58 of the 100 Challenge. More om nom yummy Stork/Piper.

Amazing where a kiss can lead.

What just happened here?

I mean really.

Way to give a Merb a heart attack.

Let's try to figure this out, shall we?

It will be difficult, though. I've never encountered anything like this, and none of my books or devices is going to give me any kind of coherent answer.

Maybe it was a hallucination. Perhaps. I have been feeling a pain down my spinal cord…it could easily be the mind worms making their way upward into my delicious cerebellum.

Though why my mind would come up what just happened is just another mystery in of itself.

I mean I've never even considered…

Wait, what?

…Oh no you don't. Not again. I'm getting out of here.

Why? Why?! Because I'm scared out of my mind, that's why!

…Granted, that state of mind is usually how I am most of the time, but still.

I think I deserve a decent explanation, at any rate.

Even if I can't comprehend what would even drive you to make this stunt.

…Did I enjoy it?

What kind of question is that?

Avoiding? Hardly. How could I enjoy anything when you just…launch, like that?


…Maybe it was my first.

…So what if it was? Still didn't give you the right to do it. I mean, good Atmos. Who just springs up and does that?! I think even Finn has more class than that, and that is just SAD.

You do realize I have more important things to do than to have this conversation. You know, like, steering the Condor so we don't all die a horrid, crushed death by mountains?

…No means no! I'm not going to answer any of these ridiculous questions! This entire talk is pointless! The only important point here is that you need help. And lots of it.

…All right, so if I answer that one question, we drop it, and pretend this entire incident never happened?


…A little. I enjoyed it a little.

I am male, after all.

What did I enjoy about it?! Didn't we just agree to only one question?! Do you have any idea what the others are going to do if they hear even a tidbit of this? We'd never get the end of it. Humiliation for the both of us, unending agony every single day that they look at us with those knowing eyes.

Don't you roll your eyes at me. You started this mess. I would have been perfectly fine to have things back the way they were both…whatever in the world that was.

I do realize that's the word for it, but I don't plan to acknowledge its existence by saying it.

Stop smiling. Stop smiling! This isn't funny. At all. If you think it is, you have a twisted sense of humor.

Please back away. In case you hadn't noticed, us getting closer is the last thing I need right now.

Why, yes, I would rather face a Talon right now. A whole army of them.

Okay this is too close.

…Now THIS is too close. Way too close.


Don't touch there!

Of course my face is red. Just look at this situation!

I'm not going to close my eyes! I know exactly what you plan to do if I do so! Is any of this getting through your head?

…Just one?

….Just once more, and you'll go away? This'll end? …You did lie before. Make this a promise this time.

The things I do for this crew.

All right, get it over with it.

Ruining WHAT mood?! The mood of sheer terror?!

There. Happy? Now let's go and pretend nothing happened and try to be decent people again.

…No I'm not.

…No, I'm not. I'm not smiling. I think I'd know if…

…Oh. Um.

Merely a facial tick.

No I would NOT like another. You just promised me to stop this!

Yeah, that's right, walk away. Go and be NORMAL, for Atmos' sake.

…What was that wink?! I demand to know what sort of sordid symbol that stood for!

…I'm doomed.