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Chapter Six – Scandalous



It was time.

And it was as if the alarm clock he has set and hid in the depths of his mind so many years ago finally set-off.

It was time, the words were a never ending mantra spoken in ghostly whispers inside his head, and it was there again – the misplaced excitement. It entered his system out of nowhere, intoxicating him even before he was starting to be aware of it. He flexed his fingers, as if stretching them could will the excess energy away.

Kaname resisted the urge to sigh, smirk and frown all at the same time, but he couldn't stop the slight annoyance to show in his perfectly passive features. Suddenly, everything became too sensitive – was it him? – that it was like knowing that there was someone behind you who would start sliding his claws in a deliberate manner down the blackboard, creating that ear-piercing sound that reminded him of tortured children.

The air, he felt, became too sharp – hurried. It was like it was willing him to do something. It was anomalous that he let the environment provoke him at the slightest. But there were too many stimulants around him, too many hurried motions that even his heart began to react.

Beating wildly, irregularly…

The snow – the red snow – which drifted lazy from the mass of gray clouds overhead seemed unwilling to fall any faster to the ground, as if they were anticipating the kill of an unsuspecting doe in the hands of the impatient black panther.

But, a very small part of his mind which seemed to escape the adrenaline which consumed the rest of him, silently piqued up. Time, he detachedly realized, seemed not to move and yet it moved too fast at the same time. He could see a faint, hazy picture at the back of his lids, the face of a gigantic old English clock, one of its hands ticking – no, moving in an unstoppable circular pace – while the other seemed to take forever to tick.

Such madness…

Kaname parted his lips as his arms, which went underneath her shoulders and knees, tightened its hold on Yuuki's almost limp body. He did it to curb that irrational fear humming throughout his already tense body that she might suddenly disappear, if nothing else. But the way her body was still oddly warm despite the cold around them and her thin clothes, made his lips curve with the smallest hint of a smile.

You'll always be like the sun…

As he reflected on this particular thought, everything seemed to settle. His earlier fears seemed irrational, the constant buzzing inside his head resided and the pure white snow did nothing but fall sleepily over the dark expanse of the academy.

He leaned down and brushed the tip of his nose against the column of her neck. She smelled something like the days he spent with her ten years ago. The innocent smiles, the innocent touches, her childish voice – so clearly imbedded into his memory until now – and the clear light in her eyes.

Her innocence altogether.

That pure, shining white light that seared his blackened soul in the most painful way possible that he couldn't help but love her more.

He was about to rip it off her being.

But before he could contemplate of the subject any longer, his mind began to wonder again. Falling in love, the notion would have meant nothing to him if Yuuki did not exist. It was not that he was unfeeling, though in his opinion it would have been better if everyone labeled him under that. But it was rather because he doubted anyone could trigger such emotions from him unless she was Yuuki.

Kaname lifted his head, barely a quarter of an inch but enough so that his dull red eyes caught the spot where Yuuki's blood pounded strongest. His eyes brightened and he parted his lips wide enough that his incisors were peeking out. He could taste Yuuki's scent on his tongue as he breathed through his tongue. It was a sweet with this bitter aftertaste that made him even more curious of its taste. The dry echo of his thirst intensified that he paused to swallow for a moment before letting his fangs scrap her skin.

As he bit down, breaking the thin protection of her human skin and straight to the artery below it, he remembered for a moment Rido's face and the arrogant look he wanted to burn.

"Isn't this fun for you? Ka. Na. Me.?"

Kaname could imagine his uncle's smug expression, the mocking in his voice and the fleeting sense of triumph he knew Rido would be feeling.

He bit deeper instinctively, to rid of his momentary annoyance.

Yuuki stirred slightly, but he chose ignored it.

"Kaname-sen… pai?"

He could feel her sudden panic and he slipped one of his hands from under her body to restrain her movement.

Just a few more moments, he wanted to tell her, reassure.

This was his selfish desire.

He heard her gasp before her body turned limp in his arms again.

It'll be over soon, his mind continued to tell her, you'll return to me.

And his selfish wish.

Sticky droplets of blood started to dribble down his chin and his tongue took a final sweep across her neck. He rolled the last drops of blood around his tongue, branding its distinct taste in his mind before letting it roll down his scorching throat, allowing it to sate his thirst.

Kaname raised his head to gaze into Yuuki's slumbering face, the long dark strands of his hair falling over her forehead. He had an urge to caress her face, to feel the softness of her skin and the heat of it. But he straightened himself instead, willing his mind not to get even more distracted than he was now. There were reasons for these actions; he told himself, reasons why Yuuki's human existence had to end so abruptly for her.

The next time she woke up…

He couldn't help but feel smug about that particular thought.

Raising his hand to his mouth, he bit down his own flesh and sucked the thick Kuran blood that flowed within his veins without swallowing it, then without waiting for his self-inflicted wound to heal, he cupped her face and kissed her. Blood started trickling down her chin as he used his tongue to force her mouth open. Her warm breath was sweet, in a level almost as sweet as her blood. He licked the sides of her lips when he felt her waking again.

Shock registered on her body as her muddled mind took in whatever was happening around her.

Kaname is kissing…!! Her own mind couldn't bear to finish the thought and she involuntarily started swinging her legs wildly while trying to find a way to breathe again.


Kaname pulled away and looked at her with that same passive expression he always wore that for a moment it bothered her that he felt so indifferent after kissing her. It was only after his next words that she realized…

"Do you recognize me?" He asked gently as he watched her eyes stare at him.

…Did she realize who he really was.

"Onii-sama," she whispered, blinking to see a face from a memory so long ago replace the face she had always been familiar with.

The words gave her a sense of relief and at the same time, it felt like sand in her mouth and running down her throat. This beautiful man in front of her, who looked the creation of some devil in the night to trick her, was her brother.

Her brother...

Kaname is her beloved older brother.

She has been in love with her brother all along. All this time, the longing she felt, the admiration for Kaname-sama.

The whilring thoughts in her mind took a moment to settle. But in the end, it all winded up to whether or not her feelings will change. If this love, which was starting to look inhuman, stop and falter or continue to grow until it blurred whatever morals she picked up as a human.

She opened her mouth to speak but an angry presence above them interrupted her.

"You…! And Yuuki!!"

She couldn't miss the glint in Kaname's eyes as she turned to face Zero who stood angrily, at the ledge of the next story. The wind seemed stale as it blew past her. Her eyes widened at the sight of the Bloody Rose, pointed at Kaname. Her heart started beating anxiously against her chest.

Why wasn't Kaname doing anything to protect himself?!

In that half-second of panic, she didn't realize she had jumped in front of the other pureblood.

"Don't!" she yelled, her eyes watered – from saying her next thoughts, or for fear for them all, she wasn't sure.

"He… he is my brother!!"

It took Zero a moment for her words to sink in, and it was as if all the night around them stilled with the tension turn of events had created. After a moment, the pale haired vampire flickered his eyes from Yuuki's face to her older brother. "Sib…lings?"

Kaname raised his eyes, which have been inconspicuously resting on Yuuki's face all the while, to meet and hold Zero's bewildered, flabbergasted and almost dazed ones with his that told in louder volumes than his voice could say to the ex-human that he has won.

Yuuki was his.



Yuuki's long hair was fanned out neatly around her, its color stark against the pristine sheets she was lying on. Her lips were parted slightly as she breathed evenly and her arms were still against her side. She barely turned her head, or tossed her lower limbs, which was what she used to do when she was younger.

In the past ten years, how much of her has changed without him knowing it? Even the slightest difference?

From where he leaned against the window, Kaname moved quietly to her side. He rested one of his hands at the side of her face while the other took a lock of her brown hair between his slender fingers. "Yuuki…"

Watching her now, the Yuuki now, who was probably dreaming of tasty treats to eat as he watched over her sleep, seemed so unreal that he couldn't help but touch her from time to time. It felt pathetic to him, that he could be so insecure of her existence. But he couldn't deny these human feelings, these feelings that muddled his perfect logic, muddled his perfect plans and destroyed his absolute control.

Human feelings undermining his pureblood powers.

He smirked to himself, wondering if he should let Yuuki drink his blood so easily when she awakes. It was obvious that she was going to feel thirsty – the undeniable curse that bound them to blood.

He just found it a little unfair that she always got her way.

She stirred slightly, her head turning from one side to the other and her lips parting wider as she mumbled in her sleep.


There was that familiar clench inside of him, that possessive shadow that lurked within him. "I wonder if I should call you little sister from now on," he whispered in a low voice. His mind wandered off and he pulled himself away from her and stood up. A dark chuckle escaped his lips as he crossed his arms across his chest and languidly walked towards his favorite spot by the window where the dim light of the moon highlighted his features and made his eyes glow crimson.

"Something… barbaric, huh?" he echoed his thoughts aloud. Living humans, must have mixed-up her system, but rather than having that thought irritate him, it even added to his amusement.

Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds.

Even a love between siblings.

He leaned his back against the cold glass with a new sense of satisfaction as he took in consideration his new challenge. It wasn't going to be as enjoyable as fighting with the ex-human – though he knew from the start that he was going to win – but it didn't matter.

He knew he was going to win here too.

But it didn't take away the fact that he liked the idea of being scandalous.






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