The Engagement

The Engagement

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Chapter 1


Dee Laytner is having dinner with his fiancé when she tells him that they are too meet her twin sister and her new boyfriend. It goes something like this.

"Uh…Dee I know you have too work, this weekend but I told Julie that you and I would have dinner with her and this new guy she met on Saturday. Will that be a problem for you? He's new to the city and he doesn't know a lot of people."

He looks over at his red-haired lover and says, "Mona, I might be tired when I get off so I'm not promising anything. Next time don't make plans without talking to me first. I hate when you do that and you know it."

She smiles at him and strokes his hand lovingly. "What if I say I'll make it worth your while?" He looks at her knowing she was using the promise of sex to get him to do what she wanted again.

It was like a game with them. She used sex as a reward or holds it as punishment and he was getting sick of it. He wanted to call the wedding off just for her pulling this shit on him because he could see his future with her as being one long cold shower.

Dee sighs and says, "Okay if it means that much too you only you don't have to bribe me to do it. However, after the date I'm going home and get some much needed sleep so don't worry about making it worth my while, okay?"

She smiles at him relieved that she didn't have too go through with the sex part. Dee didn't know how to stop at reaching one or two orgasms he had to make love all night until they were both worn out. When they get married, she would put him on a schedule of maybe once or twice a week. She shudders as she thinks about the sweaty after affects of groping around in bed.

"Great darling, now I think it's time you went home and maybe you can catch up on some sleep so you'll be rested for Saturday. I have my car so I'll drive myself back and I'll call you, okay love?"

She stands and kisses him on the lips sliding her tongue over them and pulls up and waves as she leaves the restaurant. Dee watches her from behind and smiles. She had a great ass on her. When she walked, it looks as if it was detached from her body and had a mind of its own. Too bad she didn't know what to do with it.

He calls the waiter over, gets the check, throws a couple of bills on it, and walks out. He needs a drink right now and maybe some of his fellow detectives were at the bar near the precinct. He checks his watch, takes out his car keys, and heads to the bar.

He arrives at the bar and runs into Ted, Drake and JJ. They are drinking beer with JJ drinking tequila shots. They all greet him with a loud yell because they were having a good time.

JJ takes one look at him and yells "Deeeee, you're here, come sit next to me you handsome devil. Ted, move so Dee-senpai can sit here with me!"

"No thanks I'll take my chances right here! Drake what are you drinking dude you look wasted! I want what he's having!" He tells the server when she comes over.

"Sure Dee anything for you. Drake is so wasted off beer and tequila he can't see straight. Where have you been we don't see you around anymore?"

"Oh you know, here and there. Are you going to get me that drink?" He smiles up at her and she practically glides away from the table. Drake chuckles and says, "She wasn't that friendly with me. Why didn't you stay where you was before, so I can at least get some action?"

"Drake man if I never came in this place you wouldn't get any action with Trina. She's just not in to you. You should just give up the ghost." They all laugh including Drake and continue to drink the night away.

Dee makes it home wishing he had never stopped by the bar because he knows he is going to have a headache in the morning. He drops his coat on the sofa, goes into the bathroom, and grabs some aspirin. He shakes out four and cupping his hand under the running water brings it to his mouth and swallows both at the same time.

As he heads to his bedroom, he notices his answering machine light blinking. He pushes down on the button and hears Mona's voice. "Dee, are you sleeping already? Oh, I guess you were, tired or you are still out. Call me when you get in!" He can hear the phone slam and chuckles.

"I have to have some fun somewhere." He winces as he heads to his bedroom, strips down to his underwear lays his holster on his dresser after putting his gun in his nightstand and falls on the bed. "Life has got to be better than this. If I have to live the rest of my life like this, I might as well shoot myself.

He throws his arm over his head and passes out.

Randy MacLean comes into the 27th precinct and heads for the information desk where he has to let them know he is reporting for the first day of work having transferred from Chicago. He looks around as the female officer gives him direction to the Chief's office.

"Take the stairway on the right and you can't miss it. His office is at the top of the stairs, and Randy, when you get settled why don't we have coffee sometime." She gives the blonde, dark eyed detective her best smile.

"I'll see what I can do Janet. Coffee sounds fine to me." He gives her a wink and heads up the stairs. He can hear some yelling as he nears the top and stops, wondering if he may walk in on a fight with a perp or something. He cautiously looks around the head of the stairs and seeing no one he eases to the door that says Chief Smith.

The yelling that he heard was coming from the office and he didn't know how to proceed. He stands outside and when he hears a lull, he knocks lightly.

"Come in whoever it is and stop knocking! The Chief bellows in the general direction of the door.

"Ah…excuse me but I was told to report to you sir, I'm detective Randy MacLean, I start today." He looks at the other man in the office, the one the Chief was yelling at and his breath catches in his throat.

The man had the deepest green eyes he has ever seen. His gaze astounded you and he was looking at the new detective with a smirk on his face. He puts his finger to his lips and turns to walk out when the Chief stops him. "And just where you think you're going you slacker! Meet your new partner. Show him around and let him know what you're working on. Maybe he can help you clean up your act! Now get out of my office and welcome aboard Randy! Hope you don't let this fool influence your work habits."

Ryo looks from Dee to the Chief and says, "Ah…yes sir…I mean no sir. I'll do my best, sir!" He follows his new partner out of the office and back to his desk.

"So Randy, where are you from?" He looks at the blonde detective fully for the first time and likes what his eyes were feasting on in the handsome man.

Ryo looks down as he says he is from Chicago. "I transferred here a short while ago. I needed a change of scenery so I decided the big apple was as good a place as any."

"I hope you like it here. The pace should be on par to what you're used too. I think you're fit right in." He shows him where the two of them will be working and hands him the file on his latest case.

Ryo looks down at the file and back up at Dee. His dark eyes a striking contrast to his pale skin and light hair. He gives his new partner a smile as he lightly licks his lips and says, "This looks pretty gruesome. Do you have any leads?"

Dee puts his hand under Ryo's chin, turns his head to the side, and says, "Are you part Japanese, your eyes are so dark?"

"Ah…yes I am." He pulls his face out of Dee's hand. "You could have just asked with out doing that you know!" He can feel the blush rising up his skin as he turns his head away. The man's hand was hot against his skin.

Dee drops his hand and says, "Then you must have a Japanese name too, am I right? What is it?" He smiles at Ryo, liking the blush on his face.

"My name is Ryo, is that a problem for you?" He looks up in the younger man's face with a smile. He knows he cannot keep from looking his partner in the eyes.

"No I don't, I like that name. Do you mind if I call you Ryo from now on? I think it fits you, Ryo MacLean."

"No not at all. That's what my family calls me after all."

Dee smiles at this and says, "Well with some of the things we'll be going through together we might as well be as close as family, don't you think? Your eyes are beautiful for a man, but don't take it the wrong way. I'm not hitting on you or anything it's just…"


Just then, a blur attempts to run past him and Ryo so Dee puts his arm out and catches the bundle in his arms. The kid kicks at him trying to get away. "Let me go you big jerk! Let go of me!"

Ryo gets up from his seat and Dee hands him off to him. Ryo holds the boy looking in his face and says, "Calm down son. No one is going to hurt you. Come with me, you must be afraid. Let's get you something to drink, okay?"

He puts the boy down and takes his hand leading him to where he saw a vending machine. Dee looks at the two as they walk away. He turns to drake and says, "Who is that kid anyway?"

"That's Ben Goldman's son. You have his case file, they wanted him to identify his father's body and he freaked. He's only nine years old so it's understandable but the man didn't have any other relatives. I know it's hard but we need a positive ID. By the way who is that with him?"

"He's my new partner. He just transferred in today he's part Japanese. His name is Randy MacLean and I think he's kind of cute. He's blushes quite easily, I like that. I can't wait to tease him just to see him blush.'

"You're sick man. Why would you want to see him blush? Maybe he's a sensitive guy. Although I don't know how he thinks he's gonna make it as a cop here."

Dee bristles at that statement and turns on drake as he says, "You know that's not a bad quality to have but I guess someone like you wouldn't know about that now would you?"

Drake looks up at Dee and says, "What is that supposed to mean, someone like me? I got feelings too you know! I just don't show them around the likes of you. Wait a minute don't tell me you got the hots for your partner already! What is Mona going to say about that, huh!"

"Look man I'm engaged not dead, besides she knows I'm bi. And I don't have the hots for my partner! He's a good-looking guy so what! I'm not some animal that can't control himself. Geeze, give me a break will you?" He walks over to his desk drawer, pulls it open takes out his cigarettes and lights one. He blows out a stream of smoke and flops down in his seat.

Drake looks over at Dee and shakes his head. The man must really be attracted to his new partner for him to act the way he is. He hasn't seen the mighty Dee act this way in a long time. His engagement to Mona was a mistake and it seems like he's been acting like a man on death row instead of a man that is truly happy.

"Yeah dude, whatever you say. I didn't mean to offend you. I have some work to do so you and the new guy take care of the kid." Drake walks back over to his own desk to finish his work.

Dee sits at his desk looking down at the file in his hand thinking about Ryo. Could he really be attracted to him? Is that why he was pissed at what drake said just now. The guy did have a beautiful face and a nice personally. He was also soft spoken and kind. The way he clamed the kid down is something he could have never done. He hated kids and he hated street kids most of all, being one himself.

Ryo and the boy are standing at his desk looking down at him. Ryo clears his throat and Dee looks up. He puts the file to the side making a mental note to read it again because he couldn't make head or tails of what was written in there because all he could think about was his new partner.

"Dee I want you to meet Bikky Goldman. Bikky this is Det. Laytner, he's my partner and we're the ones looking in on the case of your father's death. We hope to find whoever did this and bring them to justice."

Bikky looks up at the blonde haired detective and says, "Are you part Japanese? What's your Japanese name?"

Ryo sighs and says, "It's Ryo." He cuts his eyes at his partner as if to say he's just as perceptive as you are.

"Ryo, huh. Can I call you Ryo then?" He looks at the detective with big innocent eyes so Ryo tells him yes.

"Now that we got all that cleared up, do you know what happen to your dad kid?"

Bikky sits in Ryo chair and crosses his arms and looks down at the floor. Ryo tells Dee what the boy told him and they decide it added up to pretty much nothing because he said, his father left and never came back.


At the end of his first day Ryo walks over to Dee as he puts his coat on and says, "Are you busy tonight Dee, I was wondering if you would like to have dinner with me?"

Dee looks into his eyes staring and says, "Sure, I have no plans. Can you cook Ryo? He says this with a smile on his handsome face.

Ryo chuckles and says, "I get by on my own cooking. I wanted to discuss this case with you if you don't mind."

Bikky looks from one to the other and kicks Dee in the ankle as he says, "What are you grinning at you perv! I'll be there too you know!"

Dee hops on one foot as he glares down at Bikky. "Don't tell me you invited him to your house too! He just might rob you blind. How do you know he doesn't have a posse of midgets waiting to rip you off. I wouldn't trust him if I were you."

Ryo smiles at the two of them and says, "Okay, there will be none of that at dinner, got it? We all need to talk and see if we can find out what happen and figure this thing out. Do you have a car Dee?"

"Yeah I do. Give me your address and I'll see you in an hour and you monkey-brat don't do anything until I get there or I'll have your head!"

He storms off, Ryo gathers his things, puts his arm around Bikky, and they head to his place.


"You're going to do what! Ryo you can't be serious. You don't even know this kid. I was joking about him robbing you but it could be a very real possibility. I'm spending the night tonight I don't trust that kid as far as I can throw him! I don't like this one bit."

Ryo sighs and says, "I'm sure I'll be fine but do what you want. I don't want to argue with you about this, my mind is made up. Could you make the salad while I set the table?"

Ryo pulls dishes from the cabinet and sets the table while Dee fusses about why he shouldn't allow Bikky to stay with him. Ryo smiles to himself at the way Dee is being overprotective of him. "He acts like he's worried about something happening to me and we only just met today." The blonde looks in the kitchen and catches Dee's eye and both men stop for a moment looking at the other.

Ryo blushes, turns his head away, and finishes setting the table.

Dee turns back to his salad thinking to himself. "Just what the hell was that? I AM NOT HOT FOR MY PARTNER!"

He looks down at the salad wondering what it was he was doing and sets the bowl down. He walks over to the counter puts his hands on either side of it and drops his head. He is supposed to be in love with Mona and yet he hasn't thought about her once until now. The man has just completely taken over all his thoughts and time. He takes a deep breath and wonders if he should give her a call but decides against it. The last thing he wanted was to hear her voice right now.

Ryo comes in the kitchen, walks up behind him putting his hand on his waist, and asks, "Are you okay Dee? Do you need to seat down? You shouldn't get yourself so worked up like that. Have a seat I'll finish here and serve dinner, maybe all you need is to eat." He smiles up at the slightly taller man giving him a warm smile. Ryo knew he felt something when Dee looked at him but could Dee have felt it to.

"Yeah maybe that's it. I need too eat. Where is the brat, you want me to go and get him?" He tries to look everywhere but in Ryo's face. Although he is attracted to both men and women, he didn't want to scare his partner away on their first day together.

"He's sill in the shower but you can go, knock on the door and let him know we're about to eat, if you don't mind." He cocks his head too the side wondering if Dee is trying to avoid looking him in the eyes.

Dee puts his head down and says, "Yeah, I can do that." He looks up at Ryo and smirks as he says, "I hope the brat at least has some table manners."

Ryo chuckles and says, "Well if not I know you'll be here to help me teach him. But enough of 'lets get Bikky' and go and actually get him for me please."

Dee laughs and goes off to the bathroom and knocks on the door, tells him dinner is ready and goes back into the kitchen.

He stands in the doorway watching Ryo as he sways to the beat in his headphones. His hips are doing a salsa beat in time to the music on his cd player so Dee is enjoying the show when Ryo spins around.

"Oh I didn't know you were standing there, I'm sorry." He looks down pulling his headphones off and blushing profusely.

"Don't stop on my account. I was enjoying the show. Not everyone can move like that. Well I can but then I'm an exception to the rule." He smirks at Ryo and asks, "You want me to help you take the dishes in now. The brat should be out in a minute."

"He does have a name you know. Maybe if you used it the two of you would get along better. He is the child you know." He walks past Dee with the pasta and the sauce. "Will you get the salad for me please?"

Dee grabs the bowl of salad, looks down at it, and says, "What happen to the tomatoes?" He looks over at Ryo.

"You were doing the salad remember. There are some tomatoes in the fridge. How could you forget that." He looks at Dee from under his long lashes and smiles because he knows just when he forgot the tomatoes.

"I guess I got distracted by something or another. I'll cut some up and throw them in, you take the rest, I'll be there shortly. Dee pulls the door open feeling like a lovesick schoolboy with his first crush. "I'll be married in less then a year dammit! Why am I feeling this way about him?" Ryo's dark eyes pops in his head and his full lips are something he would love to try out. He can imagine sucking on Ryo's bottom lip before he parts them to let his tongue slip inside to taste his sweetness.

He slams the door and almost smashes the tomato as he tries to slice it. Ryo comes up behind him, takes the knife out of his hand, and puts one hand on his shoulder. "I'll do this you take a seat Dee. I think I can do this a little easier, I don't want you to cut yourself by accident."

He looks down at Ryo's smiling face and thinks he is the one that is more dangerous to him, not the knife in his hand. "I guess you're right, I shouldn't play with knives." He turns and goes to sit at the table with Bikky.

Ryo brings the rest in and takes a seat and the three of them enjoy dinner after which Ryo tells Bikky it's time for him to go to bed. The young boy puts up a minimal protest before Ryo shows him into his bedroom. He explains that he will arrange to have a bed for him by the weekend. "Until then you will sleep with me if you don't mind." He smiles as Bikky jumps on the bed and says, "This bed is huge! I've never seen one this big before. He is bouncing up and down on it like a little monkey.

Dee smirks and looks over at Ryo and says, "Do you have a woman that comes with this bed. It is huge."

Ryo looks down and says, "It's not like that. This bed belonged to my parents before they died and I didn't have the heart to get rid of it so I kept it with me."

Dee looks at him, puts his hand on the back of his neck and says, "I'm sorry man I didn't mean anything by it. I just thought…you know how it is with guys and all. You being alone I thought that you may be a player or something. You must have grew up in a loving family."

"Oh and you didn't I suppose." He looks at Dee with a question in his dark eyes.

"Sometimes I wonder but…you'll love me won't you Ryo?" He looks at Ryo with that same intense gaze he gave him when he asked if he was Japanese. Ryo looks back at him and is dumbfounded. He's wondering if Dee is serious or if he is playing with him.

"I don't know how to answer that Dee…I" Dee laughs and says, "I'm just kidding lighten up dude. So do we all sleep here? We can put the brat in the middle and still have room to stretch out. Good night I'm hitting the hay."

Ryo looks at Dee as he lies with his eyes closed and wonders just how much of what he said was a joke. He couldn't see how anyone couldn't love his partner. As he lies on the other side of Bikky he thinks, "I know I could, easily."