My first Romeo x Juliet fanfic. I just finished watching the anime(which was really sad yet awesome at the same time!). And I thought about making a yaoi dealing with Romeo and Tybalt. This is the anime version;NOT THE BOOK! Hope you like it.

A/N: If you don't like yaoi or anything to deal with boyxboy love, don't read. I don't want flames about pple who disagree with yaoi or anything dealing with that. To all who love yaoi, please ENJOY! )

Unexspected Love



Tybalt's P.O.V.

People of Neo Verona started rushing towards thier homes as rain started pouring. I never did care for the rain. Neither did I care about what happens to everyone else. After all, Fransico wanted me to protect Juliet, but that seems to be hard for me to do.

Why you ask?

Let's just say I've become fond of her so called love.

I jumped onto my black-winged horse and was soon in the dark skys. Water dripped on my face but nothing matted. As I looked down, I saw Juliet and the Montague prince at the place were Iries bloomed. Swiftly and un-noticed, I watched as Juliet smiled at Romeo before running away from him;back to Conrad and the other's home. Once she vanished, I gazed over at Romeo, the Montegue prince.

Oh, how he intrigues me so.

I shouldn't think of these things..But for me to fall in with the son and soon to be archduke of Montague was something I couldn't avoid.

Just recently, I've been dreaming about the young prince. At first, they were one's of inoccence. Where we were in a place away from rules and pain. Where it was just us and showed our love for one another anyway possible. Then it became a bit...

Graphic if you may say.

Both of us making love to one another. Hearing Romeo scream my name. Pleasure so unreal that it ended up with me waking up hot and sweaty in the middle of the night with displeasure.

I mean, who wouldn't fall for such beautilful teal eyes that showed uncertainty yet lonelieness? Those soft, pink lips that were begged to be kissed? Soft, sunkissed skin that I would love to touch for year on ends.His short, blue hair that was getting soaked by the rain. It seemed like he didn't care just like me. Without thinking, I flew to where him and his white-blue winged horse was until I landed a few feet in front of him.

Romeo sensed my pressence and stood his ground. The horse behind him gave a slight dangerous look but I ignored it. After I jumped off of my own horse, I walked closer to the young, handsome prince, who backed away a little until his back met the wall.

"Y-Your the one I saw with Juliet. Who are you?" Ah, his voice captivates me. Why I'm like this, I will never know. But Im starting to fall drawn to the young prince even more.

I placed both hands on the wall so Romeo wouldn't escape. My emtionless gaze bored into his frightened, yet determined teal eyes. Waiting for one of us to make the first move. However, I knew this was going no where. None of us were bothered by the rain that continued to pour around us. Our horses doing nothing but watch and whine slightly at what would happen next.

This might be my only chance. Besides, this should be fun.

"I'm Tybalt. But do you fear me, Romeo?" I asked him without question and he stared at me with shocked eyes.

Watching his expression chang almost made me smile a little but i managed to control myself. Romeo looked away from my gaze. "No..I'm not afraid of you. Whatever you want to do, do it. As long as you don't hurt Juliet or her friends." He replied with nervousness in his voice but avoided my gaze all at once.

That made me smile upward.

"As you wish." With that, I grabbed a hold of his chin and placed my lips softly on Romeo's.


Romeo P.O.V.

Soon, I felt soft lips claim my own. My eyes widened in shock as I stared at the black-haired man.

Why is he doing this?! I love Juliet not him! I barely know him...Yet why do I seem to like this? With Juliet, it's shy and yet comfortable. But with this man, I feel excited and impatient at the same time...

Then, my body moved on it's own. Both my arms wrapped around Tybalt's neck;pulling him closer to me. I felt his tongue agianst my lip;asking for entrance which I shyly granted. I don't know why I'm doing this, but it feels...soo good.I felt a strong arm around my waist;pressing my body against his as Tybalt deepened the kiss. I let out a soft moan when he bit my lip and started trailing down my neck. For some reason, my body reacted to every touch, every kiss and was lovin it.

Is this right? I know this is a sin. To cheat on Juliet with another man nonetheless. Yet this feels so amazing. I don't think I'll experience this again.

I felt a hot breath near my ear as I was placed on the ground of Iries. "Would you like me to stop, Prince Romeo?" Tybalt asked me in a deep, husikly voice before biting my earlobe and nibbling it.

As hard as I tried to think, I couldn't. My mind was clouded with lust and passion that I didn't care what he did. I just wanted him. I know my father will wonder where I am and why I didn't return soon. In a way, I didn't want to leave..Not this feeling..Not Tybalt's touches-

That's when I finally came back to reality.

With all my strength and willpower, I pushed Tybalt off so I could sit up. He sat across from me;staring at me with those dark, mysterious blue eyes and I couldn't stop the blush that appeared on my face. However, I became serious quickly and stood up before dusting my clothes.

"S-Stay away from me!" I told Tybalt with a serious tone;watching him stand up as well and looked out towards the sky.

I noticed the rain had stopped and the nightly sky shined with many stars. Hearing a horse rein made me turn around and see Tybalt about to jump onto his horse's back. I then did something I know I shouldn't do.

"Wait!" I called out and ran over to Tybalt before he got on his horse and flew off. He turned around to face me once I was of arm reach and I stared into his eyes.

Those eyes...Why do they seem to draw me so? I shouldn't do this! I know I shouldn't...But...

"Will I see you again?" I asked the mysterious man Tybalt, who only stared at me before walking closer to me.

Tybalt then grabbed both of my shoulders and kissed me deeply for the second time. Atfirst I was hesitated before responding back to the kiss. However, Tybalt broke the kiss;leaving me wanting more. We stared at one another for a short while before Tybalt ruffled my blue hair with care before speaking.

"Meet me here tomorow night. When the stars starts to shine. Only if you wish to see me." Tybalt said with a straight face before climbing on his winged-horses back.

If I ever gave him a name, it would be 'The Dark Knight'. So dark and mysterious and yet handsome and wise at the same time. I nodded at his invitationed before I watched him fly away towards the sky. I watched him until I could see him no more.

Cielo nudged my shoulder slightly;concerned about me. I smiled at him and petted him gently. "I'm fine Cielo. Its just, I don't know if what I'm doing is right. In my mind, I know that was I did meant that I am cheating with Juliet. But...I can't help but want to be near Tybalt as well. Something about him..I don't know.." I said to Cielo, who rubbed against me so I would feel better.

I laughed a little. "We better head back. I'm sure father will be angry at me. Either way, we always seem to get right out of it." So, I climbed onto Cielo's back and we flew into the sky of Neo Verona; back to the castle of Montoegue...

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