The New Era

The New Era


The cool night's air blew softly, bringing with it calm and the relentless atmosphere of rest. The wind blew through an open window and played around the chimes that hung from the ceiling. The chimes played a melodious tune as it tinkled lightly in the soft cool breeze. The night was calm and serene. Everyone was sound asleep except one restless boy who was suffering the effects of a nightmare.

A brown haired boy stood alone on a vast plain of sand dunes. The sun beat down upon his fair complexion but didn't threaten to burn him. The sun shone its bright light and didn't once give up its light as there was no cloud to hinder its brilliance. The boy seemed to be on the transition of manhood. His eyes were a deep chestnut colour. They were calm, calculating and were capable of hiding emotion. They were the eyes of a leader.

His stature was kept upright as if to challenge the hollowing wind to try and bring him to his knees. Looking around, the boy started his descent down the sand dune and into the shadowy valley of the sandy monolith. Down he went into the great expanse of shadow. A feeling of foreboding told him not to press on any further but he ignored it and went where his feet took him for another feeling overpowered his sense of warning, a feeling of determination.

He was determined to come to find the meaning of the dream. It had plagued his nights and had kept him on edge during his waking hours for weeks now. This was a dream unlike any he had ever had. For one, it was a nightmare and to make it worse it was a reoccurring nightmare that he could not shake. The nightmare was threatened to push him into insomnia if he didn't force himself to play it out further.

While the boy had little to no control over his dream, he decided that the only way to end this vicious cycle was to let it the dreams unfold. He moved into the shadowy valley between the dunes and as he trudged deeper into its depths the sun faded, hidden behind the dune's peak. Feeling a sense of foreboding, the boy soldiered on until the sun was completely eclipsed. As the rays faded so did his bravery.

Scared and desperate, the boy scrambled back up the steep dune walls. He tumbled back into the dark abyss and knew that it was hopeless to try and escape. Looking around the abyss of darkness, he watched as the dune peaks rose higher and out of reach. Soon the dark fully enclosed the valley like a tomb cover had just sealed over the dune peaks. The dark grew darker and the dune's valley became suddenly quiet like the calm before a storm.

Then as the night became absolute, the boy heard the whispered invitations that were passed around him. Foul creatures of imagination began to rise and awake from slumber. Little horrors of the night manifested themselves in shadow form and the only indication of their presence was their glowing eyes. The boy felt each and every pair of eyes drill holes into him. The eyes then moved forward and he felt something brush by him. The eyes had bodies!

The boy wasn't going to wait around to be eaten so he ran, leaving the eyes behind him. He ran hard searching desperately for a place to hide from the night but he knew it was impossible. Growls sounded in the darkness behind him and the boy could swear he could hear sharp barking snarls. It sounded like someone was issuing orders for his capture. This spurred on the boys flight but as with all nightmares he soon found no where to run as he came to a cliff with raging waves and jagged rocks beneath him.

The boy didn't have time to think as to where the sudden change of landscape came from as he was now faced with a choice, none of them guaranteeing his survival. In front of him he was faced with a sheer drop to his death. Behind him were monsters vying to eat him. They were so close behind him that he could smell their breath. It smelled like carrion. The boy wrinkled his nose at the scent and decided jumping would be a better option than getting ripped up by fowl demons.

The boy steeled himself and jumped to his doom. He fell uncontrollably, tumbling as he flailed madly in a hopeless attempt to right himself but as he did his view was suddenly filled with jagged rocks and there was only one though going through his mind as he hit them...

The boy shot upright in his bed gasping for air. He simultaneously tried to stand and free himself of his twisted covers which resulted in an expected fall. He went down hard on the padded carpeted floor and instantly felt the vertigo one feels when getting up too quickly. His chest ached with pain as his heart hammered hard in his chest and threatened to pop out of his rib cage. Slowly he breathed to calm himself. He untangled himself from his twisted covers and hopped back into bed, eyes wide open.

The night was getting old and according to his clock there was a few hours until dawn but he knew he'd get no more sleep so he contented himself by concentrating on what he'd do at school tomorrow. The night dragged on and he was still awake with no one to talk to and the only company he had was the ominous night's breeze gently blowing about his bedroom playing his wind chimes.