A/N: I had this idea a little while ago for a bunch of oneshots surrounding things the Cullens give to Bella that she thinks she doesn't need. If there's any objects you think the Cullens would give Bella just put them in a review and I'll try to write something for it.

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I was beyond exhausted. I was so tired that even my low tolerance for caffeine couldn't help. I'd guzzled two cokes and a chocolate bar. Both of which weren't helping me. Weighted under bags filled to the brim with clothing I crawled up the stairs. I was tempted to just leave them by the foot of the stairs and have Edward get them later when he came over. Or even just to drop them where I was. If it wasn't for the promise that I would trip over them later and probably kill myself I would have done it too. Killing my self wasn't part of my plan for the future. Even if Edward didn't agree with changing me I knew he'd rather see me a vampire than dead.

What seemed like years later I reached the top of the stairs all the bags still clasped in my hands. The door to my room was open halfway. Even in my exhausted stupor I knew that I'd closed it that morning. Wishing Edward was there with me I made my way closer to the door.

Setting the bags on the floor as quietly as I possibly could I reach for the doorknob. As my hand grasped the cool metal handle I realize I was being ridiculous. It wasn't as if there was a rabid Werewolf, or an angry vampire on the side of that door. Fearlessly I push the door open the rest of the way. My room was empty. Or at least it appeared empty. Picking the bags up I drop them on the floor in my closet telling myself that I'd hang them up later.

Exhausted I trip over a box and fall onto my bed glad that it wasn't on the ground. The quilt felt nice and cool against my tired face. The raindrops play a lullaby against my window. It wasn't as beautiful as my lullaby but still soothing.

My thoughts drift through the Cullen family to Charlie, from Charlie to Phil, and from Phil to Renee. Sighing at the thought of Renee I realize that I hadn't responded to her latest e-mail yet. Groaning at the thought of getting off of the bed where my limbs could stay stationary, made it harder to convince myself to get up. If I don't respond to her e-mail then she'll call me and I'll have to go downstairs to answer the phone. In the long run the computer is closer and while the ancient monitor wakes up I can lay down again.

Rolling onto the floor and pulling myself up I move toward the desk. I sit in the chair and push the power button on the laptop. Wait laptop? Since when did I own a laptop? Glancing around my desk I find a note in Edward's perfect script.


Your computer takes to long to work. I thought you might find this a little faster than your other computer.


Who did he think he was spending more money on me than he already did. My computer had worked fine. There was no need to buy a brand new laptop for me. Suddenly energized I head downstairs for the phone.

Dialing his number by heart I wait until I get his answering machine "Edward Cullen you better wish that you were going to be facing a ferocious grizzly instead of me." I hang up and realize that Alice taking me shopping had been a ploy for me to be out of the house for him to set it up. Did that mean the other Cullen members were in on this act of thievery? The whole family was going to wish they were facing a Grizzly bear instead of me. I was positive even Jasper wouldn't be able to calm my fury.