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Summary: Ziva comes to work bruised. Tony is concerned.

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My New Friend…Not

I'm late. I'm late. Gibbs is so going to be mad at me. Maybe I should have called in sick and avoided all the questions. Then I wouldn't be late getting to work. It really sucked being on Gibbs's bad side not that his good side is any better. Okay I need to stop thinking about being late and start thinking of reasons for it. I can't tell them the truth that will just lead to more questions. I also didn't want anyone to know about Sam. Maybe I can say there was a traffic jam…um no. How about my car wouldn't start, but I am driving it so that won't work. I know I'll say that the electricity went out in my building so my alarm wasn't working. Yes that should work.


"Where's David at DiNozzo?" Gibbs barked out on his way to MTAC.

"Don't know boss. I tried her cell she's not answering." Tony was slightly concerned. When Tony came in at 0730 he figured he would see her working already. Ziva was always the first here. Tony was starting to call her a brown-nosier in his head. Ziva getting to work early was starting to make him look bad.


20 minutes later Ziva finally showed up.

"Shalom Tony." Ziva made her way to her desk not even looking at Tony. Hoping that if Tony didn't see her face straight on he would miss the bruise. Her long sleeved shirt hid the other bruises.

"Shalom Zeevah. Why are you late? Late night with a boyfriend?" Ziva flinched at his last question but Tony was unaware of it. She won't even look at me. Something's the matter with my ninja partner.

"None of your business," Ziva snapped at him. Why did I say that? That's only going to make Tony more curious. A curious Tony was the last thing I wanted right now.

"Whoa. What happened? You're late which happens…never." Tony was now sitting on the corner of her desk. She still won't face me. This must be bad. "Ziva. Look at me, please?"

"I don't have to look at you." I know I'm stalling I should just get it over with.

"Ziva I'm not going to move from this spot until you look at me or tell me what's the matter."

"FINE. Tony you are a pain in the ass. Ha I got that right."

"Yes you did, but you still haven't looked at me."

"Lets talk in the elevator." The pair makes their way to the 'conference room'. Once the elevator is stopped Tony turns to face Ziva.

"Now. What's going on?"

Ziva slowly turns to face Tony.


To be continued…

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