Cool."

"Wow… The things you put in your hair… Scary."

"Leave my hair alone!"

"But really, it's glowing in the dark."

"Must be the gel."


"Hah… Anyway, let me go get the flashlights…"

"Yagyuu, can you even see??"

"A bit… your hair illuminates. Haha…"




"Was that you?"


"Yep. That was you."


"Are you okay?"

"Not really…"

"Huh? Where are you??"

"I'm fine Niou-kun. I just think I knocked over the glasses of juice…"

"Oh noes! Your mom's gonna kill me!!"

"Wha? But I broke-"

"No, she'll think I did it."

"Niou-kun, I can sometimes break stuff too, you know? And it's really dark anyway."

"I DID IT!!"

"NO, you did NOT."


"What's the opposite of denial?"

"I dunno, undenial?"

"Oh. Anyway, that's what you are in."

"No, I'm not in un-denial! I really did it!"
"No you didn't! I did."

"YAGYUU's in denial!! You just denied I did it!!"


"Yagyuu did it!! He said so himself!"

"This is… a trap."


"Are you sick?"

"I'm NOT sick. Maybe you are! In the mind??"

"Then why are you shouting? Yagyuu does NOT shout. Or raise his voice above a certain level."

"I'm mad, not sick, because you're crazy."

"Don't mad and crazy mean the same? And by the way, I'm not crazy. I'm happy."


"You need help?" Just remembered Yagyuu's accident. Yes, Niou's overly sensitive.

"No, I'm fine. Maybe YOU need help. But don't get up. I'll just clean the juice and these shattered parts later… Ouch."

"You stepped on one?"

"Yeah. I think so."


"You slipped on the juice."


"I kind of noticed."

"Ya know, if we weren't in pitch darkness, I'd question your clumsiness."

"Then it's a good thing we're in the darkness."


"Ah! The batteries are old… Forgot to buy new ones."

"I'll get the candles. Oh, and the lighter's in the second drawer in the kitchen, right?"

"Yea- oh. Wait! On second thought, don't get the lighter. I'll get it myself…"

"I'm capable of lighting a candle without lighting something else, you know?"

"Oh yeah? How about Yukimura-kun's birthday party last month?"

"Just the tablecloth… and we were able to put it out…"

"After getting a fire extinguisher?"

"Hey, the cake was fine! It tasted okay."

"Uhm, I'm still getting the lighter, you pyromaniac."

"Wow. Big word!!"


"Well, this is romantic. A candle lit dinner. Without the dinner."

"Shut up. If you were hungry, you should've said so."

"Aw, it's alright."

"Oh yeah… Mom left dinner but I can't heat it up… No microwave…"

"Whee!! Cold dinner! My favorite."

"If you want, we could go call and order Pizza… Oh. Wait. Nevermind."

"Well, since we can't drive yet… We can't drive thru… This sucks."


"What happened to the electricity anyway?"

"I'm not sure…"

"Oh well."

"Uhm… We've got some bread, would you like some?"


"Why'd you bother asking that?..."

"Whatever, I wasn't hungry anyway."

"… Niou-kun."


"Why didn't you say so in the first place?? I got all problematic about dinner."

"Chill! You're so tense. You don't have to treat me like a guest..."

"Treat you how, then?"

"Treat me like… You would a Niou?"



"Ey Yagyuu?

"I'll just go to the bathroom first, kay?"

"Hey hey!! Don't pretend I'm invisible!!"

" I'm treating you like I would treat a Niou."



"I'm going to sleep."

"Now? It's 8:30."

"Well, I'm bored."

"Without dinner?"

"I'm not hungry."

"I am."


"Get a piece of bread or something."

"I think I will… I'll also clean up the mess I made…"

"Yagyuu made a mess??"

"Were you, or were you not with me the whole time?"

"Bah. See you. I'm gonna brush my teeth."

"Niou-kun. Niou-kun."


"Niou-kun, you're on my bed."

"Huh, wha? I wasn't asleep! Really! I was listening. Emc2. Yeah. Oh. Yagyuu."

"I rolled out the sleeping bag for you."

"Ah? Oh. G'night."

"Goodnight Niou-kun. See you tomorrow."

"See ya."

It's safe now. Yes, it's early the next morning and Niou's gone home. Really. You can come out now.

"Hiroshi-kun, what happened? I tried calling home last night. The phone was out of order…"

"Sorry mom. We had a blackout last night."

"Yeah.. Your dad said it was coz something blew a fuse… Meaning somebody plugged in something wrong."

"The laptop… Charger…."


Sigh. The trickster.