A/N: This is the sequal to my first ff story Fiancée. A Ouran High School Host Club fanfiction.

"I am quite sure Mrs Ootori."

Ootori Ai Fuhuri was standing where she felt most at home, in front of the stove. But thou she was standing there, it didn't mean Ai's concentration was on the cocking. She was thinking about what the doctors had told here when she had visited France earlier that week.

Three doctors one prognosis. Ai smelled something burnt and realised that the sauce she had been making was ruined. She turned off the stove, placed the casserole in the sink and sat down on one of the chairs. Her husband was at work, her sisters were in school and therefore she was alone, not counting the servants.

Ai looked at the clock. She was supposed to have an appointment, but had cancelled before she bordered the plain late last night. She didn't know what to do, and that scared her. For the first time in almost seven years she was terrified.

She needed to tell him. She looked at the time again, and hoped he could give her five minutes. Thou he would hate her for it. She needed to tell someone, and didn't want to betray him by telling someone else first. Even Haruhi. There would be time later.

She stepped out of the limo, smiled to the guard and walked over to the elevator. Everyone in the building knew her thou they had been married for only five months. She was the wife of doctor Ootori Kyoya, and people either fared, loved, envied or idolised her.

She was the owner of the Fuhuri Company. She ran several restaurants and cooking schools around the world, and was the president of the charity organisation Cook & Med, an organisation providing food and medicine to homeless people both in Japan and in troubled aeries.

Being the wife of doctor Ootori Kyoya was only one of the reasons people looked at her the way they did.

Ai stepped of the elevator and walked straight to reception desk and the dark woman behind it. Only five people in the world would have known Ai had something on her mind. She was not one of them.

"Mrs Ootori, what can I help you with?"

The secretary smiled. Ai liked the woman, and knew and trusted her just as her husband did. She was hardworking, kind and talented. Ai also liked the woman's air and way of life.

"Doctor Ootori is with someone, but should be done any moment if you want to wait."

"Thank you Umi, how is your fiancé?"

"Just fine madam, thank you. He loved the recipe. Thank you again for giving it to me."

"It was my honour."

The two women smiled and in the smile were mutual respect and kindness. Right then the door opened and a man walked out. He looked mad as he briskly marched passed Ai and to the elevator. Ai caught a glimpse of her husband through the open door. He was sitting by his desk typing on his computer.

Nodding to Umi Ai went to the door and closed it. Kyoya got an air of annoyance.

"I told you the answer is no."

"And I haven't asked the question yet."

He looked up and a faint look of surprise fell over his eyes. This was how ever only visible to does that knew him well.

"Do we have an appointment?"

"Do we need one?"

"Of course not."

He got up and kissed her. For a moment she was lost in his kiss. His hands. His touch. But when he broke away she recalled why she had come.

"How was Paris?"

She could tell he knew something was wrong.

"Wonderful, as always. I never quite remember how much I miss it until I'm there. It really is my second home."

Emphasizing the word second.

"I went to the doctor when I was there."

He raised his eyebrow.

"Everything's all right?"

I don't know.

"Why didn't you go to our doctor if you felt sick?"

"Because I was in France Kyoya."

But that wasn't entirely true. She had thought about it before she left for France, the problem was she couldn't go to a doctor in Japan without causing suspicion and letting him know. And she needed to be sure.

"Ai, what is it?"

She looked up at him, and a weak smile formed on her lips.

"I'm pregnant."

Kyoya just looked at her. It was almost absurd. They had been married for five months. How? They hadn't even talked about children yet. This was not the way he had planed it.

But is that so bad?

She was his wife, and he loved her. He knew her to be a good mother for her younger sisters. She was a wonderful person, and he couldn't think of anyone he wanted more to be the mother of his children. So what if it came bit before schedule? He would still have time to plan and reform things. It would be okay.

He could see she was unsure of the situation. He also knew that it was for his sake she was scared. Even after seven years, a part of her was still scared that he would be displeased and leave her.

He gave her a smile and kissed her. He could feel her tension and fear melt away and be replaced by joy. Joy over soon being a mother. There lips parted, but he still held her in his arms. She rested her head on his chest, tears in her eyes.

"We're going to have a baby."

Her words were more of a whisper than anything else, but he could hear her wonder in it. She looked up at him and kissed him quickly again.

"I'm telling Haruhi and Mori today. And my sisters, we can talk to them at dinner. When you come home."

This was the Ai he really loved. The one who knew what she wanted, what needed to be done, and did it.

"If you want we can invite all of them over, next week perhaps? I can talk to Umi she'll arrange things. Will that be okay?"

"That will be wonderful Ai."

He kissed her again. His intercom blinked and he pressed to answer.

"Your next appointment is here."

He could hear her wonder in her voice. Do you want me to cancel? That was what made her such a good sectary. He looked at Ai. If she needed to talk, he would.

"I have to go anyway."

She was fine.

"Five minutes Umi."

"Okay Doctor."

Doctor, it still sounded funny. He walked over to Ai and kissed her once more.

"See you for dinner?"

She nodded.

"And send my regards to both Haruhi and Mori."

"I will."

He opened the door and watched her leave. After exchangeing a few words with Umi Ai walked over to the elevator. As the elevator doors closed Ai blew him a kiss, and Kyoya was reminded another time she had done that. The winter formal his last year at Ouran high school. Had it really been seven years? Yes. He was now 25 years old, and about to be a father. He smiled for himself for a moment before he saw the man standing and waiting for him.

"Mr Li, won't you come in?"


Ai smiled as she walked down the tables and was greeted by her best friend. Haruhi was still Haruhi. She still hadn't gotten to grip over her now more clear femininity. She was still blunt and direct, still hardworking, now as a business lawyer, still open, merry and kind.

There was nothing businesswomen like over the two women as they sat down, and they could easily have been confused with two schoolgirls.

"You're pregnant?"

"Yes. Now keep it down will you?"

"Does Kyoya know?"

Ai got a bit insulted, but knew not to let that bother her.

"Of course."

"I can't believe you are pregnant. So Kyoya will not only be the only one to be married, he will also be the only one with children."

"It came a bit sooner than we had been anticipation, and as for marriage, don't forget Honey."

Haruhi looked genuine surprised.


"He finally asked Rebecca."

Haruhi broke into a huge smile. The thought of the tiny bunny like man and his American girlfriend for two years always had that affect.

"I starting to feel left behind."

"Don't be. There is still more of you that are single than is not."

Haruhi let out a small laugh, and her worries just melted away.

"I still can't believe you are having a baby."

"Well you better believe it. If you don't, whom will I go shopping with?"

Haruhi smiled.

"If I can't I'm sure you can persuade Kyoya, or Mori and Hunny, or the twins or even Tamaki to go shopping with you."

Ai turned pale. The last time she had gone shopping with Tamaki it had been a disaster. Not for his sake, he loved it. That was the problem. Ai hid her head in her hands as Haruhi chuckled. Knowing her friend would rather pull out her fingernails one by one than go shopping with the hyper former king of the host club.