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I woke up at 2:30 am, and Edward wasn't next to me. To be dramatic I felt abandoned. I know that isn't the case, but that is how I feel. Yes, I know that its dramatic. I heard voices downstairs, and I knew the two voices arguing. I don't know what was with them, they have been arguing more than ever now. I love them both so much, but in so different ways. I couldn't exactly hear what they were saying. Everything was muffled together. Something about 'no, you can't ask her that.' I dunno, I closed my eyes and quickly drifted back to my sleep. Somewhere in the early morning Edward snuggled into me, and fell asleep fast.

When I woke up the sun was shining in the windows, something very rare. As the sun shone on Edward's face I could see that something was hurting him. Something that I probably couldn't fix either. I know me and him had been busy with everything we were doing. We hadn't been spending tons of time together, and it was driving us crazy. Oh well, I decided I would take a shower. When I got out though, Edward was already out of bed and gone. I walked downstairs, and looked everywhere for him and he was no where to be found.

"Alice?" I asked her annoyed.

"Yeahh?" She asked looking overly innocent.

"Where is Edward?" She looked over at me and frowned. I couldn't understand why she would frown. Where is my boyfriend damn it.

"I have no idea Bella" she told me with painfully sad eyes. I want to know what the hell is going on. I pulled out my phone and tried calling five or six times but the call kept going to to voicemail. Arghhhh. I decided I would go straighten my hair and do my makeup. Yeah, I was that bored. I received a text a few minutes after I finished doing my hair.

"Were going out at 5, dress semi-formal"- Edward. I replied asking him where he was and why he was avoiding me, but he never replied. I sighed and asked Alice what to wear, she handed me a dress, and a pair of matching flats. She shoved a whole bunch of crap in my purse, and shoved me out the door at exactly 5.

"Hello love" He told me, wrapping his arm around my body. I honestly can say that I missed his touch all day. You have no idea.

"Where were you all day? Where are we going!? Why didn't you reply to my texts? Why does Alice seem so sad? What is going on?" I asked without giving him the chance to answer any of those questions. I really have been around Alice to much.

"Relax Bella, breathe." He chuckled. I could see some light dancing in his eyes. His beautiful green eyes. He was excited about something, my Edward. I sighed. We had been driving for a little over an hour and I hadn't even realized it. When we parked we were on a hill out in the middle of no where. Seriously. Edward carried a blanket and a basket full out stuff. I offered to help but of course not. So I walked over to the little spot where Edward had layed the blanket out. I jumped on it and smiled. He looked so amazing I forgot how to breathe. I remembered right before I probably passed out.

"So Edward" I said in between bites. "Where have you been all day?" I finished looking at him through my eyelashes. I hoped that it would help him to tell me. All he did was stutter a little and them smile. I sighed. I really want to know that he is up to.

"Love, it is easy to tell you, but I have to wait a little longer." He explained, only adding to my anticipation. He took my hand helping me off the ground. We walked around slowly. I have to admit it was really nice out there. I was so thankful that Alice gave me a pair of flats, I'd be dead if I was wearing heals. The sun began to set, and I realized we were on the highest point around us. "Bella" Edward whispered. "I love you so much..... I know that were young and all but this" he said as he reached into his pocket "is a promise ring. I want to promise myself to you that when we graduate high school and are ready that I will marry you" I swear it was like one of those romance movies with the sun setting and all.

"Edward.. Oh Edward" I smiled "I don't know..."

"Just listen to your heart. It's easier when you listen to your heart"

"Yes!!!!!" I sang happily throwing my arms around his neck. Oh how I loved this man. He would be my one and only love forever and always.

One week later

"Time to go love!" Edward told me as we boarded the cruise ship we would be on for the next seven days. I have to say I am more excited than I would normally be for being on a large boat. We pulled away from the harbor and off to the ocean. We went to our over sized, and surely over priced room. I decided to put on my navy and white striped bikini and go play in the pool. Well the upstairs pool that was reserved for only 5 families. Of course Edward would reserve it. I climbed up there with Edward right behind me and jumped right in.

"Love...." Edward said. He looked amused about something. I rolled my eyes and swam up to the side of the pool.

"Yessss?" I said while giggling.

"You may want some of this" He chuckled holding out sunscreen spf 50. I laughed and got out laying in the sun for a few minutes so I could dry off.

"Edward? Will you please put this on my back" I asked as I finished putting it on my arms and legs. He smiled and nodded getting up to do so. He massaged my back while putting the lotion on it. It felt wonderful, but I felt mischievous. I stood up as soon as he was done and it was dry, and pulled on his arm, letting him know I wanted him to get up. He did, and I kissed him, while pushing him into the water. My plan worked perfectly... Except he pulled me in the water with him! We laughed and he kissed me with so much passion. I could hardly breathe. It was amazing. We left the pool rather quickly and made it back to our room.

****rated M****

He quickly pulled off my bikini top letting it fall to the ground. I felt the bed under me and I was taking Edward's shorts off him. I kissed his neck, then down his chest. I made my way all the way down and kiss his area slowly, right to the very tip. Then a quick lick and made my way back up his body.

"Bella" he breathed heavily "I need you so bad!" I agreed and he quickly put a condom on. "Ready?" He asked. I smiled and he pushed into me. It was like a million things at once. We had sex, but not often. The feelings were passion, love, pleasure. I could go on forever, but whats the point? I could feel my entire body tensing and before I knew it I was exploding at the same time as Edward. Our screams matched. I knew that this was more than sex, it was making love. We relaxed on the bed for a while. Then both took separate showers. We new if we showered together we may never make it to dinner.

I got out as Edward got in. He informed me that the meal was formal, so I pulled out one of my many dresses and flats. I then put a little mousse in my hair so it would curl with out frizz. I put on eyeliner, mascara and the slightest bit of blush. It was more of a bronzer that seemed to make me glow. I turned around to grab my purse, but Edward was there. We kissed, and for a moment I reconsidered eating dinner.

"Love, we must go to dinner" He smiled and I felt like I was melting. I just nodded because I couldn't remember how to do much more than that. We walked hand in hand into this amazing room. It was filled with chandolers, and a beautiful orchestra was playing music. We gave the host our name, and she escorted us to our table. She looked Edward up and down a little to much for my taste, but then, I would have done that too.

"What are you thinking you will have love?" my love asked me. I really had no idea.

"Hmmm..." Was my only response.

"I think I will have the... House cut please" He told the waitress. I didn't realize he was asking me so I could order.

I quickly decided. "I'll have the sautéed mushroom pasta, please" I smiled. Edward and I just stared into each others eyes for a few minutes. He finally broke the silence asking me to dance.

"Love, please dance with me" His eyes twinkled with lust and excitement.

"I really can't dance Edward. Please...." I said trying to tell him I didn't want to dance.

"One dance, thats all, it's all in the leading anyway." He smiled again and I couldn't deny his smile. I got up and he led me to the dance floor. Not many people were dancing so I could feel a lot of eyes on us. It was making me quite uncomfortable, but Edward was there. So as I stared into his eyes I could no longer feel people watching. It was just Edward and me. The song ended and he led me back to our table. Within seconds the waitress brought our food out to us. My food was delicious, and Edward gracefully but rather quickly ate his steak.

"Excuse me miss" A strange voice requested. "Will you join me for a dance?" he smiled. I looked at him, he wasn't bad looking, but definitely no Edward. He had dark blonde hair, and blue eyes. I looked at Edward for some sort of excuse. He just looked amused.

"Sorry, I ate to much to dance" I giggled. I could hear Edward's quiet chuckle, stupid boy. Edward left the money on the table and we walked back to our room. It was already 9 p.m.. I was dead tired from all the traveling and our other activities. I giggled out loud from thinking that. I pulled my dress off and walked over to my suitcase finding my pajamas. As soon as they were on me I grabbed Edward's hand and pulled him to bed so I could snuggle into him.

When we awoke the next day the sun was shining bright on us. I carefully snuck out of bed and put on my favorite bikini. Hot pink zebra stripes. I put a pair of white short shorts on, and walked down to where the buffet style breakfast was. I grabbed two plates and filled one with fruit and the other with toast, sausage, eggs, and a few slices of bacon. I wasn't sure what Edward would want, but I was craving fruit. I made it back to the room and saw that Edward had only moved a little, still peacefully sleeping. I decided that I could easily wake him up nicely, but jumping on him would be much more fun. I ran and jumped on the bed, his eyes flew open and I giggled. He kissed me as I was trying to get up and bring him his food. He sat up quickly, he must be hungry I thought silently.

As he ate I began getting inpatient. Today was scuba diving day! "Edwarddd hurry! In an hour we get to go scuba diving!" I said while bouncing. I couldn't wait.

"Yes Ma'am" He chuckled and walked over to his suitcase putting on his swim trucks. I wanted to go for a quick dip in the pool before we went in the ocean.

"Loveeeee?" I asked innocently "CANWEGOINTHEPOOL????" I said thinking maybe I should lay off the caffeine. He chuckled and grabbed my hand as we walked to the pool. I jumped in making a huge splash. It was so fun having an almost private pool to our selves. Haha. Of course Edward would spoil me enough to get this. Time was going by so fast though, only 5 more days until I would be on my way back to Forks. I really do hope Rose doesn't have the baby while I'm gone. I really want to be there for her. I checked my cell phone and knew that we should start heading over to the area where the other scuba divers would be.

"Eddieeee" I smiled knowing very well how much he hated when anyone called him that. He frowned at me but I knew that he understoood I was only joking.

"Yes love?" He asked fighting back a smile.

"It's time to go scuba diving!" I chirped happily.

As soon as we were there we were handed our gear and instructed on how to put it on. I lowered myself into the water and stuck my head under water. It was very difficult to breathe with the gear on under water. Your brain tells you that you can't do it, and your body is doing it, so your slightly confused. After about 10 minutes of getting used to it the guide started and we followed. The things we saw were amazing! I was a little nervous around the sharks, but they didn't bother us at all. Plus, all the other different types of fish that were there were unbelievable! There were red ones, and blue ones, and yellow ones, and yellow, blue and red ones! It was absolutly amazing. I just couldn't have asked for a better experience. I knew that this was one of the memories I would cherish forever. I realized I was holding on to my promise ring around my necklace. I want to tell Emmett so bad. I just can't yet, not with the baby and all on her way.

After scuba diving the night ended uneventfully. Some nice relaxing sun bathing by the pool, I was actually starting to get a golden red tan. Dinner was less formal tonight just a quiet sit down meal, and I was thankful. I was so tired from scuba diving. This trip was absolutly amazing.

When I woke up the next day I knew that it was going to be extra hot outside, I could feel the sun beaming in through our window. I was pretty excited since I was from little old Forks. I woke Edward up, today we were allowed to go to some of the little islands to do some tourist shopping. I put on my all black swim suit, it had hardcore cut outs on it, it was basically a bikini with a little extra fabric, and a pair of white short-shorts. Edward dressed in white billabong shorts and a white t-shirt.

The locals seemed to watch us everywhere we went. There eyes were never taken off us for one second, it felt very awkward walking around. Edward bough me some pretty jewelry, we also bought everyone at home a few little gifts.

Before we knew it our trip was over and we were on our flight back to Forks.

3 weeks later


"Rose stop moving!" Alice whined "I've had to fix this toe like 5 times now! Enoughhhh".

"Alice I'm sorry, I can't help it, I'm in a lot of pain." Rose said breathing heavily. I was reading not really making the connection. Until she let out a loud scream.

"Oh shit Alice! Time it! See how far they are from each other" I told Alice.

"Oh god! Bella!!! She's in labor!!!!" Alice panicked. Oh god.

"Come on, lets get her in the car to the hospital." I told her

"Uhh hello" Rose said irritated and in pain "You don't have to talk as though I'm not right fucking here" She screamed. Alice and I quickly got her into the SUV and drove ridiculously fast to the hospital. Of course Alice was driving, I would NEVER drive that fast with a pregnant person in the car. Especially when that pregnant person is carrying my niece. When Rose was checked into the hospital I called Emmett, but he was working and didn't answer his phone, so I called Edward and he told Jasper and they were on there way to Emmett's job. Rose was extremely crabby and changed her mind.

"I don't want to do this anymore!" She cried. "its going to hurt so much"

"Rose! Damn snap out of it! Your about to be a mother! Grow up!" I hissed. I know it was wrong, but I was tired of listening to her whine. I'm sure I would be the same way if I was her. She stopped complaining and seemed to be in a contemplative state. I don't really know if I should have apologized, it seemed like in the minutes that she was thinking she grew up and realized her responsibilities. Emmett arrived rather quickly. The doctor asked me to leave the room and checked on how Rose was doing. She requested Emmett be in the room, as it was time to start.

We all sat out in the waiting room waiting patiently, but nervous as hell. A fill hour and a half later the nurse came out and explained one at a time we could visit Rose and her daughter for 15 minutes each. I was told to go first and was glad.

"Would you like to hold your niece?" Emmett asked. I nodded excitedly and he handed me the most beautiful little girl I had ever seen.

"Whats her name?" I asked Rose. She looked at me and smiled.

"Lily Marie" She smiled. I loved the name. "Hello Lily" I kissed her forehead and she fussed a little then fell asleep rather quickly. I hadn't even noticed that Emmett left the room.

"Thank you Bella" She said with glittering eyes.

"For what?" I asked confused.

"For giving me my pep talk. You were right, I am a mother now" She explained. "I need to start acting like it."

"Uhh I hate to break up the thank you's, but if Alice doesn't get her chance to come in here right now, the nurses might kick her out of the hospital" Emmett said nervously. I smiled at him and handed Rose her beautiful daughter. When I went back to the waiting room I hugged Edward and told him how beautiful my niece was. I had yet to tell everyone about the promise ring, so I was keeping it on a necklace until the right time to tell Emmett. I though in about two weeks would be good timing since he would be getting more used to being a father. Edward got his chance to hold Lily, and then we decided it would be time to go get some rest.

We both quietly crept upstairs and changed and fell asleep fast. I'm not even sure I had my regular sleep talking. Awe, who am I kidding, I probably did. When I woke up the next morning I could feel tension rising rather quickly, but everyone was acting as though everything was fine. It was probably that Rose had her baby. Or maybe thats why they were acting like everything would be okay. The doctors decided that Rose and the baby were doing really well. Plus Rose really wanted to go home, so Carlisle decided it would be okay to let her check out of the hospital, and the peditrian and her OB/GYN agreed it would be fine.

Rose brought lily over for a while, she was born with blonde hair, but her eye color was gray. I wasn't sure if they would turn blue like Roses.

"Everyone, we would like for there to be a family meeting tomorrow, Rose, Emmett, Lily, we really would love for you to make it, do you think you can?" Carlisle asked.

"Rose and Emmett agreed. I think Lily disagreed, but Rose insisted she was just hungry and dismissed herself to go feed Lily. Something may have been wrong for Carlisle to demand it be mandatory for all.

"Love, I'm really worried." Edward admitted. "My dad never really demands it be mandatory. I hope everything is okay."

"I'm sure everything will be fine Edward" I smiled and kissed his neck, then up his jaw, right up to his lips. He was all excited thinking I was going to give him a deep kiss, and then all I did was kiss him on the lips and run away. I ran for the back door laughing. He was slightly shocked. I made it down the stairs onto the grass when he lightly tackled me. I was laughing as he had me completely pinned to the ground. We kissed for a few minutes until Alice came outside.

"You better be careful over there or your going to have your own Lily" she giggled.

"Haha, its not a horrible thing" I told her, still pinned under the love of my life. "Were promised!" I whispered loudly to her.

"What?!" she yelled.

"SHHHH!!!! I reacted getting up showing her the ring. "I haven't told Emmett yet!" I explained. "I'm waiting for the right time! Jeeeeez!" I laughed.

"Hey Edward come here" She yelled, he walked over to us slowly. Alice jumped up and hugged him. "Your going to make a great husband some day" she told him. The smile on his face made me so happy. I couldn't wait to finish my last year of high school.

"Are you worried about what dad has to talk to us about?" Alice asked Edward. He nodded, and they both sighed. I let myself inside quietly, knowing that it was a sibling moment. I found my own sibling and hugged him. We talked a little, but he was exhausted.

"Em, go home with Rose and Lily" I told him, he walked over to Rose and Lily and talked and they carefully put her in her car seat. I gave them both hugs before giving Lily a kiss on the cheek good bye. Emmett told me that Lily only lets him, Rose, and me hold her. Everyone else she screams as though she's in horrible pain. I felt proud knowing that Lily favored me, though only a day old.

I decided I was going to go watch tv and possibly take a nap. I knew that there would much more drama to come, and I for one, was not ready for it.



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