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Once again the boys found themselves on the sidewalk, their bags (which they had abandoned behind the trash cans of Yusuke's uncle's home) behind them. They really had not thought of what they would do if they were turned down. Yusuke's vague idea about getting a job and starting over, hiding out in the country until the thieves were caught was, as expected, not completely thought through.

"Hey Urameshi? Why don't we just go ask Yukina and Genkai…"

"No," Hiei interrupted.

Kurama cleared his throat. "Kuwabara, think. Both Genkai and Yukina have contact with Botan, Koenma, George and various other Spirit world officials. We have no idea how these thieves got through to the human world. Staying with Genkai could possibly be one of the most unintelligent moves we could make."

"Yeah Kuwabara," Yusuke said, as if he had known that all along.

"So… now what?" Kuwabara asked.

The boys (save Hiei) sighed collectively and lowered their heads.


Four heads looked up in unison as the skidding of rocks could be heard. The boys had spent all afternoon sitting on the curb in front of Yusuke's uncle's house in nearly-complete silence. Occasionally one of them would offer an idea of how to get money, a place to stay or to just get out of this mess and the idea would immediately be shot down as too dangerous, irrational or just plain foolhardy. Now, the sun was setting, and they were getting cold and hungry.

The skidding of the rocks grew louder and louder until Saya came into view, the great black dog walking at her side. Saya had a black, briefcase-like school bag slung over her shoulder. She looked much more calm than she had before.

Saya halted in front of them, looking at the out the corner of her eye, her head barely turned towards them. She considered them as a great, lazy cat might consider a tiny mouse, seeming to be contemplating a big decision.

Finally she sighed and rolled her eyes. "Come on."

As she walked past them, the boys shared glances. Had she…

"Are you idiots coming of not?"


If the outside of the house had been disappointing, the inside was downright dismal.

The floor was slanted oddly, so much so that when Yusuke accidentally kicked a beer can, it rolled away into the dark recesses of the house. As the boys tried to enter all at once, Kuwabara ended up standing on the barely-carpeted first step of a staircase, which was only a foot away from the front door. Saya closed the door behind them and jogged up the steps, telling them to stay there.

The boys looked about. To their left, there was a small kitchen with brownish-white tile extending into the narrow hallway that they were standing in. The wall parallel to the hallway was lined with the refrigerator, stove, and microwave sitting on a counter. A few counters wrapped around from the end counter. There was another counter adjacent to a broken window facing the front lawn. Leaves were scattered about the floor near the broken window. There an empty space between the wrap around and the single counter that allowed access to the small room.

Over the counters, the boys could see the hallway ended into an open dining room. Beyond that, the boys could see nearly nothing. There was not a single light on in the entire house, and the darkness appeared what little life that could have been taken from the small pictures of flowers that were sporadically placed along the walls.

To the right, there was the staircase. It spiraled a bit, but the upper recesses of the house seemed even darker than the inner rooms on the lower level. The hallway the boys were standing in was so crowded that Kuwabara stood on top of the first step of the staircase and Kurama and Hiei stood in the entrance to the kitchen.

There was some loud cursing upstairs and a small 'thump'. Saya came down the stairs, dressed casually in jeans and a dark hoodie. The giant dog walked before her and, once it was down the stairs, disappeared into the dark parts of the house. Saya brushed passed the boys to enter the kitchen.

Yusuke seemed hesitant to follow his cousin into the kitchen, but a good shove from Kuwabara and Kurama moving aside changed his mind quickly. Saya was perched on a counter, drinking a cup of water. Feeling his friends' eyes on his back, Yusuke cleared his throat and braced himself for the conversation.

"So… uh… Saya…"

Saya drained her cup and placed it on the counter. "So you guys must be in a lot of trouble."

Yusuke was so startled that he actually flinched. How had she known? Had word of the 'Four Teenage Thieves Plunder Tokyo' reached this small town? "Wh—what?" he asked lamely.

Saya shrugged. As she spoke, she ticked of fingers for each statement, "You haven't seen me in years, the first time you come out to my house is with a bunch of other guys, you have a bunch of bags with you and, oh yeah…" she put both of her hands behind her and grinned lethargically, "and a very drunk Aunt Atsuko called last night ranting about her 'no good troublesome son'."

"Damn it, Mom!" Yusuke growled into the air.

Saya's grin gone, she crossed her legs and arms, one of her feet nearly in the sink, "So you feel like telling me what's going on?"

"Not really," Yusuke admitted.

Saya shrugged again and jumped down from the counter (Yusuke just then noticed how tall he must have gotten in the past few years; the top of her head would barely touch his chin if they stood next to each other). "Okay."

She nodded to the rest of the guys, "I'm Saya. I'm four months younger than Yusuke here, I live upstairs, and I go the high school down the street. I cook the meals and might clean during the day," she ran down the facts quickly and bluntly. "And I guess it would be polite if I found out your names."

Kuwabara stepped forward and took Saya's hands, "My name is Kazuma Kuwabara and I cannot say how grateful we all are for this enormous favor you are…"

Saya roughly wrenched her hands from Kuwabara's grasp. "Okay. I'm not going to like you. Moving on." She stared at Kurama.

"I'm Suiichi Kurama, but you can call me Kurama." Saya nodded and looked at Hiei.


Again Saya nodded. "Okay. There are four bedroom and two bathrooms upstairs, a kitchen, half a bathroom, a garage, the living room and that area," she tilted her head back and pointed to the small area with a table behind the kitchen, "downstairs. You guys can take the garage."

Yusuke frowned. "But what about the two spare…"

A dark look crossed Saya's face. "I still hate you; I'm just letting you stay here because I feel sorry for the saps that you got into this mess."

There was some yelling from the front yard, and a baseball came in through the broken window and rolled across the tiled floor, bouncing off the counter Saya was sitting. Saya stooped down and grabbed the ball, and moved to the window. The boys were not sure what happened next, but they did know it involved a lot of yelling between many of voices. When Saya seemed satisfied, she drew her head in, tossed the ball in her palm of her hand.

She tossed the ball to Yusuke, who caught it the ball easily. She smirked at him. "Welcome to hell, you sorry sons of bitches."

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