The sun had risen with a fierce veracity as if the day were a challenge

The sun had risen with a fierce veracity as if the day were a challenge. The summer rays had dispelled the cool morning air but neither of them seemed to really notice. They walked forward together, their two mounts in tow. As their feet scuffed along the ground in unison they both felt a laugh rising in their throats, but they didn't let it out. Not yet.

Pacifica pushed at the bandage on her forehead irritably instead. "Ah! This bandage is so itchy!" She whined. "Don't touch it so much! It wouldn't so bad if you didn't fiddle with it all the time." Furet chastised. Pacifica dropped Parrabellum's reins in frustration as she pointed an accusing finger at Furet. "You obviously didn't tie it right if it irritates me this much! Your first aid skills are lousy."

Furet stared at her incredulously for a moment, silent in the shock before he responded. "Well if you aren't satisfied with the first aid jobs offered to you then you shouldn't wonder around the wild lands at night with a bloodied forehead. Idiot." Pacifica didn't see the small smile that pulled his lips taught as he rebuked her, as she strutted forward in her ruffled nightgown to confront him. "Well if you weren't so stubborn I wouldn't have had to ride around all night long looking for you! And another thing, how dare you-"

Pacifica's next words were swallowed by Furetas he placed his mouth over her complaining lips. As his lips brushed against hers gently and retreated from the hasty kiss a silence fell over the quarrelling pair. The usual solemnity of Furet's gaze softened as he looked down upon Pacifica's blushing cheeks. "Thank you Pacifica." Forgetting the embarrassment from her first kiss Pacifica reached out and took Furet's hand in her own. The skin on the inside of his palms was calloused while the skin on top was a sun kissed golden complexion. His fingers were so long they engulfed her own pale hand within their folds, but it still felt like the perfect fit to her. She looked up him with a smile, "That will be your highness to you."

They both let free the laugh that had been slumbering in their chests as they walked hand in hand back to the homestead, both feeling the greatest amount of gratitude for fate having given their love a second chance.


I want to thank everyone for their support of this fanfiction, I had a lot of fun writing it and hope you had just as much fun reading it. My regards for the last time!