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Chapter 14- It burns inside of me


Sasori had spent the last few days forced to lay in bed all day, by his blond lover. Who was still worried about the redheads condition, despite the fact that the puppet master swore he felt better, and that he was fine.

He had been a bit nauseous and sick for about a day after his attempted suicide, the mixture of antidotes throwing his system off balance a little, but he had been fine within a few hours, four days later and he was growing impatient, and needless to say, bored of laying around all day, and being fussed over he wasn't a damned child.

Deidara walked cautiously back into Sasori's room, still a bit unsure of weather the older man had really forgiven him. He wouldn't have, even if the whole thing had been a terrible misunderstanding, he deserved to be punished for his actions.

Walking through the door, he balanced the small bowl of soup precariously on his forearm, closing the door behind him, and walking over to the irate looking bedridden puppet master.

"Here you are Master, I thought maybe you were getting hungry, un"

Sasori looked spitefully up at the blond, taking the bowl gently and beginning to eat in silence. It was annoying that the bomber had so easily seemingly returned to his submissive ways, sometimes the scorpion wondered about the younger mans mental state, he could be horridly bi-polar.

That seemingly sweet and submissive uke, becoming a psychotic and aggressive seme in only a matter of moments, somehow Sasori almost blamed himself.

He sighed as he sipped at his soup, at least now that things had been uncomplicated, they could finally start on the complicated task of repairing the damage that had been done to their relationship.

Sure, Sasori forgave Deidara for what he had done. He understood perfectly well what the younger man must have been feeling when he saw him with Pein. He had experienced the same feeling when he had seen the blond exiting the Uchiha's room, and he hadn't even witnessed what had gone on behind the closed door.

He could only imagine the rage, and the anguish it must have caused his lover. Even if he forgave Deidara, he was finding it hard not to feel like a piece of shit for subjecting the younger man to such painful feelings, scars were one thing, but scars on the heart were much harder to heal.

He knew that Deidara was blaming himself for all of what happened, Pein had most likely made the blond believe it had all been his fault, why else would he be refusing to look the scorpion in the eyes?

Finishing his food, the silence still thick in the air, Sasori set his bowl on to the nightstand looking up to Deidara, a serious look in his eyes.

"Deidara, Come here"

The blond inched slowly closer to the bed standing meekly in front of the redhead his eyes downcast to the floor.

The same stern look on his face Sasori gently patted the bed next to him.


The bomber winced at the demanding tone in the puppet masters voice, but delicately did as he was told taking a seat on the bed next to the older man.

Immediately, the smaller man grabbed his arm, dragging him downwards into a tight hug, the blond was surprised, but quickly meted into the embrace.

"How many times do I have to say that I forgive you, before you believe me Deidara?"

The blond still would not meet his masters gaze, he was ashamed of himself. He had caused the man he loved, to attempt to take his own life, how could he not feel ashamed?

Sasori sighed, cupping Deidara's chin gently.

"Look at me"

Still, Deidara refused silently. Sasori was beginning to grow tired of the blonds submissive but defiant behavior, roughly he grabbed a handful of the bombers long hair, tugging it in impatience.

"I said LOOK at me, Deidara"

Slowly, Deidara raised his eyes to look at the man before him. The look in Sasori's honey orbs, loving but stern.

"I forgive you, I love you"

Without another word, Sasori leaned close to Deidara claiming his lips in a rough kiss, he had missed the taste of the younger man desperately. Deidara moaned against the scorpions lips, parting his to let Sasori's tongue invade and re-explore his mouth.

He couldn't help but moan as Sasori's other hand joined its partner, tangling in his hair, yanking and pulling his body closer to Sasori's. The others arousal was obvious to both of them, they needed each other.

Almost in a frenzy Sasori ripped Deidara's thin shirt from his body, his hands swiftly moving to remove his pants as well. Putting a hand to his already bare chest, Deidara stopped him.

Moving himself quickly downwards, pulling the covers off of the puppet master, before hooking his thumbs under the waistband of his pants removing the scorpions boxers along with the other unwanted article.

Wrapping his hand gently around the redheads arousal, he brought the leaking appendage to his lips, kissing the tip softly. Smiling as Sasori shivered, he parted his lips his tongue darting out to gently lick the head of the puppet masters manhood. The way Sasori would yank on his hair every time he moaned sending chills through his spine.

This was what he had been missing with Itachi, this electricity, this fire. It was passion, it was love.

Forcibly, he was removed from his position, Sasori using his hair to drag him back to eye level.

Deidara whimpered in anticipation as soft lips kissed the nape of his neck gently, only to reveal teeth moments later. More chills wracking his body as they sunk into the tender flesh, moving along his jaw gently to nip at his ear.

"I'm going to rid you of the scent of that bastard, even if I have to tear it from your skin"

The sound of Sasori's silken voice as he whispered softly into his ear, drove the chills in his body insane.


Sasori's eyes darkened, quickly he pinned Deidara to the mattress beneath him, swiftly removing the blonds pants. Deidara's heart began to beat furiously as Sasori kept his eyes on him, forcing his legs apart and lowering his head to the sensitive areas below.

Deidara squeaked in surprise as teeth pierced the tender flesh of his inner thigh, his squeak soon turning into a shrill moan as they sunk deeper.

Kissing the small indents he left with his teeth Sasori moved to face the blonds erection. grabbing it roughly, and swirling his tongue teasingly on the tip. Gently, he scrapped his teeth along the head, chuckling as Deidara's cries grew louder.

"This is mine, do you understand?" He asked, the hand around the blonds arousal giving a rough squeeze. Deidara nodded.

"Yes Master, un"

Sasori returned to his ministrations, sucking and nipping at the blonds arousal. Using the younger mans distraction to his advantage, he used the opportunity to push two fingers roughly into the blonds entrance. Deidara couldn't stifle the cries caught somewhere between agony and bliss that escaped his lips, it hurt so much it almost pushed him over the edge.

Sitting up slowly, Sasori continued thrusting his fingers into the bomber, reaching over to his nightstand he grabbed one of the few cock rings that littered it's surface.

"I'm not nearly done with you, Deidara, I can't have you spoiling my fun early"

Deidara hissed as the cold metal came into contact with the swollen flesh of his member, Sasori's warm hand a welcome sensation as it wrapped around his shaft, pumping him slowly.

Deidara was overwhelmed, his vision was getting hazy, and breathing seemed so much more difficult, this was intense. He had to struggle to find his voice.

"M-master....i-i-inside...n-eed...you, u-un!"

Sasori chuckled, his grip on Deidara's member tightening, his pace quickening.

"I didn't hear the magic word"

Deidara took a deep breath.


Sasori loved the feeling of control, he was a puppet master after all, manipulation was his specialty. Removing his fingers from his lover, his free hand turning the younger man onto his side. Spreading the blonds legs apart, he pressed against his entrance, rubbing the puckered hole teasingly before quickly and roughly pushing inside.

Placing his leg over Sasori's shoulder, Deidara thrust desperately against Sasori's sheathed erection, his hips bucking uncontrollably into the hand that was still stroking his aching cock. Deidara's thrusts were erratic compared to Sasori's, who was enjoying how desperate his younger lover was. Slowly he thrust roughly into the blond, keeping a hard and steady pace.

Deidara couldn't stand it anymore, he needed to cum. But something about that look in Sasori's eyes said to him that this was far from over.

Suddenly. the hand stroking him stopped, as Sasori withdrew from him. Deidara whimpered at the loss, he had wanted Sasori to cum inside of him, he needed to feel that hot sticky substance fill him up.

He moaned as a hand grabbed at his hair again, dragging his face downwards to meet Sasori's still throbbing erection. The scorpion holding his chin to keep him in place as he stroked his own member. In a matter of seconds, the hand holding his chin moved to his right eye, prying it open so that it was impossible for the bomber to blink.

Sasori moaned loudly almost growling as he came, Deidara whimpering as his eye was hit dead on, Sasori's fingers releasing their grip on his face as the redhead smeared his cock a crossed it.

Deidara blinked his eye tearing up, irritated from what Sasori had just done. He wore a look on his face that clearly stated, "why?"

He didn't even need to ask, Sasori beat him to it.

"Because you deserved it"

Deidara looked pathetically up at Sasori, cum running down his cheek.


Sasori shook his head, as if he already knew what the blond was going to ask.

"We aren't done yet, I'd hate to see that...delicious....hard cock of yours go to waste, don't you agree?"

Deidara's eyes lit up mischievously, he knew where this was headed. He shuddered the pain in his cock intensifying as Sasori teasingly rubbed his ass against it.

"Make me forget what he did to me"

Without question, Deidara put his fingers to his own lips sucking them lightly before trailing them downwards, rubbing lightly against the scorpions entrance before thrusting inside slowly. Deidara was surprised at how easily his fingers slipped past the tight ring of muscle, deciding he didn't need to waste much time preparing the older man, he made quick work of it.

Positioning himself and quickly thrusting into the redhead.

Sasori almost instantly flipping Deidara onto his bac, riding him hard. His hips rocking frantically, Deidara barely even had to move and it seemed Sasori could care less if he was doing all the work. Deidara began clawing furiously at the puppet masters back, his hips, any skin he could get a hold of. The pain in his loins was overwhelming.

He couldn't stand this anymore, shoving the redhead off of him and down to the bed, he ripped the cock ring off of himself, shooting his seed onto Sasori's stomach and thighs.

Collapsing to the bed, exhausted Deidara smiled.

Sasori moved closer, wrapping his arms around the blond pressing their bodies closely together, not caring what sort of bodily fluids they were covered in.

"I Forgive you, love"

Deidara chuckled sleepily.

"Alright, un. I Belive you"


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