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Deal with it

She saw them together again. She was running though the trees back to Kaede's village. Her eyes glazed with tears. What she had seen and heard kept going through her mind. Unknown to her, she was being watched by a pair of golden eyes. She hit something and landed hard on the ground.

She looked up to see someone she didn't expect. She lightly shook her head as she looked at the ground. " Sesshomaru what do you want?" She asked a little more than a whisper. He could hear the pain in her voice and smell the tears she cried.

" You would do well to watch where you are going Miko. Or you could become a tasty meal for someone such as myself." He said smirking inward.

Doing the best she could to dry her tears she stood, looking him straight in the face. " What do you want? Can't you see Inuyasha isn't here?" She couldn't bring herself to say it out loud where Inuyasha was. It hurt to much to admit he had chosen Kikyo over her.

Sesshomaru turned to walk away but stopped before he stepped into the trees, he turned and spoke again. " Miko instead of crying and running away, perhaps you should get mad and get even. I thought you was stronger than this." Then he vanished into the dark of the night.

As Kagome walked back to the village and her friends she thought of what he had said. Maybe he is right. I'm tired of how he picks fights with me just so he can have a reason to run off and be with her. Maybe it is time to put the shoe on the other foot.

While setting around the fire she wondered who she could get to help her. She knew it couldn't be Shippo he was to young. Looking at Miroku her mind screamed no on so many levels. She had no desire to be groped every few seconds.

It seemed hopeless as she stared into the fire. An image of Sesshomaru flashed in her mind. A small smile crossed her face. Retrieving her notebook from her pack she sat and wrote a note. When she was done she read it back to herself to see if it sounded right or not.

Lord Sesshomaru,

I humbly ask for an audience with you. I would like to talk about a proposition I am sure you would find rather enjoyable. I await your reply.

Kagome Miko Priestess.

Perfect! But now how to get it to him without Inuyasha finding out what I am doing. She knew she would need help. " Sango would you like to go to the springs with me?" When she and Sango arrived at the spring they slipped in, relaxing to the warmth it had to offer.

Sango could tell Kagome had something on her mind so she asked. Kagome explained her plan and asked Sango to help her. Sango agreed. She too thought Inuyasha needed to learn a lesson. She was tired of seeing Kagome hurt by Inuyasha's running off to Kikyo.

The next morning Sango left on Kilala to find Sesshomaru. After 5 hours of traveling they landed. Sango was starting to think she would never find him when she heard a little girls laughing.

Walking out of the woods and into a clearing she was surprised to see Sesshomaru leaning against a tree. She knew in order for this plan to work she would need to be as polite as possible. As she approached she was stopped by Jaken who started yelling at her.

" Human what do you want? How dare you enter the camp of My Lord! I should ki..." He was cut off by a boot to the head that sent him flying.

Sango bowed then started to speak. " Lord Sesshomaru I have come with a message from Lady Kagome. She asked me to remain for an answer." After handing him the message she stands waiting to see what he would say if anything.

" Slayer what is it she wishes to speak of?" He asked as he stood looking at Sango who was starting to feel unnerved by the stare he was giving her.

" I'm afraid that is something that she must say. But I can say I think you would find it very interesting." She said with a small smile on her face at the idea of how Inuyasha would react to Kagome's plan.

He wondered just what it was that she wanted and that could interest him. " Very Well I shall be their later this evening. I take it she wishes for the Half Breed not to know of this." He watched as Sango nodded her head to confirm that he was correct.

They spoke for a minutes longer then Sango was on her way back to Kaede's village. She only hoped Kagome knew what she was doing. Kagome saw Sango arriving back at the village and was stressing over what Sesshomaru had to said.

Later that evening Kagome said she was going for a walk. Sango looked at her friend with worried eyes as she watched her walk away. Kagome stopped close to the lakes edge looking over it as she watch the moon shimmer on the water. She didn't have to wait long till she felt a strong demonic presents coming close to her. She knew it had to be Sesshomaru.

" Miko I have come. Tell me what this proposition is that you have." His voice held no emotion but he was indeed curious. Even though he didn't let it show.

" To get even with Inuyasha and teach him a lesson. But in order to do it I need your help." She knew the next part was going to be the tricky part. She only hoped he would go along with it.

" What do you purpose?" He asked as he started slowly walking around her like a predator circling his pray.

She was nervous but she tried to stay calm. " Make Inuyasha think you are my lover."

" Miko what makes you think I would even consider doing such a thing as to lower myself in that manor?" He narrowed his eyes at her.

" Well Sesshomaru. I know you dislike humans but I also know you dislike your half brother even more. This would be something that would piss him off. I know you would like that. Just imagin his reaction to learning such a thing." She said with a smile on her face.

He couldn't help but to let a small grin cross his face as he imagined Inuyasha's reaction when he thought about it. " If I agree to this Miko, we do things my way."

Standing with her hands on her hip. " What? Hey this is my idea not yours! What makes you think I will go along with whatever you say?" Her anger could be heard in her voice as well as her aura.

" Miko I remind you that it is you who needs me not the other way around. My Corporation does not come without a price."

Kagome sighed." Fine but no one is to get hurt and Inuyasha's sword is not to be touched by either of us. Agreed?"

" Agreed. We will speak of my payment at a later time. For now Inuyasha is coming. We start tomorrow." In a flash he was gone. Inuyasha came crashing through the trees and brush braking the silence she had.

"Wench what the hell are you doing out here all alone like this?" He started sniffing the air and growled. " I smell Sesshomaru what the hell did he want and why was he here with you?" He said growling with anger.

"Inuyasha that is none of your concern." She said as she turned to walk away leaving a yelling and mad Inuyasha behind. " Bitch I ask you a question." She turned and glared at Inuyasha anger clear on her face. " Inuyasha Never NEVER call me a Bitch again! SIT BOY!" She screamed then walked off. Leaving Inuyasha in a 2 foot crater. A smile on her face.

Sesshomaru stood in the shadows smiling at Inuyasha's anger and pain. I do believe I am going to enjoy this very much. He thought to himself as he headed back to his companions.