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Sasuke hit Naruto with the Chidori. Naruto tried to keep it from hitting his heart but was only able to move it left to the center of his chest. It hurt like hell when he felt it hit part of his heart. He felt his heart slow as he looked down. "I got your wish...teme."

Sasuke smiled before dropping Naruto and clutched the side of his head. His eyes began to burn as they were forced to change into the Mangekyo Sharigan.


Naruto found himself inside his mind, in front of the Kyuubi's cage. Down the hall, he saw the lights grow dimmer as Death walked to him. "Hey, you dumb fox, is there a way to release you? I will if you promise me something. Make that teme hurt a little before you take him back to Konoha and then leave my home."

"...Sure thing, Kiddo," Kyuubi said. "Perform the following hand signs and then remove the seal. Tiger, ram, horse, rat, and boar."

Naruto did as he said. Oddly enough, he felt it growing easier to move. He always thought it would be the other way around. Must be that the mind is being freed of the body, he decided. Grabbing onto the bars, he pulled his way up to them. When he got to it, he sat a top the plate and grabbed it by the bottom. Pulling, he felt it resist for a moment. "Let go, damn you," Naruto growled. "I want him free!" The seal glowed blue for a moment before he pulled it off and tore it up. The gate disappeared and he fell to the ground. "Can you move, Kyuubi?"

Said fox walked out of what once was his cell. "I can. Now, to do it." He looked at Death as he was only twenty feet away. Then he focused on Naruto. Just before hitting him against the wall.

"What the hell! I let you out so you wouldn't die with me!"

"An honorable thing too," Kyuubi said. "So much so that I refuse to let it disappear from this world. No matter what, my life was tied to you, until you performed those hand signs. Now, I will take your place. In exchange, you will get my chakra, Naruto no Yoko, King of the Foxes." Looking over at death, they saw him waiting. Something seemed to have confused him until he focused on where the soul he came to collect had been standing. Right where Kyuubi was now.

"Are you ready for the after life," Death asked as he extended his hand.

"I'm not but I will walk with you willingly. When I see Kami, Kiddo, I'll put in the good word for you. Not that you will die for a long time. You are a Bijuu now."


Naruto opened his eyes and felt the seal on his stomach fade away. He stood up, his tails moving to better his balance. Tears slid down his face for the sacrifice given for him. And the person that caused it to come about was standing not two feet away, his eyes still burning. "YOU TEME!" Naruto yelled before he punched Sasuke. He flew into the far wall. The dust cleared and Sasuke stood back up, unable to believe what he saw. Naruto now had nine fox tails behind him and two fox ears atop of his head.

"You teme," Naruto said again, his tears still coming. "He...He is dead because of you! The one person that ever just gave me something for no other reason than to just give it. And you killed him!"

He ran at Sasuke, a Rasengan forming in his hand with the help of one of his tails to shape it. Sasuke tried to form the Chidori again but Naruto slammed into him too fast. His vision darkened before collapsing.


Naruto helped each of his friends through the gate of Konoha. They didn't question his new looks, they were hurting too much to. While Sasuke was held bound by a tail. People were looking at him and openly calling him demon now. He didn't care.

"Baa-chan, I got him," he said as a group of Jonin came running up.

"Naruto? Drop that henge, you know how people think of the Fox."

"I can't. This is no henge," Naruto replied.

It was then that Tsunade noticed that he had been crying and still was. "Naruto, what happened?"

"Sasuke ki..." A rock hit him on the side of the head.

"What did you do to them, demon!?" someone in the crowd yelled.

"I didn't..."

"Liar," someone else yelled.

"We should kill the damn thing before he finishes them off," another voice yelled.

"Look what it did to Uchiha Sasuke! I bet he influenced Itachi to do those things to get rid of the clan!" From there it only got worst.

"Enough," Tsunade shouted. "I said enough!"

Naruto set his friends down before moving away from them as the rocks continued. His tails began moving in their way. His head was down turned. They thought it was shame but they didn't notice his jaw was clenching tighter and tighter. "SHE SAID ENOUGH!" It was full of so much killing intent that no one moved. Even Gaara and Temari were stunned. "This is it? This is what I worked so hard for? What a man that proved to be a friend died for!? He betrayed Konoha as you strike at me for doing everything I could to bring him back stunned but alive!? I don't believe this. I don't fucking believe this!"

"Watch your mouth in front of the Hokage, demon," an ANBU captain said. Just before a headband flew into his shoulder, driving into his flesh.

"I quit," he said calmly. "I don't want to protect a village that is more concerned about power over loyalty." He walked away.


Naruto grabbed his possessions that were of value to him and sealed them into a scroll. He hesitated as he picked up the picture of team seven. He looked at it for a moment before he threw it at the wall and watched it shatter. He just wanted it to burn. A flame appeared at the end of his tails. Seeing this, he flicked it across the picture. He then walked out of what once was his house.


Down at the street, everyone gave him a wide breach. No one wanted near him as he still held a little of the killer intent that had scared even the Hokage. 'Good. I don't want to talk to anyone.'

As he was left alone for the first time in his life, he could see why Gaara thought the blood of others was the only way to sooth his pain. 'Speaking of Gaara,' Naruto thought when a wall of sand came up, blocking his path.

"Uzumaki Naruto, what is causing you this pain," Gaara asked. "The person I met before would never have so much hate for his people."

"People change Gaara. I changed."

"As I can see. Why?"

Naruto swallowed. "I tried to let the Kyuubi go, so he wouldn't die with me. On the condition that he bring Sasuke back and then leave Konoha forever. When he finally spoke again, he agreed and told me to do a jutsu... But it was a trick. The damn fox gave his life so I could continue to live. To 'keep such honor in the world'. He gave me his power, his heritage, and..."

He glared at the people around him, making them run at a new flare of hate they could feel. "And they make light of his sacrifice and mine! To give your life for someone else is something each and every person here should honor! It is obvious that he is gone, isn't it!? How else could I be like this!? But they only see that now I am what they always thought, the Fox! A stone full of heroes that everyone honors but his name will never go on it because of bad blood! No, not just bad blood... Everything but a few people here is bad!" He yelled the last part, looking up at the statue of the Fourth. "You were a fool, Yondaime! If you could see what has become of the village you love so much, you would be shedding tears at what you did! You should have let him destroy it!"

"That is enough," a Jonin said to Naruto.

"Ah, if it isn't one of the 'just' heroes, sworn to rid the Village Hidden in the Leaves of the Demon! Well, you have two choices, hero! You can just wait and I will leave of my own free will! Or you can try to strike me down now, like you tried and failed so many times before!" As he said it, his fangs were growing larger."

"Naruto, calm yourself," Gaara said. "If you lose control..."

"I have never been in more control," Naruto growled. "I finally see what this village is! The Kyuubi's chakra wasn't hurting me all those times, it was trying to show me the truth!"

The Jonin was glaring at Naruto. "Hurry up and leave, beast!"

"Not going to try your luck," Naruto taunted. "What is wrong? Afraid because now, you are not just fighting a child, you are actually fighting a demon!?" He snarled and snapped his jaws at him. The Jonin jumped back. "Thought so. So damn worthless. Gaara, if you are still here when I leave, please tell my friends bye for me."

He continued walking away. Gaara let the wall fall because of what he saw. His friend, the person that saved him, was following the same path as most Jinchuuriki. And it broke his heart.


"Sakura, I need you to talk to him," Tsunade said the the girl. "He is not himself because of the sudden influx of chakra. If one of his friends were to talk to him, he might stay."

"Let the dobe leave," she said, thinking about how he brought in Sasuke. "If he could do that to a friend, than he shouldn't be here."

Tsunade slammed her fist down on the table. "And did you think about what Uchiha did to him!? Did you fail to notice that hole in his cloths or the scar underneath it!? Naruto almost died to bring him back alive and unhurt for the most part! Thank him that he did that!" Sakura widened her eyes when she said that. "By Kami... You did miss it, didn't you?"

Before Sakura could say anything, two people came in. Gaara of the Sand and Hyuuga Hinata. "That will not work, Tsunade. His anger is to hot to let even someone close to him talk him out of it. He is of the opinion right now that the Fourth Hokage made a mistake when he saved this village. I believe I heard him call it a fest pool of hatred as he walked away from me."

"Hokage-sama, w-what has h-happened to N-Naruto-kun," came from Hinata.

"...To save the village, the Fourth sealed the Nine Tails inside a newborn. He could do it to no other child but his own son, Naruto," Tsunade said with a sigh. Gaara nodded. He figured there was something between the deceased Hokage and his friend. The two girls dropped their jaws in shock.

"Then that is w-why no one e-ever helped N-Naruto-kun when he was a s-student," Hinata said, not caring that he was the son of the Fourth.

"No way," Sakura said. "That baka is the son of the greatest Hokage our village has ever seen, stop joking, Tsunade-sama."

She slammed her hands down again. She was going to say something but Hinata said something first. "D-Do you k-know where he is, Hokage-s-sama?"

She looked at this crystal on her desk. "He is atop of the Hokage statue right now. Gaara, can you take her there as fast as you can?"

"Hai," he said as he laid a hand on her shoulder and they both disappeared.

Tsunade turned to Sakura with disappointment in her eyes. "And I thought you were his friend. One of his precious people."


Naruto looked at the few good things left in Konoha. From this high, the village still looked pure. His heart was a little saddened that he was leaving. But only because of the few he was leaving behind. His nose caught the scent of lavenders.

"N-Naruto-kun," Hinata said, running over to him. "P-Please don't l-leave."

He slowly shook his head. "I can't, even for you."

"No! Just stay, I'm begging you!"

"...If anyone else had asked me, I would out right refuse them. And I wish I didn't have to refuse you as well."

"You can stay," she started to tell him.

But was interrupted by Naruto. "Hinata, please look at me. People beat me just because they thought I was the Nine Tailed Fox. What about now that I actually am? I will never find peace."

"NO! I don't want you too! I l..." A yellow tail covered her mouth.

Naruto looked at her with the sadness of the world in his eyes. What he did then nearly made Hinata faint. He hugged her, wrapping his arms and tails around her. "I will miss you Hinata-chan."

"Wha... How... Why... Huh?"

"I'm not as big of an idiot as some people think," Naruto said. "I figured out long ago that you liked me. And that I liked you in return. Who couldn't? You are beautiful and super nice. A person would have to be blind and a true demon not to care for you."

"But... But why d-didn't you ever t-tell me?"

"Hinata-chan, you are the princess of one of the most prominent clans in Konoha. And I know you wish to change it for the better. You would never be allow to do that if you are with me. No, it is better this way." His tails held her all the closer as she started to cry. She finally found it in her to tell him how she felt and he tells her he feels the same. And they still can't be together.

"It isn't," she denied. "Please, take me with you!"

Again, Naruto's heart felt like it was breaking. He had to refuse her again. "I cannot. I will be labeled a missing nin the moment I walk out of Konoha. I will spend the rest of my life, for as long as they believe I am alive, being hunted. I will not push that on you."

"I want too..." Before she could go father, he silenced her with a kiss. Hinata couldn't believe it but she leaned into it all the more. Praying that this dream come true/nightmare would never leave this part. Naruto gathered a small bit of chakra into his right index finger and pressed it to the back of her head. She fell asleep in his arms instantly. "Good bye, my Hinata-chan. Gaara, can you take her back to her home?"

He stepped into view. "I do not know where it is." Naruto pointed to the compound. "Then I will. Naruto, what will it take?"

"There is nothing that will keep me here. I think I will go to the Valley of the End." He handed Hinata to Gaara and jumped off the cliff.

"The Valley of the End..." Gaara said before heading the the Hokage's office.


"If he leaves, he will be marked a missing nin," a council member said, venomously.

Tsunade had it. First Sakura, now them. She will make it known now, publicly. "I will not! I will not mark the last member of the Namikaze clan a traitor of the Leaf!"

"You lie," one of them snarled.

"DO I!? Keep in mind, I was the one that delivered Minato's son into this world! Don't you think I would recognize him if anyone at all!? I can have Jiriaya in here in thirty seconds to tell you the same thing I just did! That Uzumaki Naruto, named after his mother, is the only son of the Fourth Hokage! And if you so much as try to push this any farther, I will have the council disbanded and you all put to dishonor!"

Danzou looked at her with more respect than before. "You are telling the truth, aren't you." He realized it was a statement, not a question. Because he already knew the answer. "We drove away the only son of the man that saved our village."

"He hasn't left yet," Tsunade said. "Right now, I am having one of my Kunoichi that cares for him greatly try to convince him to stay." Even as she started, Gaara reappeared with a sleeping Hinata and Tsunade let out a groan.

"She is only asleep," Gaara informed them. "Naruto heard her out and told her he in fact felt the same for a long time now. But didn't act on his feelings because they would hurt her more than help. And he has already left just two moments ago."

"Did he tell you where," Tsunade asked.

"The Valley of the End is where he is going before heading off."

She ran to the window. "Jiriaya! Get your ass in here!"

He already was. "I was waiting for you to call, where is he?"

"That blasted Valley," she replied, cursing it to hell.


Tsunade and Jiriaya, along with all of the ninja they brought felt it long before they got there. A battle between two unbelievably strong opponents. One had to be Naruto. They stood on the edge, looking down, and saw Naruto fighting a real demon, not just some super strong animal. "HELL'S FIRE," the demon called.

"Rasengan!" The two opposing forces hit each other and it created a sphere around them that no one could see into. In part because the force of it knocked them down. There was a earth shattering scream just before there came an explosion. When they all got up, the river below them was filling a crater wider than the valley was at it's widest not ten moments ago. A single tail was floating in the water before it started to burn up.

"No..." Tsunade said. "NO!"


Naruto was scrunched into a ball, his tail already regrown. "This... isn't exactly going according to plan," he said at the pain he was feeling. He also felt something else, as he floated there in this void. He felt himself being lost the a much greater anger than he felt even earlier. It was taking control of him, he knew. That wasn't the only thing he felt. This great power that maybe able to hold him until he realized himself again. Using his chakra, he flew to it.


On a place called Earth by it's inhabitants, two great beings were fighting. Ryoko and Yosho swung their swords at each other and blocked the other's attack. So far, he had taken her right hand jewel. But still left her with unbelievable power.

"What is wrong, Yosho," she asked in a voice of belying endearment. "Having trouble keeping up with me?"

"Not a chance, devil," he said to her. "I will beat you if it takes everything I have! Even if I never go home, you will never harm another person again!"

AS their battle raged, the weather turned for the worst. Finally, it dawned on them that this was no natural occurrence. "What did you do," they both yelled at each other. Ryoko just shrugged while Yosho shook his head in confusion. Then a tear opened in the air above them. And from it, something fell to the ground.

"I don't suppose that was one of your spirits, was it," Yosho asked, looking at it.

"No," she said.

Nine yellow tails uncurled from the bundle, revealing a child. His eyes was red with anger. "D...D..."

"This can't be good," Ryoko said.

"DESTROY," the boy yelled.

"You were right," Yosho said before dodging a sphere of dark energy thrown his way. "He is suffering from Dimension Blood lust!"

"What the hell does that mean," Ryoko demanded.

"It means that he is from another dimension but when he crossed over, he wasn't prepared and his mind protected himself with his strongest emotion, anger!" The boy was now throwing his destructive spheres everywhere, at everything.

"Hmm, I hate to say it but it looks like we have to fight together on this one," Ryoko said.

"Looks like," Yosho said. "It would be bad if this world was destroyed while we were on it."

"Yeah," Ryoko said in a tone that said that was obvious.

"There is one thing I must ask, Ryoko."

"And what is that," she said, disappearing and reappearing to dodge another blast.

"Do not kill him. He is just a child reacting to what has been done to him."

"WHAT!? If you haven't noticed, he has no such compunctions!"

"Ryoko, I can seal him and let his anger cool with time. Doing this will spare him and keep people safe."

"...Alright, I'm game. What do you need of me?"

"I need to get to my ship. He is too strong for just myself. Another sealing sword is needed."

"I was under the impression that the Jiriayan royal family only had enough energy to use one sword," Ryoko said to him.

"...I do. Meaning it will have to be calibrated to work with your energy," Yosho said as he used his sword, Tenchi, to knock one of the wild shots being thrown by the boy into the air.

"Oh boy, you should have said that in the first place!" She grabbed him, disappeared and reappeared by the remains of his ship. Letting him go, she said, "You get it made and ready. I will go keep the boy busy."


His eyes were read and slitted as he stormed around the valley, Ryoko noticed. He could run on two legs or on all fours and still be able to throw those things with just his tails and mouth. He was wild and just trying to release his anger, she saw. Because he didn't aim for anything, just fired. She found herself frowning. She knew what her mother would want her to do. Exactly what Yosho was trying. "Ryo-ohki!" The ship, though damaged, flew into the air with a "MREOW," and flew over her.

She changed into her combat form, a woman about the same size as Ryoko. "We need to help the kid," Ryoko said to her. She mewed back. Ryoko sighed, "He is just a child... No, I'm not going soft... Just mom would want us to save him." A blast shot through the air, almost hitting Ryoko but she just let it pass through her. "Besides, look at him. Can you really hurt him anymore than he already is?"

Ryo-ohki looked around her half sister at the boy. He was crying as well. She frowned and nodded. "Meow."

"Thank you for your vote of confidence," Ryoko muttered. "We just need to keep him from attacking Yosho while he finishes a second sealing sword." The two ran forward, swinging their own energy weapons." He grabbed both swords, burning his hands, and tossed them aside. As they stood back up, they saw the burns receding. Ryo-ohki meowed again and Ryoko nodded. "Yeah, mom would definitely experiment on him if she saw that."


Yosho ran and found both Ryoko and Ryoohki trying to fight the boy. Ryo-onki was on the ground, out of energy, and reverted back to her cabbit form. Ryoko had her sword in hand while the boy held a knife that had energy extending from it. He held his own against her very easily. His movements said to Yosho that he was born and raised for combat.

"Ryoko!" He threw the hilt and she easily caught. When she did, a red blade shot from it.

"About time," she said, grinning at her new weapon. She looked up at the boy and found him staring at it, fascinated. She moved it to the left and to the right and his red eyes followed it. "Yosho, move behind him."


"He is paying attention to nothing but this. Get behind him so when we seal him, we will have a better chance."

He nodded and moved to where he could strike to the best affect. "Ryoko, when I give you the word, I need you to drive your sword into his chest."

"Oh, And I just got it... Don't worry little guy, this will be over quick and then you will be yourself again." Yosho put his sword away and gathered his energy in his hands. With a nod to Ryoko, he wrapped it around him so he couldn't move.

He struggled against his bindings, almost making Yosho pass out from the intense strain. "Now, Ryoko!" She drove the blade through his chest, down into the ground, up to the hilt. His struggles began to decrease as his movements became harder to do. Slowly, he looked like he turned to stone. The last thing he did was cry a last, single tear.

Both of them dropped to the ground. "Damn, that takes a lot out of ya," Ryoko said.

"...It...does. And we still need to finish our fight."

"...So we do," she said with a voice with false endearment.


Yosho sealed the cave leading to Ryoko's chamber. The sword Tenchi, as long as it stayed where it was, would keep her there. He then turned to look at the fox boy. He was standing at the side of the entrance like a guardian. The sword Gouka still in his chest. He will stay that way for as long as the sword was in place as well. At first, he only planned to keep him like this until he could feel the anger leave him. But then he felt something about the child that scared him. His very energy either supported it or created the feeling in him even though he wasn't angry. He would never be able to tell.

"I'm sorry, young one. I can't take the risk. In time I can release you but not until I am sure."


Hinata woke up to find Gaara was waiting for to. "Where is Naruto-kun!?"

"...I have some bad news for you, Hyuuga Hinata."

"...He left, didn't he?"

"It is worst than that... Uzumaki Naruto has died."


"I was there to see it. He got in a fight with a true demon and... Both of them are dead."

", no, no!"

"I am sorry, I..."

Something Naruto said to her came to mind. 'As long as they believe me alive, they will hunt me'. He faked his death but warned her about it. She couldn't help but smile. "A-After you s-saw him 'die', w-what h-happened?"

"The attacks the two held hit each other, they were enveloped in this sphere. When it was gone, the only sign of either of them was one of Naruto's tails."

"Th-There was n-nothing... Noth-nothing m-moving?"

"No, that sphere destroyed everything else."

"Gaara-kun, I d-don't b-believe N-Naruto-kun died. I-I think h-he f-faked it."

"..." Gaara blinked a few times. "Then we should go tell the Hokage."

"No! N-Naruto-kun will be l-left alone l-like this! B-But I must a-ask you for y-your help in something..."

"What is it?"

"Help m-me find h-him or someone that can find him."

"...I couldn't even tell he fake it. But I believe I know something that can. A creature with the greatest since of smell on earth. The problem will be getting it to agree to this request."

"W-What is it?"

"...Isonade, the Three Tailed Shark. If anyone will be able to follow him, it will be him."

Hinata swallowed at the thought of having to go to that extent to find Naruto-kun. But she wanted to be with him, not here, not anymore. Nodding, she said, "Sh-Show me the w-way."


Isonade couldn't believe his luck. He may not have been the smartest thing on earth. But he knew that humans were supposed to run in fear of him. Yet these two only ran to avoid his attacks. They may no other attempts. "Alright, I tire of this game. What is it you want?"

"Your assistance," Gaara said.

"Y-You see, L-Lord Isonade, the K-Kyuubi n-no Y-Yoko has passed away. And his chosen heir h-has vanished."

"...Which means what to me?"

"We would like your help in finding him," Gaara said. "He used a two powerful jutsus to fake his death and left nothing behind that we could follow him with. But as you are Isonade, the greatest hunter and tracker in the ocean as well as on land, you could."

"And why would I do that? I care nothing for the last fox nor this new one."

"Because I will offer you safe haven," Gaara said. "I will soon be inaugurated as the Kazekage of the Hidden Sand Village. The Wind Country does border the ocean at one of it's sides. As long as you are willing to leave my countries people alone, you will not be hunted while there. I will see to it."

Isonade scratched his chin with one of his claws. The proposal was a good one. And if he turned on him, he could just destroy all of the ocean lying villages and ports. "...Fine. Do you have something with his scent on it? And take me to the last place he was seen at."

Hinata held out his headband and walked forward. She was unbelievably scared as he moved his nose to her. She could see his fangs easily dwarfed the biggest human she had ever seen. "I have it," Isonade said. "You must really care for this boy, to keep going forward with how scared you are, girl. Hmm, why not? It does seem time for it."

"T-Time for w-what, L-Lord I-Isonade?"

"Nothing. We move."


Isonade smelled around the Valley of the End and a picture of what all happened here entered his mind. Naruto walked to the edge of the river, sat, and waited. After a while, his nose caught a scent and he stood back up and created a Kage Bunshin. It henge itself into a demon from some nightmare. They waited a few moments more before they started fighting. Up on the ledge, several ninja looked down at the two. Naruto and his clone created two very powerful attacks at hit the other with it. A sphere enveloped them and Naruto cut off one of his tails, dropping it into the water. It regrew in moments.

"How strange..."

"What," Gaara asked.

"This 'Naruto' didn't leave this spot. His scent just vanished."

"Y-You don't m-meant that h-he really died, d-do you?" Hinata was on the verge of tears.

"No, it is as you suspect. He planned the whole thing. He even waited until you were just far enough away to start the fight with his clone. But I imagine something didn't go as planned when the two hit each other."

"What happened," Gaara asked.

"The inside collapsed around him. The clone was completely destroyed as it didn't have the chakra to handle it. But this child was pulled in alive."

"P-Pulled in to w-what?"

"A good question. One that I do not know the answer to. I am strong, but I am quite dumb, sad though it is." He turned and headed to the ocean. "But I do know what happened. The jutsus opened a tear."

"A tear," Gaara asked, not understanding.

"When a sufficient amount of opposing chakra hit each other, they create a tear in dimensions. Your friend is no longer on this planet."

"Then h-how do we find him," Hinata asked.

"Follow him," Isonade replied nonchalantly.

"B-But the only b-being w-with the ch-chakra to do th-that is another B-Bijuu!"

"That is not my concern," Isonade replied. 'Time to see if this child has a back bone.'

Hinata hesitated before she ran up one of his tails. Using her Byakugan, she hit every single chakra point she could. "Y-You l-listen to me! The d-deal was to f-find h-him! If you will not h-help th-then you are br-breaking your side of the b-bargain! And I w-will see to it that the H-Hyuuga cl-clan never s-stops hunting you!"

A tail wrapped around her and moved her to his face. "Then I should eat you and save myself the trouble, shouldn't I?" Sand moved to block him but water from the river knocked it aside. "Is he really worth that?"

"N-Naruto-kun is worth more!"

"I see... Then I have decided. I will not go to this other world. But you will." Hinata tried to say something. "Do not interrupt me or I will eat you for real. You will go... As my heir."


"I will give you my chakra so you can go through the tear. It is still there so you need only open it and follow. You should get to the same place he is. Make sure to prepare yourself though. Or you will come out in a blood rage."

Hinata could only stare as his eyes glowed and felt something enter inside her. It made her pass out.

Isonade yawned. "Boy, take me to the coast. In need a deep, dark cove to sleep in for a few centuries."

"And what of Hyuuga Hinata?"

"What of her... Oh, she is defenseless right now." He turned to the river and placed her under. "There, she will be fine." Gaara was about to jump in and save her. "Boy, think about it. I am the Bijuu of water. She will be the same thing once I go to sleep. And even now, she still has most of my chakra. She will survive some years submerged in water. Lead the way."


Hinata woke up under water. She was so surprised that she took a breath and brought her hands to her throat. And, again to her surprise, she wasn't choking. She moved and found it as easy as if she was in the air. "Wow," she said, which came out more clear than she ever said in the water. Her hands had webbing in between her fingers now. But she somehow knew she could remove them with a thought. She felt something behind her brush against the rock and looked. She had three scaled tails with fins on them! She kicked with her feet and and tails and practically flew through the water.

She broke the surface and reach a height of twenty feet at least before she came back to the water. "This is amazing! Is this what Naruto-kun felt!?" She began to sneeze a little as the smell of smoke came to her nose. Jumping up onto the cliff above her, she looked around and saw the smoke came from Konoha. "Truly amazing!" She could even smell Naruto-kun's favorite ramen stand.

"Naruto-kun!" Looking back, she saw the tear Lord Isonade was talking about. She was about to jump into it before she remember his warning. Calming down, she began the mental exercises she was taught as a Hyuuga to train her emotions. When at last, she felt she was in a cold calm, she opened the tear and jumped inside it.

In that void, she began to wonder if she should have though of a different way because she felt that emotionless surround her and take and actual form of a crystal. She was still herself but she couldn't move as she was swept away to the same place as Naruto-kun.

She fell from the sky just off the coast of a series of large islands. She settle on the bottom and frowned at her predicament. "Now what do I do?"

"May I be of any help, my lady?" The voice came from a shark with the head of a hammer. He was circling her.

"Can you get me out of this?"

"I can try," the shark said. He slammed into it and bit it as well. But nothing he did worked. "I am afraid I am not strong enough. But I will return with others that maybe." He started to swim away but Hinata stopped him. She yawned before asking "Why did you call me 'my lady'?"

"Even the sharks of this world recognize the Queen of all Sharks," the hammerhead said. "...Are you okay, my lady?"

" feeling really tired right now."

"It must be the lack of water inside. I will return soon." The shark swam away as fast as he could. Hinata could barely focus on him before laying her head down and closing her eyes. "N-Naruto -kun..."