Forbidden Boundaries

By: Tiffany and Dawn

Disclaimer: Dawn and I own most of our characters, others are owned by the Creator of Death Note.

Takes Place: The residence of Matt and Jamie

Summary: A day in the life of Matt and Jamie

A/N: This is our first Death Note Fan fiction. The plot was brought up by Tiffany, with Dawn's help; we are both proudly able to present you this story. Please tell us what you think and your ideas... and try not to be mean, criticism is fine... I hope this did not offend any of you readers. Now on with the story!


Jamie sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair. It had hurt so much for Matt to bleach it blonde. It made him scream for the whole time the damn stuff was on his head – it hurt that much. The young boy stood up stiffly from his chair and stumbled down the hallway.


"Matt!" He called through the house. "Matt! Where are you?" Where was Matt? Not here, probably.


Oh, well, Matt wasn't here. That was great – wonderful, actually. Now, to find…


Jamie ran into the kitchens and slowly climbed his way up the counter and then stood there, opening a door in the cabinet before grabbing a small set of matches. One day he would have to find that lighter that Matt had hidden away from him. But he would settle with matches for now. Wonderful, wonderful matches.

As he struck the match and the fire flared up on the tip, his giggling began and he saw his own memories in the flame – he always did…

"You aren't my papa?"

"No, I'm Matt."

"Just Matt?"

"Yes. Just Matt."

"I thought you were…"

"We look nothing alike."


"You just want me to be him."


He was brought out of his reverie by a shout. "Jamie! Stop that now!" He could feel cool water pour over his hand. "But, Matt!" The small boy exclaimed as he felt the man grab him up from the ground where he was sitting. "If you're going to light a match, then at least do it outside where the house can't light on fire!" Jamie gave a smile at this and slid from Matt's grasp and outside. He wanted to see his memories in flames again!