Chapter 1: I assure you, this is not typical.

The Carlin sisters.

Beautiful, smart, kind, strong. The queens of King High. Every single student in the school either wants to be themor be with them. Honey Oak's finest. They are the unattainable, the immaculate, the extraordinary.

Their father is a therapist to the stars. He owns a small clinic right outside L.A. It is said that he has treated Mary-Kate Olsen and Britney Spears. No one can be sure though, his clinic is expertly hidden, nobody has ever seen it.

Mrs. Carlin is a high-profile surgeon working in the heart of L.A. And although she works crazy-long shifts, she still has time to be president of the PTA club and attends all of her daughters' school events.

Skylar Carlin.

The older sister. A senior at King, ASB president, captain of the cheerleading squad, straight-A student, homecoming royalty three years in a row, member of several school-related clubs. Her resume is packed full with academic items and awards. Skylar also volunteers at her church and never misses Sunday mass.

Spencer Carlin.

The baby of the family. A freshman at King, closely following her older sister's footsteps. ASB treasurer, co-captain of the cheerleading squad, 4.0 student, nominated for freshman homecoming princess, participates in many clubs and church events. She has also never missed Sunday mass.

But, although impressive, these aren't the things that make Spencer Carlin unattainable, immaculate, or extraordinary. It's not the silky blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, athletically toned body, or smooth, bronze skin either. It's something that can't be seen, that can't be described. It's in her aura, there's just something so mysterious about her. And although you can't put a finger on it, it's so alluring that you can't escape.

That's how I feel anyway. That's how I've felt for years. Most people can't decide between the two, but for me it has to be Spencer. It's only ever been Spencer. She's got me hooked and, the thing is, she doesn't even know my name. Come to think of it, neither do you. Let me introduce myself…

Ashley Davies.

The older twin of Kyla Davies. Daughter of rockstar Raife Davies of Purple Venom, and fashion designer Christine Davies. A freshman at King, avid sleeper, magazine, music, and clothes enthusiast, non-believer in education, labeled as 'spoiled lesbian' among the student body. I don't burden myself with people's opinions of me, I depend on my parent's money, and have coasted through life thus far.

There's only one thing that I truly long for. Spencer Carlin. It might be typical in your eyes, falling for someone that everyone in the town adores. Let me assure you though, this is no typical attraction. Although I don't know exactly what it is, I see something in the younger Carlin that nobody else can see.