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The next day outside Brân's cottage, Negi, Asuna, Kotarou, Yuna, Akira, Gandolfini, Takahata and Brân with a hangover were standing on the terrace observing the problem in front of them. Apparently, Misa was not the only one to have found out about magic the other day; she had a lot of friends as well in on this. Madoka, Sakurako, Chizuru, Natsumi and Ako had been part of this investigation as well. Well, Satsuki was also a member of their group, but she had known about magic for some time now, it seemed, and it was reasonable that she could know about it, since she was not one to talk about it openly as well. Gandolfini for this matter though, didn't seem happy about this at all.

"Mr Yates, I do not question your presence here because the Strategou ordered you being sent here, but your actions have caused more people to find out about us. I would like nothing more than to write a report on your carelessness to him personally and-" He was cut short by a hand from Brân.

"Gandolfini-sensei. I respect your opinion and stated before that I would do my best to be indiscreet, as well as do my job well. I understand that you are unhappy with my actions here, but if you are looking for a fight with me, then say it straight out. Don't hide it behind fancy teacher words." Brân told his senior here at Mahora, making him jump with surprise, as well as Kotarou too, for hearing that Brân was actually ready to fight. "And as for you girls," He turned to the mundanes standing in front of them. "The world of magic need to remain a secret from the rest of the world. We cannot risk having this amount of people knowing."

"Eh, wait please; can we have a word in this?" Natsumi tried to plead to his good side.

"Afraid, not." Brân began to glow red, scaring the mundane girls nearly to the core, except for Chizuru who looked a bit worried. "I've dealt with mundanes who found out before, so you shouldn't feel a thing." He informed them gently, but it was kind of killed by the fact that he was glowing crimson red.

"Wait, wait, Brân! You can't do all of us!" Misa cried out to him. "Don't you want to know what happened that night between us?!"

She probably shouldn't have mentioned that. Every guy turned their eyes to Brân and every girl's eyes turned to her. Brân in question hesitated a little, but his glow hadn't disappeared completely. "Misa." He said, catching her attention. "Get over here." He instructed her, his glow returning back. Misa hurried over to stand by Asuna and Negi.

"Wait, what she meant the night between you?! What-" Madoka never finished that since everybody was covered in a ray of light. It felt so warm to them, enough for most to them to go to sleep. By the time the ray had ended, the area was covered in smoke.

"Well, now that that's finished, what should we do about you, Miss Kakizaki?" Brân stated, turning his attention to her. Eventually everybody turned their eyes to her, who tried desperately to back away. Fortunately for her part, somebody's cell phone began to ring. Everybody picked up theirs, but it seemed to be Takahata's.

'Yes…yes. Okay. Right, got it.' He closed his cell phone. "Brân, let's go. The dean wants us to go to Kyoto. There have been sightings of those you're after."

"Oh, great." Brân said, opening the door to the cottage so he could take a few things with him. "Uh, Negi, I entrust you with taking care of Misa-san. We don't want any more trouble. Yuna, Akira, you will have to practice the shield on your own. And Gandolfini, we'll take this later when we get back." He instructed the others as he took his basket hilted sword with him as well as his firearm. He didn't bother with the chain mail since it was too heavy and it would cause suspicion. Both he and Takahata decided to perform a shundou in order to avoid the smoke that was still there.

'Really, that guy thinks he can do whatever he wants.' Gandolfini complained at the Gaelic mage from Wales.

'Well, he's had very little work to do, so there's no way we could have stopped him from going.' Negi responded. 'Now, Kakizaki-san, what should we do about you?'

Misa for that matter jumped at hearing Negi-kun. 'Ah, well, I guess, I could stay out of whatever this magic stuff you're doing, Negi-kun. Cross my heart and hope to die, all that.'

Coughing from the smoke cloud caught all their attention at the moment. As the smoke cleared away finally, they found Chizuru standing a bit wobbly among a heap of unconscious girls. 'My, that was a pretty amazing spell. But I'd rather not experience it again.' She coughed again.

Negi, Kotarou and Asuna pretty much fell over like dominos being pushed.

A few moments later, nearly everybody was on their way back to the dorms. Gandolfini had gone to his office so he could get a refill of his drink. He did not seem happy about this new situation, but he wouldn't report it, since it was somebody else's problem this time. Negi had to write a report on it though, but it would only be a description of what happened. Now, Akira was carrying Ako, Kotarou had Natsumi on his back with Chizuru walking beside him. Because of her presence, Misa had to carry Madoka, while Asuna carried Sakurako. Negi was shivering at the thought of what was going to happen. Was he finally going to be turned into an ermine? Sent away from Mahora and never seeing his students again, again? Here's hoping that doesn't happen.

'So, Chizuru-neechan,' Kotarou started eventually. 'You're sure you won't tell anyone about all this?'

'Don't worry, Kotarou-kun. No one would believe me. 'Sides, it's too risky, since I know that Negi-sensei would be fired if that happened.' Chizuru said with a smile. Negi gave a thankful sigh for that. 'But I would like a small fee for keeping quiet.' Negi stiffened for that, praying that it wasn't to be a pactio.

'And what would that be?' Kotarou had to ask that one.

'Well,' Chizuru quickened her pace to catch up to Negi and hugged him from behind so his head ended up on her bosom. 'I would like to have one of those cards you get when you kiss Negi-sensei.'

Negi shivered very fast, and everyone looked at her in surprise. Well the ones who were conscious at least. Kotarou had dropped his jaw and Asuna couldn't believe what she was hearing. Yuna was silent for a moment until she broke down in sniggers, elevating into laughter. Akira just sweat dropped with a smile.

'Hey, that's unfair, Chizuru!' Misa shouted at her VERY well endowed classmate who was still hugging a Negi-kun squirming in an attempt to get out of his position. Boys will be boys, I suppose. 'Why do you get to have a card!?'

'Well, as far as we all know, you got to sleep with Yates-sensei. And if you get intimate with a mage, doesn't that mean I get to do it with one as well?' Chizuru responded, turning around to look at Misa whilst holding Negi pinned in position.

'But still-' Misa started.

'It's alright, isn't it?' Chizuru said with her Buddha smile, but her frightening aura that kept everybody in check appeared, scaring everyone. Misa had in an instant dropped Madoka to the ground and hid herself behind Akira.

'Okay…' Misa managed to squeeze out of her mouth.

'Coward.' Akira said.

'So, I get a card then, right?' Chizuru asked the group gently, just looking at the weird couple that was going to form from this situation. (2)

'Thank you for coming, Takahata-sama.' A female mage from Kansai greeted them at the wooden gate (the very beginning) as Brân and Takahata manage to find the entrance, somewhere at sunset. Actually Takahata knew where it was from the start, but Brân was assaulted by yet another group of fighters, willing to beat him. They lasted about 30 seconds altogether. Western martial arts are not nice at all, Takahata thought so after seeing Brân slightly irritated since he pulled a groin attack on a really big guy. Then again, he was constantly suffering training from Hell back in England.

'We got delayed, that's all.' Takahata responded and the mage bowed in return.

'Please follow me. Eishun-sama is already at the place where it happened.' She started to take off from the gate. Brân was a little confused, since he couldn't speak Japanese at all, but Takahata motioned for him to follow as well. After about 20 minutes of more walking, they reached a more European styled building that was way back, covered by the woods and it was painted to resemble the environment too.

"What is this place?" Brân asked Takahata as they approached the entrance.

"It's Kansai's most foremost prison complex. Every mage who has made a major offence is sent here awaiting trial." Takahata responded when they entered it. Eventually they found Eishun Konoe awaiting them.

'Good to see you, Takamichi-kun.' He greeted his old friend.

'Nice to see you too, Eishun-san.' Takahata said back. 'This is the Spartan Hound sent here.'

"Ah, pleased to meet you. I'm…"

"Eishun Konoe. Honour to meet you in person, Sir." Brân saluted the elder sword master, who didn't look too surprised at this.

"Well, that's not surprising. You must have been in magic school when Nagi was still around, yes?" Eishun asked the European who nodded in return. "Well, no one's perfect, I guess." He said finally, leaving Brân trying to figure out what he meant with that.

"Uh, should we proceed here?" Brân asked after a moment of silence.

"Oh, sorry. Please proceed." Eishun said before turning to his associates. 'Make way for this guy.'

They opened up a door to a cell in which an outer wall had basted clear off. The rubble was on the inside so the blast had been from the outside. Everything was in chaos. Brân went to investigate the rubble. "That's interesting." He said now and then checking the debris for any markings. After about five minutes, he stood. "Mind if I do an experiment? I think I figured out what happened here."

"Sure." Eishun said.

"I'm going to need that wall." Brân pointed to the wall opposite to the hole. Everyone stepped away from it while the European picked out his firearm and turned it against the wall. He turned on something on the handle of the gun until it sounded charged and then pulled the trigger. Result: Five inches in diameter big hole and stuffed with molten rock. He then showed the gun for them to see.

"This is the brand new Sig-Sauer P228 design of the Saggita gun (3) with a Fire Damage variety. It can be loaded with bullet magazines for camouflage. My guess is two of these blasts caused the rubble."

Eishun took the gun to have a closer look at it. "They make firearms out of these?"

"We have a contract with a master technomagus. You know; those guys that makes special items and enhances them with magic rather than doing spells." Brân responded, handing over the gun to the others for a closer inspection, while turning back to the rubble. "This wall had two full power blasts from approximately a pair of Saggita guns which hit the wall at the same time, causing too much pressure for it to hold, hence why it collapsed. I'd say that the element for the projectiles were…" Brân took a closer at the rock he was holding. "Blue fire? That's rare."

"You can tell that from just looking?"

"Never underestimate good eyes. Plus, I got detection right now. It's basics for my division." Brân responded calmly. "Was there anyone locked in here? There must have been someone important if someone decided to put a hole in the wall."

Eishun first looked at his associates, one of which provided a folder and handed it to Brân. "She is Chigusa Amagasaki. A skilful mage specializing in Eastern magic, locked in here for kidnapping and summoning of a demon."

"I understand kidnapping, but demon summoning?"

"That's why she kidnapped. It was my daughter." Eishun said, with concern in his voice. "She had assistance, but two got away, one a mercenary from Shinmeiryuu, the other a mage called Fate Averruncus."

"Him I know of. A lot of things go back to that guy, apparently. But he's not a concern right now." Brân responded calmly. In truth, he was intrigued who it was. He had seen reports on him and listened to what Negi had told him about Fate. But he did not know what sort of person this Fate was. He would have to ask the captain about gathering info on him later. "Right now, I'm concerned about Chigusa joining the Bituriges."

"Why's that?" Eishun asked.

"Because if it's really them, then it's most likely that they are going to launch an attack pretty soon. Who did you say your daughter was?"

"Well, you've met her, Mr. Yates. Konoka Konoe, at Mahora Academy." Eishun said, before his face turned pale and Brân went for the exit.

Not good.

Late that night over at the dorms, Asuna and Konoka were preparing to turn in for the night. It has been a really long day. Asuna had explained the situation to Konoka who had laughed at it.

'So we got another one in our group then. Chizuru-san could be actually fun to work with.'

'Yeah, but we got into another pickle there. What is the principle going to say about this?' Asuna said amused at the things that happened. Come to think of it, people have a tendency to think it's funny after it has happened.

'Grandpa probably works something out. Well, considering that Kota-kun lives with her, I'd say it only would be a matter of time before Chizuru-san found out.'

Both girls laugh for a while before Asuna stopped abruptly. 'What's wrong, Asuna?' Konoka asks.

'I just thought of something. If she was struck full blast by memory erase, how come Chizuru-san managed to remember magic in the first place?'

Neither of them could answer that one. (4) Well, it was a mystery in itself. They would have to go talk to their new comrade in the morning, after she had gotten her own pactio card. The window flew open, startling both of them. Konoka went to close it, and as she closed it, something of a snigger could be heard from inside their dorm room, followed by a clicking snarl.

'Who's there?' Asuna demanded, summoning her harisen forth. The snarl grew a little fiercer this time, and something like a knife being slid out of its sheath could be heard. Konoka pulled her wand out and held it in front of her, pointing it in the direction she faced as they both went in circles, back to back. This was a really scary situation they were in right now. Call for help? Could be a trap. Stay and fight? Might have a chance at success, but not big.

'We're warning you. Come out and you might not get hurt.' Asuna said fiercely in response to the clicking that was driving her slightly nuts.

'Asuna, 'might not get hurt'?' Konoka asked her harisen wielding friend.

'Hey, I was being polite there for a moment.' Said girl whispered to her.

A hand took hold of Asuna's harisen and turned it gently towards the floor. Turning to see who it was, they found that it was Chigusa Amagasaki from Kyoto.

'You again!?' Asuna said loudly at the eastern mage criminal.

'Oh, I thought I'd drop by and see how things go for you these days.' Chigusa merely stated as she had a new, laid back attitude it seemed, smirking to herself.

'What are you doing here, really?' Asuna said, lowering her voice and pointing the end of her harisen at her. Chigusa's expression went from confidence to seriousness.

'Okay, I'm here to retrieve Konoka-ojou-sama for someone.' She stated rather bluntly. In response, the two girls raised her harisen and wand respectively against her, and that clicking snarl was heard again. 'Ah, yes, I forgot. Stromgard-sama was kind enough to lend me some assistance, and he's not the friendly sort. I suggest you lower your weapons so you don't get hurt.'

'Heh. Some big guy is not a match for me. I can take hi-AAarrgh!' Asuna felt herself being grabbed by the throat and pushed against a pillar in the room. It felt like a left hand. But there was no one, at least in visible mode. Struggling for air, Asuna dropped her harisen and started banging her fist against the arm until she heard something of a click, as in the push of a button. A faint blue glow surrounding a large person about seven feet tall began enveloping the form before releasing a huge reptilian humanoid in makeshift armor, since it seemed a bit small for him. He had a large helmet, which reminded Asuna of some monster she once saw in a movie. What was that thing that Arnold Schwarzenegger fought again?

'I did warn you, of course, Kagurazaka Asuna. Paya-han is not the friendly type.' Chigusa said as Paya, the giant reptilian humanoid began to close his hand in which Asuna was held. 'So, Konoka-ojou-sama, I came not to capture you, but to make sure you came along willingly. What will it be?'

'Don't…worry, Konoka. I can still…' Asuna felt the pressure on her throat even more.

'Stop.' Konoka's voice stopped Paya from killing Asuna. The red haired girl looked at her friend, who looked down at the floor. 'I'll go. Just…don't hurt Asuna.'

Paya looked at the brunette through the visor of his helmet, and then back at Asuna, before eventually dropping the latter to the floor and started to walk away. Asuna coughed hard trying to get up, before getting a hug from Konoka. 'I'll be fine, Asuna. Just don't follow me.' She whispered in the sword wielding girl before the window flew open again and the three of them, Chigusa, Paya and Konoka left through it.

Asuna was left to her own business. What happened just then? One moment they were chatting happily about Chizuru, next thing they knew, some lizard in armor and that monkey-onee-san had kidnapped Konoka. Okay, calm down, calm down. What to do; alert the dean, he'll probably kill me, but still. Alert that knight from Wales, contact everyone. Right, contact everyone. Oh boy, what is Setsuna-san going to do to me when she finds out?

Asuna bolted for the door to alert the dean first. Rather him than Setsuna-san.

A/N: Wanted: Beta reader. Seriously. Aside that, I'M FINALLY DONE! I forgot how long it's been since I've updated. Sorry for not making it Setsuna who was with Konoka, but I'm no fan of Konosetsu. Period. Well, in PotM, I got a little thing planned for the two girls, but you will have to wait for that. No spoilers.

1 I would like to say that I tried my best to make a realistic OC. Brân is good, but not too good. He knows a lot of stuff, but it's because he's been working for ten years. He's a professional, not some newcomer fresh out of magic school. I mean, magi graduate when they're 12 years old, not when they're 17, unless they got really bad grades. He doesn't speak Japanese, since even if Japanese is an official language in Mundus Magicus, doesn't mean that everybody knows it. He is strong and fast, due to his training, and he's only been in the NGO Spartan Hounds for eight months. He's not interested in a relationship with any of the girls from 3-A at all, and he hasn't taught any classes because he's been too busy with his work. Forgive me for being so indiscreet, but that's the truth.

2 Heh, Negi/Chizuru might be something fun after all. And I think I'm making a lot of weird pairings in my time here.

3 This is borrowed from Makuharufan-01's story Ala Alba in the World of Magic. I asked for permission. The Sagitta gun fires single-shot magic arrows with devastating effect. Makuharu's version has only a version designed for ships. I took it a step further. I took the idea and made a few modifications. The firearms has three categories of magic arrows; Damage, Capture and Stun. Basing it on Kotarou's observation of the magic arrow, I also installed a minor rapid fire for it, making the rifle design more efficient. The pistol version has only single-shot function, yet they are better for personal usage. The categories are separated by either three colour coordinated buttons or a switch to your liking if you wish to use it as well. In addition, there is space for magazines to be loaded too to make it look like a regular gun.

4 Hey, what do you think about that one? Use your imagination.