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Later, when I had done the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, I trudged up the stairs, heading for my room. And sweet, blissful darkness. Only, I didn't make it to my room.

As I walked past Kyohei's door, it suddenly opened, and I was pulled inside. I came into contact with his bare chest, squeaking in suprise. He once again shut his door and locked it, then he stared down at me.

I started to say something, but moaned softly as his lips claimed mine. One hand rested on the wall beside my head as he kissed me, then he picked me up, placing me against the door. Wrapping my arms around him, I angled my head to deepen the kiss, opening my mouth under his. He groaned, pressing his body against mine, his tongue delving into my mouth.

Pulling away, I gripped the hem of my shirt and lifted it over my head, throwing it to the floor. His eyes never left my body. Softly, he stroked his hand across my cheek, then down to the valley between my breasts, deftly flicking the front clasp of my bra open. The cool air washed over my skin, causing me to moan. Tossing the bra aside, I hitched my legs up and wrapped them around his hips, pushing against him. He clutched my thighs, then carried me to the bed, crawling over me as he pushed me back.

My hands roamed over his chest, then snapped the button on his jeans, pushing them over his hips, using my feet to kick them to the floor. He helped out by standing to drag my jeans down my legs, followed by my underwear, shedding his own boxers, crawling back over me.

He pressed open mouthed kisses across the top of my chest, then slowly circled my left breast with his tongue until he reached my nipple, taking the hard peak into his mouth. I groaned, breathing heavily. His mouth then showed the same attention to my neglected right breast, pulling small sounds from my mouth.

I felt his hand on my thighs, parting them gently, then he stroked the warm flesh between them. Using his index finger, he softly stroked the pink folds, easing two fingers inside me. Gasping, I clutched at him, scrambling for purchase. He continued to use his mouth on my breasts, moving his fingers in and out of me, picking up pace.

"Kyohei . . ." I trailed off, struggling to breathe.

He looked up, pushing his fingers deep and curling them inside me. My orgasm was instant and intense. I moaned, arching my back.

Moving between my legs, he clutched my thigh, holding it against his hip as he slowly entered me. I moaned and buried my face against his neck, kissing his warm skin. He groaned, his fingers tensing on my thigh, digging into the soft flesh.

He lifted my hips, then began to move slowly, gently. My hands found his shoulders and clutched at him, my nails scoring his perfect skin.

Sweat sheened our bodies as we slid together, causing a glorious friction. His movements picked up speed and power, then I wrapped my legs around him once again, pulling him deeper. Leaning down, he claimed my mouth possessively, pinning my hands above me as he did.

I tensed, then screamed into his mouth as I went over the edge. He followed me. He groaned and shuddered as he released, stroking his hands down my twitching body. I fell limp beneath him, utterly satisfied as I struggled to breath. He collapsed on top of me, then rolled to the side and pulled me agianst him.

"I love you, Sunako." He whispered against my ear.

"And I love you, Kyohei."

He kissed me softly, then simply held me as I drifted into unconsciousness. Life wasn't just good. No, life was perfect.

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