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In the end, Tezuka supposed it resembled some kind of honeymoon, although the first days of having Fuji around all the time was trying, it wasn't unpleasant at all, but it was something new, and Tezuka Kunimitsu was a person that liked solitude, and having another person there---even if the person was Fuji...it was odd.

It wasn't like his flat was all that big to begin with because Tezuka, unlike Atobe, did not enjoy feeling lost in his own house, he liked everything close by, and with Fuji around all the time, everything seemed a little too close...though it wasn't because Tezuka disliked Fuji's company.

In fact, if he could ignore the fact that Fuji kicked things (mainly Tezuka) in his sleep, or that the other tended to be messy, his life was almost perfect. For the first time in a very long time, Tezuka felt sated and content, and for some reason, he had achieved such a state sans sex. (Although a certain boss of his would not have been too proud of him.)

Atobe Keigo put way too much belief in sex, and somehow, Tezuka despised him for it. There were plenty of other ways to find happiness, and he was not going to result to---that.

But still, even without that, it was nice. Fuji certainly hadn't mentioned sex ever since Tezuka's birthday, and Tezuka was grateful for it. He liked the way things were now, the way that Fuji's hair was mussed in the morning, and the way he greeted Tezuka with a kiss when he came home from work.

"Welcome home, Tezuka-sama."

Tezuka liked hearing that most of all, after all, a home was not a home if you didn't have anyone else to share it with. He also liked the part where Fuji took his briefcase and placed it in the closet for him, and took off his coat for him—although he was used to doing all those things himself.

He had mentioned that Fuji spoiled him once, to which the boy merely replied with a smile, "Because I think Tezuka-sama has never been spoiled."

"Yes, but doesn't mean you have to spoil me." Tezuka had argued.

"But I like it." Fuji had pecked him on the cheek and headed off to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Besides Tezuka's bedroom, which housed a bad entirely too large for only one person, he liked Tezuka's kitchen, which he had complained about, that it didn't get used near often enough.

Well, it wasn't like it was really his fault. Tezuka usually got home late, and usually grabbed something at some random convenience store to say himself the time.

But ever since Fuji had moved in with him, Tezuka had been making it home earlier and earlier, although he drew the line at eight, lest people asked too many questions, after all, it wasn't like him at all to have emergencies all the time.

For the life of him, Tezuka couldn't figure out if it was something that Atobe did intentionally, but his superior hadn't yet to question his somewhat lax work ethic as of late, and the two of them hadn't talked since the day that Atobe preened into Tezuka's office and told him that Fuji was in love with him.

"Tezuka-sama looks like he's thinking very hard."

Tezuka turned briefly to see Fuji drop down on the couch next to him. Shaking his thoughts from his head, he shrugged, as Fuji made to lean his head on his shoulder.

"Sort of."

"I'm sorry that dinner's not ready yet. I was too busy thinking about some things." Fuji admitted, settling his hand on Tezuka's knee.

Tezuka had stepped in the door at seven-forty-five, and Fuji had stood there in one of his fresh white kimonos and an endearing smile. Tezuka was too busy noticing that there was no fragrance coming from the kitchen. Fuji had a natural knack for cooking, and even though he liked to add more spices than was good for him, Tezuka found it bearable.

"It's fine, I hadn't noticed."

Fuji smiled at him, "Because you were dazzled by me?" he supplied helpfully.

Tezuka gave him a tolerant look, "Something like that."

Fuji took the look as an invitation to climb into his lap. But he did it carefully, because he knew how Tezuka disliked having wrinkles in his dress shirts—although that was all Tezuka seemed to possess in his wardrobe. Tezuka held him easily...and it did occur to him that even though Fuji hadn't mentioned sex again, he was always getting more bold--

--and the strange thing was that Tezuka didn't mind so much. Whether or not that turned out to be a bad thing remained to be seen. Fuji just sighed a contented sigh in reply and smiled at him again.

"I'm making curry." He announced after a moment, "From the new cookbook you gave me. What do you think?"

Ever since Tezuka had discovered Fuji's liking and talent for cooking, he had been bringing various cookbooks every day, it was not to say Fuji succeeded in his doings every time, but still, the boy tried.

"It's been a long time since I had curry." Tezuka closed his eyes briefly, as Fuji's hands found a tender spot along the back of his neck.

"Just for you I didn't make it too spicy." Fuji sounded wholly amused as he pressed his fingers in. Out of sheer habit, Tezuka bit his tongue. He was suddenly reminded of a very unpleasant time when Atobe had dragged both him and Sanada out to a bar after finals. And then the rest of the night had been a blur of too much alcohol and lots of women, he vaguely remembered having a couple on his lap and then throwing up afterwards.

Atobe hadn't been too happy about that. Apparently, he had ruined a couple of expensive dresses.

A sudden jolt of pain shot from his neck and Tezuka's eyes shot open to see Fuji's apologetic face.

"...Did that hurt?"

Tezuka was conflicted, but he was sure Fuji would catch him if he lied anyway, "Just a little."

"Sorry." Fuji shifted, and Tezuka was suddenly very focused on the way that the boy shifted in his lap. "But you could help me out by relaxing a little. Here, lean forward."

He obeyed, leaning forward just so, that his head fell snugly on Fuji's shoulder.


It was. Tezuka just rubbed the crook of Fuji's neck with his forehead. "Hnmph." Hoping it sounded noncommittal.

But he heard a smile in Fuji's voice anyway. "Good."


Later, Tezuka sat in bed reading a newspaper while Fuji worked a fine tooth comb through his hair. Although Fuji knew there would be no tangles in it whatsoever; he was not a very neat person by nature, but at least he kept up appearances.

"Ne, Tezuka-sama, do you work tomorrow? It's Saturday."

Fuji loved that about Tezuka, whenever the older man looked at him, it was like Tezuka saw nothing else. His expression was ever bland, but Fuji had found, that by looking very hard, he could always find a smile tucked in his eyes somewhere. Tezuka folded the newspaper neatly in half as he shook his head, "No, unless Atobe's up to one of his usual tricks."

Atobe. Fuji made a face, he didn't like that Atobe, of all people, took up so much of Tezuka's time, almost twelve hours a day, from seven in the morning to eight at night...but seeing as how Atobe was Tezuka's boss, just like he had been under Sumire's jurisdiction...it couldn't be helped.

"Why do you ask?"

"What? Oh...I um..." Fuji laid the comb down and climbed into bed, close to Tezuka, but not close enough to touch. He had learned that when they shared the same bed, Tezuka didn't really like being touched that much...


"I wanted to visit a friend."

"A friend?"

Fuji could have taken it the wrong way, he knew, that Tezuka hadn't thought him to have any friends, really, given the type of occupation he kept, but he knew Tezuka wasn't like that. So he just shrugged, "He left the brothel the same time I did, actually...two days before I did."

Tezuka asked, "Did Atobe--" he hesitated, "--buy him?"

Fuji laughed. He buried his head in Tezuka's shoulder and laughed. It was just funny. The thought that Atobe Keigo would actually consent to spend twenty-four-seven with a brat like Echizen Ryoma. But then again, Atobe wasn't like most people, he viewed too many things as good fun.

And even to Fuji, being with that many people, at the same time, was not good fun. He only did it because he had to.

"No, of course not. Atobe can't stand Ryoma. I don't know how they manage, honestly. His name is Yukimura Seiichi."

"Does he live nearby?"

"Well..." Fuji paused, "Sort of. He lives in Chiba. His danna bought him a house."

"I'll take you there tomorrow afternoon." Tezuka said, setting the newspaper aside, "Would you mind?"

"No." Fuji settled in the covers and lay on his side, "But why the afternoon?" Tezuka was the type of person to get everything done early. The fact that he wanted to do something in the afternoon seemed rather odd to Fuji. "Are you busy?"

"No. I feel like sleeping in." Fuji looked up to see Tezuka's face inches away. The kiss was brief, but the fact that Tezuka had initiated it made him feel giddy. "And you'll sleep in with me, don't get up to make breakfast tomorrow."


Fuji dressed in regular clothing, jeans and a t-shirt for the occasion, Tezuka wore his customary dress shirt, although instead of formal suit pants he wore khakis. Fuji had not seen Yukimura in a little more than over three weeks, but he found that he missed him. Yukimura had called him once on his cell phone, but the call itself had been short.

Within the span of maybe five minutes, Yukimura had told Fuji about his new house in Chiba, he lived there alone, but Sanada-sama evidently came to visit him maybe three times a week, and he had a dog for company. Her name was Anne, after a princess who had been hung in one of Yukimura's books. Sanada also brought him lots of stuff to read.

"My days aren't boring." Yukimura had said when Fuji was about to hang up, "And sometimes, Genichirou brings Shin-chin with him, but I do miss you." Shin-chan was Sanada's five-year-old son.

So why, was Fuji feeling a little bit anxious about seeing Yukimura again?

As soon as they rolled up in front of the correct house, Tezuka looked at him and touched his arm, "Fuji?"

"I"m fine." Fuji glanced towards the house, "It's just...strange, seeing him here. You're coming with me, right?"

"Did you not want me to?"

"Of course not. I just thought..." Fuji hesitated, "That you wouldn't want to meet Yukimura." After all, even if Tezuka was here, with him now, there was still no changing what Tezuka really thought about professional escorts, and Fuji was careful not to irritate the matter any more than he had to. He hadn't called anyone from the brothel, and no clients called him.

Sumire did call to check up on him once.

"He's your friend, isn't he? This Yukimura."

"Of course."

"Then I don't mind meeting him." Tezuka said resolutely and got out of the car. Fuji loved him more than ever.


It was a clean-smelling Yukimura Seiichi who wore the brightest smile that Fuji had ever seen, that met him at the door. He was actually a year and a half older than Tezuka, but Fuji thought that his friend looked as young as he'd ever seen him. Happiness took years off of you, even if your eyes tended to be sad. He let Yukimura pull him into a tight hug and let the other kiss his forehead—although Fuji could have sworn that he saw Tezuka twitch out of the corner of his eye.

"Syusuke, it's wonderful to see you, you look well."

And Fuji suddenly felt shy. He retreated to Tezuka's side and took his arm. "...Well, Tezuka-sama has been taking good care of me."

"I can tell." Yukimura assured him, and smiled at Tezuka, "You must be the Tezuka-sama that Syusuke never shuts up about." But his tone was a cheerful one, "Thank you for putting up with him."

Tezuka shifted around awkwardly for a few moments before he regained his senses and twitched his mouth in an effort to smile, he didn't quite manage it, but he said, "Somehow, I think it should be the other way around."

That earned Tezuka an amused smile from Yukimura and he opened the door wider, "Please, come in. Have the two of you eaten?"

"No,' But Fuji was quick to add, "But we wouldn't want to be any trouble."

"It's no trouble." Yukimura reassured him, "And besides, Genichirou said he might stop by today with Shin-chan. I rarely have so much company, you know." And Yukimura Seiichi missed playing host, Fuji knew that. "You can help me in the kitchen, it'd let us catch up. Cherie's asleep, so I don't have to worry about her right now."

"You don't mind if I steal him, do you, Tezuka-sama?"

Tezuka blinked, "Ah, no. Go ahead."


With Yukimura's permission, Tezuka settled himself on a leather couch. Yukimura Seiichi seemed like a nice enough person, but something in Tezuka couldn't quite come to terms with what these people did for a living. It just seemed off.

His eyes fell on a vase of gardenias on the coffee table. Yukimura's furniture was bland, but expensive and tasteful. It certainly reminded him of Sanada, who had the money, but unlike Atobe, never saw the need to flaunt it.

He closed his eyes and listened to the mild clatter in the kitchen. There were books on the table too, and Tezuka picked up a book on Paris, it was a travel guidebook of sorts. Half of it was in French, and Tezuka was surprised that Yukimura was so well read. Personally, Tezuka didn't find guidebooks too interesting, but Sanada did, and Atobe never let him hear the end of it.

The doorbell rang.

He looked towards it, and paused, and then Yukimura said, "...Syusuke, could you get the door, please? It must be Genichirou, he did tell me he was going to drop by today."

"Oh, okay. Is he bringing Shin-chan?" Fuji appeared in the kitchen doorway and made his way towards the door.

"I'm not sure, maybe."

Tezuka hadn't been sure when he heard it the first time, after all Genichirou was a common enough name, and so was Shin. Shin-chan was a common nickname, but the guidebook and the bland furniture filled in the blanks for him.

Genichirou was Sanada Genichirou. Although Tezuka never really thought of him as Genichirou, so maybe that was why it failed to register? But the bad feeling was just starting to sink in as Fuji opened the door, a small boy jumped into his arms and Tezuka jumped five feet himself.

He knew the boy. Sanada Shin, Sanada's only child. Tezuka felt a little sick.

"Hii, Fuji-niisan!!" And then Shin turned and smiled a sloppy smile. "Hii, Tezuka-san!!"

Which made Fuji turn to him, perplexed. "You know Shin-chan?"

"Well..." Suddenly Tezuka wanted to disappear. What were the chances that he'd just randomly run into Sanada Genichirou—here?

But Fuji had turned from him to greet someone else, a person that Tezuka didn't mind around the office, but here in a private setting...

"Shin, you've got to stop jumping on people." said Sanada Genichirou. After giving his son a stern look, he retrieved him from Fuji. "I didn't think you'd be here, Fuji."

"He didn't jump me." Fuji smiled at him, while Tezuka just stared, "Shin is just a friendly little guy. I didn't expect to be here either, but Tezuka-sama was kind enough to drive me." He smiled at Tezuka, who still looked traumatized.

Sanada stared.


Tezuka didn't think there could be a more awkward moment. He and Sanada stared one long store, with Fuji looking very confused and Shin looking happy, because he was a child that didn't know any better.

Yukimura must have noticed the silence, because he peeked his head out and sighed. Although he still wore a smile, and still, in front of everyone, gave Sanada a chaste kiss on the lips. "Genichirou, It's good to see you, Shin-chan too." He said, in a tone that was altogether too familiar for Tezuka to process. He could scarcely believe it for himself but, here he was, under one roof with Sanada Genichirou, one of the most straight-laced guy he knew...with his mistress, Tezuka wasn't quite sure what the proper equivalent would be.

"Seiichi. What are they doing here?"

"They had time, so they dropped by." And because Yukimura was a seasoned host, he took one look at his danna's face, and then he looked at Tezuka. And Fuji. And then he shook his head.

"I get the feeling that this is Atobe-sama's fault again." But despite everything, he still looked amused as he took Sanada's free arm, the one that wasn't supporting his son, Shin was giggling, as if this was one of the funniest things he'd ever seen."

And it was, quite possibly.

Atobe's fault. That was quite possible too, because Atobe's penchant for playing tricks usually got to him. But to this....

Fuji came to nuzzle his shoulder, and his smile was a wholly amused one.

"Somehow it doesn't surprise me at all. Sounds like something Atobe would do. But I'm sure we can still enjoy lunch. I think Yukimura's a better cook than I am, come on."