Disclaimer: I do not own Negima

Disclaimer: I do not own Negima. What I do own is the characters who are not Mahora personnel or students in this story.

Note: Right, after a botched attempt at "Magic of a Creator", I have come to decide that this is to be more serious than my first story, which, according to some writers here, is "not a good idea." Whether this will grow into something big or just a shortie, is undecided yet.

Prolouge: A magic knight's journey begins…

Wales. A land of beauty and freedom. A land of song and sword. A land of magic. For centuries, this landscape has kept one of the many gates into Mundus Magicus hidden from the eyes of everyone who doesn't know about the powers of the world. Even after their defeat at the hands of the English during the medieval Ages, the Welsh are a people that will bend their knees to no man. And has never bent the same knees to anyone ever since. If you are looking for a proud, noble and yet kind-hearted people, you have found the right ones.

But not all lands are perfect. Wales is beset by magical monsters summoned by rogue magi, possibly to conquer the old world in order to achieve total recognition and dominance which they once had in past millennia. One of their latest attempts was the destruction of a village of magi six years ago, therefore eliminating a huge threat to their plans of taking over the world. Unfortunately for them, the plan was semi-thwarted by someone who could well have been the Thousand Master himself, resulting in the petrification of all the villagers, save two young children, one of them the son of the Thousand Master. They managed to get rid of the magi in the village however.

A man on a horse is on full speed somewhere on the open plains of Wales. Clothed in a trench coat colored in dark green and gold along with red, his features are mostly obscured. But his face is as if it was carved by angels, with long brown hair tied into a pig tail. The green eyes of his are almost shining with an emerald glow, but they are fixed onto something. As if he was hunting something.

And he was indeed hunting something. A band of demons were fleeing from him along with a mage, who could have been the one who summoned them. All of the demons looked differently, some being big and strong, others fast and agile, but all flew in the sky, keeping a low profile. As for the mage, he or she, being cloaked at the moment, is having no trouble keeping up with his demonic companions on his staff. Underneath his cloak, there appears to be some type of gun, possibly a secondary tool if his staff is dropped or broken.

"Sagitta Magicka, Series Obscura!" the mage shouts and twelve black arrows fly from him and unto their impervious hunter. Although the horse is staggering at the sight of the projectiles, her burden is only slightly surprised at sight. "Deflectio!" He chants and the arrows merely fly around the rider, not to mention his horse who was panting highly after that encounter. You'd believe she would never have such an experience like that again.

The rider slow but surely catch up with the mage and his/her demonic companions after about half an hour. By then everybody's exhausted with magic projectiles flying between them all the time.

"Damnit! You are a real persistent one, young rider. Still, you are outnumbered by all of us. Demons! Destroy this pup!"

The demons all leap at the rider. Whilst they were preparing their fist or magic powers, little did they know that their single opponent had something up his sleeve.

In what would seem like a flash to a mundane, it's over. What happened actually was that the rider had managed to draw his sword that had hanged on his right side on him, and drew the demons into a whirlwind of blades. Not one of them got out of the wind alive; they were all destroyed in that flash wind. The mage managed to avoid getting caught, but he's exhausted from having used up his magical energy. He could barely stand up. But his opponent had only begun. For the moment the whirlwind ended, several arrows made out of wind were fired at the mage and he was caught in a snare compromised of the wind arrows. His young opponent, sword drawn, did not back down. The emerald glow was still in his, stronger than they were before, you could barely see the pupils.

"Rogue mage Finderion. By order of the Magic Council, you are under arrest." An angry voice, enough to stop even a demon in its tracks, is heard this sword wielder.

."Very good, Brân. That's the third we caught this month!" His superior comments he while they're having him debriefed.

"Is there any background info on this one at least? I was hoping it was one of those magi who attacked, you know…" Brân questions his superior.

"No, I doubt it. He probably joined them afterwards. If he were one of those guys, you wouldn't have stood a chance with only chantless spells, and he would give you the time to chant your incantations." She responds, with a serious look on her face. She is dressed in a blue business suit, no high-heels. She is raven black haired and on her back there seems to be some sort of blade weapon, similar to the Japanese katanas but with the tip in the opposite direction. On her right shoulder, you could see a lambda coloured in red, underneath the pins of a Greek ranking, possibly a captain.

"Oh, shoot. I was really expecting it this time."

"Well, you can't get everything, you know. Even though you're skilled, you are still a Hoplitae. You don't have the skills of the more advanced members of our group. If you exclude your sword dance." She chuckles.

"Yes, I know! God, that's annoying, even from you, Captain. Most people with your rank tend to be professional about their work."

"And what makes you think I'm not? I'm merely accommodating you for your hard work. Besides, one more completed mission and you'll get promoted. This time for sure!" She laughs, remembering the last time he had finished a mission.

"Really? What am I to do this time? It better not be another one of those peace keeping jobs in Mundus Magicus again." He says, knowing he isn't going to like this one.

"Wasn't that your first job?" She asks him in confusion.

"Let's just say no one told me about the dragon, okay!?" he shouts out quite loud. Fortunately no one else was around to hear him. Possibly in the next room.

"Uh, okay. Well, you are going to love this one…" She says with a grin from ear to ear.

Uh oh. She has that look again. I don't like it… Brân thinks to himself.

"Ah, Bendigeidfran! You're home!" an older male voice calls out to him.

"Father, I thought I told you to just call me Brân when we are at home."Brân says back whilst heading towards the kitchen in the house. There, sat an elder woman with an aged face of his own, a young girl smiling at the sight of her returning brother and a large muscular man sitting next to an empty seat, which is probably where Brân is going to sit for dinner.

"How did it go this time?" His mother asks him as he sits down to get some food in his empty stomach.

"I caught him this time. Turned out he wasn't one of those who attacked the Thousand Master's home village years ago. But the Strategou won't be so kind to him, I guess."

"Heh. I guess that's what you get if you cross the line. You're getting better at your job, son!" Brân's father laughs out, always being happy with the fact that Brân is excelling through the ranks of the Spartan Hounds, the NGO that he's in.

Brân on the other hand, merely sighs. His latest assignment is something he is not going to enjoy, since it's so far from home. Not being able to see his family for a long time is something he can't endure very long. But he better get used to it

"Something wrong, Brân? You look a bit down." His mother asks him. She has a concerned look that makes you think "Is she reading my mind?"

Brân thought that it was meaningless to refuse to talk to someone as understanding and passionate to her work as his mother. When it came to it, all you could do was telling her the truth.

"I've been reassigned." Brân simply says. Silence falls temporarily across the dining table. His sister looks at him quietly as she always does. His mother is certainly not happy with hearing this. His father on the other hand is confused, wondering what Brân meant by reassigned.

"Reassigned? What do you mean, Brân?" His father asks him, with a confused look on him, something you wouldn't expect seeing on someone as strong as him.

"I'm to go to Japan to track down a group of rogue magi. How long I'll be gone is unknown, since I don't know where they are." Brân says out simply. Now the folks react. His mother is shocked, the father surprised with a face to go with, and his sister is as shocked as their mother, but without the face. Seeing that the parents seem unable to speak at the moment, she talks first.

"Are you, going somewhere far, big brother?" She nervously utters out, always growing up with the belief that her brother was scary and would always yell at her. Start thinking like that and people begin to suspect you.

"Sigh.It's true, little girl. I'm going far away from home, and I don't think I can come home for some time." Brân tell her smiling, careful not to expose his teeth to her. Most people tend to forget that fact with kids. They tend to get jumpy when they see somebody's teeth exposed.

"But Japan of all places! Why would those rogues flee all the way there?"His father makes an outburst. He is definitely not happy that one of the family's prides goes to some eastern land.

"Control your temperament, Kane. You're not as young as you used to be." Brân's mother says calmly. This is most awkward. In most cases, it's the mother in the family who gets an outburst. Why she doesn't get it, no clue whatsoever.

"But Kirsty! He's going to Japan. We won't see him again until he's completed his mission. And he doesn't even have a partner to help him in combat. He could get-"

"Killed, yes, I know. But Brân is a family pride in our great family. We were right when we named him "Bendigeidfran" back then."

"But even if we named him after his talents, no one is perfect, Kirsty. I'm not going to let him go and get harmed while we can't do a thing!

"Father, you're scari-"

"Brân may be an excellent Magic Swordsman, but why should the Strategou send him to an early death? It's just-"

"JUST SHUT THE HELL UP, DAD!" Brân shouts, silencing everyone. Kane is shocked. Of all the times Brân had to speak, he'd never, I repeat, never shouted so angry before.

"You were scaring my sister." Brân says after it's completely quiet at the table. Then sighing again, he spoke up again. "It's my decision to go. And I'll be fine. Besides my base of operations while I'm in Japan will be packed with magi. Not to mention that it's a school. The rogue magi wouldn't even think twice before attacking me there, if they knew."

"And I suppose you are going to be undercover at this school while you're there?" Kirsty asks him, reeling from her own shock at Brân's outburst. Brân just nods at this. He really hated shouting, and also in front of his sister, who was on the verge of crying.

"Then I suppose we should just let you go. Better pack your things, since you're leaving tomorrow." Kirsty tells him, with a smile to warm your heart. Brân says nothing, just nods, gets up from his chair and walks up the stairs to his room.

Brân's little sister, still unnamed due to tradition, was quietly walking up to the room where her older brother lived for now. They have never had a chance to talk between each other during the time they've known, mostly due to Brân having his work in his organisation. But if he was going away tomorrow, at least she was going to set things straight by talking to him tonight.

When she opened the door, Brân didn't have his trench coat on him; instead he had what he had underneath that noticeable coat. But she was a bit shocked to see what it was he has been wearing all the time. Right now, he was busy packing a few things he needed for the mission he has been given. But she just wanted to have a talk with him for just one time.

"Um…big brother?" He stops in his packing almost immediately. When he turns to her, his face is not the angry, serious warrior that he always was when he got home; instead, it was calm and also a saddened face he had, pretty common on a man who had just been having the time of his life and want more, but can't get it at the time.

"What is it, little sister?" Brân asks her in a gentle voice, careful not to scare her again. One time was enough.

"You really are going to leave?" She asks him, worried that he will discard her attempt.

"Yes, I'm due tomorrow. Is there something you want?"

"Well, um… could you…um…like to tell me why I don't have a name yet?" She slightly peeps out of her mouth.

Brân hasn't really given it any thought up until now. Then again, it was tradition in their family. He just had to explain it to her.

"It's just a tradition. Members of our families are only named after what they can do. Personally, I think that it's just stupid. Why should someone be named after one's abilities, when you could be named on the spot?"

"So, how come you were named, brother?"

"Father wanted to see if I could fight and I was a natural at it. Also I seemed able to use magic too. Not many can that combination from the start, so I was named after that Welsh hero in the stories." (Check up Celtic Myths on the net)

"But why am I not named?" Brân's sister finally asks him. Her face had an expression of sadness and frustration, as the tears unfolded from her blue eyes. Brân had a shock. He didn't really want this to happen. No one wants their sibling crying. Ever. He needed to act fast.

"Hey! I've got an idea! I'm going to give you a name right now!" Brân shouts out, in a desperate attempt to get her on a better level. She almost immediately stops crying and looks at him directly. All the time she had diverting her eyes from his.

"A…name? You're going to give me my name, big brother?" she asks him, both nervous and anxious over this fact.

"Yes! Just…wait a moment." Brân needed to think on this on. This was of course his first time giving a name to someone. Not to mention that it's no light business.

"Um, you don't need to give me it right now. I mean, I don't think I'm going to be good at things like you. I only managed to talk to you just once…" Brân's says sniffing, but before she leaves the room, his voice echoes across the room. "Boudicca!"

She turns looking at him, where one could see a big smile on his face. The emerald glow on his eyes returned to him as his sister looked at him confused at her new name.

"Boudicca?" She just asks out. "That's right. It means "victory." You managed to beat your fear by attempting to talk to me tonight, which you have never done before. That is to say, you started the conversation this time, not me. I feel that you are going to be good at the things you will try, and succeed as well!" He says out of pride, hoping that he chose a good name for her.

Boudicca doesn't respond directly. A lot is going through her own mind. Then she merely repeats her new name to herself: "Boudicca. Boudicca. Boudicca… I like it! Thank you brother!" Then she hugs him, ignoring the fact that he wearing some quite heavy apparel.

"Hey, it's Brân now to you, sister. Remember that while I'm gone, okay?"

"Okay!"She runs happily out, preparing to pounce her parents with her new name. Brân could only smile at this success. Now he'd better start packing his things before his family come crashing down upon him, wishing him good luck or setting a chain to his feet. Either way, there is no way he is going to see off all 43 of his cousins and his grand parents this time. Could barely breathe last time.

"Japan, huh? I wonder if there is another reason why I'm being sent there..."

Author's Note: Right, you noticed that I used different languages in here. Next chapter, I will show you what languages they were, and any characters you're wondering over will be revealed later on. I also burrowed some ideas from a fellow writer, Nyrath, who criticizes my work thoroughly. If you have any suggestions for this story, please write it in your review, and I'll consider it.