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Chapter 1-

You are Just a Dog on a leash


It had been only two short weeks since Sasori had begun his relationship with Deidara, and much to his surprise, the younger man was handling everything quite well.
He had never had a pet as disobedient as the blond.
On the upside the bomber now kept his distance from the older man at all times, he no longer barged into the redheads room uninvited, and best of all, he only spoke when spoken to.
This was Sasori's heaven, he got all the peace and quiet he wanted, and to top it all off, now he had the blond ready and willing to obey his every whim, life was great.

The blond sat on his bed with a small first-aid kit, stitching up one of the many gashes on his body, he'd gone to Kakuzu so many times in the past couple weeks that the ex-waterfall ninja had finally just snapped and told him.

'If your going to keep re-opening the fucking wounds, do it your god damned self'

So that's what he was doing, and he wasn't going to lie, he was terrible at it.
'FUCK' he thought throwing down a small pair of scissors. 'Why did I get myself into this shit'

He loved being with Sasori, that wasn't his issue at all, he just hated having to be a slave to the older mans demands, he was trying his best, but lets face it, he wasn't exactly know for his ability to take orders.

'At least I'm with him...' he had to repeated it about a thousand times a day in his head.

He wasn't sure all these injury's were really worth the momentary bliss of sex with the redhead.
He couldn't even say hello to the other without being slapped, it wasn't any better then litterly being the older mans pet dog, hell Sasori treated his puppets with more affection then the blond.
He sighed deeply, picking the scissors back up and continuing to mend his wounds, it was pointless, seeing as though Sasori would re-open them in a few hours anyway, but at least they would be better for a little while. He decided he needed to ask the other for permission to speak to him, and then he needed to talk to him about all this god damned abuse.
Sasori sat, waiting night had fallen, and usually by this time, his pet was already at the door, and begging for his nightly fuck. He decided it would be best if he went and looked for the blond, go knows what he was up to.
Deidara looked at the clock cursing when he read the time 'Shit, ten already, I better move my ass or Danna is going to be a lot harder to deal with' his thoughts were interrupted by a loud pounding at his door, shit, speak of the devil.

"Just a second, un." he said cutting the extra threat off of his last set of stitches.

He got up slowly moving to the door, he didn't even have time to turn the knob and it was flung open violently, revealing a very angry ginger on the other side.
Sasori barged into the blonds room, slamming the door behind him.

"Sit, Pet" he commanded.

The blond rolled his eyes, plopping himself back down onto his bed.
"Its nearly ten thrity Pet, what have you been doing, you know what happens when you make your master wait"
Deidara said nothing, lowering his eyes nervously, great all that time spent mending himself was going to be pointless in a few seconds.


"I'm sorry Master, I was tending to my injuries, and I lost track of the time, un, I apologize"

Sasori moved to stand menacingly in front of the other man, crossing his arms.

"That is no excuse for tardiness, and I will not tolerate it" he said pulling what appeared to be a thick leather collar and leash from his cloak and slipping it around the blonds neck.
"Come, we've wasted to much time with this nonsense" He pulled the leash roughly dragging the younger ninja behind him and back to his room.

Deidara quickened his pace following the other closely so as not to be choked by the collar.
When they reached Sasori's room redhead pulled violently on the leash dragging the other inside quickly and locking the door. He shoved Deidara harshly to the floor before wandering over to his stereo and switching it on, turning the volume up to drowned out the noise he knew the blond would soon be making.
He then moved where he had thrown Deidara, picking up the leash and disconnecting it from the collar, only to drag the blond onto the bed and snap the collar to one of the many rings attached to it.

"for your insolence, Pet, tonight you do not have the privilege of sight" He said as he reached into a drawer in his nightstand and pulled out a blindfold, slipping it over his pet's eyes. Rummaging through the drawer further he pulled out a set of leather restraints,

"Nor do you have the privlage, of touching me, one more act of defiance and I will take your voice as well, do you understand"

Deidara nodded his head, he hated the damned blindfold, the gag was the last thing he wanted at this point. Sasori reached up and pulled the tie from Deidara's hair, he hated that ridiculous ponytail.
Reaching under his bed, Sasori pulled out the instument he would be using to punish his disobediant pet tonight, a black leather studded paddle.

"Turn over onto your stomach, Pet"

Deidara obeyed, twisting his body so that he was laying face first on the lush pillows beneath his head, and raising his ass into the air, he wasn't stupid, he knew what was coming next.
Deidara bit his lip when the paddle made contact with the tender flesh of his rear, Sasori raised the paddle again, bringing it down harder.
The blond could barely take it anymore, he had almost blown his load with the first two strikes, he knew if he came without the scorpions permission, he would be in deep shit. Sasori noticed the younger mans uncomfortable wiggles and reached over onto the nightstand, he had almost forgotten that Deidara could almost never last without a cock ring on when it came to being paddled. Slipping the cock ring onto Deidara's leaking member Sasori again reached over to his nightstand opening the top drawer and pulling out a large purple vibrator. He flipped the switch on casually, and placed the tip against the blonds back, running the large toy down his spine teasingly.

Deidara shuddered,'Oh fuck me.' he thought, 'Great'
He had no time to think as the vibrating object was thrust roughly inside him, biting his lip so hard that it began to bleed, 'fuck that hurt!'
Sasori smiled, leaning close to Deidara's ear and whispering.

"Now, Pet, I have some work to finish up on my new puppet, if you can sit still and behave until I'm done, then you will regain your sight, and I will fuck you myself, if not, you get to stay this way until morning, is that clear"
Deidara nodded.
"Good, boy" Said the redhead moving from the bed back to his workbench and continuing to work on his latest creation.

'Just peachy!' he thought, not only was he tied down with a vibrator in his ass, but he couldn't cum if he wanted to, and the icing on the cake, he had to stay like this for god knows how long while his Danna sat three feet away from him, working on a puppet, this was hell.
Four hours went by as Sasori continued to work on his puppet, making sure he was good and finished before sealing it into a scroll.
He hadn't heard a peep out of Deidara the whole time. He had behaved quite well.
Deidara was growing impatient, his erection throbbing painfully, Sasori needed to get over here and fuck his brains out, like right now.
Sasori moved over to his bound pet, removing the vibrator quickly and slipping the blindfold from his eyes.

"Turn over, Pet"
Deidara obeyed silently, turning over onto his back and looking up at his Danna with lust filled eyes.

"You did an excellent job, I hadn't expected you to stay so quiet" Sasori said as he slowly removed his pants to reveal his throbbing erection.
"It would be a shame to let this go to waste" he said, inserting a finger into the blonds entrance,

"After all, you're all nice and ready"
Deidara shivered as the redhead's finger probed his entrance, knowing the other would take his time, just to torture him.
The scorpion removed his finger quickly, replacing it with his aching length, thrusting into the blond roughly.
Deidara had to fight hard not to cry out as his already abused prostate was slammed into mercilessly. The redhead didn't last long and came quickly spilling his seed inside the younger man.
Rolling off of the abused blond, he layed down next to him, reaching a hand out to stroke his hair playfully.
Deidara mustered up his courage and spoke, without the older mans consent.

"Master, un"

Sasori looked at the disobedient blond questioningly.

"Yes, pet?"

Deidara lowered his gaze, knowing from the tone of his masters voice, that he was in trouble.

"Why don't you ever take me anywhere? Why don't you ever make love to me without hurting me? Why can't you show me a little respect, and treat me like a proper boyfriend"
Sasori scoffed at the questions, yanking violently on the strands of hair he had in his hands.

"This isn't about love Pet, I'm not your silly boyfriend, I am your Master"

"Yes, but..." He was cut off as Sasori slapped his cheek.

"No buts, what we have together isn't about such stupid things, it's about obedience, maybe if you listened to me more often I would treat you better"
Deidara turned his head away from Sasori speaking meekly.

"Yes, Master"
Sasori kissed Deidara's cheek gently, removing the restraints that held him in place and wrapping his arms around the younger man. Who looked up defiantly, licking the redheads face.

"Just for that, Pet, You get to wear that cock ring all night, don't even think I'm finished with you yet."
Deidara blinked, sticking his tounge out defiantly at the older man, who promptly captured it with his teeth, pulling the blond into a passionate kiss.
Maybe tonight wasn't going to be so bad after all.