Forbidden Boundaries

By: Tiffany and Dawn

Disclaimer: Dawn and I own most of our characters, others are owned by the Creator of Death Note.

Takes Place: So far, In Australia and Osaka, Japan…

Summary: Birth of two unfortunate twins, both with a thinking ability, wisdom. But one will be the next L, the other… Kira. One is Blind, the other… We'll leave that for you to read… The adventure begins here.

A/N: This is our first Death Note Fan fiction. The plot was brought up by Tiffany, with Dawn's help; we are both proudly able to present you this story. Please tell us what you think and your ideas... and try not to be mean, criticism is fine... I hope this did not offend any of you readers. Now on with the story!

CHAPTER ONE – The Beginning

On September 14, 2013, a single mother was rushed to the emergency room. She was pregnant with twins, one boy and one girl, each child with a destiny of their own. The mother had an ill heart. The father had summoned a divorce three months ago. This was her desperate time.

October 13, 2013 , one month after the infants' birth, the son was kidnapped when the Nanny when to get a bottle of milk for the girl. The girl was sick and needed most of the attention, and the boy sat in front of the TV watching the Australian news. While the Nanny was gone, two men hired as cooks took the boy and ran off to a deserted area in Australia .

The Mother returned from work. The phone rang loudly. The Nanny had been panicking since she discovered the boy's disappearance. Quickly the Mother grabbed the phone, listening to every single word the kidnappers said. "Let's make a trade, the child for 18 million…" The Mother was in total shock; her family's company was on the brink of bankruptcy.

The next day, Elizabeth A. Hamilton died from a heart attack. Four years later after all of the affairs, none of the Mother's relatives wanted to adopt the daughter. Both children had the special gift of knowledge.

At the time Wammy's Orphanage built by Roger in Japan . One month she was lost in Osaka , Japan . Surviving in the shadows, she lived off of trash, until she was found. Police found information about the child, and sent her to the place she belonged for the whole time.

On New Years' morning, everyone in the Orphanage had their pictures taken. Little Eva was staggering into the dark room, staring at every picture she could find. But there was one beneath the bottle, up high on the shelf. Eva climbed higher and higher until she could reach the picture. The only problem was the picture was one inch away from her finger tips. Finally she jumped grabbing the picture, landing on the ground with her was a bottle of chemicals, splattered on her eyes. By the time she was brought to hospital, she was blind.

A boy was found one day by a man with dark hair. The boy was alone in a library that day. "What is your name, little one?" The man had asked curiously, unsure of why a young boy would be anywhere without his parents. "I don't have a name." He said cooly as he sat there in his baggy clothes. "May I call you... Jamie, then?" The boy nodded softly. "Call me what you wish. What is your name?" The man gave a smile at this. "I was once known as Matt. Would you mind answering a riddle for me?" Jamie nodded in response.

"Well, then, here it is. Mountains will crumble and temples will fall, and no man can survive its endless call. What is it?" The boy took a few moments to think. "Time. The answer is time. Can I ask for another?" Matt nodded and replied softly, "Of course. You may ask for as many as you wish. Here goes: Tom and his younger sister were fighting. Their mother was tired of the fighting, and decided to punish them by making them stand on the same piece of newspaper in such a way that they couldn't touch each other. How did she accomplish this?" Jamie gave off a small chuckle at this. "She put the newspaper under a door, closed it, and had each of them stand on opposite sides of the door. Come on, challenge me." It was getting to be fun, actually. "You heard me before, Yet you hear me again, Then I die, 'Till you call me again." This took him a bit longer to figure out but still... "Hello, hello, hello."

"If you take off my skin, I won´t cry but you will cry. What am I?" Matt asked this time. "You are an onion." The boy said after a few minutes. "I like this game." Matt smiled, this boy was perfect. Exactly what he was looking for. "Would you mind coming with me?" Matt asked curiously. "No, not at all, Matt." The young dark-haired boy said as he took the man's hand and walked out with him, his bare feet leaving a lasting echo upon the silent room.

That was five years ago when Jamie was only four.