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Hey all. I'm starting a new story…as you can obviously see. This is my first OC story so if you don't like OCs this isn't up your alley. If you need a visual add have Soul Calibur 3 then try this out.

Face: Demonic Mask-black

Hair: Medium hard

Chin: Scruffy beard

Arms: Dragon Gauntlets-black

Waist: Pirates belt-red

Pants: Fire Dragon-black

Here's something you need to know, I'm not going to give away the main characters name yet so any time there is a capital He, that is the main character. Now, on to the story.

Shades of Black

Ch1: Midnight

In the night his footsteps echoed. Quick and vigilant He ran, a shadow, silhouetted but the crescent moon. He carried a bundle under his arm, something of great value and power. Suddenly from behind, the glow of fire illuminated his back. A quick glance over his shoulder confirmed it, Chester had found him. He stood in his eloquent white robes, framed against the torch lights, held by the eight men flanking him.

Chester sneered as he looked at him. "You stupid boy, you really thought you could escape me? For your mistake, you will pay."

The figure stood up and turned slowly to his pursuers, letting himself be exposed for the first time. Chester's guards stepped back a pace, an inkling of fear in their eyes. He stood a good six feet high. He wore no shoes, but let the bottoms of his black pants etched with grey flames hang over his heels. Around his waist he wore a belt of red serpents skin with a pistol shoved into a holster. Even though the air was frigid, he wore nothing on his torso. On his hands, which were still wrapped around his precious treasure, were gauntlets, detailed with dark designs with wicked nails at the finger's ends. His hair, a dark blonde, fell over the most chilling feature. His face was covered by a mask. This masked looked pure evil; markings covered the surface, intertwining in a dark dance. Its eyes stared straight as if peering into their very souls; a smile was plastered across its mouth, a smile dark and malicious.

He began to chuckle. It was quiet, barely audible above the guards trembling breaths, but it seemed to echo through the night, slipping into the men's ears and clamping down on their hearts. He took a step towards his attackers and they retreated from him.

"Don't be cowards, attack." Chester said, pushing two men forward roughly. The stumbled forward

"Chester's right." One gruff, man with an eye patch said. "He's only one guy against eight of us. Come on men, let's end this quick like." The eight men moved in, each brandishing a sword. The first man attacked; swing his sword to cut his head off.

He moved in one fluid motion. Leaning backwards, he let the blade whiz over him. He swung his leg upwards, catching the man with a thunderous kick that cranked his neck, snapping it and killing him instantly.

The next two came, swinging their swords vertically, aiming to cut him down the middle. He moved like lightning, his gauntleted hands wrapping around their blades, stopping them mid swing. With a simple flick of the wrist, he snapped the blades off and skewered them into the men's necks.

The five remaining guards stared at him, fear clearly evident on their faces. He wasn't going to wait for them. He dashed forward, the claws on his gauntlets extended. His target didn't even have time to react before His hand was wrapped around his heart. He wrenched his hand from the man's chest, taking his heart with him.

"Come here you basterd!" Another man yelled, bull rushing straight at him, sword point at His heart. Smoothly, He batted the man's sword away and shoved his previous victim's heart into the man's mouth and down his throat. The man stumbled back, choking, until he slipped and fell to the cobble stone road below.

Without even looking up, He withdrew his pistol and shot two other men in-between the eyes. Slowly he stood, turning to the last of Chester's guards. The man stood petrified by fear, sweating in sheer terror. Calmly He walked over to the last man. He raised his gun and set the barrel between the man's teeth. With another chiller snigger, He pulled the trigger. As his last victim fell, he turned to Chester.

"What power you possess." Chester said in awe. "How about a deal? You come work for me and I will pay you all eight of those men's salaries combined, agreed?" He studied Chester for a moment, then raised his pistol and shot. Chester stared at Him in stunned silence until it dawned on him that he was injured. He grabbed the left side of his face and groaned in pain. He removed his hand from his ear and saw the blood. The bullet had ripped the lower half of Chester's ear off.

"Damn it." Chester growled. "You'll pay." He reached down and from his belt drew his dagger. It looked like a miniature axe with a skull at the end of the hilt. It was Chester's famous King Slayer.

His eyes never left Chester as he unwrapped the bundle by his feet. From the wrappings he withdrew a dagger of his own. This dagger was like no other. It's blade was razor sharp on one edge, but jagged on the other. It had no hand guard, it seemingly begged for its master's blood. Its handle was a simple piece of red metal wrapped with black leather, but at its end was the real terror. Encrusted in a jewel was a piece of metal that glowed red and ominous. It was a shard from the famed cursed sword. It tainted the blade, making it vile to even be near.

The two faced each other, weapons at the ready. Chester was the first to act. He charged and aimed a kick at His midsection, swinging his blade down in unison. To Chester's surprise, He caught both his arm and his leg with his hands. A swift kick to the head sent Chester over the edge of the building. Chester managed to land on his feet, but dove out of the way as His gauntleted hand crashed into the earth where Chester had just been. Chester slashed at him and managed to land a cut on his arm.

"You see!?" Chester laughed, "I am the better of us."

He didn't groan in pain or even threaten Chester. He simply examined his small wound before taking his blade and running it through his blood, staining his blade. Chester retreated a few steps, shaking.

"You're…You're insane!" Chester said in a panicked voice. "I can't deal with a freak like him." Chester thought fearfully. He turned to run, but smacked into Him, and fell to the ground.

He looked at Chester, groveling in fear before him. Slowly he drew back his blade and struck. He climbed back up to the rooftops and wrapped the blade back up. He surveyed the bodies lying around him and from underneath his mask, smiled slightly at his handiwork. Across the rooftops he began running again, leaving a small trail of his blood in his wake.

As he disappeared, another figure dropped from a near that was near the site of battle. She was clad in ripped green cloth which showed the purple tattoos on her skin. A few ravens followed her, hoping along the ground. Around he shoulders a ring blade hung, shining dully in the moon light. She walked over to see Chester's body. There was a knife whole in his heart and his head was lying in a bucket of rain water near by.

"Such pretty work he does." She said, giggling in excitement. "This will be fun." She jumped up onto the rooftops and began to follow the trail of his blood.


Well there you have the first chapter. The rating might go up if it seems too gory, so give me an idea if you think I should change the rating. The guy's name ane part of his history will be given in the next chapter.

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