The battle began

The battle began. "Bulbasaur, TACKLE!!"Red said. Bulbasaur ran toward Charmander and jumped at it.

"charmander, TACKLE!!" Blue said.. The two pokemon collided in the air and came back down.

"TACKLE!!" The boys shouted as the pokemon tackled each other again. They did it more times until finally, both pokemon fainted.

"Ohh, looks like a tie" Red said.

"Humph, Well, Bye" Blue said putting Charmander in its ball and leaving.

"Well, good luck you two!" Oak said.

Red and Green started traveling. They just entered a new town. "Hey what town are we in?" Red asked.

Green took out her map and read it. "Uhhm were in Viridian City." Green said.

"Yes, there is a Gym here!" Red said. "A, Gym?" Green was clueless

. "You've never heard of a pokemon Gym. There are 8 in the region. There are 8 Gym leaders who if you beat them, you get a gym badge. The Gym leaders are very hard to beat. If you beat one, you get a Gym badge. If you get one Gym badge from each Gym in the region, you can challenge the pokemon league. The pokemon league consist of the Elite 4 and there champions. If you beat the champion, you are the new one." Red said.

They went to he pokemon center and rested for the night. When they woke up they went to the Gym but the door was locked and a sign was on the door that read "Gym leader on vacation". "Oh man, guess we should go to the next town" Red said. "The next town with a gym leader is Pewter City, and the leader is a rock type trainer." Green said.

They set out. They had to past through the viridian forest to get to pewter city. The two passed through the woods. They were walking when some bug came toward them.

Red and Greens pokedex's started beeping. They pulled them out and saw the data.

" Hey, It's a caterpie, its a bug type. I'm gonna catch it!" Green said. She threw her pokeball and Squirtle came out. "Squirtle, Tackle!" Green said

. Squirtle jumped toward Caterpie, but it dogged. It used stringshot and wrapped up Squirtle.

"Squirtle! Tackle!" Green said. Squirtle used its legs to run and it tackled Caterpie. Caterpie was pretty weak and Squirtle broke free.

"Now's the chance" Green said. She threw a pokeball at Caterpie and it went into the ball.

"Hey, I got one!" Green said. They were almost at the end of the forest when a little boy lunged at Red.

"I got you now Pikachu!" The boy said. He threw a net over Red's head.

"Hey, Do I look like a Pikachu to you!" Red said. Green was laughing. "Haha, well, kinda with those red cheecks of yours." Green said pinching Reds cheeks making them red.

"Haha, very funny. Now why are you looking for a Pikachu?" Red said.

"A Pikachu's been atacking my clan. He's been stealing are food and everything." The boy said. "What clan?" Green asked. "The Viridian forest clan, Me and my pokemon family, see I was lost from my parents as a kid, so the pokemon in the forest raised me. Since then I lived here. I learned both English and pokemon!" the boy said.

The three started looking for the Pikachu.

Red sent Bulbasaur to go left while he went right. "Bulbasaur, were are you, you have any luck?" Red yelled. "bulbasaur!" Red yelled. He saw Bulbasaur tied up in a rope.

"Who did this. "Red asked. He realized his leg was in a rope. He was pulled by the rope and was hanging in the air. His hat fell on a Pikachu's head when his pokedex fell out of his coat.

Pikachu grabbed it and it started beeping. "Hey, Pikachu, give me the pokedex back!" Red said. Pikachu used static attack to shock Red.

"Come on please." Red Asked. Pikachu realized its leg was in a rope when he was hanging to!. Two men, wearing black shirts and pants, with a giant red capital R on there shirt came.

"So we found a boy, a Bulbasaur and a pikachu, lucky day!" one of the men said. "Yea, Bulbasaurs arent wild, so this is rear, and a Pikachu!" the other man said

."Hey, what's going on!" Red said.

"We are Team Rocket, A group that will catch every pokemon we see, and we WILL resort to murder, and stealing if we want. "One man said.

" Idiot, you told him" The other guy said. Red freed himself.

He grabs Pikahcu, his hat, and his pokedex. He put Bulbasaur back in its ball and ran.

"tuuuuu" Pikachu growled in Pokemon language. Since pokeballs were see through, Pikachu was starring at Bulbasuar.

Red found Green and Sendu the boy from earlier. "You found the thief!" sendu said. "No time, run!" Red said.

The trio ran out of the forest and into Pewter City. Red explained about Team Rocket to Green and Sendu.

"Now, I can get revenge on you Pikachu" Sendu said. Red inturupted Sendu

"How bout I do you a favor, and take Pikachu off your hands, I'll bring him in as my second pokemon" Red said.

Pikachu was next to them.

He jumped on Reds shoulder. "Well, Okay, I got to go, Bye and thanks!" Sendu said running off. Red got a pokeball, and caught Pikachu. "Lets go!" Green said.