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AU fic. Captain Kyouya is the most notorious pirate in all of the seven seas. Then one day, he finds a body floating in the waters. KyouyaxHaruhi

"Mori, how many degrees are we out in the waters?" Captain Kyouya demanded.

"45 degrees North of West." Mori solemnly replied, putting his telescope down.

"Eyeh! There's a body floating in the waters!" Hunny, Captain Kyouya's first in command exclaimed.

"Fetch two men to retrieve it." Kyouya commanded. The order was issued and the body was hoisted onto deck. A brown haired slim figure could be seen. Mori checked the person's neck.

"There is a pulse. He lives." he stated. Suddenly, the boy coughed up some sea water, getting up in a half position. Kyouya walked over to the boy, looking very intimidating.

"State your name, occupation, and how you came to be floating in the sea." Kyouya stated.

"F-Fujioka Haruhi. I'm a cabin boy, and I was shipwrecked from the Ootoro." Haruhi managed to gasp out.

"Hn. The Ootoro you say? That's a merchant ship that was sunken by Captain Fuze!" Hunny exclaimed.

"How is it that we managed to miss this ship?" Kyouya asked softly.

"We were busy with the naval ships and Captain Fuze beat us to the Ootoro. Plus, it was an innocent ship." Hunny replied.

"We were ambushed about a week ago." Haruhi answered nonchalantly.

"Ano…are you guys…pirates?" Haruhi asked, eyes widening. Kyouya's eyes held a calculating look as he made a quick decision in his mind.

"Mori, assign Fujioka the room next to mine to be treated and cleaned. I will be with you shortly." Kyouya commanded as his second in command followed his orders.

Captain Kyouya, the infamous Demon Lord, was the most notorious pirate in all the seven seas. Born into a wealthy family, he became a famous doctor at a very young age. However, tragedy struck as he was kidnapped from a neutral ship onto a pirate's ship. He quickly proved himself useful and worthy enough to escape death, and shredded his previous identity, save for Mori and Hunny, who were the only people who knew an inkling of his past.

His life as a pirate opened his eyes to the injustice of the Royal Navy, who were the real corrupted sailors. Thus, he chose to command the Shadow King and retaliate against corrupted merchant and navy ships. He had never attacked an innocent ship that was formed through honest means.

"Your room is here. There are some clothes for you to change into after you've washed up." Mori noted, leaving the room.

"Ano, Arigatou." Haruhi said, shutting the door. After washing up, Haruhi emerged, wrapped in a towel and about to put on a shirt when the door opened.

"Captain Kyouya!" Haruhi exclaimed, surprised at the sudden entry. Kyouya's eyes narrowed.

"So, why did you tell my men that you were a cabin boy?" he asked ominously, staring at the girl, towel wrapped around her chest.

"Everyone automatically assumed I was a boy. It didn't seem necessary to correct them of this fact." Haruhi replied bluntly.

"My ship has no place for a woman." Kyouya continued coldly.

"With all due respect, Captain, I have been on ships since I was five. I have worked in every part of the ship, ranging from cabin boy, to steering, to accounting and being a medic. I am an able bodied person, regardless of gender. I think you will find that I am just as capable as any man." Haruhi stated coolly.

"If you think you have what it takes, then prove yourself to me, and I will not disclose your identity, nor relinquish you from this ship. You say you've done some accounting and healing?" Kyouya asked, glancing towards the petite figure. Haruhi nodded, holding his gaze. Kyouya walked over to Haruhi, putting his fingers on her chin.

"Very well. I happen to be lacking an accountant and a temporary medic, in the rare occasion that we need one. Seeing as you owe me your life, you will be my personal assistant, accounting to only me." Kyouya said softly.

"I won't disappoint you." Haruhi hissed defiantly, taking his hand off her face. Kyouya chuckled.

"Be warned, I have knowledge in these areas too. Do not think this will be easy, I am a very hard taskmaster." he said, turning to leave.

The Next Day

All the men were being accounted for at the break of dawn. Haruhi was approached by Mori and Hunny.

"Konichiwa. I'm Haninozuka Mitsukuni, but you can call me Hunny! I'm Kyou-chan's first in command. And I think you know Takashi already, he's the Captain's second in command." the bubbly little blonde said. Mori gave a slight bow of recognition.

"Ohayo." Haruhi said, returning a slight bow.

"Fujioka, why are you wasting time over there? Come with me to my quarters." Kyouya commanded, emerging from literally nowhere.

"Eyeh? Why is Haru-chan following you to your quarters, Kyouya?" Hunny asked, surprised.

"It seems that our cabin boy here has some skills in accounting, therefore I have placed him under keeping records for me." Kyouya said dryly.

"Uwah! I didn't know you were so knowledgeable, Haru-chan!" Hunny squealed.

"Hai- wait Haru-chan?" Haruhi replied, shocked at the sudden change in honorifics.

"That's a typical addressing from Hunny." Kyouya stated, beckoning Haruhi towards his chambers.

Captain Kyouya's Quarters

"Now then, here are all the accounts you have to straighten out. They are already more or less in order, but I need you to double check on this month's profits and losses. In addition to that, I'll need a daily report on which merchant and navy ships are departing from local areas. Understood?" Kyouya asked.

"Hai. Do you need a separate listing for navy ships and merchant ships?" Haruhi asked evenly. Kyouya was slightly taken aback at the sudden professionalism Haruhi displayed-not that he showed that on his face or anything.

"If you wish. I will be back to check periodically." Kyouya stated, regaining his composure and leaving Haruhi to her work.

Moments later…

"Hn." Kyouya mused, perusing Haruhi's ledgers. Actually, he was impressed at the feat his latest crew member accomplished, but he'd never tell her that.

"This seems satisfactory. Now, go fetch me a cup of coffee." Kyouya commanded.

"Eh?" Haruhi exclaimed, surprised. Kyouya looked up from the papers and stared at her.

"Is there a problem?" he asked, although the question was more like 'Are you questioning my authority?"

"Iie, I'll go get a cup." Haruhi replied hastily, leaving the chamber.

"Haru-chan? What are you doing out here?" asked Hunny, relinquishing his steering of the ship to Mori and bouncing towards her.

"Captain Kyouya wanted a cup of coffee." Haruhi replied simply.

"Ahh, of course. He's always like that when he's in his 'accounting mode.'" Hunny nodded.

"Accounting mode?" echoed Haruhi.

"Hai. Didn't Kyou-chan tell you? He used to manage all of the records and illnesses around here. Sometimes, there would be weeks before he steered the ship. Usually Mori or I do that." Hunny explained.

"Ano…wow. I didn't know Captain Kyouya was so…devoted. How did he become a pirate?" Haruhi asked, surprised at the sudden revelation.

"He was kidnapped onto a pirate ship. But as for why he chose to continue this life, that is something only he knows." Hunny replied wisely.

"Ah, I should probably get his coffee! I've probably been standing here too long." Haruhi said, jolting out of her deep conversation with Hunny.

"Indeed you have. I was wondering what took you so long, but evidently you decided to dillydally here." Kyouya said, walking from his chambers.

"Ah! Gomenasai! I'll go fetch it right away!" Haruhi cried, bowing and leaving.

"Ano, Kyou-chan, you shouldn't be too harsh on her." Hunny noted seriously. Kyouya glanced at his first in command.

"It seems as if you know about Fujiokaf's true identity as well?" Kyouya asked.

"Hai, it wasn't hard, once you looked hard enough. Haru-chan displays unusual grace for a cabin boy. She lacks proper pirate diction." Hunny rattled off.

"Indeed. I'm assuming Mori knows as well?" Kyouya said softly as Hunny gave a slight nod.

"Hai." was the simple answer.

"Very well. I trust you two to not disclose this secret to others then." Kyouya stated, eyes narrowing on the sky's horizon. Haruhi returned shortly with the steamy cup of coffee, and followed her captain to his chambers again.

The Following morning

Haruhi yawned sleepily, still tired. Kyouya wasn't kidding when he said he was a hard taskmaster, but Haruhi had an inner will that didn't give up easily-if at all. They had worked late into the night, or rather she wrote and he dictated. Haruhi was finally given a reprieve at 2 AM, when Kyouya decided to turn in for the night.

It was daybreak, and the captain was nowhere to be found. Haruhi trudged towards Kyouya's cabin when Mori stepped out from the adjacent room.

"I wouldn't wake him up if I were you." he warned.

"Eyeh? Why?" Haruhi asked, glancing at the usually silent pirate.

"Kyou-chan has low blood pressure. He gets very irritated in the morning if awakened. He's not a morning person, which is why he is the Demon Lord" Hunny answered solemnly, coming from the opposite room.

"You're not that much better, Mitsukuni." Mori said.

"Hai, but I wake up early." Hunny retaliated, stretching his limbs nonchalantly.

"Ready for sparring, Takashi?" Hunny asked the tall black haired pirate.

"Ready when you are." Mori replied.

"Eh? Sparring?" Haruhi asked, confused.

"Hai. Takashi and I spar every morning. We're skilled in all sorts of combat. How else did you think we're Kyou-chan's next in commands?" Hunny answered, slightly grinning.

"Ah, I see." Haruhi commented.

"Ano, we'll be off to train! Have fun waiting for Kyou-chan! Ja ne!" Hunny exclaimed, bouncing away.

Haruhi, at a loss of what to do, ventured into the Demon Lord's chambers. Kyouya was in a very deep sleep, oblivious to his surroundings. His windows were drawn with pure black curtains. 'He seems so peaceful…' Haruhi thought to herself. Having nothing better to do, she decided to open the curtains just a little, since it was so unusually dark in the room. A bare sliver crept into the room when Haruhi heard a chilling voice behind her.

"What do you think you're doing?" Kyouya hissed out, eyes coldly glaring.

"Eep! I just thought that this room needed some light?" Haruhi squeaked out. Kyouya rolled over to the other side.

"Do not touch my curtains again. Go on deck to see if there's any work to be done. Come back in an hour and a half." Kyouya commanded surprisingly coherently. Then silence.

"Eyeh?" Haruhi said wandering over to her captain's bedside. Kyouya was out cold again. Haruhi scurried away, fearing another chilly conversation with her commander.

"Haru-chan! You made it out alive!" Hunny said, jumping towards her.

"H-Hai." Haruhi replied, her nerves restored.

"Come on! You've been cooped up inside Kyou-chan's chambers all day yesterday. I'll give you a tour of the Shadow King!" Hunny said, leading Haruhi out.

One and a half hour later

Haruhi bravely entered Kyouya's chambers again, surprised to find no one in sight.

"You're late." Kyouya said, scaring the pirate out of Haruhi as he emerged from his restroom. He was drying his hair with a towel, the water seeping onto his bare chest.

"Eh? But you were in the shower!" Haruhi countered.

"Yes, but you should have been here earlier to prepare my bath." Kyouya replied simply.

"I'm not your maid." Haruhi snapped, annoyed.

"That may be true, but don't forget who you're indebted to here." Kyouya said silkily, putting on a clean white shirt. Haruhi scowled at the situation she was pretty much forced in.

"Now then, shall we continue where we left off of?" Kyouya continued, settling down on his desk. Haruhi made her way over, and another day commenced.

That Night

Haruhi was not a deep sleeper, and she had just begun to fall asleep, when she heard a slight noise. Getting up, she ventured outside curiously. She could see a shadow lurking and she decided to follow it.

"It's got to be here somewhere…" a voice whispered, looking at what Haruhi assumed to be a map. Haruhi stealthily crept forward, ready to pounce.

"Let's see…the gold must be kept around here according to this map…Aha!" the voice exclaimed, turning towards the direction of the room.

"Hey! What are you do-" Haruhi began before she was knocked out cold. The figure with the map spun around.

"Eh? What happened?" he asked. A third figure stepped out, and the map carrier gave a sign of recognition.

"I saw him creeping to attack you." the second voice explained, stepping over Haruhi.

"Well, now what do we do with him?" the first voice asked, jerking a thumb towards Haruhi.

"We'll just take him aboard. He's a pirate, so he's bound to be convicted anyways. The two figures quickly bundled up Haruhi and crept off the ship.

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