She doesn't quite know how to explain to Tsunade-shishou why her report isn't written; she can't exactly expect her teacher to understand how hard it is to keep her attention on her work when a (very impatient, very convincing) S-class criminal is pressing kisses to her neck.


"That's not fair! Your hair grows faster than mine!"

"…Sakura-chan, put the scissors down, un."


He is careful to never let his works of art blow him away from his pink-haired muse.


"Ow! Deidara-sempai, what was that for?"

"That was for disturbing Sakura-chan with your hideous trumpet playing, moron."


"Omigod! I'm so sorry!" She rushes over and takes his head in her arms, searching for any wounds she may have caused. Inhaling her unique scent, he reflects privately that perhaps he should get injured more often.


He's become less destructive, just for her, but every once in a while, when she isn't looking, he can't resist blowing something up.


He smiles gently as he watches his youngest child cry for his mother's attention.


Over the screams of the dying enemy and the booms of his explosions, he still manages to make a very romantic confession.


She's a very hardworking housewife as well as a kunoichi; he chuckles when he sees her attacking the dust on the counter. (He won't mention that he creates tiny explosions just to watch her clean it up.)


"I may be a killer, but that doesn't mean I can't feel remorse over it." And he has to admit that she has a point.


He's not lazy, he insists; he just takes his time doing things. She rolls her eyes.


His voice, lilting and deep, slowly lulls her to sleep at night as he talks quietly to her about nothing.


"And then the blade comes down, and – " he makes a chopping motion with his hands, smirking at her pale face.

"Maybe you should stick with explosives," she tells him hastily.


They first met when he kidnapped Gaara. Their second encounter went something like this:

"Naruto was right! You do look like Ino!"

"…the hell, un?"


For the first time ever, she manages to create an exploding statue. He stands, slightly burned, and congratulates her, grinning widely all the while.

- - -

Bah, DeiSaku is addicting. I'll probably be writing more, too, after I finish my ItaSaku.