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"Get out of here!"

"Hey! We got a bad guy to catch!"

Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei stood their ground against the mob in the gateway to a rare demon town that they were trying (without much success) to enter.

"Yusuke," Kurama whispered, "let's try a different approach other than screaming in their faces like you've been doing for the past five minutes." The red-haired man stepped up to the rapidly growing crowd of ogres and demons and put his hands out peacefully. "Please listen to me. We just want to help you…" He was quickly cut off as the crowd gushed its fury.

"We don't want your kind of help!"

"Did old Gorian get help?"

At the mention of 'Gorian', the crowd took a sharp turn for rebellious to riotous.

Hiei drew level with Yusuke. "Let's go, detective. None of them have any intention of letting us past. Besides, it was just a minor break in."

"He stole twelve full-sized diamonds!"


Kurama bowed his head. "As much as I hate to say this, I think Hiei's right, Yusuke. It's better if we did not get hurt trying to apprehend a demon whose style will most likely lead him to strike again."

Yusuke grit his teeth. "Fine," he spat.

The team trekked back to Botan, who was waiting on a nearby hill. She saw their apparent lack of any suspect or evidence, and frowned, looking oddly fish-like in the eerie green light of the portal she had prepared.

"What's wrong guys? Were there no clues?"

"Shut up, just shut up." Yusuke muttered, stepping up to the already prepared portal.

Kurama smiled apologetically. "Yusuke's just upset because there was a… complication. Unfortunately, we couldn't get into the village"

Botan blinked owlishly for a moment before frowning. "What do you mean you couldn't get into the village? I checked out myself; everyone's pretty friendly here."

"I said shut up, Botan!" Yusuke's voice yelled shrilly from the other side of the portal.
"Damn it, Urameshi, that's no way to talk to a girl!" Kuwabara yelled, jumping into the portal after Yusuke.

Kurama gave her slight smile that said I'll-explain-later, and stepped into the portal. Botan looked questioningly at Hiei, but he ignored her as he walked into the gateway. Sighing in defeat, the blue-haired woman stepped after her irritated friends into the hallway just outside the doors of the spirit world's ruler… well, the ruler's son.

Kuwabara had wrestled Yusuke to the ground (probably through surprise attack) and had hooked a finger in his mouth. As he held his struggling friend in a chokehold, he began screaming about apologizing to Botan.

Flattered and embarrassed, the woman giggled nervously into the palm of her hand before turning her attention to the other two. Kurama and Hiei were being escorted by (actually walking ahead and practically ignoring) George the Ogre, who was wringing his hands nervously and desperately trying to get their attention before they walked through the golden doors they were headed to.

Botan followed quietly into the office of Lord Koenma.

The young (for even though he insisted to the contrary, he was quite young for someone from the Sprit World) Lord was furiously stamping papers on his desk, completely ignoring the group and George, who looked as if he was going to faint any minute from anxiety.

Finally, Kuwabara and Yusuke joined them, Yusuke looking even angrier than he had before, and Kuwabara sporting several new lumps on his head and face. Yusuke's small patience lasted about a minute before he began yelling for Koenma's attention.

Just as he opened his mouth to begin yelling, Koenma's head snapped up, eyes blazing with fury. "How dare you!" The Lord hollered angrily.

Yusuke stopped his stream of curses for a moment and joined the others in staring blankly at the enrage man in a toddler's body. Koenma had, at this point, jumped on top of his desk, so they could clearly see him shaking with rage.

"How dare you come back here after what you have done!"

All turned their widened (though perhaps only fractionally, as in Hiei's case) eyes on the ruler. They had never seen him this mad before.

Finally, it was Botan who chanced speaking, "Done what, Lord Koenma?"

His gaze did not soften as be turned his head towards the ferry girl, keeping his finger pointing accusingly towards the boys, "Theystolethediamondsandmurderdgorian!" His garble would have been funny if not for his rage.

Kurama stepped in front of Botan, as if he could shield her from Koenma's wrath. "Please calm down, sir." He waited a moment for Koenma to take a deep breath. "Now, please tell us what you think we did."

Koenma sat back in his chair. "George!"

Quickly the blue ogre raced into the room. The boys turned their backs of the young-looking Lord as the green walls parted and the oval screen was revealed to them. With a sharp bark from Koenma, George pressed a button and the screen blinked into action.

On it was a picture of Hiei, a sack in his hand as he raced away in the air from a building, grinning. The fire demon himself ignored the glares and looks of surprise from his comrades, neither raising to his own defense nor to confirm that it had indeed been him in the picture.

A slide clicked as another button was pushed. This time it was a madly grinning Yusuke, pointing his Spirit Gun towards a group of menacing ogres and lesser-demons, them armed with only the clothes on their backs and the mining and farming equipment each kept for his or her occupation. It wad more obvious now that this was the region that the boys had visited earlier that day. Three diamonds sparkled at his feet. As Yusuke began to protest loudly, George slapped an impatient hand hard against his mouth.

Once again the slide clicked. In this picture, Kuwabara was beating off half a dozen of the ogres, these more heavily armed with leather padding and wooden swords, which were crackling under the might of Kuwabara's Spirit Sword. The backs of Hiei, Yusuke, and Kurama could be seen running into a steel building that was so unlike the daub and wattle ones that occupied the region. George's other hand found Kuwabara's mouth before he had a chance to begin to take in the breath to yell.

The last slide clicked into place, this one of Kurama. His rose whip was whirring at awesome speeds, only a green flash in the still-frame picture. However, the boys and Botan could see clearly that he was attacking an old ogre, his coloring and horn placement making him a likely candidate for George's grandfather. The four who were just now seeing the pictures looked towards Kurama, who only looked thoughtful, considering the picture with his fist vertically placed under his chin, as if he were viewing an abstract painting.

The nearly-invisible green doors on either side of the monitor closed as the boys, Botan and George (hands keeping Yusuke and Kuwabara from crying out) turned to the Spirit ruler. Koenma seemed to have composed himself by then, and gave a quick nod in George's direction, the ogre quickly removed his hands and stepped away from the bulk of the two's anger. Immediately the yelling began.

"What the hell…"

"We didn't do that…"

"Where's my lawyer…."

"Those pictures were doctored…"

As the yelling continued, Kurama decided that it had gone too far, "Yusuke, Kwabara, quiet down."

They did not stop.

"Yusuke, Kuwabara!" Kurama said louder.

Still they did not stop.

"Yu… Thank you, Hiei."

The fire demon in question was holding his sword to the two boy's throats. "Hn."

"Now, stay quiet," Kurama said, glaring slightly at the two boys, "and let me talk." He turned his attention back to Koenma. "Now, I am sure there is a logical explanation to this, but I want to tell you that none of us stole those diamonds."

Kownma seemed about to say something when his attention was averted elsewhere. George had slowly raised his hand. "What?" The Spirit ruler snapped impatiently.

"S- sir. If it helps, there are alibis for each and every one of them; perhaps we should give them a fair chance."

Koenma's face was shadowed as he thought on it. Silently, he picked up an orange book from his desk. It looked more like a journal than anything.

"Well," he said when he finally spoke again, "we can try and disprove that you were there, but I can't do anything for you right away." He snapped the book up and said impassively, "Well boys, we'll look into it, but until we have solid proof that it was not you, you are all going to have to go to the Spirit Prison until further notice."


"Hey! We didn't do it!"

"Come down here, shorty, I'll give ya Spirit Prison!"

As Yusuke and Kuwabara continued their rant, Hiei and Kurama only shared a glance, each wondering silently who would, or could for that matter, frame them. All the enemies that they had faced in the past were either dead or behind bars of the Spirit Prison, and there were nightly checks to make sure that there were no break-outs. Upon thinking this, Kurama suddenly had a very troubling thought.

"Koenma… if we are being sent to Spirit Prison, what's to stop all the people who hate us from well… seeking their vengeance?"

Koenma frowned, "Well, nothing really… but I suppose you could be placed in a private cell, however they are usually smaller"

"I choose death," Hiei muttered.

Kurama spared a glance at Hiei, "We'll take it." He added uncertainly, "But… could you please try and hurry to prove us innocent?"

Koenma nodded in reply then called out shrilly (to be heard over Yusuke's and Kuwabara's din), "Guards!"

The four found themselves in the iron grips of large, red, ogres and were promptly dragged from the room. When they were gone, Koenma issued a long sigh and sat back in his chair.

After judging that the time was right, George asked, "Lord Koenman, forgive my impertinence, but do you… really believe that those boys did it?"

Koenma sighed again, this time a rough, escape of breath that hurt his throat, "I hope not, George. Let's get to work; hope and reality are very different things."

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