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Unexpected Love


Chapter 16:

Benvolio P.O.V.

The time was drawing near. Any minute, Juliet and her empire will overthrow the Montague castle and soon, there will be a new rein of peace.

I rushed into one of the guard's rooms and looked in their closets to see about five swords inside. I grabbed one of them and strapped it to my waist while putting a chain mail on and a breastplate on. No, it did not have the Montague symbol on it, but it was good enough. Quickly, I took off of the room and towards the downstairs.

Suddenly, guards filled in the entrance hall of the castle, scanning the area. One of them spotted me and ran towards me, his sword in hand but I glared at him and soon, we were in a sword battle.

I have to hurry! I have to help Romeo!

I managed to knock the sword out of the guard's hand and kick him off me with my foot, making him fall backwards and knock down some other guards that were trying to help him. Smirking at this, I ran past them and towards the king's study. Just as I ran around the corner, a stream of guards blocked my way with a bow and arrow in hand.

My sword in hand, I looked at them from front and over my shoulder, knowing I couldn't escape.

"Drop your sword, NOW!" The guard ordered me, giving me a cautious look as I only glared back at him.

"I don't think he needs too."

Is that-

I turned around to see no other than Juliet in her armor and sword, Curio and Francisco behind her with weapons in hand; ready to attack.

"Juliet!" I said with shock but joy until the guards turned towards them, for they knew it was Juliet's doing for all that's happening.


The guards let out a cry before charging towards the three quickly. Juliet frowned and steadied her sword before charging at one and took them down, one by one. Francisco shot half of them with swift arrows, including the ones behind me and Curio cut them down with his axe.

Not a second later, they were all defeated. Juliet sheathed her sword quickly and looked over at me.

"Benvolio! Lead us to Lord Montague!"

I nodded with determination before pointing them in the direction. "This way!" I replied and we then ran down the hall to where Lord Montague was waiting for us.


Kazu P.O.V.

Doing another guard break, Mercutio and I, stood a few feet from one another, panting heavily and sweat on our brows. My cloak was cut and ripped by Mercutio, who did land a blow on me on my right side. The wound was deep and I was bleeding greatly, but I tried to ignore it.

"Why do you protect them? Why do you protect the enemy?"

"Because that enemy is suppose to be the ruler of Neo-Verona. The Montague's killed Juliet's family and for that, it must be revenged." I answered between panted breaths, my wound draining the life from me but I held on.

However, I did inflict damage on Mercutio. I hit his head with the hilt of my sword, a stream of blood trailing over his right eye as he glared hard upon me. Though my sword was lowered, I watched Mercutio with a cautious gaze.

Mercutio chuckled at my previous answer. "Just because you have your empire trying to overthrow Lord Montague, doesn't mean that they will succeed. Soon, we will kill everyone of the Capulet until only one will stand."

"I fight so that people like you won't destroy Neo-Verona with its evil mind and wicked persuasion. Maybe that's why you're alone."

"SHUT UP!" He yelled before steadying his weapon in the air, about to do a head strike but I raised my sword horizontally to block the sudden attack.

My feet slide backwards at the impact as I locked my gaze onto Mercutio's. Like I predicted, he became very angry at my comment and started coming at me with such aggressive force that I didn't expect from him.

I then glanced around to see if there was anything I use against Mercutio but that was until I looked up at the small bridge that I saw Benvolio guiding Juliet, Francisco and Curio to Lord Montague's hold.

Benvolio must have spotted me because he stopping running and went to the side of the bridge to see me fighting against Mercutio.

"Kazu!" He called out to me as I deflected another attack from Mercutio before looking up at my lover.

"Benvolio! Get Juliet to Lord Montague now!" I yell back to him, seeing that Juliet had nodded and started going in the direction needed with Curio and Francisco.

Without noticing, Mercutio cuts me across my back with his sword. I gasp sharply in pain, turning around to block attack that soon became weak when Mercutio managed to get the sword out of my hand and it landed a few feet away from us.

"Do you honestly think you were able to win?" Mercutio stated as I stumbled on one knee because of the injury on my back.

He smirked and then punched me hard across the cheek, almost making me stumble but I managed to straighten myself. I panted heavily because of my weakened state as I watched Mercutio point the tip of his sword to my throat.

"So, do you surrender?" Mercutio asked me as I stare at him with a cold glare.

To his question, I only smirked evilly. "Go to hell." I answered weakly as I watched his smirk turn into a frown.

"Gladly." Mercutio replied with a dark, almost sadistic smile on his face and I only bowed my head.

Tybalt…Benvolio…I'm sorry.

In a flash, someone appeared in front me and pulled me close until I heard a pained gasp from their lips. My eyes widened in shock when I saw that Mercutio had plunged his sword through Benvolio's back and I looked down to see the tip of the sword showing out of his stomach.

Shocked as I was, Mercutio pulled the sword out of the blond and watched. I felt Benvolio put all his weight on me as he shifted so his back was against my chest and coughed out blood. I stared with fear, complete fear as Benvolio looked up at me with a light smile.


"Why? Why did you do that? Benvolio!" I asked, almost breaking down as I watched my lover raise his hand up to the bloody hole that was created.

"I didn't…want my love to die…so I saved you…just as you saved me…" Benvolio's voice was soft and hoarse.

"I want you to know…that I love you… no matter what people say…you will always be my guardian angel, Kazu…" He tries to tell me as he closes his eyes and coughs out more blood and I put my hand over the wound to stop the blood.

"Benvolio, I love you too! Stay with me! Please!"

"And tell Romeo…that him and Juliet, will become great rulers of Neo-Verona…" Benvolio whispers to me until his eyes close shut and his arm goes limp to his side.

I looked at Benvolio worriedly when I realized he wasn't breathing. Raising a shaky hand to his face, I tilted his head so it was resting on my shoulder.

"Benvolio…" I sobbed out as tears flowed down my cheeks and I closed my eyes, hugging Benvolio close to me.

Mercutio watched with shock as I help Benvolio close to me. I tried to get myself together and place him down on the ground gently before I snatched the sword that was disarmed from me and looked at Mercutio with a murderous look.

"You…you son of a bitch!" I cried as I charged at Mercutio and plunged the sword through him.

Fresh tears were formed while I did this and I looked up to see Mercutio staring at me. Once I pulled away with my sword, I watched Mercutio starting to laugh loudly as he stumbled to the ground. Blood was coating his fingers as he held the wound tenderly and I watched him silently.

"I was the son of a bitch." Mercutio gasped out to me before he fell backwards.

I looked at the blood-coated sword and quickly dropped it like I was being burned. Slowly, I walked to Benvolio's body and sat down so his head rested on my lap. Brushing a bang of blond hair from his face, I let out some tears as I looked over at Mercutio's body and then up at the sky.

I'm sorry Tybalt, but I can't be here alone.

Making my decision, I reached over to take a hold of the swords hilt and position the blade to point at my heart. I chanted a quick prayer to myself and made sure that what I thought of Benvolio was true.

"I'm right behind you, Benvolio. Just wait for me."


Romeo P.O.V.

"Romeo, if you don't want to do this-"

"No…I want to Tybalt. We'll do it together."

Finally, after all that Tybalt and me have been through and the obstacles we had to take, we were finally standing in front of my father's courtroom where I knew he would be.

Taking a deep breath, I pushed the twin doors of the Montague open and stepped into the enormous room where everything was on the line. I looked up to see my father on his throne, watching me with those dark blue eyes that held hatred. I stood where I was silently while Tybalt stood beside me.

"So…you have come, my son. I see that you are still alive. Somehow, I knew that you wouldn't die, but at the same time, I wish it did happen." My father spoke deeply as he stood up, his long drape flowing behind him and the golden crown that made him archduke on his head of long, blue hair.

However, I wasn't frightened. "Lord Montague, as prince of Neo-Verona, I order you to surrender." I commanded as I pulled my sword out and pointed at the man I called father.

Father glared at me coldly and then looked over at Tybalt. He studied him for a moment until he chuckled.

"This is the man, whose mother I banished long ago. She was of no use to me and no right along side my throne. I banished her when she bared you, known as Tybalt. I'm shocked that two of my sons, ones that have the same blood as I, are not only lovers but also are going against me for my throne. How remarkable this is indeed!" Father proclaimed with astonishment but I could see the anger flaring in his eyes.

Tybalt growled under his breath before taking his cloak off to reveal a sleeveless, black shirt and pants.

"Ever since that day, I never liked the Montague's. I thought they were nothing but people who wanted power. Then again, that's what you are. All you care about is the law and the power you make, but you do not see the pain that the people of Neo-Verona are suffering!" Tybalt shouted at father with pure anger.

"And you coming here, putting this parade and killing my guards is actually the solution? Oh no, it just the wood to the burning the fire that spreads through the city. Without me, this city would fall! Without me, Neo-Verona will be nothing but ruins above the clouds!" Father yelled as he stood up and pulled out his master sword; pointing it to us.

"I am the seed to Neo-Verona! I'm the reason it even exists!"

"You're the reason why everyone is dying! Just like you aren't feeding all those innocent people food! They are dying because you won't help them! How can you be the seed of Neo-Verona, when you're just the bird that plucks them away?" I say to him as I walk towards my father, Tybalt keeping a close eye on me.

"If that's how you think, then let's just see who truly is the bad seed to Neo-Verona!" He tells me until the presses a black that was in the floor and suddenly; an army of knights comes into the room.

Tybalt rushes towards me so we're back to back as the knight's circle us like prey. I look around us to see how many there were and there were indeed many. I saw father smirk evilly at me as he was in the mist of the army.

"Kill them both! Show them no mercy!"

I growl in anger at my father's cowardly ways while Tybalt frowned deeply.

"Romeo…I think it's time you saved your own ass."

I smirked at my lovers remark as I steadied my sword. "I'll save your ass too when your in trouble, Tybalt. Guarantee on that."

With that being said, Tybalt and I went into battle.


Juliet P.O.V.

Francisco, Curio and I rushed towards Lord Montague's courtroom when we heard almost a war going on inside. We stopped outside of it to listen and I recognized Romeo's voice. Tybalt saved him!

"We must help Romeo!" I said to my companions and was about to go in, but Curio grabbed a hold of my arm and I turned to look up at the brunette.

"What? Why are you holding me back?"

"We have to wait."

"What do you mean we have to wait?"

Suddenly, the walls were knocked down and an ocean of my men came in. They all turned to me with weapons and determined looks on their faces. I smiled in relief as one of the men stepped up and bowed to me.

"We are ready for battle, Lady Juliet!" He said as the other men cheered in agreement, making me smile all the more.

I drew my sword and raised it high before I pointed to the doors of Lord Montague.


Being said that, the men broke through the doors and started battle with the Montague knights.

The three of us rushed in and I ran over to Romeo, who had cut a knight down and looked up to see me with shocked teal eyes.

"Juliet!" He said with joy as I hugged him real quick with a determined smile.

"You think I was going to let you fight them on your own? Besides, we're in this together just like you and Tybalt are one. Now you go defeat Lord Montague and I'll cover ya!" I tell Romeo, who stares at me with shock but nods with a smile before he rushes through the crowds of knights, knocking some down as he did so.

Defeating a knight one by one, I looked over to see Lord Montague and Romeo standing in front of each other's. I saw them say some words until they steadied their swords and started to sword fight. Looking back, I blocked a Montague knight's attack before slashing him across the stomach and going to fight another one.

Curio hit some knights in the head with his axe while Francisco shot some down with his arrows.

When I looked back to check on Romeo and Lord Montague, I noticed that there was blood seeping through his right side and shoulder. Lord Montague had a satisfied grin on his face as he did a series attacks with attacks and Romeo blocked each one with a shaky hand. I looked around quickly for Tybalt, and as expected, he was one step ahead of me.

As I look around, I saw that the Montague's were falling and the Capulet were once again winning the battle. I smiled at this when I felt an arm around my neck and a blade against my throat. Gasping for help, I watched as all my allies stopped their battles and stared in shock at who it was.

"Put down your sword, Romeo or I'll kill this girl. Either way, both of you deserves to die."


Tybalt P.O.V.

Just as I was about to help Romeo, silence met our ears and I looked over to see that the one person I didn't expect was holding down Juliet.

I was only a few feet away from Juliet as I growled under my breath. "Takeshi! What the hell are you doing?"

"I think I have every right to do this." Almost half his face was covered in blood, his clothes were slightly torn and voice was harsh.

Juliet tried to gasp for breath as Takeshi tightened his grip. I looked over to see that Romeo was also watching until Lord Montague slashed across his stomach and pushed him down with his foot.

Quickly, I ran towards the two but stopped when I saw that Lord Montague had his foot on Romeo's breastplate and the tip of his sword at my lover's throat.

Damn it.

Two people's fates were on the line.

If Juliet were to die, then there would be no heir to the throne of Capulet and rebuild Neo-Verona.

Then, if Romeo were to die, then Lord Montague would easily defeat us without his son. Even though Juliet could defeat him, no one wanted the sorrow of losing Romeo, including me.

"Give us Juliet, and you can keep your precious brother, Tybalt. All is fair, everyone's happy and we will speak none of this." Takeshi offered as his sword was stilled pressed against Juliet's throat, her cooper eyes looking at me with slight fear.

My hands curled into tight fists around my twin swords as I glared at Takeshi and then at Romeo, who looked up at me.

"Don't do it! They'll kill us both either way!" Romeo warned me, my eyes widened at the thought of that as Takeshi growled in frustration.

"Come on Tybalt! You know we've been friends for a long time. Trust me on this when I say that we won't harm Juliet." He tells me sternly while keeping his grip on Juliet as I look at him curiously.

"You should listen to him." Lord Montague says from behind me as I look at him over my shoulder and then back at Takeshi.

Over Takeshi's shoulder, I could see Francisco sneaking behind him, as if planning something and I only agreed. Instead, I readied myself and held both my twin swords.

Something must have clicked, because Takeshi noticed something in my stance and only frowned.

"Is that what you want then? Death upon two who are important to you, Tybalt? Well, you've token the life of someone I hold dearly, not let us take the ones who are close to you!"

As if lightning struck, I drew my sword and turned to see Lord Montague about to strike Romeo but I threw the dagger at him, which hit his throat. Then, I quickly threw my dagger at Takeshi as soon as Francisco stuck the tip of his arrow in the back of Takeshi's neck, the dagger hitting Takeshi's heart.

Juliet gasped for breath but straightened up quickly to see Lord Montague had fallen. She slowly walked over to the fallen archduke, who lay there with dead eyes. Then, Juliet reached down and closed the king's eyes before turning to me. Romeo stood up as well and looked at our father body quietly.

"Thank you, Tybalt. For saving us."

I stared at Romeo, who said this and looked to see that Juliet was going to say the same thing but nodded in agreement. Calmly, I walked over and pulled the dagger from the dead archduke's throat and sheathed it back.

After that, I turn to Juliet. "Do what you have to do." I say to her softly before she nodded and turned to face the others.

There were a few Montague men, but they knew that they were defeated for Lord Montague was dead and the Capulet would now rule over Neo-Verona.

"Lord Montague is now dead. It is not a vengence, but to change Neo-Verona into the peaceful world it once was. The Capulet will now be ruler of this land and Romeo will also help change it." Juliet announced proudly before turning to look at Romeo, who stared at her with shock before walking towards her.

Juliet smiled proudly at Romeo and he couldn't help but do the same as I walked over to stand with Curio and Francisco.

Romeo and Juliet looked at one another and nodded before drawing their swords; raising them high in the air.


"For Neo-Verona!"


Romeo P.O.V.

~Three Months Later~

"You can't catch me Antonio!"

"Well see about that!"

I watched as Antonio was chasing two little girls around in the big back yard garden of the now Capulet palace. Everything was rebuilt the Capulet way, the citizens of Neo-Verona got their food back, the laws were fairer and Montague was no more.

Then, I walked towards the cemetery to see two tombstones side by side.

Benvolio: A true friend, lover and warrior. You will always be remembered of your heroic deeds that helped Neo-Verona see the true meaning of peace and love.

Kazu: A might and loyal warrior and friend of the Capulet empire, we will remember you for your deeds and pride that you have shown. May you and your lover rest in peace together in heaven.

"Benvolio…I will dearly miss you my friend. You know I will always come to visit you now and again. Rest in peace my friend and to you too, Kazu." I say to my friends with a sad smile before placing Irises on each other their tombstones.

I did place two more on another pair of tombstones. Even though they were the enemy, it didn't feel right to just leave them there. So I placed a flower on Mercutio and Takeshi's grave.

Tybalt walked over to me and looked down at our friend's graves. He touched Kazu's tombstone with a sad smile.

"At least, their together." Tybalt says softly and I nod in agreement.

"Yeah. They won't be alone anymore. Nothing to tear them apart." I added before Tybalt took my hand in his own as we stood their a bit longer before we walked back to the castle.

On our way there, I saw Juliet and Hermione walking towards our direction. I smiled at Juliet, who sent me one as well as we approached each other.

"We found a whole stock of cash that we found in one of the hidden chambers. Can you believe what we can do with that money?" Juliet tells me with awe while Hermione giggles at her amazement.

I smiled cheerfully at Juliet. "I'm sure you'll know what to do, Lady Capulet." I replied, making Juliet blush in embarrassment and we all couldn't help but laugh.

"Um…Romeo, you remember Hermione. Um…she's my girlfriend." Juliet blushed even more as well as Hermione when Tybalt and me stared at them with shock.

However, the two of us just chuckled at them.

"Congratulations, Juliet. I'm glad you found some happiness in your life." Tybalt assured Juliet, who stared at him with shock but quickly smiled and nodded.

"I'm glad I did too." Juliet said back, giving Hermione a gentle smile before they said their goodbyes and walked off.

"Tybalt, I'll always make you happy right?" I asked my lover, who looked down at me before pulling me into a warm embrace.

"You are my happiness, my joy and my heart Romeo. I'll love you until the day we die." Tybalt says to me seriously, making me blush and smile before I pulled him into a sweet kiss.

"I love you too, Tybalt. Forever and always."