Title: Choices

Author: Royal blueKitsune

Summary: How could she wrap him around her little finger and not even know it? AU

Word Count: 312

Rating: I was nice...unfortunately for any smut lovers.

Genre: Romance

Disblaimer: No one is mine. That never stopped me though!

Author's notes: Written as a gift!fic for mehira on Livejournal. She posted some cute drabbles on the community strongestheart (HikaruxLantis and EmeraudexZagato) and she deserved a small reward.

No woman had ever looked so delectable in a simple pair of boxers and his dress shirt. No woman had ever tempted him to this degree by just waltzing around in his apartment with a bounce in her step and a shake of her curvy hips.

It was most distracting, Lantis mused, pretending to be engrossed in his paperwork. Too distracting in fact.

He'd crossed his ankles, tapped his fingers on the table and rearranged the manila folders on his desk so many times that he was beginning to loose track of his own actions. Anything to get the sight of her out of his mind if only for a few minutes; to try and concentrate on the phrase he had been reading over and over again for the past hour.

And so we must consider the changes that Magnum Corporation has undergone in these last few months and focus...

Hikaru zoomed through the room, melted chocolate on her hands and a grin playing on her lips and Lantis found himself considering what it would be like to throw that stack of papers in a God forsaken corner of the room and join her in the kitchen; where she was probably busy turning everything upside down trying to make all types of chocolate based sweets for Valentines Day.

No doubt an improvement of his current - bored - disposition. He weighed it carefully in his mind for a moment.

A cheerful, homey kitchen that smelled of freshly baked bread, cinnamon and warm milk with vanilla, or a dreary, dim lit study full of documents and paperwork that needed to be read and thoroughly analyzed before being stamped for the meeting. Tomorrow's meeting. The one where he had to deal with an workaholic Clef, a sugar-hyped up Caldina and a lazy Ferio.

Sweet or sour. Lover or enemies.

Tough choice, he thought dryly.

Even Lantis is human in the end. Plus, I've always thought that Hikaru possessed something of a kittenish cuteness!