Just then, a slicing sound could be heard as it whizzed past Kyouya and Haruhi. The sun happened to be in Kyouya's eyes as he narrowed his eyes at the source of the sound, where he could barely make out a cloaked figure that had thrown something towards their direction. He heard the sound of rope breaking, and looked up, noticing that it was his own rope that was breaking. In a nanosecond, the rope fully broke apart, causing Kyouya and Haruhi to plunge into the depths of the sea.

Kyouya let out a curse as they were falling, the sharp object that had cut their rope had lodged itself in his calf. It would have hit Haruhi if Kyouya didn't shift their position to protect her.


The pair crashed into the waters, with Kyouya trying to shield Haruhi from falling first. The pair struggled in the water for a moment before making their way to the surface again. Much to their surprise, they found themselves tangled in a net as they were reeled in and dumped unceremoniously onto a ship.

"Excellent, Berlzenoff! I believe we have caught ourselves a winner here…" said a raspy voice. Kyouya and Haruhi looked up at the voice. Kyouya cursed upon recognition at the sight of the shadow towering over them.

It was Umehito Nekozawa, the mysterious first in command of Tamaki's ship. No one knew quite rightly where he had originated from or why he even was a pirate to begin with, only that he had some questionable ties to witchcraft and a strong tie to Tamaki's father, leading to his high position. Although he is of name as 'first in command' it is usually the Hitachiin twins who take over his duties, since he has a preference to the dark. He usually passes his time guarding the few prisoners at the bottom of the ship, predicting their morbid fate. In addition, the first in command of the Antoinette does exemplify hidden skills in throwing shuriken. On the rare occasions that he decided to surface the deck of the Antoinette, it would be near dusk, and Nekozawa could be seen cloaked entirely in black along with his pet monkey Berlzenoff (spelling?).

Kyouya coughed up some sea water and noticed that there were many sailors surrounding the Demon Lord and Haruhi. There was no escape: Kyouya's leg was bleeding a small pool of blood and Haruhi was unconscious.

"I suggest you release us back to the Shadow King, otherwise this ship would end up sinking." Kyouya coolly bluffed the darkly clad soldier.

"You are in no position to make bargains with me, pirate. Your men would not dare attack their beloved captain, and you have no means of defending yourself there with your crippled leg." Nekozawa hissed dangerously.

"Good work, Nekozawa! Haruhi! Daijoubu?" Tamaki cried, rushing towards his right hand man and the drenched pair. He attempted to hug Haruhi, but she was tightly pulled by Kyouya, who shot the captain a very nasty look.

"Captain Suoh…I believe it's best if we put these two down in the cellar jail…" Nekozawa whispered creepily.

"Eyeh? Why?" Tamaki asked, confused.

"Might I remind you, Captain, that as an officer of Her Majesty's ships, it is your duty to arrest all pirates…" Nekozawa painfully reminded Tamaki as he drew back in realization.

"Haruhi's not a pirate!" Hikaru spoke up.

"He was found on a pirate ship, aiding a pirate…that makes him his accomplice…" Nekozawa corrected.

"B-But…" Tamaki began.

"Captain Suoh…I have heard of your near misses with the Demon Lord…it is due time that he should be tried and executed, am I correct…" Nekozawa continued eerily.

"Hai, but…" Tamaki squeaked.

"Therefore, it is imperative that we keep him captive until further action can be enacted." Nekozawa said in a chilling tone.

"Now, wait a second here! I'm the captain of this ship and so my word is law…" Tamaki protested weakly as Nekozawa shot him a withering look.

"With all due respect, Captain…I highly doubt that your father would be extremely pleased with how you are running this ship…one false step…and you just might find yourself discharged…" the first in command threatened, looking very ominous in his midnight black cloak and his monkey by his side.

Tamaki opened his mouth in an attempt to say something, but no words came out. He and the twins knew that no further argument could be made, since in actuality, both Kyouya and Haruhi were pirates and Tamaki was bound by his loyalty to Her Majesty. Any courage that Tamaki, Hikaru or Kaoru had possessed were thrown out the door at the intimidating sight of their unofficial 'jail keeper.'

"Now then…Hikaru, I believe it is? Take these pirates down to the cells." Nekozawa commanded in a soft but deadly voice.

In the cells

"Hm…it should be this one…" Kyouya muttered to himself, tapping a certain bar, but to no avail. The black piece of metal didn't budge at all.

"Damn." Kyouya cursed. Beside him Haruhi stirred.

"Eyeh? Why are we in a…cell?" Haruhi asked confusedly.

"We were captured." was Kyouya's brief explanation.

"What are you doing, Captain?" Haruhi questioned curiously.

"In every jail cell there is bound to be a loose bar…" Kyouya explained methodically.

"And there isn't?" Haruhi asked.

"Evidently not. Curse that witch-soldier for keeping this place in perfect condition. How in the seven seas did he wind up serving Suoh?" Kyouya growled, banging on the bars uselessly. A couple more shakes and Kyouya gave up, glaring at the bars hatefully as if they could melt under his gaze.

"Captain! Your leg! Daijoubu?" Haruhi cried, noticing the bloodied bandage on Kyouya.

"I'm fine, the salty sea water we fell into prevented bacterial infections." Kyouya calmly explained.

Lucky for him too, otherwise he would have bled much more. He had managed to pull the shuriken from his leg and bandage it without too much hassle. The shuriken had become a valuable asset to Kyouya. In the event that any of the soldiers were to venture inside, he would be able to threaten them with it.

"Oh, that's good…" Haruhi said in relief.

Several Hours Later

"Ano…Captain Kyouya?" Haruhi asked timidly at her cellmate.

"What?" Kyouya asked slightly harsh, but sounding tired. He was internally berating himself on his folly for his attack and the unpredictability of Nekozawa.

"Why did you come to save me? If it was because I was useful, I'm pretty sure you could have found another person to do your bidding…" Haruhi reasoned. Kyouya snorted.

"Don't be silly. I attacked the Antoinette because of the treasure that was intended for Her Majesty. I had no intentions of rescuing you." Kyouya lied.

"Eyeh? Then why rescue me anyways?" Haruhi asked, confused.

"Even though you were an insufferable woman, you were indebted to me, and I don't let anyone off the hook so easily." Kyouya replied smoothly. Haruhi cracked a smile at the Demon Lord's words. To her, those were as close as you can get to 'I miss you', although her proud captain would never admit those words.


Kyouya and Haruhi looked up as the noise and noticed in front of their cell was Kaoru with a plate of food barely enough for one person. He placed it in from of Haruhi.

"Ano…this is some food I snuck out on secret orders from Tono…it isn't much, but we couldn't bear to imagine the thought of Haruhi being starved…" Kaoru whispered timidly. In a flash, Kyouya had snatched his shuriken and put it to Kaoru's neck.

"Captain! No!" Haruhi cried at the Demon Lord.

"Your crew mate is right. You would not get any benefit from killing me." Kaoru said defiantly staring into Kyouya's cold gaze.

"You're Suoh's second in command, are you not? I'm sure he would not like to have you die." Kyouya said softly, narrowing his eyes at the Hitachiin twin as Kaoru's eyes showed a slight hint of fear.

"You wouldn't dare kill an officer, that would lead to a definite execution. Unlike my brother, I know for a fact that you haven't killed anyone, only plundered." Kaoru gritted out towards Kyouya.

"Captain Kyouya-let him go. He has a point there." Haruhi pleaded with Kyouya. Something in Kyouya told him that Haruhi was right, and he could find himself strangely faltering before finally retracting altogether.

"Arigatou, Kaoru-kun." Haruhi whispered back as the Hitachiin twin gave a slight reassuring smile and left quickly before the Demon Lord changed his mind. Kyouya withdrew into leaning against the wall of the cell.

"Captain Kyouya?" Haruhi asked, confused at the sudden distance they had between themselves.

"What? I'm not hungry." he replied curtly. Suddenly, a chicken leg was thrust in his face.

"Ano…eat up…otherwise, you won't have any strength to escape later…" Haruhi said simply, a slight smile accompanying her face. Kyouya glanced at her, not sure what to make of her act of kindness. In the end, he decided to accept the chicken leg with grace.

"Arigatou…" he muttered quietly. Haruhi gave a slight chuckle.

"What's so funny?" Kyouya growled slightly.

"I always believed that pirates were so barbaric and without conscience, but after being on the Shadow King, I take my words back." Haruhi commented. Kyouya raised an eyebrow at her and gave a questioning look.

"I found that you're really too nice to be a pirate…" Haruhi continued thoughtfully. Kyouya gave an amused smile.

"Oh really now? Why is that?" Kyouya asked, his eye drifting towards his fellow cellmate.

"Well for one, you're too clean and refined as a pirate…and although you're harsh and all, your crew members have unwavering loyalty for you…and…you're not the lecherous type…" Haruhi trailed off. Kyouya's smirk grew at Haruhi's last phrase. He suddenly took both of Haruhi's idle wrists and pinned her back towards the jail bars, mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

"My…my…you mustn't assume so much kindness in me, Haruhi…for all you know…I could be leading you into a trap…" Kyouya drawled slyly, leaning towards the surprised Haruhi as her eyes widened.

"Eyeh, Captain, if you haven't noticed, we're being jailed in here, and seducing me won't get you anywhere" Haruhi said sarcastically. Kyouya narrowed his eyes as he pulled Haruhi closer to him.

"Well…seeing as we're jailed here as you kindly pointed out…I have nothing else to do but have you…entertain me…" Kyouya whispered, making eye contact with Haruhi's chocolate colored eyes.

"Ano…Captain Kyouya would do no such thing…" Haruhi declared bravely, resisting the Demon Lord's charms.

"Why not?" Kyouya demanded, scowling.

"You wouldn't want to add sexual assault to your list of crimes." Haruhi plainly pointed out, recalling the similar encounter with Kaoru just moments ago. It was obvious that Kyouya was thinking of exactly the same thing on his mind.

"See? There are no benefits." Haruhi said with a serious expression on her face as she managed to free herself from Kyouya's grasp.

"I just don't want to bother with such a skinny woman." Kyouya snapped, moving to sit down a few feet away from Haruhi.

"Huh. Who'd want to be in the arms of a pirate anyways!" Haruhi fumed, insulted.

"You know, you're a pirate yourself." Kyouya replied.

"I haven't done any killing or stealing!" Haruhi huffed.

"I haven't done any killing either, and if you weren't a pirate, you wouldn't be down here now would you?" Kyouya commented, with an amused look.

"Ooh! You're simply impossible! I don't even know why I bothered to say all that nice stuff about you anyways!" Haruhi cried, crossing her arms.

"I don't know either." Kyouya retorted, signaling the end of the conversation, followed by awkward silence as the two stared in opposite directions, bored. Kyouya wouldn't admit it, but a small part of himself wondered why Haruhi thought so highly of him. At any rate, it was taking much self control on Kyouya's part to not do anything indecent to Haruhi since she was just several feet away from him, but it was difficult, since he had a turmoil of emotions within himself.


"Wakey wakey, my pirates." crooned Nekozawa creepily. Haruhi had already been awake for a while, but she didn't dare wake up her cellmate.

"What's the matter? Did he sleep himself to death?" Nekozawa asked, looking over at the still sleeping form of Kyouya.

"Iie…he…" Haruhi began, but was stopped by Kyouya, who suddenly cracked open an eye and glared hatefully towards the first in command. Nekozawa was taken aback for a slight instant, but held the Demon Lord's gaze.

"Anything you have to say, direct it towards my assistant there." Kyouya said sharply as Haruhi jumped a bit. It seemed as if Kyouya had been awake for this whole interlude, but then he slumped back into his 'refined' sleeping position.

"Nani? Who are you calling your assistant down here?" Haruhi yipped, giving an evil eye to her captain.

"Whoever chooses to answer me." Kyouya replied cleverly, returning her gaze with a 'Don't you dare interrupt me from my sleep again' look. He was dead asleep once more.

"As much as I would love to have you two continue your argument there, it's time to go onshore." Nekozawa announced from the side.

"Eyeh?" Haruhi exclaimed, surprised as two thugs appeared from nowhere and grabbed the still sleeping Kyouya and herself outside of the jail cell. After Haruhi walked-more like dragged- up the stairs, the thug manhandling her dropped to the floor unconscious as she was suddenly grabbed in another direction from Kyouya.

"Nani? What is-" Haruhi began before a mouth clamped over her. She struggled for a bit as she was led to an unknown room. Then, Haruhi was released and her captors stood back. It was Hikaru and Kaoru.

"Hikaru! Kaoru! What are you two doing?" Haruhi asked the twins.

"Shh! Don't make any sound!" Kaoru hissed at Haruhi before sharing a glance at Kaoru.

"What do you think?" Hikaru asked his brother.

"I say let's just hurry up and get this over with." Kaoru replied swiftly. Hikaru nodded in agreement.

"Ok. Haruhi, strip." Hikaru commanded. There was a brief pause.

"W-What?" Haruhi screeched. Kaoru rolled his eyes at Hikaru.

"Honestly, sometimes, you're just as bad as Tono. Here, Haruhi, change into this." Kaoru elaborated, thrusting an article of clothing towards Haruhi. Haruhi ducked behind a nearby curtain and her old clothes were being tossed out.

"Nekozawa never comes aboard in the daylight. Yesterday, you were just unlucky to have been 'rescued' at the wrong time. Anyways, Tono doesn't want you to go to jail once we're onshore, so we've decided to disguise you as a girl." Hikaru explained outside the curtain.

"I am a girl…" Haruhi corrected. Moments later, she emerged, dressed in a full length crimson red dress that clung to her body. Hikaru pounced in front of her and circled her.

"Hm, she looks a bit scrawny for this dress, but it'll have to do." Hikaru decided.

"Ano…this is a navy ship…why on earth do you have dresses here? Have you two been…" Haruhi asked as she twitched slightly at the unfamiliarity of being in a dress.

"No." the Hitachiin twins replied simultaneously.

"As much as I would like to see Kaoru in a dress, this dress does not belong to us." Hikaru replied.

"This was one of the dresses that were originally going to be presented to Queen Renge, but since there's so much, I don't think she'll miss this one." Kaoru explained, waving his hand in an offhanded manner.

"And Hikaru…I didn't realize you wanted me to wear a dress that badly…" Kaoru said softly to his brother.

"Well, Kaoru…I would love to see your delectable flesh exposed in a dress like Haruhi's…." Hikaru cried, pulling his brother close to him.

"But Hikaru…other people will see me as well…" Kaoru protested in a more feminine tone.

"Which is why…I only desire to see you in a dress…but that can never be achieved, because we are soldiers…and I can't have you being leered at by pirates such as the Demon Lord." Hikaru said, gazing deeply into Kaoru's eyes. At the sound of 'Demon Lord', Haruhi's eyes alighted with an 'Oh!' expression on her face.

"What's going to happen to Captain Kyouya?" Haruhi asked curiously. The twins ceased their 'brotherly love' and glanced at Haruhi.

"Does it matter?" they asked with blasé expressions on their face.

"Ano…well…" Haruhi fumbled.

"Look here Haruhi, the Demon Lord is a pirate. He's plundered and murdered many people. Being jailed onshore is the lightest penalty we can do." Hikaru stated blandly.

"Although…he'll probably end up being executed, Hikaru…" Kaoru pointed out.

"Oh…I see…" Haruhi replied, her voice barely audible at the sound of Kyouya's fate. Hikaru and Kaoru scanned Haruhi's troubled face.

"Do you mean to say that you have compassion for the Demon Lord, Haruhi?" Hikaru asked incredulously, his eyes widening in disbelief.

"I suppose not…" Haruhi replied hastily as the Hitachiin twins looked more convinced.

"Now Haruhi, since you have short hair, here's your wig we filched from Queen Renge's trunks." Kaoru stated, presenting a long brown wig with curls. He strategically placed it on Haruhi's head snugly.

"There. Now let's hurry outside before anyone notices we were gone for so long." Hikaru whispered as they scrambled on deck.

On Deck

"HARU-" Tamaki cried upon the sight of Haruhi before Hikaru clamped his mouth shut.

"Tono! We're not supposed to blow her cover!" Kaoru hissed to the idiotic captain.

"Oh, sorry." Tamaki squeaked out after Hikaru had deemed it safe to put his hand down.

"You look so cute in that dress!" Tamaki squealed at Haruhi.

"Um, thanks?" Haruhi replied unconcernedly, putting a hand to brush back her hair. Hikaru smacked the hand down, saying that it would muss up her wig.

"Anyways, we'll need to think up of a name and a cover story for Haruhi here…" Kaoru said, reverting the rest back to their 'serious' mode.

"Ok, let's start with the name…how about Harriet?" Tamaki suggested, attempting to keep some similarity between Haruhi and Harriet. The twins gave him identical wry looks.

"Unoriginal." Hikaru stated.

"Too obvious." Kaoru commented at the same time.

"How about Mary?" Tamaki offered hopefully.

"How about…not." Hikaru shot back.

"Josephine?" the captain suggested.

"Too 'prim and proper.'" was the reply.

"Katherine?" Tamaki asked.

"Too common…" Kaoru said, putting his hands up.

"Antoinette?" Tamaki cried, flustered at the lack of names.

"Tono…that's the name of our ship." Hikaru said with a 'What an idiot' expression on his face.

"I think the heat's gotten to him, Hikaru." Kaoru mused.

"Indeed it has, brother mine." Hikaru agreed, linking arms with Kaoru.

"Captain Suoh!" an officer cried, saluting Tamaki and interrupting their conversation.

"Ahh, Lieutenant Kasanoda, how many times must I tell you to call me Tamaki? Captain Suoh reminds me of my father." Tamaki cried, extending a 'fatherly' looking hug, to which Kasanoda took a step back, wary.

"Mah…" Kasanoda managed to say.

"This ship is like one big family! Ah! Kasanoda…I must introduce you to my….daughter, Claire! She's a very cute daughter no?" Tamaki asked, suddenly grabbing Haruhi towards him as her eyes widened at the close contact. Beside him, Hikaru and Kaoru smacked their hands across their heads at the word 'daughter', since it was the worst excuse one could think up of at this moment. There was no way Kasanoda would fall for this.

Kasanoda was at a loss of words at the sight of the brunette girl, and he was also bewildered how on earth a woman came to be on this ship, but he wasn't one to question authority. 'Did he just say that was his daughter? How is that possible?' Kasanoda frowned.

"Captain Suoh…I was not aware your daughter was on board…" Kasanoda finally said, causing Hikaru and Kaoru to nearly topple over in surprise. 'You can't be serious….' the Hitachiin twins thought.

"Hai! She's so kawaii, don't you think?" Tamaki cheerfully rang out, completely missing the death glares from the twins. Kasanoda gave no response and continued to stare at Haruhi. 'She looks familiar…' he thought.

"Hey, Bossa-Nova-kun, you're staring a bit too hard at Ha-Claire there…" Kaoru said wryly as the Lieutenant snapped out of his daze.

"We've reached shore." Kasanoda managed to get out.

"Ah! So soon?" Tamaki asked, surprised.

"Hai. Her Majesty is coming to greet you I believe." Kasanoda informed.

"Nani? So soon?" Tamaki cried, his arms flailing.

"Well Tono, you are her favorite captain." Hikaru explained.

"Presenting Her Majesty, Queen Renge!" a soldier cried.

"Ah! Your Majesty! I'm deeply honored you could make it aboard the Antoinette." Tamaki said with a flourish as Queen Renge boarded the ship to greet the captain.

"Your Majesty?" Tamaki asked in confusion at the lack of response from Her Royal Highness, who gasped.

"Guards! Seize her!" Renge cried, pointing to Haruhi.

A/N: Yes, I am aware of some unexplained plot holes there, as to why Hunny and Mori were unable to save Kyouya and Haruhi, and the plan to disguise Haruhi as a girl. This will be explained in the next chapter or possibly in a story for 'deleted' scenes from non Kyouya and Haruhi centrics.

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