The Engagement 25

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Chapter 25


Dee drives into the parking lot of the hospital sighing, as he turns the car off. A little while ago, seeing Ryo, almost made his heart leap out of his chest. This has to stop or he will never get over the love he has for him. Mona is his destiny whether he wants it or not, so he has to give up on his partner. The only thing is…how is he supposed to do that! He slams his fist on the dash and pushes the door open. He takes a deep breath and walks over to the double doors of the emergency entrance. An intern walks out and smiles a thank you, as Dee holds the door before he goes inside.

"You don't look as if you have an emergency, so you must be here for someone. Your wife perhaps?" Taking out a cigarette, the lighter falls and Dee catches it. "Here you go" he hands the lighter to the intern and starts back but stops, looking over his shoulder at the bluest eyes he has ever seen. "And no, I'm not married, to answer your question. That was your question, wasn't it?" He turns back and walks inside to the nurse's desk.

"Hello, I'm looking for an accident victim who was brought in earlier, he name is Mona…" the nurse interrupts, "You must be her fiancé. Commissioner Rose told us to expect you." She points to a room down the hall giving him directions. "If you need anything else, please let me know. I'll be here until midnight." She gazes into his emerald eyes wishing he were up for grabs. The nurse watches as Dee walks down the hall and the intern joins her. "I see he's caught your eye too."


Dee knocks on the door before pushing it open. He walks in and Julie rushes and puts her arms around him crying. "They're taking her to surgery, Dee. She's hurt real bad."

Dee puts his arms around the young woman and looks over her head at his fiancé. She looks pale right now and even a little innocent. His feelings for her are in conflict with feelings he has for Ryo. At one time, he thought this woman was all he would need in his life and they would be happy together. However, over time he came to see she had changed or else it was all a façade from the beginning.

He releases Julie and walks over to the bed, "What about the baby? Is the baby in jeopardy?" He looks back at Julie.

She drops her head, "Uh…they didn't mention if there is a problem or not. I um, didn't ask. I guess I forgot with all the excitement. I'm sure the baby is doing fine."

Dee looks down at Mona, not wanting to touch her because she looks so defenceless. He is about to say something when a nurse and two orderlies come. "I'm sorry but we have to prep her for surgery. You'll have to wait outside, please."

Dee turns around, "Do you know she's pregnant?

The nurse stops, looks at her chart, "No, no one mentioned it." She flips through the forms and looks down at them, she then looks at Dee, "I don't have that on the forms. I'm sorry that wasn't put in here. I'll inform the doctor at once." She looks at Mona with a frown on her face. "Wait here a moment and I'll tell the doctor about this new turn of events." She leaves out and Dee glares at Julie.

"How could you not tell them about her condition, Julie? You want them to operate on your sister without them having the facts. We could have lost both of them and I know that's not what you want, am I right?" He turns to the door and leaves out. Searching his pockets, he finds his cigarettes and growls as he burst through the doors into the lot. "This is so fucked up it not even funny. How can someone be so dumb as to not know how important something like this is?" He leans against the building and inhales, filling his lungs with the arid smoke. He hears a low voice next to him.

"You know, smoking is not good for you. You just may end up here yourself."

Dee pulls the cigarette from his lips and squints, "Didn't I see you smoking earlier or was I dreaming?" He chuckles as he lets out a stream of smoke. Letting his eyes slide over the intern, he smiles, "You're a doctor, right?"

"Well, I'm an intern but I guess you can say I am."

"Can I run something by you?" Dee takes another hit and drops the short to the pavement. "When a patient comes in through emergency they are checked for everything including pregnancy, am I right?"

"Yes. On all females of childbearing age, that is. Was there a problem with someone you came to see?"

Did nods, "I'm not trying to blame anyone or say the people are not doing their jobs. I just find it strange no one checked for pregnancy. I mean, if she had gone into surgery that could have put her and the baby in danger. No one knew until right before they were to take her up. I was the one that had to tell them."

The intern pushes off the wall and faces Dee. "I assume, she wasn't able to tell them her condition. Was she unconscious when she came in or something like that? If she were alone, the test would have been done. I know because it's standard procedure. Mr. uh, I'm afraid I don't know your name. Mine is Adam."

Dee looks in his blue eyes, "I'm Dee, Dee Laytner." They shake hands and Adam tells him he is Dr. Adam Grant but call him Adam.

"Well Adam, she was brought in unconscious but her sister was with her. What I don't understand is why didn't she let the doctors know her sister is…"

Adam touches his arm, "You think she forgot on purpose? Is this your child we're talking about here, Dee?"

"Yeah, and now we're getting married." He smiles at Adam, "I'm sorry about laying my problems on you like this but; I guess you seem easy to talk to for some reason."

Adam chuckles, "For a moment there, I thought you might be…you know, gay but I guess I was wrong. Sorry about that Dee."

Dee laughs, causing the young intern to look at him in surprise, "Or maybe I'm not wrong. Is that it?"

Dee looks at him with a smirk on his handsome face, "It just so happens I'm bi and proud of it. I'm not ashamed of who I am, Adam. I could tell you were flirting with me, so it's no big deal. I flirt all the time but my heart isn't in it now. Although I know nothing will happen with us, I am enjoying our talk."

Adam looks into his eyes, "Yeah, so am I, Dee. You lost your heart to a woman and I guess that couldn't be helped. I just wish I had met you first. You seem like an interesting man."

Dee snorts, "Lost my heart to a woman huh. No my friend I didn't. This was all a mistake on my part. She told me she was pregnant after we broke up. If it weren't for this child, I would have nothing to do with her. Believe me on that. When she first told me, I didn't believe her because we always used protection. That's why I can't figure out how she got this way."

Adam tilts his head to the side, "These days you don't have to be married to have a child. It's quite acceptable to have a child out of wedlock. You're pretty old-fashion Dee. I wouldn't have taken you for that type and you say you're bi-sexual too."

"That's what I wanted to do but she threatened to have an abortion if I didn't marry her. Now what kind of person would do something like that to her own child? A monster that's who! But I know the real reason behind this blackmail."

"Maybe she really loves you. You said you broke up. Were you the one to call it quits? Did you meet someone else? I know that will do it." Adam chuckles as he looks in
Dee's face.

"Yeah I did and he's a wonderful guy too. She's jealous of him and tries everything she can to cause trouble. He's my partner at work, we're detectives. However, now that's over and I think he has moved on."

Adam strokes his chin and looks at Dee. "Dee, do you think she might be lying about her condition just to keep you away from this other man? You know this isn't the first time a woman has pulled this kind of thing. Her sister not telling the doctor of her condition is very suspicious. Maybe she didn't mention it because she has no reason to. You ever thought about that?"

Dee looks at him as he shakes his head, "Nah, that can't be it. I went with her to a doctor and she had the tests done that said she was pregnant. We waited for almost an hour for the results and it was positive." Dee runs his fingers through his hair as he sighs in exasperation. Just then, Julie comes to the door and looks outside.

"Dee, they're taking her up now. Do you want to wait out here or go to the surgical floor?" She looks at the tall intern standing next to Dee. She takes in the surprised look on his face. He gives her slow smile and she smiles back. Maybe when things settle down she can get Dee to introduce her. With that dark hair and piercing blue eyes, he is as handsome as Dee or Ryo. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to interrupt."

Dee looks at her and then back at Adam, "This is my fiancé's sister. Julie this is Adam, I mean Dr. Grant." Adam nods and turns to Dee. "I'm going to head back in. Good luck Dee, and you too Julie on your sister's prognosis." He puts his hand out, "It was nice talking to you. If I can do anything for you, please don't hesitate to ask." He turns and heads back into the hospital.

Julie looks at his back and then at Dee, "What were the two of you talking about Dee, was it Mona?"

Dee takes a deep pull on his cigarette and blows the smoke out before answering. He wonders why she is asking him about his conversation with the good doctor. "Nothing important, lets go inside and see what's up with Mona."


Adam walks behind the desk and looks up Mona's intake file. He found out her name when he saw Dee go into her room. He knows she was in a car accident and she had been drinking. He takes the report to a corner and begins to read it because if she is expecting then why was she drinking. As he reads, there is no mention of anything about expecting a child. He looks up as Dee and Julie pass the desk but they don't see him. The two of them are hurrying to the fifth floor.

He looks back down at the report and as far as he can see, they did everything by the book. Either they missed something or Dee's fiancé is not pregnant. The initial pelvic exam showed there was nothing there. He looks for the results of her blood tests. They weren't in the file but they had to be done or else the doctor couldn't do the operation. He calls down to the lab to request a copy. In his mind if she is pregnant, the test will prove it along with how much she had to drink. In his experience, once a woman finds out she is expecting she doesn't drink

He smiles to himself, "Dee did say they used protection. What if she is on birth control? That would be in her blood too! Trapping a man with the threat of abortion is low. If she will go that far then she will lie about her condition. If he refused the marriage, she could just say she got one and he wouldn't be the wiser. I am so happy I'm gay. I couldn't put up with a woman's conniving ways.' He picks up the phone and calls down to the lab with another request.


The Commissioner pulls up in front of Dee's apartment and turns the car off. He turns to Ryo as he opens the door. "Well Ryo, I guess this is it."

Ryo's hand is on the handle, "Yeah it is, Sir. I had a wonderful time this evening. I'll see you at work on Monday." He opens the door and Rose puts his hand on his arm, 'Wait Ryo, what about my reward? Did you change your mind?"

"Change my mind about what?" He looks at Rose with a puzzle look on his face. "What is this about a reward?"

Rose drops his hand, "You agreed to give me a good-night kiss for the evening? Are you going back on your…"

"Hold on a minute, when did I say that! We're both men, Sir, why would I agree to something like that!" Ryo puts his hand in front of him as he fumbles for the door. He gets out of the car and Rose gets out on the other side. "You and Dee are both men and you have no problem kissing him."

Ryo stops and turns around. He is furious as he stares at his boss. He tries to control his temper, as he answers, "What I do or don't do with Dee is not your concern. You have never seen me kiss him or do anything that is inappropriate. Like I said before, tonight was an enjoyable evening but now that I know what your motives are there will not be a repeat. Good-night…Commissioner Rose." Ryo turns with barley controlled fury and walks into Dee's building.

The Commissioner slams his hand on top of his car and gets inside. He takes off in a squeal of tires, worthy of a frustrated man thinking, you won't get away that easily.


Ryo gets on the elevator and pushes the button. He exhales and is surprised he was holding his breath. 'I am a fool! Dee tried to warn me about him and I didn't listen! Who does that bastard think he is! A kiss! He can kiss my ass! That's the only kissing he will do if I have my way.' He shakes his head and when the doors open, he steps off. Walking to Dee's door, he reaches over it and pulls down the key. He opens the door replaces the key and goes inside.

The first thing he does is check on his foster son. Bikky is sleeping peacefully. He stares at his son, and thinks about Dee and the fact; he is with the woman who is probably carrying his son. He turns and walks to the kitchen while dropping his jacket on the sofa. He loosens his tie and looks around. Opening the refrigerator, he spies half a six pack of beer and some bottled water. He reaches for the water but grabs a beer instead. 'With the night I've had, this will go down better. I wonder if he has something stronger.' He looks around the kitchen until he finds a half empty bottle of Grey Goose. He pulls down a glass and pours a small amount, turns it up and pours another. He takes it and the beer into the living room.

As he tilts the glass, he slides the tie off his neck and throws it on the table. His shoes are off so he is in a very relaxed state. He can feel the booze doing its job and right now, he feels no pain. He giggles as he thinks of punching the Commissioner right in the kisser. That would have served him right. The only one he wants kissing him is Dee and Mona put a stop to that. Playing Uncle to his lover's child is something he never expected to do. He throws his arm over his eyes and groans. Dee is going to make a hell of a father no matter what he feels. His responsibility to Bikky and him going through with this farce of a marriage is proof to the fact. If only he had met Dee first.

He gets up and stumbles to Dee's bedroom. Looking affectionately at the state of the bed, he smiles because it is just like Dee, to leave it a mess. He sits down, falls back and as his eyes close, falls into an exhausted sleep.


On the fifth floor, Dee and Julie are waiting for them to finish Mona's surgery. Dee paces because he wants a cigarette, but he knows he can't leave now. He looks at Julie, "I'm going to the men's room. I'll be right back, you'll be okay alone right?" Julie nods and he heads off. At that time, the doctor comes through the doors removing his cap. He walks over to Julie who stands upon seeing him come her way. She searches his face, "Did everything go alright doctor?"

He gives her a tried smile as he pats her shoulder, "Yes it did. She will be in recovery in a few minutes. She came through with flying colors, but I was told she is pregnant. We did tests on her and there is no baby I'm afraid. Why did your sister think she was expecting?"

Julie looks over her shoulder towards the men's room. Not seeing Dee she answers, "Ah, we thought she may have been. I need to ask you doctor, not to talk about her condition to anyone except my sister or me. She is a very private person and she would be upset if you discussed this with anyone other then the two of us."

"There is no need for you to worry. We have a strict policy not to discuss our patients with anyone but family. Like I said, your sister is doing fine and there's no need for you to worry anymore. I'll come back in a couple of hours to check on her and someone will be out to show you to her room." As he walks down the hall, Julie sees Dee leave the men's room with his head down, and she turns her back hoping, Dee doesn't notice the doctor. However, they pass each other as they head in different directions.

When Dee gets by her side, she turns. He looks at the expression on her face, "Is everything okay? You look kind of out of it."

Julie shakes her head, "No, no, everything is okay. The surgery is over and they're taking her to recovery right now. Someone will be here soon to take us in to see her." She manages to give him a smile although she feels guilty at having to deceive him. Dee has always treated her nice and she doesn't think what her sister is doing is fair. After all, she lost Randy but she is not going off the deep end with deception. When Dee finds out what Mona is doing, he is going to blow a gasket.

Dee looks at her with a frown, "You spoke to the doctor already? Why didn't you have him wait until I returned? I couldn't have been gone that long." He turns and looks down the hall remembering passing a doctor when he came out of the bathroom. "Was that him I passed a little while ago?"

"Uh...I guess so but he did say she is doing fine and the baby is fine too. Why don't we just wait for them to come get us and then we can see for ourselves, okay?" She heads back into the waiting room with Dee following close behind. He feels a tap on his shoulder and he spins around.

"Oh, hey Adam, we're waiting to see Julie. The doctor said she and the baby are doing fine, so I guess we caught a break."

Adam looks at him and then at Julie. She is watching him with a smile on her face thinking she is in the clear. "That's good news, Dee. I'm happy for you. He smiles at Julie, "I guess you're relieved as well."

"Yes I am. My sister and I are very close, we're twins in fact and that makes are bond even stronger. It's very considerate of you to come and check on us." She turns to Dee, "Isn't it Dee?"

Dee gives him a smirk, "Yeah, I guess so, thanks Adam."

Adam beams, "I know how worried family members can be at a time like this. Say, why don't I buy you guys a cup of coffee." He looks over at Julie, "or maybe some tea? I know ours is not the best but it is good. Why don't you help me carry it Dee. You don't mind me stealing him for a moment, do you Julie?"

"No, that's fine and I would like some coffee, I think I need the caffeine. Dee, I'll wait until you come back if they come, okay?"

Adam chuckles "Don't worry about that. He'll just follow you with the drinks. He shouldn't be gone that long. I look forward to seeing you again, so I'll make sure we hurry." He puts his hand on Dee's shoulder and leads him into the hall. She watches with a smile on her face, thinking jackpot!


As they walk down the hall, Dee turns to Adam, "Okay, what's the real reason you pulled me out of there?" He smirks as the intern gives him a sly grin.

"I have to ask you this first. Did you speak with the doctor yourself or did Julie speak to him alone?" Adam fishes in his pockets for change but Dee beats him to it. He knows the guy can't have that much money, so what the hell.

As the coins drop, he answers, "Julie spoke to him alone. I was occupied in the men's room, why?" He hands him a cup and pushes the button for another one.

Adam looks down at the file he's holding, "Let's go in this room for a minute." He looks over his shoulder and heads for a vacant room. Dee takes the other cup out and follows him. Adam closes the door and sets the coffee down on a bed tray. "I have some good news for you Dee. That is, I think its good news, if as you say you are not in love with this woman."

Dee looks at him with a frown, "Good news, but I all ready have good news, Mona and the baby are fine…wait, that's not what you're talking about, is it?"

"No Dee. I have the results of your fiancé's blood test. I also had an extra one done too. She is not pregnant and she has traces of birth control medicine in her blood. If you were to have sex with her right now, she couldn't get pregnant."

Dee drops the two coffee cups and they splatter as the cups hit the floor. "What! She's not…what! But…Julie just said the doctor told her the baby is fine. She said…" Adam puts his hand out and guides him to the edge of the bed. Dee sits down slowly as he stares with a blank look on his face. "How could she do that…how could she have lied like that and the tests?"

Adam strokes his shoulder in a circular motion. Dee looks up in his face and notices again how vivid blue his eyes are. Right now with the news he has given him they are the most kindest and beautiful eyes in the world! He jumps off the bed and grabs Adam in a bear hug. "Do you know what you just did! You gave me back my life! I could kiss you!"

Adam laughs as Dee spins him around in his arms. However, he did hear Dee say he could kiss him, so he lowers his lips because Dee has him up over his head. He descends slowly and their lips meet. Adam pushes his tongue between Dee's partially parted lips. The kiss is deep and passionate, leaving them both breathless. Dee releases him and stands back. He touches his lips with his finger tips, "I'm sorry Adam, I didn't mean to do that."

Adam waves his hand, "It wasn't you, it was me. I've wanted to do that since I first laid eyes on you, so please, don't apologize. I enjoyed it." He looks at Dee with sparkling, sapphire eyes.

Dee puts his hand on his neck and looks him full in the face. "If I wasn't so hung up on my partner, maybe…"

Adam gives him a melancholy smile, "I know Dee. You told me remember, but you did say he has moved on, so…if nothing comes of it you know where I am. I'll be here if you change your mind, remember that, okay?" He strokes the side of Dee's face and walks out.

Dee stands in the middle of the room watching him, knowing his heart will always belong to Ryo but this man has renewed his faith in mankind. Adam showed him there are still some good people in this hell called a world. He didn't have to do this but he did and all for a kiss! Dee throws his head back and guffaws loudly. Tonight is the best night of his life. A complete stranger gave him the most precious gift of all. His freedom!


Dee walks out into the hall. He heads for the waiting room where Julie is coming out. "Oh, there you are Dee. We can go in and see Mona now. The nurse says she has regain consciousness." She looks past Dee as if searching for someone. "What happen to Dr. Grant? I thought he was buying us coffee."

Dee lifts a corner of his lips, "He did and I dropped it. Let's go Julie; we don't want to keep Mona waiting." They walk behind the nurse as she leads the way to the recovery area and leave, pointing to the room. Dee holds the door open allowing Julie to precede him. He walks over to the bed behind her and looks at her shoulder and arm in a cast and a large bandage on her head. They removed her oxygen mask, but she is hooked up to a monitor. She looks at Dee and then at her sister.

Julie is at the top of her bed and Dee moves back against the wall. She kisses her on the forehead, "The doctor says you came through the operation successfully, Mona. You're going to be fine." She turns to Dee who is leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets. "Right Dee, she's going to be fine and the baby is okay too."

Dee chuckles, "The baby too, huh? Is that really what the doctor told you Julie, or something you wanted me too believe he said." Dee turns his eyes to Mona, as he ignores Julie with her mouth hanging open. He walks over to the bed and looks down, speaking at first in a low voice, "You really had me going Mona. You had me hook, line and sinker. You really played me for a fool and I fell for it. Why did you do it? Are you that desperate for a husband?'

She tries to sit up and struggles with the blanket covering her. She speaks in a low voice, "Dee you don't under…" She has a fit of coughing and Julie moves to her side. "Your throat is dry. Suck on these ice chips, Mona. Try not to talk."

Dee folds his arms as he glares down at her, "Yeah Mona, don't talk because I won't believe one word coming out of your lying mouth. All you have to do is, listen. You are one selfish bitch! If you lied to me because you loved me then I could understand, but you only did this out of revenge. What's the matter Mona? You don't like the idea that you can't compare to Ryo, or that you're not fit to breath the same air as him! I have never loved anyone the way I love Ryo and I plan on going home and begging him to give me, a stupid man, another chance."

Julie looks at her sister with pity and Dee with outrage, "That's enough Dee! Please, leave her alone. Don't you have a once of compassion for her? You did love her once."

Dee looks down at the two sisters. The two women who tried to ruin his life and keep him away from the man he loves. Thinking about Ryo makes his heart soar! "You know something? I'm wasting my time here with the two of you, but I want to say this. If you ever come near me again or call me, I will be the one that makes your life so miserable; you will wish you never heard the name, Dee Laytner! Stay away from me, you conniving slut!" He turns on his heel and slams out of the room. He can hear the monitor going off and as he clears the door, the nurse runs towards him.

"What happen?" She asks.

"I think she just had a taste of her own medicine. It's called karma. He chuckles at the look on the nurse's face and heads for the elevators.


Pulling up to his apartment, he parks the car in the lot next door. He practically runs in the building and up the stairs. He can't wait to tell Ryo what happen. He arrives at the door and fishes for his key then remembers he left it on the sill over the door. He pulls it down, happy Ryo remembered to put it back after opening the door or maybe he's not here.

He fumbles with the lock and opens the door. Ryo is not on the sofa so he heads for the bedroom. He breaths a sigh of relief when he sees Ryo, laid out on the bed with his head turn to the side. His lips are slightly parted and his breath is even and low. He walks over to him and kneels down. Brushing his bangs out of his eyes, he smiles down at the love of his life. His heart is so full he can feel tears gather in the corners of his eyes. He lightly kisses the blonde's lips and pulls back. Ryo stirs slightly and turns his head as he murmurs Dee's name. He moves back down and whispers "Wake up Sleeping Beauty. I have some good news for us." He kisses him again and lets his lips linger a little longer.

Ryo moans and opens his eyes slowly. His eyes widen as he sees Dee hovering over him. "Dee…wh…what's going on?" He gives him a loving smile, "I thought we weren't going to do this anymore. We made a promise, remember?"

Dee grins down at him. "I think its okay for now, since the news I have is for both of us." He leans in and kisses him again sliding his tongue inside and Ryo's arms go around his neck as he pulls Dee down. What the hell he thinks, this one time shouldn't hurt. Dee's tongue strokes the roof of his mouth and slides over his gums, sending shivers to his groin. He can feel his erection as it grows slowly, making him tremble. "Dee…ahh…Dee, we can't. Bikky may get up…oh Dee…stop…ahh."

Dee pulls away and sits besides him on the bed. He pulls the older man in his lap. Ryo looks up at him with dark eyes, filled with love. "You're in a good mood. I don't know if I should be jealous or not. I hope it's because the baby is out of danger."

Dee laughs, "You don't know the half of it love and the baby is not in danger." He pauses for effect with a wicked look in his eye, "Ryo…there is no baby! There never was a baby! That bitch has been lying all this time just to get me away from you. She was never pregnant and if she didn't try to drive over here in a drunken rage, I would have married her ass in two weeks."

Ryo pulls away in shock, "What…she hates me that much? She has a lot of nerve to think she could get away with something like that." He then laughs as he thinks about why Dee came in and woke him with a kiss. "No wonder you were kissing me like that. I'm glad I remembered Bikky is in the next room, or I would have broken our promise." He throws his arms around Dee's neck and kisses him all over the face, laughing.

"Shh, Ryo or you're going to wake up the monkey. What do you think he is going to say when he finds out? Do you think he'll be happy?"

"If he is happy, he won't tell us. He'll probably think of something smart to say and play it off. He hates to admit he likes you, but we know different, don't we?" He kisses Dee on the nose. "I love you Dee."

"Yeah, I love you too Ryo. I love everything about you. Right now, all I want to do is take you in my arms and make love to you. I miss you so much, it's eating me up inside." He pushes him into the pillows while eliciting moans from the object of his desire.

"Dee we can't right now, what if Bikky comes in?" He says this while stroking Dee's hair. His passion is fast taking over his common sense. He knows he shouldn't but it feels so good and it's been so long since he felt Dee's lips sending him to these heights. He moans as he closes his eyes and gives in to his lust.


Dee removes his clothes as he looks in his lover's eyes. Standing in all his glory, he bends over Ryo with a look of love. Ryo is staring at his erection as he fumbles with the buttons on his shirt. Dee sweeps his hands away. "I'll do that." While he unbuttons the older man's shirt his eyes never leaves his face. Ryo blushes at the intense look in his eyes. Dee's eyes have always mesmerised him and at one time, he was afraid he might lose himself in his green, intense stare. Now, he is looking forward to it. Dee spreads his shirt open and slides his tongue over Ryo's nipple, flicking it back and fourth. Ryo lets his shirt drop from his shoulders and puts his hands on the back of Dee's head, running his fingers through his raven hair. This is the man he is going to spend the rest of his life with and no is coming between them…ever!

Dee looks up in his face, "What are you thinking about with such a sweet expression." He pulls Ryo's face in for a kiss.

Ryo whispers against his lips, "Just how much I love you and you love me. No one is taking this away from us again, because heaven help the one who tries. You belong to me and I'm never letting you go again." Dee chuckles as he kisses his lover deeply.

The two men make love passionately, secure in the knowledge they are meant to be, two halves of a whole and with time, they both feel their love can only grow stronger.