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Three days. It had been three days and she had yet to hear from her beloved boyfriend Inuyasha. "What the hell is wrong with him" Not expecting anyone to be home, Kagome walked down to the kitchen in nothing but her undergarments. Hear wolf whistles from the living room she almost choked on the soda she was drinking. Turning around slowly, her eyes widened to a group of horny thirteen year olds and her brother, who could barely contain his laughter. "Souta! Don't you think you should have told me you were having friends over?! I thought you were going out!" Souta had finally calmed down from his outburst and just shrugged "I changed my mind" Letting out a frustrated shriek she lunged at him and tackled him to the ground. "Next time. Call me and let me know or I will beat your fucking brains in got it?" She managed to growl out before stomping up to her room.

Throwing open her closet, still in a rage that she couldn't explain, she threw on a pair of baggy black sweatpants and a fitted pink cami. She threw her wavy raven tresses in a messy bun and sat on her bed, still in a bitchy mood. Grabbing her cell phone off her bed side table she dialed Inuyasha. She had a burning feeling in the pit of her stomach. Each ring had made her increasingly frustrated. Finally he answered, breathless "Hello?" Kagome was extremely pissed now. "Inuyasha! Where the hell have you been? I haven't heard from you in three days. We should be practicing for our gig at the Homecoming Dance. The band is getting antsy" She managed to sound nice, although she was sure it wasn't convincing. "Look Kags, I'm a little busy I'll call you back"

The lust in his voice was prominent and she had a feeling it wasn't for her "Alright then bye" Being the idiot that he was, Inuyasha left the phone off the hook and as she listened closely she heard a name mumbled off his lips that made her blood boil 'Kikyo…does that slut have to open her legs to every guy I like. God I can't even count how many guys she's been with just to get me angry. Well she's done it this time.' Hanging up her phone she grabbed her keys and hopped her mustang, which her best friend Sesshomaru had bought her for her birthday.

When she asked him why he had gotten her such an extravagant present he just said that she was the only real friend he had. That touched her in a way that no one could ever imagine. Little did she know that there was a deeper reason behind him buying her everything she could ever want. Arriving at her cousin's house in under ten minutes, she hopped out of her car and opened the door with her key. Kagome masked her scent and tiptoed up the steps. Once in front of her cousin's door, she could hear their moans and groans and it disgusted her to no extent. She gave the door a hard kick and it fell off the hinges. They had been caught and they knew it. Looking up at her like deer caught in head lights he walked towards her slowly. "Kags, this isn't what it looks like". She turned around and walked away, with him hot on her trail only to reel back and punch him square in the jaw with a sickening crack. He stumbled back and looked up with wide eyes.

"Wasn't expecting that were you?" She laughed as he shook his head. It was a cold, cruel cackle that sent chills up his spine. "Well you broke my spirit. I no longer wish to see you or my cousin alive and well. If I didn't fear being thrown in jail, I'd kill you both. You broke my heart Inuyasha and I will never forgive you for it. And you…" She grabbed Kikyo by her long hair and threw her to the ground "You aren't family, you're nothing but a worthless whore to me" she turned on her heel only to look over her shoulder. "one more thing Inu" He looked up at her, his pathetic expression making her snicker. "You are out of the band." "WHAT?! Kagome you can't do that!!" She kept walking and screamed "I can and I just did, don't worry we'll find someone better, who can actually hold a note" Ouch… she knew that would hit him where it hurts. Inuyasha had a good voice but it wasn't anything to brag about. She felt the same way about her voice but people always told her that it was amazing, so she went with it and started a band.

Some how she was able to drive to the Taisho residence without swerving off the road, she was entirely drunk with rage. She turned off her engine and lit up a cigarette, letting the nicotine engulf her and calm down her rage. Her sky blue eyes returned once again, leaving only pinkness around the outside. She flicked the bud into the street and walked up to the garage knowing the band was suppose to be practicing at Inu's that night. Walking in she was greeted by her band mates Kouga, who was the bass guitarist and Bankotsu who played drums. "Where the hell is that mutt at? Didn't he come with you Kags? We need to start practicing. This is ridiculous!" Kouga shouted from his recliner. "InuTrasha is no longer a part of this band. We need a new lead Guitarist" Kagome spat his name like it was poison on her tongue. "Kags where are we going to find a guitarist in time to practice and be ready for the Homecoming dance?" Kagome thought for a moment and her eyes lit up mischievously. "I have an Idea! Stay here and warm up, I'll catch up later."

Kagome ran up the stairs and knocked on the door in front of her. Sesshomaru came to the door clad only in his boxers, and Kagome had to try her hardest not to blush 'why did I never realize he was this gorgeous?' ' Because you were too infatuated with Inuyasha to notice' For once she had to agree with her inner beast. "Sess can I ask you something?" He motioned for her to come in and she sat on his bed as she usually did "Shoot" Kagome looked at him and smile innocently "How long have you been playing guitar?" His eyes widened and he shook his head vigorously "There is no fucking way I'm playing with you guys. Not with that half-breed filth playing lead." She chuckled nervously "Well haha here's the thing. I kicked Inu out of the band and I need someone to take his spot and quickly" When he looked at her, confusion shone clear in his eyes. "why would you just all of a sudden kick the half-breed out of your band?" She lowered her head, the bangs she had hopefully masking the tears she had welling up in her eyes.

"IcaughthimcheatingonmewithKikyo" she mumbled quickly. The scent of salt hit his nose and he sighed hating him self for what he was about to ask "Please repeat that so I can understand" She jumped to her feet, tears streaming down her porcelain cheeks. "I CAUGHT HIM CHEATING ON ME WITH MY STUPID SLUT OF A COUSIN KIKYO!" She felt his strong arms wrap around her waist and hold her close to his well sculpted chest. "He wasn't good enough for you anyway. See Kags, Kikyo and the half-breed deserve each other. Their both filthy disgusting lying pigs and that's all they'll ever be." He held onto her tighter and kissed the top of her head. On impulse Kagome grabbed his shoulders and smashed their lips together in a passionate, lust filled kiss. She pulled away, shocked at her own audacity. "I…I'm sorry I don't know what came over me." She walked out of the room "Please reconsider being in the band Sess." and then she closed the door behind her. Bringing her fingers to her still tingling lips she smiled 'maybe it's time to move on'

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