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As I started home I thought about what had happened that day. Everything had changed since I had finally decided to become a lady. Men finally started to notice me, all but him. He was the only I ever really wanted to notice me, and when he didn't I decided it was probably best to move on. My current boyfriend was a total pig, and an abusive man. If Kyohei or the others found out, they would surely kill him. Telling them would be better, but I don't know how to explain that I, Sunako Nakahara, am completely helpless against this man who is so frightening to me.

On the bright side, I no longer had nosebleeds around the guys now, and they were happy with their free rent. Every once in a while I would indulge myself in the occasional Freddy or Jason movie, and I still hid out in my room, but there were just some thing I was not willing to live without. Sighing, I parked my car and turned off the ignition. Being a lady is too much work, but it is not something that I'm willing to give up being now, but it was something I could go without for a while.

I walked inside the front doors of my aunts mansion and set my bag and keys on the side table, then started for my room. As I rounded the corner I came in contact with a muscular chest. Stumbling back, I looked up to find Kyohei glaring at me. "Can I help you?" I asked somewhat irritated from the days earlier events. Stupid creature of light. Can a girl not go one day without being bothered by men?

"Watch where your going!" He yelled, and slammed his fist into the wall.

Jumping I stared up at him, then I grabbed my keys and started back for the door.

"Where are you going?" I stopped when my hand was wrapped around the door knob, then looked over my shoulder at him, fighting back tears.

"I don't need this right now, especially from you." Throwing open the door I ran out, rushing past Yuki, Takenaga, Noi and Ranmaru.

"Sunako, what's wrong?" Noi grabbed my elbow, and pulled me to a stop, quickly releasing me when I winced. "Sunako? Are you okay?"

Cradling my elbow, I nodded slightly and forced a polite smile. "Yeah, everything's fine. I just need some fresh air."

She did not look convinced, but nodded and let me go on. Turning quickly, I rushed to the edge of the trees and started on the little path that led to the Nakahara Family Burial Grounds. Once there, I climbed the great oak that sat in the center of the little graveyard, and sat on a branch that overlooked the land my aunts mansion sat on.

The hills stretched and rolled, creating great dips in the landscape. It was beautiful. A place where I could be alone, to think to myself. To weep to myself about my one sided love, and the bruises that riddled my body. Choking on a sob, I brought my knees to my chest and buried my face in them. Why did it have to turn out this way?

What seemed like hours later, I walked back to the mansion, hoping to slip in without notice. No such luck. Noi was sitting on the front steps, and stood when I approached.

"Can we talk, Sunako? Inside, and in private?" She looked at me with concern, and a sisterly affection that made me want to weep all over again.

I nodded, and walked through the door. "Lets go to my room."

We walked up the stairs, and into my room, shutting the door behind us. Sitting on my bed, I stared at Noi and waited for her to begin. "Well?"

"Sunako, I'm worried about you. I care for you as a sister, hell, you are a sister to me. And I know how you feel about Kyohei, so don't try to deny it." She sat down next to me, and took my hand, looking into my eyes. "I know what a jerk Rakuto can be, but what worries me more is your relationship with him. Sunako, does he hurt you?"

Startled, I looked at her, and saw that she already knew, but was not sure. A nervous laugh bubbled from my lips as I struggled to come up with an excuse. "What are you talking about? He treats me fine."

"Don't. Don't lie to me! I can see it in your eyes." Before I could register what she was doing, she gripped my hand and shoved my sleeve up, then stared down at the bruises coating my arms. Looking up, I saw the tears in her eyes, and knew what was coming next.

"No! Noi, stop!" I yelled, rushing after her as she darted out of the room, down the stairs and into the parlor, screaming for Takenage and the rest of the guys.

They rushed in and immediately Noi ran to Takenage. "What's wrong?" He asked. When she didn't answer, he looked over her head at me, noting the tears in my eyes. "Sunako, whats going on?"

At that moment, Noi pulled back and stared at me. "Show them."

I shook my head. "Noi, please don't."

"Show us what?" Ranmaru asked as he stood next to Yuki.

Noi's bottom lip trembled, and I pleaded with my eyes for her not to say anything. She shook her head. "Show them, Sunako. Show them the bruises."

"Stop. Please just stop." I was begging now, but to no avail.

Kyohei looked at me now, questions swimming in his eyes, as the rest of the room stared at me. "Bruises?"

Nodding, Noi motioned at me with her chin. "Sunako is covered in bruises. Rakuto is beating her. Take a look for yourself."

Kyohei walked over, towering over me as he grabbed my arm, and I winced. "Sunako..."

Screaming, I stepped back from him and looked at the others. "You want to see? You really want to see that bad? Fine!" I gripped the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head. Everyone gasped as I stood facing them in nothing but my bra and jeans, bruises covering my arms, chest and torso. "Is this what you wanted to see? Did you want to see how much I've been hurt and humiliated.?" Falling to my knees, I hugged myself, sobs wracking my body.

Noi knelt beside me and hugged me close, rocking me back and forth, but it was Kyohei that picked me up with a gentleness in him I've never known, and carried me to my room. Placing me in my bed, he covered me with the quilt and sat in the chair beside the bed, holding my hand until I fell into a deep sleep.

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