Hiya, guys! So long time, no see! I apologize for my long-awaited chapter (that I am sorry to say, will not be coming today). Anyways, I will prattle an apology, full with lots of excuses, but that can wait for a few sentences. I quit writing this fanfic due to how.... plotless it was. I have written novels, well most of novels, and none of them are so completely fluff. It made me sad 'cause this story was a 'disappointment' you could say. Though if you guys give me a chance I want to rewrite this to make it amazing!

It would have a more complex story line about-- oooops almost gave it away. It will still feature cross dressing Allen and WTF Kanda but it will be a romance not a 'fuck me! Oh yeah oh yeah. Jiggy Jiggy.' like the direction that I accidentally allowed for this one to go into.

So, please allow me to replace chapters and shit.

NOW, I tell all of my excuses! (oh frabjous day!') I have been in the process of enlisting into the Air Force, I'm taking college level courses (APUSH, painting, etc.), I'm taking Shakespeare and I have to read a LOT of plays (A Midsummer Night's Dream, Julius Ceaser, Comedy of Errors, Richard III and copious amounts of sonnets.) and my sister is all preggers. Her belly feels like a ginormous ab, seriously. Abs that kick, I wish I had those. Also I am graduating high school this year! Scary!

Anyways, I hope I still have all of my faithful readers' love!