Arceus looked through a bunch of scripts inside a crate within a mix of different crates at a warehouse near the Smash Mansion at the sandy tropical isle of Animal Crossing christened Tortimer Island, with him nodding his llama like head as he used his godly powers as the god of Pokemon to pick up a particular script. "Yep, another good ol' Donkey Kong fanfic staring the titular ape with the red tie, with everyone's favorite misunderstood villain Ganondorf in the mix!"

Gruntilda rolled her eyes as she was fishing for a couple of sharks. "Oh great. Just what we wanted. We all know that this pitiful excuse for a one-shot."

'Well... it was a one shot." Silver The Hedgehog exclaimed as he was picking up seashells on the sandy shore. "But then it got a nice upgrade from the author."

"Oh yeah, he's doing something. Probably." Dry Bowser said as he was catching various beetles with a net, with the scene changing to reflect the story for which you are about to read.

Donkey Kong and Ganondorf were sitting on a wooden bench, which was located in the middle of nowhere but a grassy, green meadow somewhere on Dreamland's Popstar. The two heavyweight Smashers were bored as heck.

"Gee, it sure is boring," Donkey Kong mused as he grabbed a banana out of nowhere and started to munch on it.

Ganondorf stretched his arms. "Yeah. It just seems that nothing is going to happen... or something like that. I kind of wonder what's for DINNER..." He stated. It was then that he screamed and jumped into Donkey Kong's arms.

"Ganondorf Dragmire! I'm surprised at you!" Donkey Kong snapped, dropping Ganondorf on the grass, and then folding his arms. "Why do you act like so?"

Ganondorf started to tremble. Gulping, he stated in a scared tone to Donkey Kong, "Well..I just say a ghost... with a red bandana."

Donkey Kong rolled his eyes. "Please! There's no such thing..." The brown-colored, tie-wearing gorilla then heard a strange noise as Ganondorf took off like a speedy mouse. Looking behind him, Donkey Kong scratched his head as he heard the noise again. "I wonder why Ganondorf is acting so strange over..."

Donkey Kong then paused. He turned around. He felt something touch him. "This doesn't seem right..." He whispered to himself, before feeling something crawl over him. Freezing, Donkey Kong started to whimper. He glanced at his shoulder, to see...

...A green caterpillar. With the face of Masahiro Sakurai.

"Hello! Have you gone out and played Brawl yet?" The Sakurai caterpillar said with a creepy grin.

Donkey Kong started to sweat nervously all over his body. He couldn't move, for he felt that one fatal mistake would be disastrous. Gulping, Donkey Kong screamed for help, but no one answered.

"Ahh, but you see, you are in the middle of nowhere!" The Sakurai caterpillar explained as he started to dig into Donkey Kong's flesh, "And you should press the two button at the same time you press up, sideways, or down!"

Donkey Kong was beyond confusion. He then felt his body tingling as the Sakurai caterpillar started to crawl through his right ear, causing Donkey Kong to feel a tickling sensation within his right eardrum. As Donkey Kong started to try and get rid of the tickling with his right thumb, the Sakurai caterpillar found his way into the ape's brain, taking full control.

"You are now under my control, Donkey Kong." The Sakurai caterpillar said in a haunting voice, "It was then I knew I would become a star..."

Donkey Kong did not reply - his eyes were replaced with weird red swirlies, and the ape was in a dumbfounded state.

"Now...go and find Ganondorf!" Commanded the voice of the Sakurai caterpillar, and Donkey Kong ran off towards thew northeastern direction, finding Ganondorf under a trash can.

Ganondorf looked up to see Donkey Kong, and screamed loudly like a little girl. "Eeei! Please don't crush me!" He whimpered, his knees trembling.

Donkey Kong, however, did not hesitate, and he picked up Ganondorf, holding him above his arms. "Come with me," The ape said in a monotone as he stomped towards a cliff and chucked Ganondorf down, watching the king of evil screamed as he tumbled to his death.

The Sakurai caterpillar grinned devilishly. "Good... now go and kill all the other Smashers!" He commanded as he started to cackle evilly, as Donkey Kong went and searched for the other Smashers nearby, to kill them in the same way he killed Ganondorf. The Sakurai caterpillar was then killed by R.O.B. falling on top of him from the sky.

"I don't know why I get myself into these situations..." The Robotic Operation Buddy sighed electronically in a robotic tone as the gray colored robot got up and shook his metallic arms, deciding to haul his shiny metal rear out of there.