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Kuran Kaname turned to the direction of the voice. He caught sight of a short figure running – no, bouncing - down hallway. The person's long brown hair was disheveled –probably from sleep- but her eyes were gleaming with happiness.


Kaname decided it was what shone within her red-tinged brown eyes. It was the pure white light that his cursed soul did not posses. He decided that it was also probably the reason why the air around her was always sweet and fragrant. It was easier for him to delude himself, thinking that this was why he was attracted to the child. After all, she had lost all her memories of him prior the day she thought he had "saved" her a few weeks ago.

"Yuuki," he stretched out his arms to the six-year old that happily jumped into his embrace. "You're supposed to be sleeping," he gently scolded. His right arm instinctively wrapped itself around her small back and his left hand atop the mass of brown hair.

Even if he was fully aware of the state she was in, sometimes he allowed himself to slip, however; the hollow feeling deep inside him didn't disappear.

Yuuki was gone.

The short five years they have spent together side by side - never exposed to the harsh reality of the world they lived in – every bit of memory banished from her blood. The very thing that made her who she was, the very thing that defined her being –changed. She was changed.

Who was she now?

He didn't even dare acknowledge that there could be possibilities that would pull her even farther away from him.

Who would he be if she was gone? He knew that she would die one day, return to dust if she stayed human but, that wasn't the only way she could be taken away from him. He believed that however thin the thread that connected her now human heart and his blackened one – it existed. He would not allow anyone – especially a human – to break it. But the lack of knowledge forehand bothered him.

No, it slowly ate him alive.

"I wanted to see Kaname-sama to the door," she said, smiling brightly.

He gave a small smile in return. It was the smallest quirk at the end of his lips - to some it may have looked faked - but the little dark-haired girl didn't seem to care.

As long as he was smiling at her.

Could it be in the depths of her mind, she could remember? That all his smiles were true – that they were all for her.

Stop, he chided himself, this is pathetic.

"You can't Yuuki, its cold outside." He watched her expression with hidden fascination. She frowned, her eyebrows stitching together, "But I still want to be with Kaname-sama," she told him.

That innocence, he wanted to take it away, crush it between his hands until it bleeds its essence… into dust and nothingness.

He forced a wider smile, "I want to spend time with Yuuki too but, I don't want you to get sick."

In the darkest part of his heart, he wanted her to suffer for him. He wanted the shallow satisfaction of knowing that she still cared like she used too.

"I won't! I-"

But in the end, it was him who cared too much. The thought of her human body, frail, pale and labored with a sickness disgusted him. That she of all beings should be subjected to such vulnerability.

This is for her, all for her.

"Be a good girl and go back to bed." It was an order, despite the gentle tone he used. He patted her head and released her, "See you soon Yuuki," he awkwardly waved before turning around and making his way towards the exit of the academy. It was quiet for a moment and he imagined Yuuki contemplating whether or not she would run after him or not, but he knew she was an obedient girl; and before he disappeared from her sight, she shouted, "Goodbye Kaname-sama."


It sounded too final. Like a wall he couldn't destroy.

But he would definitely, one day.

The soft notes of her voice echoes through the empty hallways and he ached. Ached for things he couldn't decipher, but he waved the feelings aside. This wasn't the time for sulking. Duty came before personal desires; it was the council's never-ending lecture to him.

He wanted her, and he had no intention to share.


But he will learn to content himself from afar; until the time comes for her to take her place beside him. A rush of confidence filled him; there would be no one who could take his place in her life.

After all, he was Kuran Kaname.


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