Sasuke knew that feeling, he would never forget it. "Naruto," he growled. He stood up from his chair and ran to the door. He threw it open and an ANBU jumped in his way. "Out of the way, Kakashi."

"No, Sasuke, you are going no where," the silver haired ANBU Captain replied. They glared heatedly at each other for a moment before Sasuke started to turn around. He spun back and sucker punched Kakashi, knocking him to the side. "I won't be denied, not this time!" He ran to the wall and used taijutsu to clear it before the other ANBU could react. He ran to the city wall and out the gate. It was several miles later that he shouted. "NARUTO! COME ON OUT YOU COWARD!"

The ANBU caught up with him and figured he had finally cracked. He wasn't trying to leave Konoha, he was trying to get revenge on ghost. One with pink hair went up to him and placed her hand on his arm. "Naruto is dead, Sasuke."

"No," he shouted. "I can feel him! He is out here somewhere and he is the one that ran away!" He looked at her and realized what they thought. "You think I'm crazy."

"You have lived for nothing but revenge for most of your life," Sakura told him. "Itachi is dead now so what do you have to live for? Maybe you just wish he was alive so you would still have someone to fight."

"No, damn it! I know he is! I know this sounds crazy but I can feel it! None of you were their, none of you felt that... that demonic chakra up close, to get hit by it."

Another ANBU came up to him, "Naruto is dead, I saw him die with my own eyes."


Naruto and Hinata were only feet from them, having smelled Sasuke coming so they hid in the trees. Naruto looked at Sasuke and growled, "Hinata-chan, you and Kushina go on ahead."

"No, Naruto-kun, we stay with you." Hinata left no room for arguing. After a moment, Naruto nodded. Naruto and Hinata dropped down and dropped their henges.

"You are right, teme, I am alive. What do you want? Speak up before I kill you."

Everyone stared at him in disbelief. "N-Naruto," Sakura asked.

He nodded, "The ghost of Christmas past." He looked at the people there and thought he recognized some of them. He even saw the asshole. "Kakashi."

"Naruto," he said with a nod. "...I thought you died."

"Because I wanted you to," Naruto replied. "There is no limit on how much I hate Konoha save a few people. Sadly, none of them are here."

"," Sakura asked, almost making Naruto attack her.

"Even you," Hinata demanded. "You made him promise to save that ungrateful bastard and then betray him!"

"How would you know, demon-bitch," Sakura shouted. "I know Naruto-kun a lot more than you do!"

Naruto snarled, "If you even speak to my wife like that again, I will kill you and every person related to you! Down to the farthest cousin! Sasuke, I am here, what do you want!?" His chakra was flaring around him.

Sasuke was glaring at him. "You should have let me go, you damned demon. I am nothing at Konoha. You are lucky I don't have the Eternal Sharigan. You would be completely in my control then."

"I doubt that. And about you being nothing... You were nothing to begin with," Naruto growled. "You lived your life the way your traitor brother wanted you to. You couldn't even think that much for yourself. And you were going to go to Orochimaru just so you could get the strength to kill your brother, which you still couldn't do." Sasuke jumped at him, swinging his fist. Naruto caught it and slammed him into a tree. "You are pathetic, you always were pathetic, and you always will be."

"If you hate Konoha so much, why are you here," the ANBU that said he saw him die asked.

"Because that cesspool still has some people in it that are okay. I wanted my friends there to see my daughter." He turned and walked away. "Go ahead and tell the damn council that I am still alive. Send your hunter ninja, your armies, I will kill them all and send their guts to your door steps until Konoha is no more or I am gone."

Kakashi swallowed, he didn't realized that Naruto held hatred for himself as well. "Why me?"

Naruto froze and slowly turned back. "Why you? 'Why me'?! How about why him," he pointed at Sasuke. "He had the Sharigan! He had talent! He had everything! I had nothing! I needed help! I begged for it! 'Sorry Naruto, I can't train you, I am training Sasuke.' You know the damn Kage Bunshin, you mother fucker! Even if you can't hold it as long, you could hold it long enough! Why shouldn't I hate you!? Everyone here, at one point or another, hurt me, abandoned me, why the fuck shouldn't I lay waste to that damn village!?" That made everyone freeze, he was growing more angry with every second, it wouldn't take much to make him say he will. And no one would be able to stop him. But Naruto seemed to calm down. "Because Tsunade-obaasan, Jiriaya-ero-sennin, Shizune-niisan, Ayame-niisan, and Teuchi-ojiisan. They would be caught in the cross fire." He turned again and the three demons were once again about to leave.

"People know your heritage now," Sakura said. "It would have gotten better! Everyone knows you are the son of the Fourth."

Naruto froze, "...My own father...did that to me?" His voice was feather soft.

Hinata rested her hand on his arm. "I wish you hadn't said that," she told Sakura.

"Why? It is the truth."

"THAT BASTARD DID THAT TO HIS OWN SON AND LEFT HIM TO THAT!?" Naruto was about to run back to Konoha and destroy the face of the Fourth. But Kushina started to cry and that calm him down instantly. "I'm sorry, Kushina, I'm sorry. Don't cry..." He took her in his arms and made a few growls. "You are wrong, the son of the Fourth died in the sealing, there is only the Kyuubi no Naruto now." Despite his anger, when he looked up at them, they saw sadness in his eyes. It seemed that some of his hate was just pent up anger.

"...Would it be pointless for me to say I'm sorry," Sakura asked. Kakashi asked the same thing.

Naruto looked at them and wanted to stay angry but it seemed to be sapped away by his daughter. "...It is never pointless to say it if you mean it. But we are never going there to stay."

"I'm sorry," the two said to him. One of the ANBU removed her mask to reveal it was Anko, who said the same thing. They were the only ones he knew.

"What about me," came from behind him. Naruto looked around and saw Jiriaya. "Can I apologize as well? For not being there for you, for not helping you more?"

Naruto nodded, "I can't hate you, Jiriaya. You are one of the only ones that actually cared."

Jiriaya sallowed and said, "May...May I see my god-grandchild?" At his nod, Naruto set her in his arms. She bit his finger but he didn't wince, grimace, or moan. "She is beautiful, Naruto." He gave her back to Hinata and got out of the way. "I can send word to Gaara that you are back if you want?"

"I will get there faster than you could." He was about to leave before Sasuke forced himself back up.

"Dobe... For what little that shit means now... Thanks for not letting me go."

"...I may have let some of my hate go, Sasuke, that does not mean I let most or even a fraction of it go. You still caused my friend to die and no apology will take that back." Fire covered his body as bones snapped while water fell from Hinata as hers did as well. A nine tailed fox and a three tailed shark were there now but only for a moment. They ran, leaving Konoha behind fast.

Jiriaya looked after them and turned back to them. "Naruto died that day, he was not here. If any of you even breath of this, I have things planned for the next twenty years that will have you begging for death in the first ten seconds."


Naruto and Hinata, carrying Kushina cupped in one of Naruto's tails, ran until they came to the were at the border between Fire and Wind. Once there, they changed back and walked to Suna. When they caught sight of the walls of the city, Naruto smiled. When they came to the guards, the two demons smiled warmly to them. "Hello, we are here to see Sabaku no Gaara."

"Names," the guard asked.

"Uzumaki Naruto."

"Uzumaki Hinata."

He straightened at that and looked to him partner. "Go inform the Kazekage that the two he ordered us to watch out for are here!"

While the second ran off, Hinata arched an eyebrow. "He was expecting us? He knew we weren't likely to come back."

"He gave the order just yesterday, to keep a look out for his friends, a half fox and half shark by the name of Naruto and Hinata."

"...And you didn't think it was us at first, why," Naruto asked.

"Hoshigaki Kisame is half shark," the guard reminded. "Though rare, such traits are not unique."

"True," Naruto agreed. The sand suddenly picked up around them and Naruto and Hinata felt a hand on their shoulder's.

"It has been a long time, my friends," Gaara told them. "Come, let us go talk in private." He motioned to the dunes behind him.


"You two look much stronger," Gaara commented as they walked. "And happy, a vast improvement from when I last saw you." He looked at the little bundle Naruto was carrying. "Is she..."

"Our daughter, Kushina," Naruto replied, holding her up to see him. "Kushina, this is uncle Gaara." She cooed and smiled at him.

"Uncle," Gaara asked.

"You are a jinchuuriki like I was. So I you were one of my first friends and I was your's."

Gaara smiled after a moment, "Alright. Well, let me see her." Naruto was about to lay her in his hands but the piece of fur that went over his shoulder and was tucked into his sash moved from the position and picked her up. Kushina clapped and laughed as he held her in front of his smiling face. He looked back at the two and saw they were shocked. "What?"

" have a tail," Naruto shouted.

Gaara nodded and dropped the genjutsu over his head, revealing two raccoon ears. "Shukaku and I came to an agreement. I am no longer Sabaku no Gaara, I am Shukaku no Gaara. If just to me and the others."

"Others," Hinata asked. "You mean other jinchuuriki?"

"Other Bijuu now," Gaara corrected. "I have been busy as well." On instinct, he made some growls that really got Kushina laughing. She reached out and started playing with his ears. Gaara almost fell over as he took on this pleasurable look. He shook his head after a moment and took his ears back. "Don't do that again," he told Kushina who only reached out for them again. "...Naruto, I know she just doesn't do this to me. How do you stop her?"

"By keeping her away from my ears," Naruto replied with a wry grin, his ears twitching a little. Gaara began to tickle her nose with his tail and before she could bite it, she sneezed and turned into her fox form. She began to squire in his hold, pulled herself free and jumped to the ground. She ran around a bit and tripped, throwing herself nose first into the sand. She looked up with these watery eyes and Naruto picked her up and cleaned her nose off.

"Akatsuki came after us," Naruto told him. "Another dimension and they still came."

Gaara sighed, he knew they did not come back because they wanted to. "Then they must be dealt with."

"And they will be," Hinata stated. "Gaara, we don't want to impose but Kushina..."

"Cannot be taken into a battle field, I understand fully. And I am sure Temari would be willing to look after her."

"Thank you, Gaara," Naruto said to him. "...When this is over, how about you come with us?"

"Huh, as in leave Suna?" Gaara never actually thought about that.

"Not just Suna, this world. Gaara, we have not only found love and peace over there, we have found a family. There is nothing in this world that would tempt us to stay here. Come with us."

"...But Temari and Kankuro...Suna, they are my responsibility."

"Now or fifty years from now, it doesn't matter to immortals," Hinata told him. "There is a whole new world to explore that will not hunt us as long as we don't harm them. And hundreds of others after that. We have met goddesses and demons during our times there. I am pregnant...the very thought of more children to look after is enough to make both of us very happy. And I know you can find that same happiness there. And there is something else..."

"Being immortal," Gaara stated. He had been thinking about this. "Sabaku no Gaara isn't supposed to look like this for fifty years. He isn't supposed to live for that long, generally."

"Yeah," Naruto said. "How could he unless he was a demon."

"And that is precisely why I will... In fifty years?"

"You can even bring anyone you want, we won't mind," Hinata told him. All three faced in the direction of Suna when their ears twitched. Gaara redid his genjutsu before his brother and sister came over the dune.

"Gaara! Their you are! Do you know how much paperwork has been growing since you left!?"

"This is more important than paperwork," Gaara said. "I present to you the Lady Isonade Hinata, wife of Lord Kyuubi Naruto."

She looked at them, shocked, for a moment. "The gaki," she shouted, pointing at Naruto. Who dropped his jaw. No one, once knowing who he was, ever insulted him. They were to afraid of being eaten.

"I am not a gaki, mortal, I am the powerful Kyuubi no Yoko, the Nine Tailed Fire Fox!"

"Once a gaki, always a gaki," she said with a shrug. "You here to save my brother and take the Kazekage title?"

"He can have it," Naruto told her. "By the way, Gaara, just use Kage Bunshin to do the paperwork."

"...Why didn't I think of that?" After following how Naruto did it, several clones popped into existence and ran to do it. "Beautiful. Temari, I am going to need you to do something and you are not going to like it."

"What is it?"

"...Until I return, you are the Stewart of Suna."

"WHAT!?" both of his siblings exclaimed.

"Gaara, where are you going," Kankuro demanded.

"Akatsuki is active again. We are going to go kill them."

"You can't just dump this on me," Temari shouted.

"Gaara, we only asked you to watch our daughter," Naruto said.

"I am going with you if you like it or not."

"Daughter," Temari asked. She looked at the fox kit in Naruto's arms that looked back with big blue eyes just like the larger fox's. She jumped back when the fox changed into a baby girl. "She is so precious," Temari said, looking at her.

"That is my daughter, Kushina," Hinata told them.

Kankuro looked Hinata up and down after a moment, then put his arm around Naruto's shoulders and walked a little away. "Is she your daughter, man?"

"Of course she is!"

Kankuro nodded a moment... Before grinning. "You lucky dog! She is so hot!"

Naruto wasn't sure if his should be mad or not so he only said, "Yeah, I am lucky. Don't know how I got so lucky though."

"Kami trying to pay you back for the hell you lived in," Kankuro offered. Naruto shrugged before they turned back.

"Thank you for calling me 'hot', Kankuro," Hinata said with a smile. "What to hold Kushina?"

He smiled and nodded. "Just speaking the simple truth and yes I would." He took the little girl and started to play with her. When Naruto heard her give a very familiar groan, his eyes grew wide and he tried to take her back. Too late. Kushina got sick and spewed like a can of beer. She giggled a little while he gave her to her father, grabbed a cloth from his pocket and wiped his face off with it. "You did that on purpose."

"I have no idea what you are talking about," Hinata said innocently. "If I wanted to get back at you, I would have had you change her diaper."

"No, double no, hell no. I am drawing the line here. I am not cleaning up baby turds!"

Naruto shook his head, "Willing to cut his enemy to pieces, covering himself in blood and he's afraid of a dirty diaper. How sad."

"Want a bet," Kankuro challenged. Gaara looked between the two along with Temari and Hinata and chuckled.

"Sure, you can change the next diaper. If you can, I will give you a..." He thought about it a moment the reached down and picked up a piece of dried wood. His fire wrapped around it, turning it to coal, then pressed in on it, turning it into a diamond. "...Roughly ten thousand ryu." Kankuro stared at the diamond the size of a man's fist, gave a pathetic moan, and reached for it. Only for Naruto to put Kushina in his hands. "And she needs changing now."


Kankuro took the baby back home with his sister and Hinata. "How scary can it be," he said before going into the nursery. Temari had always insisted on keeping it stocked and ready even though none of them had children. Hinata and Temari sat down on the couch and were talking when they jumped up. This strange sound came from the nursery. It sounded like the thriller music from a horror movie when the killer killed someone. "...Now how did that happen," Hinata asked. "We better go save him."

"What did she do," Temari asked. They opened the door and found Kankuro on the ground, gagging. Looking, they saw just a normal, dirty diaper. Temari covered her eyes in embarrassment.

Hinata put her hands on Temari's shoulder. "Don't feel too bad, Naruto had a weak stomach the first time as well." That made her laugh, the thought of a very powerful demon put on the ground because of an eight pound little girl was too much.


"Gaara, I have a feeling that I just won. Anyway, do you have any idea where Akatsuki is based?"

"Ame," Gaara said. "I have checked every other country that I could and the others have checked the ones I can't. But Ame allows no one to enter. It has to be there."

"Then we go there and destroy it," Naruto said, "at the first sign of a black cloak, of course. I'm not that much of a demon."

"Naruto, I know you are powerful but why not get the rest of us together? We are all tired of worrying about them. If you want to go in, we will as well."

"Who are the others anyway?"

"Two from Kumo, Nekomata Nii Yugito, Hachibi Bii Kiraa. Three that is no longer part of a village. Sanbi Roushi, Raiju Raiden, and Gobi Rokusho. From Waterfall is Shichibi Koma. And Rokubi Sanada is from Snow."

"Snow... The Hidden Snow Village?"

"One and the same," Gaara told him

"...Damn. Never would have guessed. I'm lucky he wasn't against us in that mission. But I never would have thought that many were sealed away. Three, maybe four max."

"All nine at one time were. Isonade proved too strong for his seal..."

"What... What happened to the human?"

"Naruto, will it help you and Hinata to know?" Naruto looked away, he was right, he didn't need to know.

"Gaara, do you know if maybe there is another Uchiha out there? One stronger than Itachi and Sasuke combined? And with a Sharigan different from normal?"

"...Maybe, the leader is always said to be shrouded in darkness but his eyes are different. He has several rings in them. Why?"

"Because Sasuke let something slip. He said if he had the Eternal Sharigan, he could control me. What if someone out there has it and that is why they were trying to gather the Bijuu?"

Gaara leaned back in his chair. "That would be a problem. We go in there, we walk right in a deathtrap. Any ideas?"

"Yeah, I got one. Let me tell you about something that happened about three hundred miles south of where I now live. A place called Hiroshima. The country was at war with another one. And at the rate it was going, the war wasn't going to stop until millions were dead. So the other country dropped a bomb on Hiroshima. It missed its mark by half a mile and still the whole city was destroyed. A hundred thousand people, wiped from existence in an instant. I won't tell you what happened to those that survived."

"...And you want me to live in this place?"

"How many died in the last 'great' ninja war? Civilians included, hundreds of thousands. On the other side of the war front in my home, an insane dictator killed six million. The U.S.A. was determined to keep those numbers from happening in Japan. It is simple, Japan would never surrender unless something forced them to. Twelve million, that is how many would have died total if they went the route of conventional fighting. As opposed to a hundred thousand... We aren't here to talk about that, we are here to talk about Ame and Akatsuki. I developed a jutsu I call the 'Memories of Hiroshima'. It creates an explosion of the same magnitude. When combined with another jutsu, it will only effect those fighting me. If we can get to a position where we are fighting them, we can use those to kill Akatsuki. If we can't... Better to pray that we can."

Gaara swallowed, he did not like what Naruto had just told him or what else he had to tell Naruto. "It is not that simple. Yugito was able to get a cat inside and back out. Everyone there worships someone named Pein as a living God. He protects them and they would give their lives for him."

Naruto hit his fist against the wall. "Damn it! Can't anything be simple!? Go there, kill Akatsuki, leave for home, that is all I wanted! Hell, I didn't even want that! Raise my kits in peace, that is all I was aspiring for!"

Gaara sympathized with him. "I wish there was another way, Naruto, I do. But if we go in there, when we go in there, and Akatsuki is there, there is no other choice but to use it. Kami, I wish I didn't have to say that."

Naruto was quiet for a moment before he looked at Gaara with determination in his eyes. "No matter what, the lives of my family comes before all others. They want Hinata, they may come after our kits. I will destroy them for it. Thank you, Shukaku no Gaara, for helping me."

"I am glad to, Kyuubi no Naruto." He held his hand out and the two shook, swearing that the blood of these humans would soon be coloring the puddles of the Hidden Rain.


"Something is happening, sir," Kakuzu said to Pein. "All the remaining Bijuu are gathering in one place."

"Where," Pein demanded.


"Do you know why?"

"Yes," he said, hesitating a little. "Over the past few years, the One Tail has visited all the jinchuuriki. All of them. That they are gathering, now after us losing four members, can only mean that they know we are weakened and are getting ready to strike and finish us off."

"You are certain?"

Off to the side, Hidan spit on the floor. "Yeah, we are certain. You think we wouldn't notice the seven most powerful creatures in the world getting together? Not only that, I saw something that made me shit my pants! They are no longer jinchuuriki! All of them have tails now like the Three and Nine Tails. Seven Bijuu are coming here to kill us!"

"Why are you worried," Tobi asked. "Hidan-sempai can't die! Even Tobi knows that!"

"Because, Tobi, Nekomata controls death! Jashin may give me immortality, but Nekomata works directly for death! If she wants me dead, there won't be human limitations to stop her!"

"...Tobi a bad boy? That why Hidan-sempai is mad?"

He sighed, "No Tobi. I am mad because we are about to die."

"...That is bad," Tobi stated. "Drop mask, Tobi should?"

Pein was quiet for a moment. "Only if you think that is necessary."

"I think it is," Tobi said to him. "Well, as you so eloquently put it Hidan, we are going to die, I believe it is time to bring our full power to bare."

"What is going on," Hidan asked.

Kakuzu swallowed the lump in his throat. "I know that voice. Only one person ever sounded that evil. Uchiha Madara." Madara took off his mask revealing his one Eternal Sharigan and his scarred face.

"In the immortal flesh." He looked at those gathered. "Not many are left, eh?"

"Who the hell is 'Uchiha Madara," Hidan demanded. "You just look like a cripple with that mask off and an idiot with it on!"

Madara focused on him and a moment later, he had fallen to the ground in pain. "I am Uchiha Madara. The only person with the Eternal Sharigan, ever. And I founded Akatsuki to capture the Bijuu." He walked over, grabbed him by the collar of his cloak, and pulled him close. "I saw it long ago, Senju controlled the Bijuu through his blood line. All of them. Over time, I observed and calculated. With every form of Sharigan I got, I tried to do the same. It wasn't until I stole my own brother's eyes to get the Eternal Sharigan that I could. I now had the power to rival Senju. And he gave them away. That power was rightfully mine! And he gave them away to the other villages! Mist, Cloud, Rock, and Suna. All of them got a bijuu! Two to Cloud, two to Rock, one stayed in Konoha, two to Sand, and Two to Mist. You want to know why they are not there still? Because all of them were fools that couldn't keep the strongest power on earth, even when it was handed to them!" He threw Hidan to the ground. "I tried to kill Senju because of his mistake... But he had the Kyuubi still. I may not have been able to beat him but I made sure he couldn't pass his bloodline on. And now, with the last of the Senju an old woman with no children, her brother kill by my own hand, I am going to reclaim that power."

"My lord," Kohan said, getting his attention. "What are you orders?"

"They wish to come for us, let them come. I will bind each to my will when they get here. I may not get the Three or the Nine Tails, but it will matter not!"

Laughing sounded from the shadows around them. "Is that what you think," a dark voice asked. "My, my, my, I never though when I came in here that I would find this."

"Who are you?"

"Who? You should know this, Madara," the voice said to him. "Who is only the form of the what." She dropped down from the ceiling and bowed to them. She straightened, revealing a blind masked face and seven badger like tails behind him. "And what I am is a man in a mask."

"The seven tails!"

"Ah, how did you guess," she asked, grinning at him. "Well, let us guess the character of these dark persona's here, shall we?" They jumped at her and she faded away and appeared else where. "Now that isn't nice." She began to pout a little. "Where are your manners?" She giggled before vanishing completely.

"Great, now they know everything about us."

"Matters not," Madara said, looking at where Kumo disappeared from. "While this removes the advantage, there is nothing different."

"I pray you are right," Pein muttered. He motioned to Konan.


Outside, he looked at her. "Konan, I want you to leave."


"Something...has changed, I can feel it. Madara is overconfident. I will not be. My real body is already leaving to a safer location."

"But...what about the others?"

"What about them? Hidan and Kakuzu has a better chance to survive this than we do. Madara is about to get all of us killed and I refuse to let you stay here to die. I have to stay to avoid suspicion. You do not, and I refuse to let you."

"Why? Why my life over the others?"

"You are my sister, Konan, what more do I need?"

She hesitated before nodding. "Survive, brother." A pair of paper wings formed on her back and she flew away.

"Survive, sister, because I know I will not," Pein said to the wind. He turned around just in time to feel it. The ground shook. "It has begun."


"Remember, do not enter the city," Naruto shouted to the others. "Keep your blindfolds on, hunt by scent only!" He ran forward, slamming into the wall and right through it. Behind him, Hinata and Gaara followed. Their job was easy, they were to by him time to get to the center and intercept anyone that would try to stop him.

A blast of fire hit Shukaku, throwing him to the side and destroying a building in the process. Shukaku got back up and inhaled, easily finding the source of the attack. "Kakuzu," he growled.

"Gaara. Tell me what will you gain from this by leaving the others outside?"

"Kyuubi, Isonade, keep going!" He raised one of his giant paws and slammed it to the ground, trying to crush him.

Naruto and Hinata hesitated for just a moment before turning back forward. There, in front of them, was Pein, Hidan, and Madara. "Uchiha," Naruto growled. "No matter what, it seems all of you are betrayers."

"I am hurt, Kyuubi. And surprised, where did you come from?"

"Like you don't know or didn't expect me. Itachi and Kisame followed me through time and space. So I decided to come here, now, and settle it. Are you ready to die?"

"Uh, no," he replied. "I intend to live and all of you, now that you were so kind as to come to me, will be my pets."

Both Hinata and Naruto began to laugh. "You think just because you have those cursed eyes, you can beat us!? Amazing, even the clan founder had no doubt in his superiority," Hinata shouted.

"I must get to the center, Hinata-chan. Can you hold them off long enough for me to?"

"I can and will." She reared back blasted a water dragon at them. Then with some more water, several water clones formed. "Kill them."


Gaara shrunk back down to his human form to duck the blast of water. He waited a moment before a wind attack came his way. He raised his hand and the wind parted around him before encircling him. "You will die!" He raced forward, using the wind barrier to block his other attacks. He then slid, using his tail to grab him and trip him. Kakuzu fell and Gaara jumped back to his feet. He then formed a blade of sand around his hand and hardened it to rock. He went for the kill and was about to plunge the blade into Kakuzu when two faces formed on his back and opened their mouths. Gaara saw lightning and fire build up and fire at him. He was barely able to get his barrier of sand up in time to save him.

The hit made him lose his concentration and he shifted back into Shukaku while he flew backwards. He crushed several buildings and shinobi under him before he got back up. When he was sitting on his hind legs, glaring at the nuke nin, he felt something stinging his sides. He leaned down and took a deep breath before grimacing. "Ningen, such weak creatures." He got back on all fours, crushing some more, and walked back over. "But not like you, Kakuzu. How much did they pay you to work for them?"

"I was promised enough money to fill the coffers of Taki until it no longer exist," he replied.

"A nice sum. Too bad it will never happen. This is my ultimate attack, Kakuzu, and you will never see another like it. I made it to kill a whole village as long as I can get in the right position." He tucked his tail close to his body before jumping into the air. Over a thousand feet up, he began to us his wind to levitate and spin. It got so fast that soon, he was just a giant spinning orb in the sky.

"What is..." He wheezed, feeling like he had just ran for several miles a foot. His eyes widened as he looked up and saw a twister forming around him. He was sucking all the air away! Around him, all the normal ninja began falling to the ground, dying. Kakuzu himself wasn't doing that good. His fire heart went first. It burst from the lack of oxygen. Then his lightning followed by earth and water. By the time he finally collapsed, all the others were dead. The air suddenly rushed back and he took a deep breath. Something slammed into his back, breaking it.

"You are still alive," Gaara said. "Good, I would hate for you to miss it." He lifted him up and had him face the center of the village. "You are going to be the witness of something you can't believe. Ame is about to be wiped from the map. Not just the ninja, not even every soul that lives here. The whole village will be as if it never existed. And you get the front row seat." Almost a mile away, they saw a bright glow.


Hidan had fallen quickly, his scythe doing little more than anger the Mizu Bunshin. He just couldn't cause enough damage to destroy it. But he was the only one that fell. With Pein having six bodies and Madara having vanished after Naruto. She was currently throwing enough water to flood a city to destroy him and it wasn't working. Seeing how that wasn't good enough, she changed forms back into her human form. "I will not let you stop my husband."

"Husband," one of the Peins asked. "Ha, the Kyuubi will never be able to stop us."

"You are very wrong," Hinata told him. She slammed her hand to the ground and summoned her Coral Staff. "Naruto will get there and he will destroy this village and ensure our kits can grow up in peace."

"Kits," another asked. "Hahahaha HAHAHAHAHA! You are here, destroying my city, killing my worshipers, fighting GOD for children!?"

"Believe it," she said dangerously. She tapped her staff against the stone and all of it began to move. It surrounded them in a cube of water. "Summoning no jutsu!" Several sharks appeared in the water.

"What is you bidding mistress," the hammerheads asked.

"Kill him, leave nothing left." They swarmed them but one of them broke free before they could and reached the surface. Hinata shot up after them. They landed on the water and Hinata looked down. She could smell the blood. "Looks like my children are enjoying there meal."

"I will make you pay for them," Nagato Pein growled.

Hinata tilted her head, sniffing. "Chakra...I smell it in the air."


"You are being controlled by it, the same as them down there." She looked at him and shrugged. It matters not, in a moment, this village will be dust as well as everything around it."

"I am God, I will not let it happen."

"For all your bluster, for all your confidence, I am the one winning." She held her staff in the ready position and waited.

When she made no move, Pein realized why. She was wasting time. The longer she stalled him, the better. He rushed forward, planning on driving her into the ground. He refused to lose.

Hinata stabbed out with the end of her staff. He knew it would come up short and about ignored it. But he saw water forming at the end and turned to the side. A blade of water formed on the end and stabbed him in the shoulder. She let go and jumped back. "You are inside my range of divination!" She activated her Byakugan and saw them. The spikes and studs in his face was what controlled him. "Sixty four Palms!" She hit him again, again, and again. But her targets weren't his tenketsu, it was the control nodes that were on him. When she finished, he fell backwards into the water. She picked up her staff and watched the sharks feats on him. She looked up at she saw fire rising from the center.


Naruto ran forward, ignoring those that tried to stop him. He ran through the village and gripped the road, tearing it up, to come to a stop. He began at once. His tails began to spin and a twister of fire hit the center of them. "Each of you shall pay the final sum!" The fires built up and he would be ready to release it in a few moments. "Ah, the Uchiha," he said, catching the scent of him. "Come to see just what I plan to do?"

"I have come to enslave you!"

Naruto began to laugh again. "Arrogance must run through your veins! Look around you! The Nine Bijuu has descended upon you! All these lives lost, all that will soon die, is because of you! You refused to let sleeping demons lie! And as such, in you pursuit of power, have brought a fury unlike any other on your head! Now, face the power of the sun in the palm of my claw!"

Unable to move, Naruto couldn't stop Madara from running up to his blindfold. He tore it off to find his eyes closed. "Give up, demon!" He grabbed the eye lids and began to force them open.

"You give it up! There was never a chance for you to capture us once we learned of you!" Naruto deciding to give him a moment of hope, let him open his eyes. Madara roared in triumph...only to gaze in horror when he saw that Naruto had removed his own eyes and they were regrowing even then. But until they finished, he was blind and immune to the Sharigan. "Good bye, Uchiha, joined your forsaken clan in hell! MEMORIES OF HIROSHIMA!"


"Take that, and that, and that," Sasami cheered as she and Azaka played a video game.

"No, AH! Block, block! Go for the combo, the COMBO," Azaka tried to get his character to move.

He groaned when Sasami's character did an uppercut and knocked his back. His character had no life left and an evil voice said, "Finish him!" Azaka saw her pressing buttons in her favorite fatality. "No, no, no!" The ninja, Scorpion, summoned at least a dozen clones of himself and beat Liu Kang into a bloody pulp.

Azaka sighed, "Princess, isn't this game too violent for you?"

"Compared to my life," she asked. "Again! I'll be Ermac this time!"

"Great, another ninja. Let's see, Ermac... That means you are going to riddle my character with kunai and shuriken."

"Would you prefer Sub-Zero?"

"Ermac is fine. To quote the announcer, fight!" 'Flying kick, block, jump... He did the ninja jump! Behind, behind!'

"Try high kick, low kick, jump, distance combo," someone suggested behind him. Azaka did and he hit Ermac so hard, the announcer said, "Finish him!"

"What do I do!?"

"Up, down, X, square," he said again. Azaka followed his advice again and Lui Kang changed into a dragon and ate half of Ermac. "I did it! Thank you, great...warrior." He had turned around and saw Naruto standing there, grinning like he knew something no one else did. "Good to see you again. Hard to believe it has been a year already."

"NARUTO!" Sasami jumped on him and hugged him for all she was worth.

"Hey, little bit! Hey, you getting bigger on me?" He placed his hand against his waist at where her head was this time to several inches below, lower than where she had been. "You are!" He knelt down and rubbed her hair. "I've missed you Sasami. I go away for a week and look what happens." He shook his head. "I am just going to have to figure out some way to get you to stop growing."


"Why!? I love tall women, and if you get like that, I just might fall for you!"

"Naruto-sama fall for me..." She blushed deep red and pressed two fingers together. "Where is Hinata-sama and Kushina-chan!?"

"They are getting some friends settled in," Naruto replied. "Hey, want to go see some real important friends of mine?"

"Really, you brought friend!?"

"Sure did. I'll show you!" He led her out and the lake. She saw several people there. A couple of women and several men. For the most part, all of them had a number of tails. "Gaara, come see Sasami."

A man some ears older than Naruto with a raccoon tail and ears walked over. "Hello," he said, smiling at her. "So you are thee Sasami. Naruto can't ever stop talking about you." He crouched down and found her blushing. "Something wrong?"

"...Your ears and tail..."


"...They are cute."

Gaara chuckled and held his tail in hand. "Go on, I know you want to pet it." She practically pounced on it. And when he stood up and started swinging his tail a little, she squealed in delight. "Naruto, inside there, correct," he asked pointing to the house the two lived in before leaving.

"Yes. And can you please introduce Sasami with the others. Oh, wait, go to take her for a moment." He picked Sasami up and put her on his shoulders. "I want you to meet two very special people. They are like my parents. Tsunade-obaasan, Shizune-niisan, Jiriaya-ojiisan, come say hello!"

"Well hello," Shizune said, walking over. "And who is this little dear?"

"Everyone, this is Juria Sasami. Sasami, this is Shizune, Tsunade, and Jiriaya."

"Oh... Jiriaya? So you are the person that Naruto-sama is glad there is only one of." Naruto broke into a fit of laughter as the elder man sputtered in indignation. "But why did you bring them here, Naruto-sama?"

"...Because they are getting older and tired of fighting," Naruto told her. "And I want my family to be here for my kits to get to know before they die."

"That won't be for some time yet, Naruto," Jiriaya told him, rubbing his hair. "Now, if you will excuse me, I have a granddaughter to spoil rotten."

Naruto watched him go. "I wonder if I would win the same bet with him as I did with Kankuro? Here, Sasami, have some fun with Tsunade-obaasan. I need to go make sure everything is okay with everyone else." He gave her to Tsunade before walking off.


"Some week, eh," Naruto asked Hinata that evening, lying in bed.

"Yeah, some evening." She snuggled into his chest. "Can't believe it though. Aside from those that threaten Sasami now, there will be no more fighting."

"None what so every," Naruto stated. He chuckled, "Can you imagine it? The future prince or princess of Juria having raccoon ears and tail?"

"Well, either those or fox ears and tails," Hinata said with mirth in her voice.

"Well, maybe in more than a few years. You know I love you, right?"

"Of course," Hinata replied. "Whats not to love?"

"Not a damn thing," Naruto affirmed. He gave he a kiss before moving down and kissing her stomach. "Hey in there, can't wait to see you."

"They can't hear you yet," Hinata said with a giggle.

"Ah, I bet they can and are just hopping around in joy at seeing their parents soon. Parents...I still can't believe it."

"Well, believe it," she said, kissing him. "And soon, we will have nieces and nephews to spoil and let play with our children. But you know what?"


"That is still a ways off, Foxy-kun," she said in a growl. Naruto shivered, already knowing what that meant. He kissed his way back up to her lips while his hands went for the clasp of her bra...

"WHAAA!" Both of them dropped their head. Hinata was about to get up when Naruto pushed her back down.

"I have her, honey," Naruto said, making several Kage Bunshin. One to calm her, one to prepare a bottle, one to get a diaper and other things ready. "This is our night and now one is ruining it." He gave her another kiss. "I love Kushina, I love you, and right now, I realized the true purpose of the Kage Bunshin. It isn't to spy, to do paper work for Kages, or to fight. It is to give parents much needed alone time. Soon, Kushina was back to sleep, changed, full, and happy with the clones keeping up watch to make sure nothing disturbed her. Back with the real Naruto and Hinata, they kissed and hugged, and didn't let either go, this was needed for them tonight as in a few months, there would be seven more voices waking them in the middle of the night.


Author's notes. This wasn't a long one, I know. But it didn't need to be, right? I may come up with a sequel but their time in the Naruto universe is over. Who knows, they might go to Outlaw Star next. I don't know. I do know that this story is now done. FINITE!