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Bones : Pyramid Head x James

James turned his green eyes to the sky as it began to become overcast with dark black clouds; he fell back from where he crouched on his knees to his butt when a big fat rain drop fell into one of his eyes. "Oww..." he complained softly, covering the half of his face with his hands. He heard the telltale grinding noise of a large sword against the cement street and jumped up with a giddy smile. 'He's coming!' the human reached down to his knees and wiped away the mud that had been there from kneeling in the ground picking up the pale bones that had been set out for several months to leave the skin and muscle to decay off of.

He placed the bones in his pocket and ran down the street to search for the source of the noise. He grinned widely when he saw the large figure dragging his sword down the street.

James gave a girly squeal and started running to him.


The man addressed from under the Pyramid.

The blonde man grinned like a child and fished the bones from his pocket and held them up to the other. "I found these!" he giggled madly.


the dark one asked, speaking as if the full grown man was a child- perhaps he was, he'd only recently been 'born'.

"I found these bones, I thought you might want them." James whispered, as the man took the bones from his much smaller hands.

Pyramid Head appeared to be examining them then spoke again, /I'LL FIND USE FOR THEM/

James supposed this was the closest to a 'thank you' he'd be getting, and was quite pleased with himself.

He'd been able to do something that was to Pyramid Head's liking!

He suppressed a giggle of happiness- but just barely.


Pyramid Head told the man, the monsters were soon to be roaming the street and even now that James was marked his safety couldn't be completely assured just yet... Pyramid Head wouldn't dare make the mistake of doing something that could jepordize his twin...

He gave a soft chuckle of his own- a foreign feeling bubbling inside of the monster. Things would work out... He wouldn't have to kill anything for his happiness this time...

March 13, 2008 9:03 PM